Today in disaster resilience (11 June 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Utah wildfire burns closer to homes after hundreds evacuated

Sri Lanka – Floods and Landslides Death Toll Rises to 17

Europe – 1 Dead, Several Injured After Thunderstorms and Flash Floods

Somalia – 400,000 Affected by Floods Says UN

Colombia – Deadly Landslide in Antioquia, Hundreds of Homes Flooded in Arauca

Guyana – 25,000 Households Affected by Floods

Antarctic blast brings strong winds, snow, and flood-inducing rains to eastern Australia

Germany – Damaging Floods in Baden-Württemberg, 1 Fatality Reported

Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Jun 2021: Semeru volcano, Ibu, Reventador, Sangay, Lewotolo

India – Monsoon Rains Cause Havoc in Mumbai, 11 Dead After Building Collapses

Brazil – Flash Floods in Santa Catarina After 280mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Turkey – Severe Flash Floods in Ankara

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The media is still mostly failing to convey the urgency of the climate crisis

adelphi launches new flagship assessment of climate-driven conflict risks

Carbon dioxide lasts for centuries – so should carbon offsets

Flood-prone communities in Accra, Ghana, require urgent, locally-led adaptation assistance

Inaugural workshop on intermittent estuaries in a changing climate

Scientists develop new method to estimate exposure to indoor heat

UN warns of ‘point of no return’ on climate change as Australians mark World Environment Day

Heat stress in U.S. may double by century’s end

G7 leaders urged to show solidarity on climate change and COVID-19 at summit

G7 countries will lose $5tn a year by 2050 if temperatures rise by 2.6C

Faster decline and higher variability in the sea ice thickness of the marginal Arctic seas when accounting for dynamic snow cover

Surface air temperature for May 2021

Carbon dioxide in the air at highest level since measurements began

Study of past South Asian monsoons suggests stronger monsoon rainfall in the future

People on the move: strengthening adaptation responses to support human movement in a changing climate

Tasmania’s reached net-zero emissions and 100% renewables – but climate action doesn’t stop there

A Stark View of Rising Seas in Georgia

Solar and wind cheapest energy source in Australia

The ScienceBrief Review: Climate change increases extreme rainfall and the chance of floods

World climate and security report 2021: warning of catastrophic climate risks and urging significant greenhouse gas reductions

Record heat bakes Middle East as temperatures top 125 degrees

Insurers’ Principles for Climate Change Adaptation

Inside One Researcher’s Quest To Understand How Volcanoes Impact Climate Change

Climate change is making ocean waves more powerful, threatening to erode many coastlines

UN-backed report finds no G7-based stock exchange indices align with Paris climate goals

Disaster risk reduction

‘Legacy of trauma’: Warragamba survey downplays cultural risks, opponents say

Protecting people and communities from the risk of floods in Metro Manila

Wildfire risk maps aren’t capturing the threat of extreme events and seasons

High-Resolution Multi-Hazard Approach to Quantify Hurricane-Induced Risk for Coastal and Inland Communities

Dredging and levees among Warragamba options ignored by NSW government

Sunk Costs: The Socioeconomic Impacts of Flooding

Economics for disaster prevention and preparedness in Europe

Economics for disaster prevention and preparedness: understanding the needs of civil protection agencies and opportunities for scaling up disaster risk management investments: summary report

Improving Community Resilience and Emergency Plans by Mapping Risk and Preparedness at the Neighborhood Scale

Puerto Rico is prone to more flooding than the island is prepared to handle

Weather adds stress to America’s crumbling infrastructure

UC experts convene to discuss innovative solutions to California’s wildfires

Building materials, architectural detailing, landscaping choices and even road design will enhance fire safety in the West and other parts of the country

The mechanistic flow of complex drivers of wildfire for fire prone ecosystems

Engineering professor solves deep earthquake mystery

Understanding the Needs of Civil Protection Agencies and Opportunities for Scaling up Disaster Risk Management Investments

DisasterAWARE is the most powerful and reliable early warning and multi-hazard monitoring platform

Emergency management

Wildland firefighter smoke exposure and risk of lung and cardiovascular disease

Calling in the army for the vaccine rollout and every other emergency shows how ill-prepared we are

A multidimensional framework for disaster recovery: Longitudinal qualitative evidence from Puerto Rican households

India to give adults free COVID shots after surge in infections

The eruption of Mount Nyiragongo: its health effects will be felt for a long time

ResponDrone Adds 3D Mapping Abilities to Provide First Responders with Near Real-Time Data

20% of schools in Japan lack disaster evacuation plans, ministry survey finds

Bringing tech innovation to wildfires: 4 recommendations for smarter firefighting as megafires menace the US

How Low and Middle-Income Countries Are Innovating to Combat Covid

Disaster education, communication and engagement

Chasing lightning: a photographer’s pursuit of the elements – in pictures

How does a fast food restaurant build flood resilience?

Serious Games about Flooding

Is Your Home Ignition Resistant? theme of new Lake Tahoe Wildfire awareness campaign

Integrating Geoscience and Community Hazard Knowledge

Structural fire emergency school education resources

Disaster resilience school education resources

The series offers best practices for extreme events research and includes check sheets for free to the research community

Psychology and disasters

Climate crisis inflicting huge ‘hidden costs’ on mental health

Carrot or stick? How countries are tackling COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Sociology and disasters

The dual effect of social ties on COVID-19 spread in Japan

As Warming Fuels Disasters, Relief Often Favors White People

Social dynamics of community resilience building in the face of climate change: the case of three Scottish communities

Today in disaster resilience (4 June 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Parks Canada says two dead following avalanche on Alberta mountain

New Zealand – Emergency Declared After Floods in Canterbury

Large mud volcano eruption in Colombia injures 1 person and forces 150 to evacuate

