Today in disaster resilience (10 February 2023)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Turkey earthquake: Death toll could increase eight-fold, WHO says

Fiji – Evacuations After Floods in Northern Division

Chile – Floods in North as Wildfires Blaze in Southern Regions

Mexico – Floods in Tabasco Leave Communities Isolated

Bolivia – Floods Affect Thousands in La Paz, Beni and Santa Cruz Departments

Peru – Heavy Rainfall Triggers Deadly Mudslides and Floods in Arequipa Department

Volcanic activity worldwide 8 Feb 2023: Etna volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Merapi, Shiveluch

Australia – Floods in Sydney and NSW After 96mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Brazil – Floods in Rio De Janeiro After 67mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Future sea level rise dominates changes in worst case extreme sea levels along the global coastline by 2100

New Zealand – Auckland Needs Stormwater Systems Fit for Climate Change

Arctic sea ice mass balance in a new coupled ice–ocean model using a brittle rheology framework

Exceptionally warm temperatures – Europe experiences third warmest January on record; Antarctic sea ice extent reached its lowest for January

Second best month for big solar in Australia as WA facility tops rankings again

How India is battling deadly rain storms as climate change bites

Melting Glaciers Show Why Climate Targets Below 1.5°C Are Needed

Auckland just had its wettest month in over 170 years, and more rain is on the way

Study links record-breaking rainfall events in separate regions

California’s Extreme Weather Is the Future of Climate Change

Disaster risk reduction

200 experts dissected the Black Summer bushfires in unprecedented detail. Here are 6 lessons to heed

M 7.8 – 26 km E of Nurdağı, Turkey

Unprecedented Levels of High-Severity Fire Burn in Sierra Nevada Forests

USA – Moody’s RMS Estimates US$5-7 Billion in Total Economic Losses From California Floods

Australia – PERILS Estimates AUD 840m Loss for New South Wales and Victoria Floods

Turkey and Syria devastated by earthquake

Everything Hits at Once: How Remote Rainfall Matters for the Prediction of the 2021 North American Heat Wave

Turkey’s New Earthquake Hazard Map is Published

Glacial lake outburst floods threaten millions globally

‘We’re making our jobs harder.’ NC builds thousands of homes in flood-prone areas

Turkey-Syria earthquakes: a seismologist explains what has happened

Flood impacts forecast

Flood probes questioned

Why we should shatter Melbourne’s concrete creeks

Midterm review of the Sendai Framework

Turkish Earthquake Could Have Been Building for Thousands of Years

A new book examines the extent of biodiversity loss caused by Australia’s Black Summer wildfires and what lessons our country must learn

Turkey earthquake: Why did so many buildings collapse?

Turkey-Syria earthquakes: shallow depth of main shocks is a key reason why they’ve been so devastating

Precise magma locations aid volcanic eruption forecasts

Emergency management

12 Ways to Help After the Deadly Syria-Turkey Earthquake

New Zealand – 20,000 Insurance Claims Made After Auckland Floods

Turkey earthquake: Bodies in street after quake as anger grows over aid

Boeing 737 crash pilots walk away from fiery wreckage as Mark McGowan hails their survival a ‘miracle’

Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t

Virginia Beach Using Sensor Data to Respond to Extreme Weather

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Feel Safe education platform

Science is not the only beneficiary of nature-based ‘citizen science’ projects

Psychology and disasters

Trauma exposure and psychometric properties of the life events checklist among adults in South Africa

Coping With Distress after International Disasters: Tips & Resources for Individuals, Families & Communities

Sociology and disasters

Turkey-Syria earthquake: how disaster diplomacy can bring warring countries together to save lives

Developing nations face ‘devastating cost’ of future coastal flooding, new study says,-new-study-predicts

Unmasking Disaster Disparities and Inequality in Local Emergency Management


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