Today in disaster resilience (17 February 2023)

Please find below a list of links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Bushfires continue to burn in western Queensland, evacuated residents face anxious wait to assess the damage

Turkey probes contractors as earthquake deaths pass 33,000

Cyclone Gabrielle lashes Auckland as homes evacuated, flights disrupted, power cut

Syria – Thousands Evacuate After Earthquake Damages River Dams in North

Mozambique – 6 Dead as Floods Worsen in Maputo Province

At Least 22 Dead In Chilean Wildfires, Extreme Heat Not Forecast To Subside

Cyclone Gabrielle worst storm to hit New Zealand this century, says PM

South Africa – Government Declares National State of Disaster Over Floods

Malawi – 4 Dead as Floods Cause Major Damage in Blantyre

Mozambique: Floods in Maputo city and province

Brazil – 1 Dead After Landslides and Floods in São Gonçalo

New Zealand – 4 Killed in Cyclone Gabrielle Floods and Landslides

Earthquake hits New Zealand as death toll rises to five in wake of Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle

Most of Australia is about to swelter through extremely hot conditions, with other regions bracing for further flooding

Volcanic activity worldwide 15 Feb 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Shiveluch, Karangetang

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Natural disasters, boosted by climate change, displaced millions of people in U.S. in 2022

Myth-buster: Why two degrees of global warming is worse than it sounds

‘It’s inequality that kills’: Naomi Klein on the future of climate justice

New Zealand minister decries climate crisis ‘lost decades’ in wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

Wind and solar help South Australia escape tyranny of soaring gas prices

Rising seas threaten ‘mass exodus on a biblical scale’, UN chief warns

Vulnerability and loss and damage following the COP27 of the UN framework convention on climate change

Climate ‘teleconnections’ may link droughts and fires across continents

Temps to approach 50C in Australia this weekend

Reversals in Temperature-Precipitation Correlations in the Northern Hemisphere Extratropics During the Holocene

Join the Cool Coalition: Cities are warming twice as fast as the global average

New modelling shows future impacts of rising sea levels

Climate Change in the American Mind: Beliefs & Attitudes, December 2022

Are disaster seasons real? It’s time to reframe our thinking

Modeling the Greenland Ice Sheet’s Committed Contribution to Sea Level During the 21st Century

Disaster risk reduction

Caravan – A global community dataset for large-sample hydrology

Nobody can predict earthquakes, but we can forecast them. Here’s how

Building on floodplains: Minister at odds with Melbourne Water on Maribyrnong probe

Cyclone Gabrielle: Why people must be ‘extra cautious’ of landslides

Flood warning: NZ’s critical infrastructure is too important to fail – greater resilience is urgently needed

All 20 NSW water resource plans re-submitted

Colorado may force new homes in wildfire-prone areas to adhere to a state building code

Improving flood impact estimations

Who moves and who pays? Managed retreat is hard, but lessons from the past can guide us

Cyclone Gabrielle: how microgrids could help keep the power on during extreme weather events

Pakistan Floods: Need for Tackling Development from a Different Perspective

Record flooding in New South Wales wetlands triggers bird breeding bonanza

NSW premier and treasurer appear at odds over Warragamba Dam wall raising

QGIS essentials for water modelling

Use of Remote-Sensing to Quantify the Distribution of Progradation/erosion Along a Forced-Regressive Modern Coastline: Driving Factors and Impact on the Stratigraphic Record

Rain Radar – ArcGIS Experience Builder Widget

Mapping unmapped dams

Fire trackers: how can we use modelling techniques to predict where wildfires will occur?

How the Tonga volcano eruption from 2022 may affect Australia’s weather for up to eight years

Fire edge mapping

The Resilience Lessons Digest

Does the Catalog of California Earthquakes, With Aftershocks Included, Contain Information About Future Large Earthquakes?

Sydney has coasted along without a southerly buster for 14 months

Turkey-Syria earthquake: the scandal of not being prepared

Emergency management

Johns Hopkins To Shut Down Online Covid Tracker Despite 500 Americans Still Dying Every Day

Most young people aren’t getting latest Covid-19 booster, but they’re not filling hospital beds at three large health care systems

As little as one day of wildfire smoke exposure in pregnancy may raise risk of preterm birth

Lismore flood victims still waiting for land buy backs

Cyclone Gabrielle: Helicopter pilot describes daring roof top rescues in flood-stricken Hawke’s Bay

Drone footage has captured the extent of flooding in Hawke’s Bay left by Cyclone Gabrielle

Guterres calls on countries to fully fund $397 million quake appeal for Syria

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria offers lessons and reminders for disaster response

Secondary crises after the Turkey-Syria earthquakes are now the greatest threat to life

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Preparing multilingual disaster communication for the crises of tomorrow: A conceptual discussion

Words Matter: Stop Using the Phrase ‘Natural Disasters’

Psychology and disasters

Prescribing nature: the restorative power of a simple dose of outdoors

Sociodemographic Predictors of Depression in US Rural Communities During COVID-19: Implications for Improving Mental Healthcare Access to Increase Disaster Preparedness

Crises in the Anthropocene

What’s it like when your job involves wading through others’ suffering? I was left weeping and hopeless

Examining Hurricane Ida’s Impact on Mental Health: Results From a Quasi-Experimental Analysis

Sociology and disasters

Seismic risk exposes disaster risk management’s neglect of conflict

FEMA’s failure to account for climate change leaves BIPOC communities on the brink of disaster


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