At least 4 people dead as heavy rains trigger floods and landslides in Nepal

Flooding forces hundreds from their homes in New Zealand

Guyana – Government Distributes Relief Supplies to Flood Victims in 7 Regions

Peru has world’s worst per capita Covid toll after death data revised

Significant flooding sweeps through parts of New Mexico

Wildfires sweep across Bolivia’s Pantanal wetlands

Philippines – Tropical Storm ‘Choi-Wan’ (Dante) Triggers Deadly Flash Floods and Evacuations

Brazil – Rio Negro Reaches Record Highs in Manaus

USA – 2,700 Homes Damaged in Mid-May Floods in Louisiana, Governor Requests Federal Disaster Declaration

Chile – Floods Prompt Rescues and Evacuations in South-Central Regions

Volcanic activity worldwide 3 Jun 2021: Fuego volcano, Semeru, Reventador, Nyiragongo, Sangay

Colombia – 1 Dead, Hundreds Affected by Floods and Landslides in Antioquia

France – Thunderstorms Trigger Flash Floods, 50mm of Rain Falls in 1 Hour

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

CSIRO predicts more drought, drastic drop in Murray-Darling basin water

A freak cyclone destroyed Ian’s pub. A warming climate could mean more are on their way

Heatwave deaths set to soar as UK summers become hotter

Bogota crowdsources a green transport future to hit climate goals

Cyclone Tauktae Documents a Climate Trend in the Tropics

Forecast: 40% Chance Earth To Be Hotter Than Paris Climate Agreement Goal Soon

Climate change is not gender neutral: harnessing data to empower women and girls as change agents

Human-induced global heating ‘causes over a third of heat deaths’

Wind and solar help Australia slash emissions, but no credit to Coalition

Heatwave deaths set to soar as UK summers become hotter

Cities Are Woefully Unprepared for the Havoc of Climate Change

New city ‘heat officers’ take aim at climate change’s ‘silent killer’

The Link Between Pollution and the Number of Hurricanes That Form

Paleo-ENSO influence on African environments and early modern humans

US environmental agency releases climate report delayed by Trump

Predicting the unpredictable: How scientists are improving cold-region water and climate prediction models

Climate explained: why is the Arctic warming faster than other parts of the world?

Australian coal burnt overseas creates nearly twice the nation’s domestic emissions

Canterbury floods: Is climate change to blame for severe weather events?

Augmenting the spatial resolution of climate-change temperature projections for city planners and local decision makers

Antarctica wasn’t quite as cold during the last ice age as previously thought

Climate tipping points could topple like dominoes, warn scientists

U.S. cities hire specialists to counter climate change as impacts worsen

Disaster risk reduction

‘You will sterilise land from residential use’: New powers to refuse floodplain development

World’s Most Comprehensive Global Earthquake Risk Map Online

Making a Model: European meteorologists strive to make accurate storm predictions

Why hurricanes devastate some places over and over again – a meteorologist explains

A large earthquake is happening right now – but you can’t feel it

Zoning Ordinance Overhauled To Increase Community Resilience To Flooding

Mount Nyiragongo’s volcano: why it’s unique and treacherous

Bangkok improves drainage system to reduce flooding during rainy season

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s Floodplain Manager newsletter

Native forest logging makes bushfires worse – and to say otherwise ignores the facts

New World Bank support to protect 120,000 people against flood risks in peri-urban areas of the Senegal capital-city

Inconsistent building codes leave some states vulnerable to hurricane damage

Linked faults under Salt Lake City may elevate risk of building damage

Wildfires and global change

Economics for disaster prevention and preparedness: investment in disaster risk management in Europe makes economic sense

Emergency management

How long would it take to escape Auckland if a volcano was about to erupt?

Further assistance urgently needed for people following DRC volcano eruption

Nyiragongo Shows How A Minor Eruption Can Cause A Major Humanitarian Disaster

Destruction by Cyclone Amphan continues to haunt its survivors after one year

Canterbury floods: More stress for communities already hit by fires, quakes

Lessons for Africa from India’s deadly COVID surge

Looming hurricane season raises displacement risk

Caribbean rolls out multi-hazard preparations for hurricane season

Disaster education, communications and engagement

In weather emergencies, a lack of Spanish-language information endangers the public

Prepare for the worst: 10 steps to get ready for wildfire smoke

Can social media and crowdsourcing create more disaster resilient societies?

Designing tsunami risk communication with communities: A site-specific case study from Tūranganui-a-Kiwa, Aotearoa New Zealand

Words into Action guide on Engaging Children and Youth in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building

Psychology and disasters

Worldviews, trust, and risk perceptions shape public acceptance of COVID-19 public health measures

Sociology and disasters

Is your floodplain management strategy working? innovative social research in the Wimmera

Floods in the neighborhood: Mapping poverty and flood risk in Indonesian cities

Geographies of the evolution of social capital legacies in response to flood disasters in rural and urban areas in Sri Lanka

Hurricane damage harms the most vulnerable, reveals inequality and social divides

Today in disaster resilience (28 May 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Volcano erupts in Congo near Goma city, lava reaches airport as residents flee

Villages evacuated after major forest fire in conservation area near Athens

Uganda – Rain Triggers Deadly Floods and Landslides in Kasese

Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Sabah and Sarawak

At least two people killed as cyclone bears down on India’s east coast

Brazil – Severe Flooding in Amazonas State Affects 450,000 People

Guatemala – Strong Winds, Floods and Landslide Affect Over 10,000

China braces for summer floods as 71 rivers exceed warning levels

Kenya – 40,000 Displaced by Recent Floods, Says Red Cross

Indonesia – Floods Affect 60,000 in Bandung, West Java

Volcanic activity worldwide 27 May 2021: Etna volcano, Kilauea, Nyiragongo, Nevados de Chillán, Great Sitkin

India – Cyclone ‘Yaas’ Causes Flooding in Odisha and West Bengal, 1.5 Million Evacuate

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Scott Morrison’s claim Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are falling does ‘not stack up’

New Arctic Council Reports Underline the Growing Concerns About the Health and Climate Impacts of Polar Air Pollution

Study: Climate change to blame for $8 billion of Hurricane Sandy damages

G7 Countries agree to end coal financing before end of 2021

Can wildfires be prevented in a world dealing with climate change?

