Today in disaster resilience (24 September 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Gard hit by historic rainfall — more than 2 months’ worth of rain in just 3 hours, France

Spanish Canary Island volcano erupts after weeks of earthquakes

Italy – 10 Rescued From Floods Near Malpensa Airport

India – 10 Killed in West Bengal Floods

India – Fatalities After Floods and Severe Weather in Uttar Pradesh

USA – Severe Floods in Alabama Leave 1 Dead

Chad – Floods Affect 250,000 Across 400 Villages

Nigeria – Floods Affect 100,000 in Adamawa as Cholera Cases Rise, Says UN

India – Flooding Affects Thousands in Odisha

‘My whole life in a van’: Islanders flee Spanish volcano

Melbourne earthquake: Tremor rattles southeast Australia

Volcanic activity worldwide 23 Sep 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Shiveluch

Colombia – Thousands Affected as Floods Continue in the North

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

World on ‘catastrophic’ climate path of 2.7C warming, UN warns

What Is ‘Fire Weather,’ and Why Is It Getting Worse?

Much of New Zealand’s coastal property has an expiry date

‘It’s a reality’: Biden calls for urgency in California as climate crisis fuels wildfires

Illinois Now Boasts the ‘Most Equitable’ Climate Law in America. So What Will That Mean?

No, damming the Golden Gate won’t save the Bay Area from rising seas

‘Climate crisis on our shores’: Mediterranean countries sign deal after summer of fires

Long-term sea-level rise necessitates a commitment to adaptation: A first order assessment

How Methane Emissions Contribute to Climate Change

Biden launches plan to address ‘silent killer’: extreme heat

Climate Change Will Alter Cooling Effects of Volcanic Eruptions

Climate change and impacts accelerate

Clear majority of Australians want net zero emissions by 2050

Which parts of Australia’s coast will vanish below rising sea levels?

Extreme heat: The economic and social consequences for the United States

Proving sea levels are rising

Global wildfire carbon dioxide emissions at record high, data shows

Scientists still don’t know how far melting in Antarctica will go – or the sea level rise it will unleash

The unexplored region of the atmosphere that could help predict climate change

Wildfire and flood disasters are causing ‘climate migration’ within Canada

Life at 50C: Heat hitting home in Australia

NASA Satellites Show How Clouds Respond to Arctic Sea Ice Change

Drivers of exceptional coastal warming in the northeastern United States

Councils spend millions on climate change and disaster recovery: New report

Disaster risk reduction

Fire breaks are getting bigger in NSW but experts say it’s a big mistake

Greece’s Wildfires and the Future of Natural Disasters

The next health threat is here — action is needed on anti-microbial resistance

Risk Rating 2.0 moves the NFIP away from its heavy reliance on in-or-out flood zones

Enhancements of the Australian Exposure Information Platform

Forecast-based Financing for flash floods: a Flash Flood Confidence Index to improve flood reporting

Nature-based solutions for flood risk reduction: A probabilistic modeling framework

U.S. flood insurance rates to rise for 77% of policyholders -study

When extreme events are no longer rare: Lessons from Hurricane Ida

After Ida, U.S. cities eye more equal resilience plans

Effectiveness of small- and large-scale Nature-Based Solutions for flood mitigation: The case of Ayutthaya, Thailand

RMS Estimates US$1.1 – $2.2 Billion in Total U.S. Insured Losses from Hurricane Nicholas

Australia is no stranger to earthquakes, yet our planning polices have not adapted

South Asia’s tryst with floods: A story less-known

Impact-based forecasting: a new way to predict the community impact of east coast lows

Emergency management

COVID-19 death toll in US surpasses 1918 pandemic deaths; experts say it didn’t have to happen

Australia’s COVID plan was designed before we knew how Delta would hit us. We need more flexibility

Covid-19: Delta outbreak here to stay

Long Covid Affecting One Third Of People After Covid

Polls on COVID-19 vaccination closely align with CDC data

Is the delta coronavirus variant more dangerous for children?

Many New Orleans Seniors Were Left Without Power For Days After Hurricane Ida

Facing bigger blazes, longer hours, low pay, wildland firefighters ask Congress, agencies for help

COVID vaccine immunity is waning — how much does that matter?

426,000 affected by flooding in South Sudan: UN

South Sudanese refugees homeless again after Sudan floods

With extreme weather events and other disasters on the rise, how well are Americans prepared?

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Global Volcanism Program

National Preparedness Month

A National Animation demonstrating the achievements of DEFRA funded and Environment Agency supported Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Pathfinder Projects

Using local knowledge in disaster policy is challenging, but necessary

Facebook Puts $1M Toward Combating Climate Change Misinformation

You’ve been through a disaster — what next?

Psychology and disasters

Caring for the vulnerable opens gateways to our richest, deepest brain states

Tsunami awareness and preparedness in Aotearoa New Zealand: The evolution of community understanding

Let’s stop talking about climate ‘resilience’ and start talking about climate trauma

Sociology and disasters

Bonding and linking social capital are key determinants for successful pandemic policy

“Driving Down a Road and Not Knowing Where You’re At”: Navigating the Loss of Physical and Social Infrastructure After the Camp Fire

The benefits of Social Infrastructure and Civic ties in Uncertain Times

A critical appraisal of individual social capital in crisis response

The unequal impacts of wildfire

No silver-bullets: why understanding community characteristics is key to enhancing flood resilience

We must address inequality to build back better from disasters

Linking resilience, vulnerability, social capital and risk awareness for crisis and disaster research

Today in disaster resilience (17 September 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Destructive tornado hits the island of Pantelleria, killing 2 people, Italy

Wildfires in Spain

Vietnam – 2 Killed in Floods as Storm Conson Dumps 900mm of Rain

Pakistan – 20 Killed in Floods and Mudslides in North, Monsoon Death Toll Exceeds 160

Guinea – Floods Leave 5 Dead, 800 Homes Destroyed and 2,500 People Displaced

Wildfires Rage in Spain and California as Monsoon Floods Kill 17 in Pakistan

Hurricane “Nicholas” leaves widespread damage, more than 500 000 without power in Texas

Severe flash floods hit capital Abuja, claiming the lives of 4 people, Nigeria

More than 1.6 million affected after extremely heavy rains hit Gujarat, India

2 570 homes damaged or destroyed by floods, Indonesia

Guatemala – Rain Triggers Floods and Landslides in 4 Departments, 2 Fatalities Reported

France – Dozens Rescued From Floods in Gard After 244mm of Rain in 3 Hours

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Sep 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Reventador

Malaysia – Heavy Rain Causes Severe Floods and Landslides in Sabah

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate change: Ditch 90% of world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C

Forget plans to lower emissions by 2050 – this is deadly procrastination

Operationalising Community Resilience to Climate Change in Developing Countries: A Grounded Delphi Method (GDM) Approach

Climate change: Vulnerable nations call for ’emergency pact’

