Today in disaster resilience (24 February 2023)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Hot, windy conditions a worry as Victoria blaze continues

Turkey earthquake: Deadly new tremor traps people under rubble

Brazil – Death Toll Rises in Sao Paulo Floods and Landslides

Philippines – 30,000 Displaced After Low-Pressure Area Causes Floods and Landslides

Paraguay – Hundreds of Families Affected by Floods in Amambay

South Africa – More Floods Leave 2 Dead, 5 Missing

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Feb 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Shiveluch

Madagascar – Thousands Displaced by Tropical Cyclone Freddy

Ecuador – Fatalities After Flooding in 5 Provinces

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Unpriced climate risk and the potential consequences of overvaluation in US housing markets

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature: Indicating Extreme Heat Risk on a Global Grid

#KeepItCool infographics

France goes 31 days without rainfall, unprecedented in winter

Florida’s Great Displacement

XDI releases world-first comparison of every state’s physical climate risk

Q&A: Cyclone Gabrielle’s biggest climate lessons for NZ

As Louisiana’s coast disappears, its historic communities are disappearing too

Hurricanes are changing with the climate. Our words about them may need to change, too

Record Low Ice at Great Lakes Seen in Before and After Images From Space

Disaster risk reduction

Australia faces unprecedented grassfires next summer ‘supercharged’ by global heating

Deconstructing plate tectonic reconstructions

Secrets of Earth’s inner core revealed by large quakes

The 2023 Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, Earthquake Sequence

CoastSat is an open-source software toolkit written in Python that enables users to obtain time-series of shoreline position at any coastline worldwide from 30+ years (and growing) of publicly available satellite imagery

UK – Thousands of Trees to Be Planted at Flood Defence Project in Northern England

Germany – Insurers Demand a Stop to Building New Homes in Flood-Risk Areas

Flooded Home Buyback scheme helps wash away the pain for Queenslanders

Earthquake prone: how can we bring our riskiest buildings up to scratch?

Using dense Sentinel-2 time series to explore combined fire and drought impacts in eucalypt forests

Prevention is a ‘no-brainer’: top UN disaster risk reduction official on Türkiye-Syria quakes

Details of the CSIRO’s report on Lismore’s flood recovery and response

Emergency management

Early warning systems and evacuation: rare and extreme versus frequent and small-scale tropical cyclones in the Philippines and Dominica

Italy and partners handover Situation Room to African Union Commission

Tech experts turn firefighters in battle against wildfires

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The benefits and negative impacts of citizen science applications to water as experienced by participants and communities

Justice in climate change education: a systematic review

Psychology and disasters

Disaster fatigue as more rain forecast for cyclone-hit areas

Characterizing the mental health and functioning of Canadian respiratory therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic

This qualitative analysis gave a voice to older adults (aged 59-65 years and 78-87 years) to share their experiences of the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires

Community members from Northern Rivers and South East Queensland share their stories of recovery twelve months on from the devastating 2022 floods

Sociology and disasters

International humanitarian narratives of disasters, crises and Indigeneity

Ethical Guidelines for Post-Disaster Research

As deadly flooding devastates more communities, often the poorest and most disinvested, residents are banding together to research the problems and press for solutions


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