The largest iceberg in the world just broke off from Antarctica

Yellowstone is Warming at Its Fastest Rate in 1,250 Years

How cables in glaciers could help forecast future sea level rise

Unless Floridians address the warming climate, we risk more storm damage, higher insurance rates and lower property values

Hundreds of coastal airports at risk from flooding, sea-level rise, study finds

Climate Change and Changes in Compound Coastal-Riverine Flooding Hazard Along the U.S. Coasts

Arctic climate change update 2021: key trends and impacts. Summary for policy-makers

Climate concerns resume rise as coal mine ban draws support, Lowy says

Satellites may have underestimated warming in the lower atmosphere

After a deadly landslide in climate-hit Uganda, survivors sue for action

Storms and rising seas: the post-climate change world is upon us

Climate Poll 2021 by the Lowy Institute reports the results of a nationally representative survey on Australians’ attitudes to climate change

Going electric and banning new petrol-powered cars could be Australia’s next big light bulb moment

New research shows how much warming is costing society by exacerbating disasters

Net-Zero Emissions: Winning Strategy or Destined for Failure?

Australian teenagers’ climate change class action case opens ‘big crack in the wall’, expert says

Climate change is erasing ‘flammability barrier’ that protects high-elevation forests

Climate: World at risk of hitting temperature limit soon

New climate predictions increase likelihood of temporarily reaching 1.5 °C in next 5 years

New NASA earth system observatory to help address, mitigate climate change

Building community resilience against climate change

Disaster risk reduction

Lancashire communities to receive new flood warning service

Stop going around in circles: towards a reconceptualisation of disaster risk management phases

Fire money: how Indigenous land management is transforming Arnhem Land

Twice burned: California ramps up wildfire prevention spending 16-fold

Built on pudding: Can modern quake engineering prevail?

Predicting fire risk and improving forest fire management with UAV LiDAR

Grim western fire season starts much drier than record 2020

New study shines light on hazards of Earth’s largest volcano

‘Slow slip’ earthquakes’ hidden mechanics revealed

Tanzania’s ‘forgotten’ cyclones and concerns for the future

Modeling dire wildfire circumstances can help save lives

The Fractal Scaling Relationship for River Inlets to Lakes

Drought conditions could worsen California wildfires that have already burned 5 times more land this year than same time last year

Burn Severity Portal

Wildfires and Climate Lies: On the Myth of the “Tidy Forest”

Miami’s chief heat officer calls for action on ‘silent killer’ in climate crisis

Enhancing resilience of critical road structures: bridges, culvers and floodways under natural hazards – final project report

Emergency management

Houston, Harris Co. get zero of $1 billion federal Hurricane Harvey relief funding,3750#.YKqLwusGPD8.twitter

I lived through Hurricane Katrina and helped design the rebuild – floods will always come, but we can build better to prepare

Drones and Sensors Could Spot Fires Before They Go Wild

As hurricane season looms, Biden doubles funding to prepare for extreme weather

DR Congo’s Goma volcano: Drone images show devastation

COVID is surging in the world’s most vaccinated country. Why?

Toronto’s Actions After Hurricane Hazel Still Reap Rewards

‘Hurricane fatigue’: Gulf Coast emergency managers still rebuilding as they prep for more storms

New funding from the Government of France will boost FAO’s flood response in Somalia

Disaster education, communications and engagement

‘Nature-enhanced learning’ and geography education

Don’t Wait for the Ground to Shake: Prepare for Earthquakes Before They Happen

How to create a Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Psychology and disasters

Doing it for us: Community identification predicts willingness to receive a COVID-19 vaccination via perceived sense of duty to the community

The impact of trust and risk perception on the acceptance of measures to reduce COVID-19 cases

Perceptions of Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa

Sociology and disasters

The dual effect of social ties on COVID-19 spread in Japan

New article on the role of social ties in evacuation

How do social connections accelerate post-flood recovery? Insights from a survey of rural households in central Vietnam

Displacement and gender on St Vincent following the La Soufriere volcanic eruption

The role of homelessness community based organizations during COVID-19

The missing half of the Sendai framework: Gender and women in the implementation of global disaster risk reduction policy

Today in disaster resilience (21 May 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Mandatory wildfire evacuations are ordered for parts of western Los Angeles County

Cyclone Tauktae intensifies, lashes west coast of India

Famine – The Worst Drought In 40 Years Threatens People In Madagascar

Sri Lanka – Floods and Landslides Leave 3 Dead, 11,000 Affected

India’s Gujarat state evacuates over 200,000 people as cyclone hits

Destructive tornado rips through Wuhan, killing 8 people and injuring 280, China

Shallow M5.4 earthquake hits Iran – Turkmenistan border region, injuring 25 people

Ecuador – Flash Floods in Cuenca Cause Major Damage

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australia Just Broke a Major Record For New Solar Panel Roof Installations

Getting ready for climate change is about people, not spreadsheets

Last hope over climate crisis requires end to coal, says Alok Sharma

Australia stands alone in not having a significant climate plan, says UK expert

Antarctica’s Doomsday Glacier: How Doomed Are We?

April was the world’s ninth-warmest April in 142 years of record keeping

Net zero: despite the greenwash, it’s vital for tackling climate change

Extreme Heat Risks May Be Widely Underestimated and Sometimes Left Out of Major Climate Reports

We can’t beat the climate crisis without rethinking land use

A digital twin of the Earth to better prepare for climate extremes

Western Australia eyes massive 100GW of wind and solar for green hydrogen by 2030

Greenland ice sheet on brink of major tipping point, says study

The USA is heating up

Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting if carbon emissions aren’t cut quickly

Rethinking urban heat stress: Assessing risk and adaptation options across socioeconomic groups in Bonn, Germany

Disaster risk reduction

Queensland’s Economic Assessment Framework of Flood Risk Management Projects

‘This has never happened’: California’s only wildfire research center makes scary discovery

Forecasters navigate a highway to success around Lake Victoria

The space weather modeling framework goes open access

Why do rivers leap from their banks? Scientists strive to predict deadly flooding events

Cred Crunch, Issue no. 62, May 2021 – Year in review 2020: global trends and perspectives

Global riverine flood risk – how do hydrogeomorphic floodplain maps compare to flood hazard maps?