Climate Change will Worsen Flooding in Malaysia

Australia has fallen well behind the US, UK, Japan, New Zealand and other peers in analysis of climate and security risks

How Climate Change Deepens Bangladesh’s Fragility

Rapid Arctic warming likely drives extreme winter weather events in the US

COP26: China told its choices ‘will shape our shared future’ ahead of climate summit

Cows ‘potty-trained’ in experiment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Four in 10 young people fear having children due to climate crisis

New ocean temperature data help scientists make their hot predictions

California fires are burning at higher elevations than ever, creating new dangers

End of new coal power ‘within sight’ worldwide, report claims

Climate change: World now sees twice as many days over 50C

In Response to Climate Change, Citizens in Advanced Economies Are Willing To Alter How They Live and Work

Millions on the Move in Their Own Countries: The Human Face of Climate Change

Governments falling woefully short of Paris climate pledges, study finds

‘Cake’ mentioned 10 times more than ‘climate change’ on UK TV – report

Madagascar on the brink of climate change-induced famine

Climate change risks triggering catastrophic tsunamis, scientist warns

Earth’s tipping points could be closer than we think. Our current plans won’t work

The United States Isn’t Ready for the New Phase of Climate Change

When the Climate Crisis Becomes Unignorable

China faces one–two punches of extreme weather as Earth warms

New forecasting models could help prevent heat-related deaths

Climate Change Risk Assessment 2021

Interactions between two existential threats: COVID-19 and climate change

Disaster risk reduction

California wildfires ignite an insurance crisis

‘Black mark’: Farmers get nod to clear land for bushfire protection

Rural Boundary Clearing Tool

Disaster Risks in an Interconnected World

True Stories of Managed Retreat From Rising Waters

When Rivers Are Contaminated, Floods Are Only the First Problem

Estimated Economic Impacts of the 2019 Midwest Floods

The Federal Government Sells Flood-Prone Homes To Often Unsuspecting Buyers, NPR Finds

Prescribed Burning in Australasia (eBook)

Creating resilient communities with medium-range hazard warning systems

Fort McMurray flood mitigation scheduled to be complete by 2023

International Guidelines on Natural and Nature-Based Features for Flood Risk Management

NSW Water Strategy

Dems seek ‘historic’ changes to U.S. flood program

Satellites, Tweets, Forecasts: The Future of Flood Disaster Management?

State of Homeland Security: Preventing Future ‘Failures of Imagination’

Contrary to popular belief, Eastern Canada is more at risk of earthquakes than perceived

How will the COVID pandemic end?

Why did Ida cause so much less damage than Katrina?

Emergency management

‘Fortress Australia’ cautiously moving away from COVID Zero, but there’s still a long path to freedom

Delta upends the East Asia COVID-19 model

Getting vaccinated protects against severe illness from COVID-19, including the Delta variant

Identifying Strategies to Boost COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in the United States

New Colorado Climate Corps to combat wildfires and floods, protect public lands

Covid-19 Study in England Shows Few Deaths Among Vaccinated People

Latest edition of Fire Australia

Supporting resilience in Indigenous communities: how the emergency management sector can do better

After Hurricane Ida, Louisiana Bayou Community Contemplates Moving or Rebuilding

Majority in U.S. Says Public Health Benefits of COVID-19 Restrictions Worth the Costs, Even as Large Shares Also See Downsides

Slow aid response frustrates Congolese made homeless by volcano

Disaster education, communications and engagement

CONVERGE in the Classroom: Training Module Resources for Teaching

Risk Communication to Motivate Flood and Hurricane Risk Mitigation

Are daily COVID press conferences doing their job?

Community Participation in Disaster Recovery Programs: A Study of a Coastal Area in Bangladesh

Psychology and disasters

The Mental Weight of COVID-19

Climate Change Is Making Natural Disasters Worse — Along With Our Mental Health

A First Step Towards Longitudinal Study on Homeowners’ Proactive Actions for Managing Wildfire Risks

Young People’s Voices on Climate Anxiety, Government Betrayal and Moral Injury: A Global Phenomenon

The impact of social distancing on community case count in the United States: Testing the efficacy of protection motivation theory during early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic

Lessons from Black Summer: how people experienced the 2019/20 NSW fire season

From bushfires, to floods, to COVID-19: how cumulative disasters can harm our health and erode our resilience

Sociology and disasters

Knowledge transfer towards disaster resilience in Sri Lanka: A grounded theory approach

Social Capital and Social Connectedness for Resilience

NSF-Funded Hub To Enhance Resilience In Underrepresented Communities

Disasters within disasters: it’s time to address entrenched Aboriginal inequality

Individual and community social capital, mobility restrictions, and psychological distress during the COVID-19 pandemic: a multilevel analysis of a representative US survey

Bouncing back: how community strengths can lead recovery

Why a domestic NZ COVID ‘passport’ raises hard questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion

Governing the pandemic: The politics of navigating a mega-crisis

COVID in Wilcannia: a national disgrace we all saw coming

Today in disaster resilience (10 September 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Mexico – Deadly Flash Floods in Morelos

Indonesia – Floods Affected Thousands in Borneo, 2 Killed in East Nusa Tenggara

Nepal – Dozens Rescued After Severe Floods in Kathmandu

India – Damaging Floods Hit Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Mexico – 2 Killed in Ecatepec Flash Floods

More heavy rain expected in Auckland after severe flooding caused by 149 percent of August rainfall in just 1 day, New Zealand

New Orleans on track to restore 90 percent of electricity by September 8, Louisiana

Seventeen patients die after hospital in Mexico floods amid torrential rain

Mexico Hit by Powerful Earthquake

Philippines – Tropical Cyclone Conson Leaves Thousands Displaced

Ecuador – 2 Dead, 3 Missing After Floods in Tungurahua Province

Uganda – Hundreds Displaced After More Floods in Kasese

Floods cause ‘catastrophic devastation’ in White Nile, Sudan

Severe floods hit Agen after two months’ worth of rain in just 3 hours, France

Lightning threatens California as fires continue to burn across the state

Volcanic activity worldwide 9 Sep 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Merapi, Semeru

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

NYC’s Subway Flooding Isn’t A Fluke. It’s The Reality For Cities In A Warming World

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans experienced a weather disaster this summer

Australia’s carbon emissions have barely fallen and a massive task lies ahead

Top UN official calls for Australia to urgently dump coal

“Missing in action:” Former defence chief says Australia failing on climate change

There’s a long history of adaptation on the Queensland coast — but our changing climate could soon make it harder to get a mortgage there

Hurricane Ida shows the increasing impact of climate change since Katrina

More than 200 health journals call for urgent action on climate crisis

Study reveals extreme winter weather is related to Arctic change

Climate change means Australia may have to abandon much of its farming

Heat waves: a hot topic in climate change research

‘Insufficient’: Audit Office lashes lack of climate planning in NSW

Wildfires, heatwaves, and mass evacuations: What lies ahead for Greece’s new climate ministry?

Christian leaders unite to issue stark warning over climate crisis

Climate risks to add $183bn to property insurance costs by 2040, Swiss Re predicts

The Middle East Is Becoming Literally Uninhabitable

New research reveals animals are changing their body shapes to cope with climate change

Climate crisis could double extreme summer droughts in Europe, new research suggests

This summer was Europe’s hottest on record as Mediterranean heat soared

Unextractable fossil fuels in a 1.5 °C world

Net-zero living: How your day will look in a carbon-neutral world

London flood map shows areas of city at risk of being underwater within 10 years

Storm’s damage might boost support for more aggressive climate policy, experts hope

Extreme heat: The economic and social consequences for the United States

Countries most vulnerable to climate change call for ’emergency pact’ ahead of COP26

What climate change means for southern Ontario and Québec

Northwest, Central, South-Central India New Heatwave Hotspots, Says Study

Reviewing the summer of extreme weather in 2021

Australia smashes renewables record again, hits 58.3 per cent on main grid

Summer 2021 Was Hottest on Record in the Contiguous U.S., NOAA Says

A promising new dawn is ours for the taking – so let’s stop counting the coal Australia must leave in the ground

Extreme sea levels could soon become annual events

Disaster risk reduction

Resilience of SMEs

New San Andreas study to look at how a creeping fault affects the places where we live

A subway flood expert explains what needs to be done to stop underground station deluges

Mapping Flood Risk Uncertainty Zones in Support of Urban Resilience Planning

Integrating Behavioral Theories in Agent-Based Models for Agricultural Drought Risk Assessments

The Science of How Wildfires Got So Hellish

Flash flood forecasting and early warning saves lives and combats poverty

Confluence of disastrous environmental events in the western United States

Extreme floods of Venice: characteristics, dynamics, past and future evolution

Differences in the dynamics of community disaster resilience across the globe

Wildfire smoke is transforming clouds, making rainfall less likely

Why many scientists say it’s unlikely that SARS-CoV-2 originated from a “lab leak”

Seasonality and drivers of low flows across Europe and the United States

Only 46 Percent of German Households Have Flood Insurance

Wildfire pollution could be killing more than the fires

Can smartphones affixed to buildings detect earthquakes?

The Motion and Range of Landslides According to Their Height

Human activity the common link between disasters around the world

Interconnected disaster risks

Hurricane “Ida” among the costliest for oil production since 2005

IDDRR focus – The Sendai Seven

The concept of risk-layering, which, though already applied in disaster risk management, could be expanded to include indirect effects

Emergency management

New York mayor: Ida devastation shows need to prepare for ‘very, very worst’

Evacuation Network Modeling for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Worsening California blazes prompt new calls for innovations to fight fires smarter

Breathing wildfire smoke during pregnancy raises risk of premature birth, study finds

In Idaho And Other States, The Delta Covid-19 Surge Is Forcing Hospitals To Ration ICU Beds

Will having so many disasters happening at the same time affect donations? We asked an expert

Can Birds Tip Us Off to Natural Disasters?

World COVID tracker

Why involving people with disability in preparing for disasters leads to better outcomes

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Notes from Deep Time book

Integrating psychosocial and WASH school interventions to build disaster resilience

Be Flood Ready

Unnatural Disasters, by Gonzalo Lizarralde

Disaster Resilience Education for Young People Handbook

Resources and fun facts to help children learn more about flooding

Psychology and disasters

When it comes to preparing for disaster there are 4 distinct types of people. Which one are you?

Climate Change Denial? 10 Reasons People Deny Climate Change

What an enormous global study can tell us about feeling better during the pandemic

Sociology and disasters

COVID-19 exposes Australia’s stark health inequalities — and threatens to entrench them further

Social inclusion is important in Aotearoa New Zealand — but so is speaking honestly about terrorism

Environmental Justice: People Of Color hurt worst by climate change

People with Disabilities, Older People at Risk after Hurricane Ida

Researchers call for dismantling of ‘racist infrastructure’ to improve U.S. neighborhoods

From Hurricane Ida to COVID-19, Social Ties Foster Resilience

From Risk to Resilience

Today in disaster resilience (3 September 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

‘Extremely dangerous’ Hurricane Ida makes landfall in Louisiana packing powerful winds

‘We Are Prepared to Fight.’ Caldor Fire Continues to Creep Towards Sierra-at-Tahoe

Mexico – 3 Injured in Floods and Landslides in Jalisco After Heavy Rain From Hurricane Nora

Myanmar – 11 Killed in Landslide in Mandalay Region

Caldor Fire – Entire South Lake Tahoe under evacuation order, California

Indonesia – Floods in Sulawesi Affect Over 60,000

Indonesia – 5 Killed in North Sumatra Landslides and Mudflows

India – Over 250,000 People Affected Across 700 Villages as Floods Worsen in Assam

New Zealand – Evacuations After 90mm of Rain in 1 Hour Causes Floods in Auckland

Ghana – Fatalities Reported After Floods in North

USA – Hundreds Rescued From Louisiana Floods After Hurricane Ida

India – 1 Dead, Several Reported Missing After Floods in Maharashtra

USA – 1 Person Missing, 20 Homes Destroyed After Remnants of Hurricane Ida Cause Floods in Virginia

Thailand – Flooding Affects Thousands in Central Provinces

South Sudan – 380,000 Affected by Floods in 6 States

Ida updates: 12 dead in NYC as subway stations turned into waterfalls, streets became rivers

Volcanic activity worldwide 2 Sep 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Ibu, Reventador, Telica

Spain – Flash Floods in Catalonia After 70mm of Rain in 30 Minutes

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australia’s biggest climate poll shows support for action in every seat

Disastrous environmental events are converging like never before

Top scientist says APRA climate risk guidance ‘flawed’

How cities can adapt to climate change

Could climate change make humans go extinct?

The Battle to Save Coasts from Climate Change

Massive volcanoes could cool Earth more in a warming world

Swiss join France, others in laying out climate disclosure timeline

Climate change is making hurricanes stronger, slower and wetter. Ida checked all the boxes

The Gathering Storm of Climate Change: On the Sickening Loss of the Land and the Optimism of the Youth Movement

Why Kinshasa Could Be in the Vanguard of Megacities’ Climate Resilience

Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)

Hurricane Ida: 4 essential reads about New Orleans’ high hurricane risk and what climate change has to do with the storms

How Spain is shutting down its coal industry to transition to renewables

It’s not your imagination. Weather and climate disasters have been getting more frequent since the ’70s

Atlas of the Invisible: using data to map the climate crisis

Ida turns New York City into a front line of extreme weather supercharged by climate change

Governance in the age of climate change

Why won’t US TV news say ‘climate change’?