How a major Auckland eruption would reshape the city

Simulation of post volcanic eruption land use and economic recovery pathways over a period of 20 years in the Auckland region of New Zealand

Aboriginal people have the skills, refined over thousands of years, to care for this fragile, fire-prone ancient continent

California Is Headed Toward Another Brutal Wildfire Season

Blue roofs could help reduce the flooding effects of big storms

Flooding: prevention as the best option

Emergency management

Latest edition of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management

One Way to Save a California Town From Wildfire: Advance Work by Unsung Heroes

How lessons from past emergencies could improve the pandemic response

Brazil’s fight against Covid-19 hampered by flooding and favela growth

Black mould is the latest threat for flood-affected homeowners on the New South Wales mid-north coast

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience Handbook Companion Documents

Silent Walk as a street mobilization: Campaigning following the Grenfell Tower fire

Citizen aid, social media and brokerage after disaster

The COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook

What might a public communications push on the climate crisis in Bristol involve, if we took it as seriously as Covid 19?

During Disaster: Refining the Concept of Focusing Events to Better Explain Long-Duration Crises

Factors influencing flood disaster preparedness initiatives among small and medium enterprises located at flood-prone area

Psychology and disasters

Why do people make risky decisions during a fire evacuation? Study on the effect of smoke level, individual risk preference, and neighbor behavior

Sociology and disasters

What drought, fish kills and financial strife along the Darling River taught regional communities in NSW

‘Top down’ disaster resilience doesn’t work. The National Recovery and Resilience Agency must have community at its heart

Today in disaster resilience (14 May 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Somalia – Deadly Floods Strike Mogadishu, Rivers Overflow in Jowhar

Uganda – Severe Flooding Affects Thousands in Butaleja

Volcanic Eruption Illuminates Reykjavik’s Night Sky With Lava Fountains Up To 460 Meters High

Volcanic activity worldwide 13 May 2021: Pacaya volcano, Fuego, Semeru, Dukono, Reventador, Kilauea

Russia – Rising Rivers Flood Homes in Khabarovsk Krai

Kenya – Floods Displace Thousands Across the Country

Rwanda – Hundreds Homeless After Landslide in Nyamasheke

Democratic Republic of Congo – Over 13,000 Families Hit by Floods in Tanganyika Province

Tajikistan and Afghanistan – 14 Killed in Flash Floods and Mudflows

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Humans already have the tools to combat climate change but we lack leadership

Work underway to repurpose Wallerawang power station into battery and industrial zone

The young people taking their countries to court over climate inaction

Australia pressured to step up climate action during G7 talks

Reducing methane is crucial for protecting climate and health, and it can pay for itself – so why aren’t more companies doing it?

Climate change: how bad could the future be if we do nothing?

A 50,000-Year History of Current Flow Yields New Climate Clues

Climate finance hopes for poor nations shift to G7 summit as Merkel disappoints

Farewell the utopian city. To cope with climate change we must learn from how nature adapts

AEMO says Australia “well ahead” of 90 per cent renewables scenario for 2040

A great start, but still not enough: why Victoria’s new climate target isn’t as ambitious as it sounds

Overshooting 2C risks rapid and unstoppable sea level rise from Antarctica

Sydney to spend $24 million to accelerate net-zero goal by five years

‘Megadrought’ persists in western U.S., as another extremely dry year develops

A 50,000-year history of current flow yields new climate clues

Blowing in the wind: Have we missed our chance to become a renewables superpower?

Survey of 800 cities around world finds almost 43% do not even have plan to adapt to impacts of global heating

Global renewable energy industry grew at fastest rate since 1999 last year

Climate emissions shrinking the stratosphere, scientists reveal

Disaster risk reduction

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Especially for Continents $230M anti-flooding project in Hoboken will create new flood walls, other upgrades

Reenvisioning resilience may help earthquake recovery in Italy

Solutions providing multiple resilience dividends require integrated approach

‘All bets are off’: Fire weather trumps forestry, prescribed burning

Insurers Warn Canada’s Moving Too Slowly on Flood Mapping

Study offers earliest evidence of humans changing ecosystems with fire

Severe Hailstorms Are Costly and Hard to Predict

Six ways Southeast Asia strengthened disaster risk management

Fresh insights into the causes of Australia’s strong climate variability which affects extreme wet or dry weather

Previously unrecognized tsunami hazard identified in coastal cities

Asia is home to 99 of world’s 100 most vulnerable cities

Iowa Flood Center Developing Tool To Help Missouri River Communities Prepare For Flooding

Space-based system can provide seismic monitoring for large earthquakes, tsunamis

Emergency management

A Small Brazilian Town Is Beating Covid-19 Through a Unique Experiment

Where will the next COVID hotspots be?

New Study Estimates More Than 900,000 People Have Died Of COVID-19 In U.S.

Advancing the Field of Disaster Response Management: Toward a Design Science Approach

Vulnerability, Resilience, and Technology

Where coronavirus variants emerge, surges follow – new research suggests how genomic surveillance can be an early warning system

Everbridge coronavirus situation map

COVID-19 and heat waves: new challenges for healthcare systems

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Water safety attitudes, risk perception, experiences, and education for households impacted by the 2018 Camp Fire, California

Heatwave-protective knowledge and behaviour among urban populations: a multi-country study in Tunisia, Georgia and Israel

The role of educators in community resilience in natural disaster-prone communities

Psychology and disasters

Life at disaster’s edge: What it means to start over – again and again

Perceived threats and ‘stampedes’: a relational model of collective fear responses

Three new episodes explore PTSD treatment and recovery

Stressors and Supports in Postdisaster Recovery: Experiences After the Black Saturday Bushfires

Mental health: Can you tell if someone is struggling?