Disaster risk reduction

Hurricane Ida storm surge and winds have partially reversed flow of Mississippi River near New Orleans

Methodology for Regional Multihazard Hurricane Damage and Risk Assessment

New Orleans levees pass Ida’s test while some suburbs flood

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s Floodplain Manager newsletter

Understanding Pyrocumulonimbi, aka ‘Fire Clouds’

California is up in smoke but still won’t stop playing with fire

Climate and weather related disasters surge five-fold over 50 years, but early warnings save lives – WMO report

Floating Homes, Raised Houses: A Tale of Two Flood Mitigation Strategies

Geologists look to past for answers on future tsunami threats

River Planet introduces readers to the epic geological history of the world’s rivers, from the first drop of rain on the Earth to the modern environmental crisis

Why The South Is Decades Ahead Of The West In Wildfire Prevention

Better together: Working with local partners to build flood resilient infrastructure in Montenegro

Algeria suffers from devastating wildfires, but faces big challenges in addressing them

Emergency management

Houston-based group that formed during Harvey is ready to help Hurricane Ida victims

We’re Hitting the Limits of Hurricane Preparedness

Early COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign in the United States Prevented Nearly 140,000 Deaths

Stanford researchers explore how people respond to wildfire smoke

Ida and Katrina: Both powerful cyclones with key differences

See aerial photos, video of Hurricane Ida damage in southeast Louisiana

Teaching machines to find critical facilities for emergency response

Attacking fires by air often does no good, expert says

Firefighters return from Canada blazes to prepare for COVID bushfire season

Ida left more than 1 million without power, possibly for weeks. And now comes the scorching heat

Back-to-school FAQs on children’s health & COVID-19: Delta variant, preventing infection, testing and international examples

Reports of environmental problems caused by Hurricane Ida begin to trickle in

‘We do it together’: how a Lake Tahoe community prepared to flee the Caldor fire

How Government Can Address Growing Disaster Costs

NYC Flood: 15 videos of severe flooding in New York City

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Understanding Climate and Wildfires

How students can use storytelling to bring the dangers of climate change to life

Communities Going Virtual: Examining the Roles of Online and Offline Social Capital in Pandemic Perceived Community Resilience-Building

Key elements of disaster mitigation education in inclusive school setting in the Indonesian context

Disaster Resilience Education for Young People Handbook

How Do High School Students Combat the Climate Crisis and Plan for Community Resilience After a Disaster?

58% of adults say the internet has been essential during the pandemic, and for some groups, its importance grew over the past year

‘Local community-based disaster management’ The transformation of religious and local wisdom values in preparation to deal with natural hazards in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Why We Use Gage Height

Psychology and disasters

Study finds coronavirus-related polarization is stronger among people higher in cognitive ability

Multi-country study suggests that the psychological burden of COVID-19 has led to increased political unrest

Psychological factors and social processes influencing wildfire smoke protective behavior: Insights from a case study in Northern California

The mystery of 9/11 first responders and dementia

Sociology and disasters

‘We can’t afford to leave’: Louisiana family is forced to ride out powerful Hurricane Ida

People, not just places: Expanding physical and social vulnerability indices by psychological indicators

Today in disaster resilience (27 August 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Hurricane Henri already flooding NYC streets, subways

Caldor fire continues to rage after winds fan northern California blaze

Mexico – Deadly Flash Floods in Chihuahua After 60mm of Rain in 3 Hours

USA – More Deaths Reported Following North Carolina Floods

DR Congo – Deadly Flash Floods in North and South Kivua

Tennessee Flooding Death Toll Climbs to 22; Dozens Still Missing

Henri leaves $12B in damage in Northeast. Some have lost everything

More than 8 000 homes destroyed as severe floods and landslides hit Venezuela

43 fatalities, at least 3 800 homes destroyed as heavy rains and floods hit Sudan

Benin – Warnings as Rivers Rise, Floods in South Leave 1 Dead

Russia – Five Missing After Floods and Mudflows in Dagestan

Volcanic activity worldwide 26 Aug 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Shiveluch, Dukono

Siberia’s wildfires are bigger than all the world’s other blazes combined

Niger – Flooding Reported in All Regions, Over 60 Dead and 100,000 Affected

France and Spain – Destructive Flash Floods After Torrential Rain

Cambodia – One Killed in Sihanoukville Flash Floods

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Study finds ‘very concerning’ 74% increase in deaths associated with extreme heat brought on by the climate crisis

IPCC report may have underplayed risk of freak El Nino and La Nina events

A billion children at ‘extreme risk’ from climate impacts – Unicef

New Research Explores the Costs of Climate Tipping Points, and How They Could Compound One Another

Solar exceeds coal for first time, as renewables set new records on Australia’s main grid

Thresholds of temperature change for mass extinctions

When hotter and drier means more – but eventually less – wildfire

‘Blistering temperatures’: Dark roofing banned on Sydney’s urban fringe

Australia on verge of electric cars boom amid sharp jump in sales figures

Changes In Sea Levels And Hurricane Activity Played A Part In Upending The Maya Civilization

The sunny side of Earth’s hottest month

NSW’s roadmap to renewables

Voters in Sydney’s Liberal ‘heartland’ more worried about climate than Covid, polling suggests

How climate change amplifies extreme weather like Tennessee’s deadly floods and NYC’s record rainfall

With temperatures rising, how can Singapore shape its future developments to keep cool?

How the climate crisis is changing hurricanes

Climate crisis made deadly German floods ‘up to nine times more likely’

Climate Change, Land Use Change, and Mountain Disasters

An estimated 1.7 million deaths worldwide in 2019 were linked to too much cold or heat, a new study finds

Lancet Heat and Health series

Three pandemic measures that will also curb climate change: Flannery

Heavy rainfall which led to severe flooding in Western Europe made more likely by climate change

People keep moving to the worst places for climate risk

Leaked UN draft report: Greenhouse emissions must peak in four years

In a Summer of Deadly Deluges, New Research Shows How Global Warming Fuels Flooding

Household financial vulnerabilities and physical climate risks

NSW bushfire survivors win legal battle ordering EPA to take action on climate crisis

As Disasters Mount, Central Banks Gird Against Threat of Climate Change

Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction

Few realistic scenarios left to limit global warming to 1.5°C

Southern Blob of unusual Pacific heat blamed for creating megadrought

Disaster risk reduction

The lesson from German floods: prepare for the unimaginable

Request for Information on the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System

Home seismometers provide crucial data on Haiti’s quake

Ten Years on from the Quake That Shook the Nation’s Capital

Can burying power lines prevent California’s next big wildfire?

Slowing down on Country: Naturalising Melbourne’s waterways

We are underway – one month into Natural Hazards Research Australia

Understanding the relationship between rainfall and flood probabilities through combined intensity-duration-frequency analysis

Analysis of Drought Factors Affecting the Economy

Rwanda to use artificial intelligence in disaster management

Submarine mountains can subdue earthquakes

Lidar Remote Sensing of Forest Structure, Biomass and Dynamics

An Exercise in Resilience: Testing the Bronzeville Community Microgrid

New UNDRR Strategic Framework is launched

Wildfires are the most human of natural disasters

An extremeness threshold determines the regional response of floods to changes in rainfall extremes

Emergency management

Why it takes months to subdue some wildfires

Queensland Parks and Wildlife officials sought to downplay Fraser Island bushfire, internal documents reveal

Should we give up on COVID-zero? Until most of us are vaccinated, we can’t live with the virus

Research in the USA: Higher vaccination coverage is associated not only with significantly lower COVID-19 incidence, but also significantly less severe cases of the disease

Israel hopes boosters can avert new lockdown as Covid vaccine efficacy fades

‘It’s just unbelievable’: Tennessee surveys wreckage after floods kill 22

Highly Vaccinated Israel Is Seeing A Dramatic Surge In New COVID Cases. Here’s Why

Italy – once overwhelmed by COVID-19 – turns to a health pass and stricter measures to contain virus

South African firefighter battles Cape Town blazes and inequality

Study finds COVID peak still six weeks away and NSW could reach 6,000 cases a day

Aboriginal woman ‘turned away’ from hospital as data reveals Wilcannia worst hit by Covid

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Greece plans to name heatwaves in the same way as storms

Pi and the Meandering Paths of Rivers

Replicating the Unpredictable: Board Games as Prototypes for Wildfire Evacuations

Children’s Climate Cards

Psychology and disasters

Surprise, Less Happiness During Pandemic

Grieving over climate change? Colorado experts offer hope amidst the haze

COVID-19 rule breakers characterized by extraversion, amorality and uninformed information-gathering strategies

Sociology and disasters

We can look beyond our bureaucrats to our local business and community leaders to guide us through hard times

Supporting Social Connectedness of Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Small and Rural Public Libraries

John Plodinec in Community Resilience: Beyond Sustainability and Resilience

Today in disaster resilience (20 August 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Five million people under evacuation order in Japan as rain batters south coast

Turkey evacuates flood victims as death toll hits 62

At least 4 people presumed dead after mudslides hit Japan

USA – State of Emergency After Flash Floods Leave 2 Dead in Arizona

Niger – 5 Killed in Niamey Flash Floods

USA – 1 Dead After Floods in El Paso, Texas

Israel asks Greece, Cyprus, Italy and France for help fighting massive wildfire

Violent M7.2 earthquake hits Haiti, causing widespread damage and leaving thousands dead and injured

B.C. wildfires lead to state of emergency in West Kelowna and terror for motorists on Coquihalla Highway

Nigeria – Severe Floods Affect Jigawa, Bauchi and Adamawa States

Colombia – 3 Fatalities After Floods in Meta Department

Somalia – Thousands Displaced by Flooding Shabelle River

France wildfire: Thousands evacuated as blaze rages near Riviera

Haiti: flash floods and mudslides latest threats in earthquake-hit country

Pacific Northwest wildfires have burned 1 million more acres in 2021 compared to this time last year

Severe floods hit Germany again, destructive tornado in Lower Saxony

Thousands forced to evacuate by wildfire near Saint-Tropez

India – 12 Dead, Thousands Displaced by Floods in Bihar

Strong M6.8 earthquake hits near the coast of Vanuatu, hazardous tsunami waves possible

Caldor fire levels California town of Grizzly Flats as dry weather fuels blazes

Massive wildfire threatens Greek village outside Athens

Ethiopia – Deadly Flash Floods in Addis Ababa

Turkey – 77 Dead, 34 Still Missing in Floods

USA – Record Rainfall Causes Flash Floods in Flagstaff Burn Areas, Arizona

Caribbean – Tropical Storm Grace Causes Floods in Haiti and Dominican Republic

Europe – Rain Triggers Deadly Flash Floods and Mudslides in Germany, Austria and Italy

North Carolina faces ‘catastrophic’ flooding from Fred, dozens reported missing

Volcanic activity worldwide 19 Aug 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Shiveluch, Reventador

Malaysia – 4 Dead, 2 Missing After Flash Floods in Kedah

Sweden – Flash Floods in Dalarna and Gävleborg After Record Rainfall

Sri Lanka – Floods in Central Provinces Displace 1,500

Ghana – Major Roads, Bridges and Over 100 Homes Destroyed in Upper West Region Floods

India – 20,000 Affected by Floods in 5 Districts of Assam State

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Computer Models Of Civilization Offer Routes To Ending Global Warming

How ‘living breakwaters’ could protect the coast from rising sea levels

Specifically Tailored Action Plans Combat Heat Waves in India

Climate change: floods and droughts will be greater dangers for China’s growth than earlier thought, UN scientists say

Weatherwatch: Carbon offsets easily wiped out by bad weather

Breaching tipping points would increase economic costs of climate change impacts

Assessing the Global Climate in July 2021

Seemingly small climate changes can have big consequences

Breaching climate tipping points could triple economic cost of environmental crisis, scientists warn

Too Hot to Work

IPCC report reinforces need for more investment in flood resilience

State of the Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean

Research shines light on heatwaves and building codes in NSW

Spain confirms new highest temperature record – 47.4 °C (117.3 °F) in the city of Montoro, Cordoba

Climate science is now more certain than ever. Here’s how it can make a difference in Australian court cases

What the big climate report said about New Zealand

Australia widely criticised over emission reduction targets ahead of COP26 climate talks

Rain fell at the normally snowy summit of Greenland for the first time on record

Disaster risk reduction

Earth’s inner core is doing something weird

The importance of applying a systemic risk lens to help prevent the escalation and reduce the impact of future pandemics

Logging near towns must stop to mitigate extreme bushfire

WHO calls for ‘spirit of partnership’ in hunt for Covid-19 origins

What’s the likelihood a tsunami will happen in Lake Tahoe? Experts explain

Canvey Island to benefit from £35M investment in flood protection

‘The fire moved around it’: success story in Oregon fuels calls for prescribed burns

High-risk bushfire days in Victoria could triple by end of the century, CFA research finds

How years of fighting every wildfire helped fuel the Western megafires of today

What Could Explain the Lower COVID-19 Burden in Africa despite Considerable Circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus?