Disasters caused by natural hazards linked to increase in triggers for violence against women and girls

Contemporary flood risk perceptions in England: implications for flood risk management foresight

Sociology and disasters

Complexity of resilience capacities: Household capitals and resilience outcomes on the disaster cycle in informal settlements

Review of social influence in crisis communications and evacuation decision-making

Today in disaster resilience (7 May 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Destructive hail and tornadoes slam southern U.S., causing billion dollars worth of damage

Violent storm hits China’s Jiangsu Province, claiming lives of 11 people and leaving 102 injured

Heavy rain triggers destructive lahars, landslides and flash floods, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Strong M6.6 earthquake hits near the east coast of Honshu, Japan

Tornado outbreak: Destructive tornadoes sweep through Mississippi, U.S.

Severe flooding hits Yemen, leaving at least 13 people dead

Landslides leave 5 dead, 8 missing in Batang Toru, Indonesia

Venezuela – Hundreds Affected by Floods in Mérida

Eruption Mar 2021 on the Reykjanes Peninsula: activity updates

Heavy rain causes flooding in Penal, Rio Claro

India Crosses 20 Million COVID-19 Cases As Critical Shortages Worsen

Algeria – Fatalities After Flash Floods in Batna, Médéa and M’Sila Provinces

Afghanistan – Flash Floods Leave 16 Dead, 10 Missing

Volcanic activity worldwide 6 May 2021: Fuego volcano, Semeru, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay, Sinabung

At least 10 people killed after severe flash floods hit Iran

South Africa – Evacuations and Rescues After Storm Triggers Floods in Western Cape

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Victoria announces plan to halve carbon emissions by 2030 under net zero by 2050 target

Glaciers in retreat: tracking the decline of the Earth’s ‘rivers of ice’

Dare we hope? Here’s my cautious case for climate optimism

State action alone could lead to nation meeting emissions targets

‘Tsunami’ of renewables to sweep gas and coal out of market, and drive prices lower

Paying Australia’s coal-fired power stations to stay open longer is bad for consumers and the planet

Transformative climate adaptation in the United States: Trends and prospects

Icequakes indicate Antarctic glaciers on the move

Antarctic Ice Sheet melting to lift sea level higher than thought, study says

We’ve had information campaigns on Brexit and Covid. What about the climate?

Dissecting ‘Unsettled,’ a Skeptical Physicist’s Book About Climate Science

Activist Thunberg Says Global Leaders Still in Denial Over Climate

Affordable housing could be hit hard as sea levels rise

Rich nations’ climate targets will mean global heating of 2.4C – study

Australia’s states are forging ahead with ambitious emissions reductions. Imagine if they worked together

Global heating pace risks ‘unstoppable’ sea level rise as Antarctic ice sheet melts

Germany raises ambition to net zero by 2045 after landmark court ruling

What Vulnerable Countries Need from the COP26 Climate Summit

Cut emissions to fight extreme weather wrecking lives, UN report says

Global Methane Assessment

Disaster risk reduction

Global Effects of Disruptions to the Stratospheric Circulation

How can governments prepare for and manage high impact risks

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

New floodplain harvesting regulations face disallowance

Good practice note on dam safety: new guidance on managing risks associated with dams

Hydrological risk to dams

Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Risk Management

Earthquake, tsunami hazards from subduction zones might be higher than current estimates

We may never achieve long-term global herd immunity for COVID. But if we’re all vaccinated, we’ll be safe from the worst

Scientists warn: Humanity does not have effective tools to resist the tsunami

Governments call for more public and private investment in disaster prevention and risk reduction

NSW government cops water policy blow as another setback looms

Surprising tsunami triggers may lurk off California’s coast, scientists say

NASA and Pacific Disaster Center partner to develop ground-breaking global flood early warning system

RMS models offer new probabilistic approach to simplify flood management across Southeast Asia

Emergency management

New York City Is Roaring Back to Life, One Year After Its Nadir

Covid: It will get worse before it gets better

Coronavirus affected by warm temperatures, may follow a seasonal path – study

Grenfell is still giving up its secrets and they retain the power to shock

‘We know our community better than they do’: why local knowledge is key to disaster recovery in Gippsland

Android’s Earthquake Alert System Comes to Greece and New Zealand

How to get Australia’s borders open again

Lebanon financing facility approves $55 million recovery program targeting vulnerable households and small businesses to respond to the port of Beirut explosion

A multidimensional framework for disaster recovery: Longitudinal qualitative evidence from Puerto Rican households

First Onsite Reflects on Fort McMurray Wildfires

India and COVID-19 vaccines: A national crisis with global ripples

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The promise of a “people-centred” approach to floods: Types of participation in the global literature of citizen science and community-based flood risk reduction in the context of the Sendai Framework

Texas Landlords Don’t Have To Disclose Flood Risk To Renters. A New Bill Would Change That

Combining News Media and AI to Rapidly Identify Flooded Buildings

Negotiated participatory action research for multi-stakeholder implementation of early warning systems for landslides

The Shear Zone: teaching materials in geology

Psychology and disasters

Dispositional Optimism and Disaster Resilience A natural experiment from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Understanding and improving community flood preparedness and response: a research framework

Lessons from Black Summer: how people experienced the 2019/20 NSW fire season

Sociology and disasters

Too poor to protect: When cost-benefit analysis leaves towns to “Wash Away”

Network Structure in Small Groups and Survival in Disasters

Drivers of Change in National Disaster Governance under the Hyogo Framework for Action

Why are women more vulnerable to flooding in India?