National Resilience Strategy: Call for Evidence

Forget massive seawalls, coastal wetlands offer the best storm protection money can buy

US National Risk Index Map

Early COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign in the United States Prevented Nearly 140,000 Deaths

Rapid Flood Mapping Using Multi-temporal SAR Images: An Example from Bangladesh

Devastating European Floods Test Resilience

Learning from a 100-year flood, and bad disaster movies

Emergency management

Mega-blazes put spotlight on Europe’s firefighting tactics

Children’s hospitals are swamped with Covid patients — and it may only get worse

Haitian Earthquake Situation Report #2

Death toll from Haiti earthquake soars above 700 with thousands injured

Mafia hand suspected as Italy battles wildfires

From ground zero to zero tolerance – how China learnt from its COVID response to quickly stamp out its latest outbreak

Wildfires released ‘extremely harmful’ particles

Fires, droughts, floods, power outages. The interval between disasters is shortening, or in some cases disappearing altogether

Ohio’s vaccine lottery saved more than $60m in averted healthcare costs

India is preparing for another COVID surge but low vaccine coverage leaves it vulnerable

Why I no longer think we can eliminate COVID – public health expert

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Assessing post-disaster recovery using sentiment analysis: The case of L’Aquila, Italy

Health systems in Florida are using easy-to-understand infographics to demonstrate how good the COVID vaccines are at keeping people out of the hospital

Using military language and presence might not be the best approach to COVID and public health

Stories that touch: The Flood

Psychology and disasters

Long-term Follow-up of Affected Residents After Lifting Evacuation Orders in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan: Findings from an Interview-Based Psychological Survey

Resilience among survivors in the aftermath of the 2018 Kerala flood: An avenue toward recovery

Coastal exposure and residents’ mental health in the affected areas by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Sociology and disasters

Seawalls or social recovery? The role of policy networks and design in disaster recovery

‘Breaking society apart’: Unvaccinated people are angry as they face more Covid restrictions

Analysis of the state of social resilience among different socio-demographic groups during the COVID- 19 pandemic

Poorer city dwellers are missing out on the increased social interactions that are credited with driving innovation and wealth creation in large metropolises

Texas wildfire survivors’ narratives and the meaning of everyday objects

The intensity and frequency of the floods have increased in recent years and it’s creating greater vulnerabilities for women and girls

Today in disaster resilience (13 August 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

US averaging 100,000 new COVID-19 infections a day

Greece wildfires: Hundreds more evacuated as uncontrolled fires rage

Dangerous fire conditions continue as dozens of wildfires devastate the West

El Salvador – Heavy Rain and Flash Floods Affect 4 Departments

India – Madhya Pradesh Floods Death Toll Rises to 24

South Sudan – 90,000 Affected by Floods Since Start of Rainy Season

Mexico – Homes Destroyed by Flash Floods in Coahuila and Durango

Indonesia – 2 Dead After Floods and Landslides in 5 Provinces

Thousands forced to evacuate as massive wildfire spreads through Greek island of Evia

Over 350 villages inundated across Uttar Pradesh, India

Severe flash floods hit Coahuila and Durango, Mexico

China – 80,000 Evacuate Floods in Sichuan

USA – Flash Floods Hit Omaha, Nebraska After Heavy Rain

Floods in North Korea destroy hundreds of homes

India – Hundreds of Villages Flooded in Uttar Pradesh, 9 People Dead

Russia – Far East Faces Another Wave of Floods as Rivers Rise Again

Ethiopia – Hundreds Displaced by Floods in Afar Region

China – 80,000 Evacuate Floods in Sichuan

Death toll rises in Sudan floods

Floods hit Turkey’s north after south ravaged by wildfires

Destructive wildfires leave at least 65 dead in northern Algeria

Volcanic activity worldwide 12 Aug 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Merapi, Shiveluch

Turkey – Floods in Black Sea Region Leave 6 Dead, 1 Missing, Dozens Injured

India – 7 Rivers Above Danger Mark in Bihar, Floods Affect Over 250,000

Central African Republic – Thousands Affected After Floods and Rain Destroy Homes in Bangui

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

‘Insanely cheap energy’: how solar power continues to shock the world

Apocalyptic fire and rain as UN climate report looms

Italy and Spain are next: brutal heatwave with near +46 °C will be baking southern Europe

World’s climate scientists to issue stark warning over global heating threat

Australia ‘lagging at the back of the pack’ of OECD countries on climate action, analysis finds

The world is on the brink of ‘catastrophe,’ leader of next UN climate talks warns

234 scientists read 14,000+ research papers to write the IPCC climate report – here’s what you need to know and why it’s a big deal

Reduce methane or face climate catastrophe, scientists warn

Climate Change 2021: IPCC Sixth Climate Change Assessment Report

Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible – IPCC’s starkest warning yet

Some Past Sea Levels May Not Have Been as High as Thought, Says Study of Rising and Sinking Landmasses

Climate change has already hit Australia. Unless we act now, a hotter, drier and more dangerous future awaits, IPCC warns

A New Climate Change Report Without Much New Overall

Yes, a few climate models give unexpected predictions – but the technology remains a powerful tool

Sea level projection tool

‘We’re not about to back down’: how climate experts hold hope despite the IPCC report

Climate change: IPCC report is ‘code red for humanity’

How Do We Predict Climate Change?

How we can transform our energy system to achieve net-zero emissions

United States of Wildfire

The water cycle is intensifying as the climate warms, IPCC report warns – that means more intense storms and flooding

Future-Proofing Cities Against Climate Change

What does the latest IPCC report mean for Australia?

Mediterranean faces fiercer heatwaves, drought, fires: UN draft report

Insurers Won’t Save a Heating World From Floods and Fire

New heat record in Italy as ‘Lucifer’ sweeps in

Italy may have registered Europe’s hottest temperature on record

‘How high above sea level am I?’ If you’ve googled this, you’re likely asking the wrong question — an expert explains

Greenhouse gas emissions must peak within 4 years, says leaked UN report

Defunct NSW coal mine belches 1 million tonnes of CO2 without penalty

Insights for African countries from the latest climate change projections

Disaster risk reduction

Here’s why $1.7 billion in hurricane levee work is needed in the New Orleans area

Uttarakhand CM launches India’s first earthquake early warning mobile app developed by IIT-Roorkee

China’s high-tech anti-flood efforts show innovation strengths

3 wildfire lessons for forest towns as Dixie Fire destroys historic Greenville, California

York flooding: Build defences outside city, council says

Turkey spent only fraction of forest protection budget before wildfires erupted

Global catastrophic risk from lower magnitude volcanic eruptions

Satellite-based tools provide regional perspectives on landslide hazards, help assess risks in near-real time, and guide emergency responses

Cost–benefit analysis of flood mitigation measures: a case study employing high-performance hydraulic and damage modelling

Integrating Multiple Research Methods to Unravel the Complexity of Human-Water Systems

Navigating trade-offs between dams and river conservation

Stanford researchers use artificial intelligence to unlock extreme weather mysteries

Integrated management of surface water and groundwater to mitigate flood risks and water scarcity in arid and semi-arid regions

Seismic risk management through insurance and its sensitivity to uncertainty in the hazard model

Why understanding community behaviour matters for flood risk management?

The East Asian Covid-19 Paradox

Italy’s Mount Etna – Europe’s Tallest Active Volcano Has A New Summit

Watch Venice’s new $7 billion Flood Defense System in action

Coral Reef Restorations Can Be Optimized to Reduce Coastal Flooding Hazards

Planning and Suitability Assessment of Large-scale Nature-based Solutions for Flood-risk Reduction

Emergency management

Fires in Europe: EU steps up its aid and sends planes and firefighters–eu-steps-up-its-aid-and-sends-planes-and-firefighters.BJXGBu5RyF.html

Government publishes detailed list of countries helping in fire-fighting

Long wait for flood compensation was ‘not acceptable’: Manitoba auditor general

Method to extract difficult-to-evacuate areas by using tsunami evacuation simulation and numerical analysis

Russian AN-124 to Deliver Australian Water Bombers to Greece to aid in wildfire Emergency

Israel to expand use of COVID drug that gets 88% of patients out of hospital

Car ‘graveyard’ a monument to the power of China’s record floods

What can we improve now to prepare for future catastrophic and cascading disasters?

Disaster education, communications and engagement

These games will test your know-how in a wide range of emergencies and teach you how to build the emergency kit

Adaptive governance and community resilience to cyclones in coastal Bangladesh: Addressing the problem of fit, social learning, and institutional collaboration

Australians back science and scientists to lead recovery

Psychology and disasters

‘People can’t sleep’: Rhondda valley flood leaves climate fear in its wake

There Are More Than 50 Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

‘We can’t let this happen’: How ordinary people handle climate distress

Resources for working with climate emotions

Why understanding community behaviour matters for flood risk management?

Sociology and disasters

In the context of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, women are risking to pay a higher price for the crisis than men

Hispanic people more likely to die at home from COVID-19 in North Carolina

Does social capital contribute to prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic? Empirical evidence from China

Bleak future feared for Asia’s disaster-prone poor after UN climate report

Infographic: Understanding societal resilience & risk awareness

Today in disaster resilience (6 August 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Wildfires burn across Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey in heatwave bringing temperatures above 40C

Western Wildfires May Take Weeks To Months To Contain

Wildfires destroy entire villages, death toll rises to 4, Turkey

Afghanistan – Red Crescent Confirms 113 Flood Deaths in Nuristan Province

Colombia – Floods Affect 50,000 After Rivers Overflow in Arauca

Chad – Thousands Affected by Floods in Five Regions

Turkey appeals for help to fight wildfires as heatwave continues

Niger – Floods Leave Over 30 Dead, Thousands of Homes Destroyed

Wildfires reach outskirts of Athens during scorching heatwave

South Sudan: Flooding Kills 7 in South Sudan’s Unity State, Official Says

India – Air Force Helicopters Rescue Dozens From Rooftops in West Bengal Floods

Philippines – 1 Missing, Thousands Displaced as Southwest Monsoon Causes Floods and Landslides

USA – 1 Dead as Severe Flash Floods Hit Utah for Second Time in a Week

Record Wildfires and Heat Sweep Across Greece, Threatening Historic Sites

India – Thousands Stranded in Madhya Pradesh After Rivers Reach Record Highs

Sudan – Floods Cause Deaths, Destroy Homes in 3 States

Volcanic activity worldwide 5 Aug 2021: Pacaya volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Reventador, Sangay

Site of first ancient Olympics at risk as fires rage in Greece

India – Fatalities After Floods and Rain in Rajasthan

Italy – Evacuations After More Flooding in Areas Around Lake Como

Iran – Floods Affect 10 Provinces, Red Crescent Reports 8 Fatalities

Trinidad and Tobago – Flash Floods Wreck Homes and Vehicles

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Adapt or die. That is the stark challenge to living in the new world we have made

Greenland experienced ‘massive’ ice melt this week, scientists say

You’re living on a heat island—

Germany’s floods highlight need for urgent climate action

In fast-warming world, Tokyo is barometer for future Olympics

Strengthening climate resilience through better flood management

State of the UK climate 2020

In summer of apocalyptic weather, concerns emerge over climate science blind spot

New report: State of the science on western wildfires, forests and climate change

This is the impact of extreme weather on lives and livelihoods

From China to Germany, floods expose climate vulnerability

How summer 2021 has changed our understanding of extreme weather

When the desert becomes flooded: climate change in Chad

Africa’s most populous city is battling floods and rising seas. It may soon be unliveable, experts warn

UN Climate Panel Contends With Models Showing Implausibly Fast Warming

Seismic waves reveal the Arctic is on shaky ground

Five lessons from the Global South on climate-related disasters

Australian Bushfires Had a Bigger Climate Impact Than the Pandemic in 2020

Vast wildfires in Russia’s Yakutia have already set an emissions record

Predicting droughts and floods: why we’re studying 19th-century ocean records

Relentlessly hotter: Sizzling heat increasingly the norm in Israel, data shows

Climate crisis: Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse

Meals on Wheels prepares to check on seniors as metro area heat wave begins

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency 2021

World to hit temperature tipping point 10 years faster than forecast

Disaster risk reduction

August edition – Disaster Risk Reduction and Open Data Newsletter

Campaigners call for national flash flood alert system as extreme rain ‘puts millions at risk’

China floods: did Zhengzhou’s ‘smart’ flood prevention system fail to prevent the disaster?

Flood protection and land value creation — Not all resilience investments are created equal

California fire hazard zone map

Africa’s largest yearly floods are more strongly linked to regions’ annual peaks in soil moisture than to annual peaks in precipitation

The race to save the Underground from flooding

How Wildfires Threaten U.S. Water Supplies

Latest edition of Floodplain Manager newsletter

Sea Levels Influence Eruptions On Volcanic Island

How implementing Sendai could have saved Beirut

Understanding Typhoon and Earthquake Risk in Japan

New global map shows populations are growing faster in flood-prone areas

Flood mapping start-up: Cloud to Street

Enhancing early warning systems in Cambodia and Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Nature-based solutions in China: Financing “sponge cities” for integrated urban flood management

Community insurance against climate change, wildfires in California, and the need for forward-looking wildfire loss modelling

Near real-time global fire map;l:country-outline;@0.0,0.0,3z

A Road Map For Adapting Dry Forests To New Fire Regimes

Evaluating 9 m of near-surface transpressional displacement during the Mw 7.8 2016 Kaikōura earthquake: re-excavation of a pre-earthquake paleoseismic trench, Kekerengu Fault, New Zealand

Germany flood risks were clearly underestimated

Emergency management

July edition of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management

Florida Breaks Record for COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Tokyo’s New COVID-19 Infections Hit A Record Again, Topping 4,000 For The First Time

Less than 0.1% of vaccinated Americans tested positive for COVID-19

Death toll in Afghanistan floods tops 100, dozens still missing

Fauci: More ‘pain and suffering’ ahead as COVID cases rise

Sweden daily Covid deaths hit zero, with human liberty still intact

How extensive were the adverse health effects of bushfire smoke in the summer of 2019/20?