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Uncovering ties between Social Capital and COVID-19 Outcomes at Local Levels’t_You_Be_My_Neighbor_Uncovering_ties_between_Social_Capital_and_COVID-19_Outcomes_at_Local_Levels

In Our Backyard: Heat is the deadliest aspect of climate change. It’s turning some underserved LA neighborhoods red hot

Today in disaster resilience (30 April 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Around 8 000 families affected, 2 000 displaced by flooding in Burundi

Wildfires reach record high in Omsk as air pollution grips Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, Russia

Massive landslide at Great Whale River, Quebec, Canada

As COVID-19 sweeps India, experts say cases and deaths are going unreported

Kenya – Hundreds Displaced by Floods in Migori County

Bolivia – Dozens Rescued After Rivers Overflow in Cochabamba

Volcanic activity worldwide 28 Apr 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Dukono, Reventador

India Covid: Hospitals overwhelmed as deaths pass 200,000

Government monitoring landslide site in Arctic Quebec

Philippines – Hundreds Evacuate Floods in Davao City

Colombia – Floods Affect 1,700 Families in Barbacoas, Nariño

Saudi Arabia – Flash Floods Sweep Through Mecca

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

NSW planning body gives green light to Hunter Valley coalmine expansion

This $1 billion energy deal promises to cut emissions and secure jobs. So why on earth is gas included?

“Coal has become fetishised:” Turnbull slams right-wing media, politicians

‘Hanging over the heads of communities’: Government under pressure to remove ‘zombie’ licences

UK replaces France as Europe’s second largest electric car market

‘Insanely cheap energy’: how solar power continues to shock the world

Calls to phase out fossil fuel subsidies after speculation about net-zero emissions target

How Renewables Could Kill Off Fossil Fuel Electricity By 2035: New Report

Scott Morrison’s climate change policy is being left behind by corporate action

Australia has wasted so many years when it comes to climate change

Humanity’s greatest ally against climate change is Earth itself

In Asia, Millions Are Fleeing Climate Disasters With Little Promise of Relief

Climate tipping points may have been reached already, experts say

Climate crisis has shifted the Earth’s axis, study shows

Climate change: World’s glaciers melting at accelerating rate

US, UK, EU: Comparing the new 2030 climate targets

Without the right financial strategies, NZ’s climate change efforts will remain unfinished business

Explainer: Will global warming ‘stop’ as soon as net-zero emissions are reached?

Disaster risk reduction

Sydney bushfire smoke: poor air quality warning issued after hazard reduction burns

Mangroves against the storm

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD): A Salvation to Flooding in Sudan

Stanford researchers reveal that homes in floodplains are overvalued by nearly $44 billion

Multiple resilience dividends at the community level: A comparative study on disaster risk reduction interventions in different countries

Federal Government of Somalia signs ARC Treaty and MoU with African Risk Capacity to effectively address impacts of extreme weather events

Road geohazard risk management handbook

Bundaberg flood levee project hits a snag over federal funding

Emergency management

Largest firefighting plane may be sold for COVID-19 response

Fears of Covid ‘tsunami’ in Fiji after outbreak found to be Indian variant

Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough

‘We’re all in this together’: Dr Fauci says world has failed India as Covid cases surge

Preparing for a rainy day in Kurigram District

Asia-Pacific region urged to “build back better”

Understanding short-term household recoveries from the 2015 Nepal earthquakes: Lessons learned and recommendations

A multidimensional framework for disaster recovery: Longitudinal qualitative evidence from Puerto Rican households

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Working towards data-based definitions of avalanche danger levels

How Do Volcanoes Erupt?

Volcanic hazards: What would an Emergency Manager do?

Psychology and disasters

Public perception of climate change and its impact on natural disasters

Sociology and disasters

Is Jakarta flood-resilient or are the citizens?–f1368c0b5034 Poor communities will likely need to be compensated as a result of climate change policies, study says

Today in disaster resilience (23 April 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Table Mountain fire: Historic buildings destroyed in Cape Town

Flash floods in Singapore amid ‘prolonged heavy rain’

Mauritius – Flash Floods in South East After 400mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Vietnam – Deadly Flash Floods in North

Severe flooding damages more than 3 000 homes in Peru

Widespread flooding hits Mauritius after two months’ worth of rain in a day

Angola – Luanda Flash Floods Leave 14 Dead, Hundreds of Homes Damaged

Philippines – Thousands Evacuate Tropical Cyclone Surigae

Typhoon “Surigae” (Bising) leaves 3 dead, 230 000 displaced in the Philippines

Cambodia – 1 Dead, Dozens of Homes Damaged After Storms and Heavy Rain

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Apr 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Ibu, Dukono

El Salvador – Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Santa Ana, San Salvador and La Libertad

Peru – Floods in Junín and Cusco

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

How can NSW allow new coalmines while committing to net zero emissions?

China, US agree on need for stronger climate commitments

For these Torres Strait Islanders, climate change is already here

How Not to Feel Paralyzed by Climate Disaster

What architects need to know about hazard and climate risk

‘The New Climate War’: Michael E. Mann On How To Fight The Climate Inactivists

New Red Cross research into climate-resilient development in Dominica

Climate heating may speed up to unexpected levels

Wind, solar to account for 11% of power use in China by end 2021: proposal

Climate change indicators and impacts worsened in 2020

State of the Global Climate 2020

Australia’s third-largest carbon emitter says it must transition to renewables and curtail coal plants

What Earth was like last time CO2 levels were this high

Global CO2 emissions set for largest surge in more than a decade, says IEA

Biden plans to cut emissions in half by 2030

‘Dire warning’ for the planet: Coal is powering the economic recovery

“Urgency and Agency”: Michael Mann on Conquering Climate Despair

The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof

Warming Oceans Are Making the Climate Crisis Significantly Worse

Climate Summit ‘Last Chance’ for Brazil to Show Leadership on Global Warming

A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation

‘Insufficient’: Biden administration criticises Australia on climate

Earth’s cryosphere is vital for everyone. Here’s how NASA keeps track of its changes

Earth Day Summit: Biden’s chance to claim climate leadership

Red alert for the planet: UN chief’s call to phase out coal by 2030

Stanford researchers reveal the long-term impacts of extreme melt on Greenland Ice Sheet

Disaster risk reduction

Floods Are Increasing in Supposedly Low-Risk Areas

Pakistan: Community-based disaster risk management

Burdekin and Haughton Flood Resilience Strategy Project

Earthquake forecast just in: the Alpine Fault is due a major quake – and soon

Floodplain harvesting to continue to devastate the Macquarie Valley

NSW floods break 120-year-old rain records during March rain event, BOM says

Special Climate Statement 74 – extreme rainfall and flooding in eastern and central Australia in March 2021

From fires to floods: CSU explores impacts on local waterways

COVID-19 cost more in 2020 than the world’s combined natural disasters in any of the past 20 years

Satellite-based real-time monitoring of Himalayan glacial catchments can strengthen early flood warning & minimize disaster risk

Pakistan slum dwellers map flood risks to stop evictions

After 160 years, Aboriginal cultural burning returns to Coranderrk Station

Study reveals mechanism of naturally occurring ‘earthquake gate’

Colorado’s flood risks are on the rise, and consumers will pay for it

Landslides mar the “Pearl of Africa”

How weather forecasts are changing lives in Kenya and Tanzania

The increasing number of climate-related disasters continues to be a growing challenge

How Can a Basilica Stay Dry Amid Venice’s Rising Waters?

The St Vincent eruption is a reminder of how volcano research and monitoring can save lives

Why housing is built in flood-prone coastal areas

Aerial photos uncover an invisible fault in Chinese city

A Stanford-designed tool could guide floodwater management and combat ongoing drought

2020: The Non-COVID year in disasters

Emergency management

When the next virus strikes, we’ll look back on this moment as an opportunity that we either seized or squandered

How Taiwan beat COVID-19 – new study reveals clues to its success

St Vincent: ‘I’ve never seen such devastation’ – Island counts cost of volcanic eruption

Learning to live with COVID – the tough choices ahead

Covid: Police watchdog says officers confused by unclear pandemic laws

India’s Second Covid Wave Is Completely Out of Control

Post-disaster recovery transition lessons from the 2010 floods in Pakistan

Building collaborative emergency management capacity in northern Australia

Disaster education, communications and engagement

May is Wildfire Awareness Month, It’s Never too Early to Prepare

Time flies in Google Earth’s biggest update in years

Photo-sharing is back: how social media has framed the pandemic

New Minecraft world from NRMA Insurance teaches Aussie kids the importance of bushfire preparedness

Flood Education Program for School Students

Improving Public Messaging for Evacuation and Shelter‐in‐Place

Geomojis Translate Geoscience Across Any Language

Psychology and disasters

To abandon vaccination targets is to abandon the mantle of leadership

“Moments of calmness.” In Puerto Rico, building the emotional skills to cope with disaster

Cognitive bias

A phenomenon called psychological reactance might help explain the mindset of anti-maskers

Received Social Support and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in New Zealand and Philippine Emergency Responders

Sociology and disasters

She survived Hurricane Sandy. Then climate gentrification hit

Floods in the neighborhood: Mapping poverty and flood risk in Indonesian cities

Climate crisis – 710 million children live in countries at high risk

Harnessing of Social Capital as a Determinant for Climate Change Adaptation in Mazungunye Communal Lands in Bikita, Zimbabwe

How climate change is hitting the world’s most vulnerable the hardest

The unequal social consequences of wildfire smoke in California

Today in disaster resilience (16 April 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Why the volcano erupting in the Caribbean has such a deadly reputation

At least 2 killed, 7 injured as severe storms and tornadoes hit Gulf Coast, U.S.

Mount Lewotolok and Adonara island: up to 168 people killed by lahars and debris flows in Indonesia

Western U.S. may be entering its most severe drought in modern history

Volcanic activity worldwide 14 Apr 2021: Pacaya volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador

Colombia – Damaging Flash Floods Sweep Through Villavicencio, Meta Department

Peru – More Floods in Northern Regions as Rivers Reach Danger Levels in Loreto

Soufrière St. Vincent volcano: Eruption Update

Officially, India Has the World’s Second-Worst COVID-19 Outbreak. Unofficially, It’s Almost Certainly the Worst

Colombia – Thousands Hit by Flash Floods in Bolivar

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australia’s main grid hits record renewables high of 56 per cent on Sunday

Call for evidence: Effective learning for climate adaptation and resilience

Climate Change Litigation – Insights into the evolving global landscape

Cyclone Seroja just demolished parts of WA – and our warming world will bring more of the same

Power grid can be rid of coal ‘without price rises, outages’

Michael Mann slams Murdoch press for “horrifying” misinformation on climate and bushfires

Climate change is a security threat the government keeps ignoring

Global death rate from rising temperatures projected to surpass the current death rate of all infectious diseases combined

‘Failure is not an option’: after a lost decade on climate action, the 2020s offer one last chance

We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We’re Going to Say So

Bold challenge to decarbonise Australia in 15 years laid down by Climate Council

Google Earth Now Shows Decades of Climate Change in Seconds

Senate and House Spotlight Soaring Costs of Delay on Climate

Changes in India’s monsoon rainfall could bring serious consequences to more than a billion people

Disaster risk reduction

NSW urged to buy thousands of flood-prone homes in western Sydney

Villagers in flood-hit Yalding, near Maidstone, want more done to prevent future flooding

Detecting significant thermal unrest years before volcanic eruption

California is poised for a catastrophic fire season. Experts say its plan isn’t nearly enough

Physical vulnerability assessment to flash floods using an indicator‐based methodology based on building properties and flow parameters

Coastal flooding risks increasing in Western Australia

ADHI: the African Database of Hydrometric Indices (1950–2018)

Magmatic Processes at La Soufrière de Guadeloupe: Insights From Crystal Studies and Diffusion Timescales for Eruption Onset

Canada wildfire: Managing the next Fort McMurray

Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for building related earthquake risk

Emergency management

Emergency evacuation and sheltering during the COVID-19 pandemic

How do you build an effective Early Warning System?

St Vincent volcano: Power cuts after another ‘explosive event’

‘No warnings’: Powerful cyclone exposes Indonesia’s lack of preparedness

New checklist for reviewing an emergency plan

St Vincent volcano: ‘We don’t know if we can go home’

CDC Identifies Small Group of Covid-19 Infections Among Fully Vaccinated Patients

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Disaster tales as communication tool for increasing risk resilience

Good communication practices in community engagement

Science at the Local fires up for 2021

Rockhampton students learn to be disaster ready

Which color scale to use when visualizing data

Psychology and disasters

After the Disaster: Recovery for Australia’s Children

Post-disaster mental health support for kids is essential

Floods leave a legacy of mental health problems — and disadvantaged people are often hardest hit

Sociology and disasters

Connecting Social Capital and Vulnerability: Citation Network Analysis of Disaster Studies

Understanding short-term household recoveries from the 2015 Nepal earthquakes: Lessons learned and recommendations

Racism, inequities move to the center of the climate debate

An institutional approach to vulnerability: evidence from natural hazard management in Europe

New civil society collaboration to understand true scale of COVID-19’s impacts on marginalised people

Maladaptation, fragmentation, and other secondary effects of centralized post-disaster urban planning: The case of the 2011 “cascading” disaster in Japan

Disaster risk governance for district-level landslide risk management in Bangladesh

Social protection for extreme temperatures: Experiences from the UK, USA and France

Homeowners’ drift to regions holding strong

Floods can worsen inequality. Here are 4 ways we can ensure people with disabilities aren’t left behind

Today in disaster resilience (9 April 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Toxic wastewater reservoir on verge of collapse in Florida could cause “catastrophic event”

More than 75 dead in Indonesia, East Timor floods, dozens missing

Race to find dozens missing in deadly Indonesia, East Timor floods

Haiti – 3 Dead, 3 Missing After Floods in North

Colombia – 3 Killed in Caquetá Landslide, Hundreds Affected by Floods Across the Country

Volcanic activity worldwide 7 Apr 2021: Pacaya volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The Politics of Energy and Climate Change in Japan under the Abe Government

A Texas city had a bold new climate plan – until a gas company got involved

Narooma on NSW south coast revealed as a hot spot for global ocean warming

‘Every choice matters’: can we cling to hope of avoiding 1.5C heating?

Rapid global heating is hurting farm productivity, study finds

Climate Change Cannot Be Mitigated Without Effective Carbon Pricing

World Bank Group President’s Statement on Climate Change Action Plan

China sandstorms highlight threat of climate crisis

Future increases in Arctic lightning and fire risk for permafrost carbon

Sea-level rise: writers imagined drowned worlds for centuries – what they tell us about the future

U.S. regulators lag on addressing climate’s financial risk – report

Carbon dioxide spikes to critical record, halfway to doubling preindustrial levels

Global warming causes uneven changes in heat stress indicators

Study shows correlation between solar variability and El Nino-La Nina events

More snow melting from mountains earlier in year due to climate change: study

Climate impact map

Cities and states must lead as window of opportunity shrinks for climate action

Why China is still clinging to coal

Managing retreat: why New Zealand is drafting a new law to enable communities to move away from climate risks

Disaster risk reduction

Floodplains aren’t separate to a river — they’re an extension of it. It’s time to change how we connect with them

Fire and flood: ‘Whole areas of Australia will be uninsurable’

Advances in tropical cyclone observation may aid in disaster reduction and prevention

Natural catastrophes in 2020

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s Floodplain Manager newsletter

Assemblage theory and disaster risk management

Pressure Builds on Congress to Help People Afford Pricey Flood Insurance

Hazard cascades

China earthquake survey doubles Beijing’s high-risk fault lines

Debate over land use after multiple natural disasters

Emergency management

What Does It Take to Build Back Better? Ask FEMA

Australian government to support Timor-Leste flood recovery after at least 27 people die

A huge hug of support for the Kempsey community

Leaders, activists object to Harris County’s plan for flood control money

Three Dozen California Bills Focus on Wildfire, Others Are Concerning for Insurance Industry

$11M in disaster recovery funds will be used to build affordable apartment community in Houston Heights

Western states brace for ‘very active wildfire season’ following warm, dry winter

Landslides: new early warning systems reduce false alarms

Texas 2021 deep freeze left nearly 200 people dead, new analysis shows

Migrants are heading north because Central America never recovered from last year’s hurricanes

Indonesia and East Timor – Flood Death Toll Climbs, Thousands Displaced

Latest edition of ‘Fire Australia’

The new Australian fire danger rating system

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Framing of youth as a high-risk population in Canadian disaster news media

Experts and gamers join forces to fight COVID-19 and stop future disease outbreaks via Plague Inc: The Cure

Ready Together

Resilient Australia Awards

Psychology and disasters

New Strategies for Calming Your Pandemic Anxiety

Still Afraid Of COVID-19 After Getting The Vaccine? You’re Not Alone

‘Suddenly we heard people scream – Flood!’: Survivors recount disaster on Indonesian island

Sociology and disasters

Working Papers on Historical Approaches to Covid-19

Climate change, COVID-19, and the co-production of injustices: a feminist reading of overlapping crises

How mutual aid networks came together in a year of crisis

Understanding Urban Flood Resilience in the Anthropocene: A Social–Ecological–Technological Systems (SETS) Learning Framework

Study finds Black women are dying from COVID-19 at three times the rate of both White and Asian men

Insurance for vulnerable families cuts rural poverty and the cost of aid by half