Covid is surging in Florida. Doctors and nurses are back in crisis mode

More firefighters needed to protect Victoria’s snow gums, report recommends

WHO calls for moratorium on vaccine booster shots as global infections surpass 200M

County Vaccination Coverage and COVID-19 Case Rates

Disaster education, communications and engagement

How Hamburg recovered after the catastrophic flood of 1962

Consultation hub for Scotland’s draft flood risk management plans

Wakayama University students create disaster prevention booklet for children in ‘easy Japanese’

Ring the alarm: it’s time for US schools to have climate disaster drills

Weather, Climate, and Narrative: A Relational Model for Democratizing Risk Communication

Words into Action guideline: Man-made/technological hazards

Effect of health belief model on flood-risk educational approach among elementary school children in Malaysia

Psychology and disasters

Fully Vaccinated but Anxious About a Return to Normal Life? You May Have ‘Cave Syndrome’

Psychology researchers offer better tool for visualizing hurricane danger

Wildfires Ignite Mental Health Concerns

Extreme floods change men’s risk preferences, and it could matter for financing climate adaptation measures

Australians are three times more worried about climate change than COVID. A mental health crisis is looming

Australians report climate change as a bigger concern than COVID-19

Sociology and disasters

Homeless scramble to survive rare cold snap, Brazil

Over 50% of people in high income countries vaccinated compared to 1% in low income countries

Why FEMA Aid Is Unavailable To Many Who Need It The Most

Does social capital contribute to prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic? Empirical evidence from China

Disaster and the lived politics of the resilient city

The Genealogy of Disaster

Today in disaster resilience (30 July 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Heavy rain in India triggers floods, landslides; at least 125 dead

Woman Dead, Three Missing After Flooding in CO Burn Area

Flooding in London after heavy rain

Italy: Wildfires rage through Sardinia, forcing evacuations

Philippines evacuates thousands as monsoon rains flood Manila, provinces

Typhoon In-fa makes landfall on China’s east coast, Shanghai flights cancelled

California’s largest fire burns homes as blazes scorch West,property%20across%20the%20U.S.%20West.

Belgium – Cars Swept Down Streets After More Floods Strike

Panama – Thousands of Homes Damaged by Floods in Bocas Del Toro Province

Russia – More Deadly Floods Hit Sochi

‘We saved nothing’: Floods displace hundreds in Burundi

Philippines – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Manila and Northern Regions

Belgium – Cars Swept Down Streets After More Floods Strike

Western Europe – Storms Cause Floods in Switzerland, Germany and UK

Wildfires scorch Spain and cause ‘disaster without precedence’ in Sardinia

Bangladesh – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Cox’s Bazar

China – 69 Dead, 5 Still Missing in Henan Floods

India – Maharashtra Floods and Landslides Death Toll Climbs to 192

Costa Rica – Floods Leave 2 Dead, 2 Missing, Thousands Displaced

Lebanon battles wildfires in country’s north, firefighter dies

Homes evacuated in Turkey as forest fire rages near southern coast

Deadly floods and landslides hit Rohingya camps in Bangladesh

Unseasonal rainstorms hit Yemen, claiming at least 14 lives

Strong explosive eruption at Stromboli volcano, Italy

Italy – Evacuations After Floods and Landslides Near Lake Como

USA – State of Emergency After Flash Floods in Utah, Nevada; 3 People Missing in New Mexico and Arizona

Volcanic activity worldwide 28 Jul 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Shiveluch, Ibu, Reventador

Afghanistan – Dozens Feared Dead After Floods in Nuristan Province

Mexico – Flash Floods Cause Damage and Casualties in Sonora

Pakistan – Deadly Flash Floods Hit Islamabad After ‘Cloudburst’

Myanmar – Thousands Displaced by Floods in 4 States

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate adaptation should be based on robust regional climate information

Renewables drive Australian emissions lower as wind records blown away

America in 2090: The Impact of Extreme Heat, in Maps

Plans of four G20 states are threat to global climate pledge, warn scientists

Beware summer! As climate crisis deepens, attitudes to season shift

Climate change: Israel to cut 85% of emissions by mid-century

Climate change could spark floods in world’s largest desert lake: new study

Flash floods will be more common as climate crisis worsens, say scientists

‘Record-shattering’ heat becoming much more likely, says climate study

Climate change: Researchers begin discussions on vital report

Yep, it’s bleak, says expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction

Guidance to help water and sewerage companies and flood risk management authorities to prepare for future increases in rainfall intensities from global warming

On the heels of Europe’s devastating floods, scientists warn more is yet to come

Flash floods: a grim reminder that adaptation is as important as reducing emissions

Is climate change to blame for the recent weather disasters? 2 things you need to understand

Mapping the way to climate resilience

The Climate Change Link To More And Bigger Wildfires

COP26 climate summit president says progress made, but not enough

What the EU climate plan means for national targets

Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

Great Adaptations – a book on the climate crisis

More livestock, more carbon dioxide, less ice: the world’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news

Western Wildfires Are Sending Carbon Offsets Up in Smoke

Climate change increasing high heat index days in Austin

Why Extreme Heat Is So Deadly

Climate emergency not slowed by COVID-19 pandemic and planet’s ‘vital signs’ worsening, scientists say

Record-breaking heatwave hits Hokkaido, Japan

Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences – it happened in the Little Ice Age

Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020

Australian farmers are adapting well to climate change, but there’s work ahead

Scientists say temperatures in South America could rise by 4°C

Rainfall becomes increasingly variable as climate warms

The Spanish heat paradox: temperatures soar but related deaths drop

Disaster risk reduction

We can’t predict the next wildfire disaster – but we can plan for it

Climate illusions are no substitute for disaster management,politics,3574.html

Scientists reveal fresh insights about New Zealand’s 7.8 quake

Water-related hazards dominate disasters in the past 50 years

You may have heard the ‘moon wobble’ will intensify coastal floods. Well, here’s what that means for Australia

Urban flood risks, impacts, and management in Nigeria

As floods stir climate change fears, Israel may be up a creek without a plan

Nearly two thirds of global drowning deaths occur in Asia Pacific

NYC’s outdated flood maps leave thousands at risk for disaster bills

Catastrophic flooding spotlights Germany’s poor disaster preparedness

Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood prone buildings – final project report

Disaster management and remote sensing

Can We Predict The Eruption Of A Supervolcano?

Bewdley: Worcestershire town washed out for three years running set to receive £6.2m to improve flood defences

Assessing the Impact of Aftershocks on Regional Earthquake Loss Estimation

Uncertainty and bias in global to regional scale assessments of current and future coastal flood risk

On safer ground: Floodplain buyouts and community resilience

Measuring community disaster resilience at local levels: An adaptable resilience framework

Planned retreat from flood-prone Westport and its stoic history

More ‘good fire’ could help California control future catastrophes

Record funding for flood defences in England as climate crisis worsens risks

Latest Philippine earthquake reveals tectonic complexity

Satellite-based flood mapping in the boreal region for improving situational awareness

Identifying drivers of streamflow extremes in West Africa to inform a nonstationary prediction model

Does hot and dry equal more wildfire? Contrasting short- and long-term climate effects on fire in the Sierra Nevada, CA

Emergency management

Doctors warn over increasing number of young people with Covid in ICU

Unvaccinated COVID patients likelier to suffer serious symptoms

Satellite images of wildfires are saving lives. The Pentagon might let the program expire

Catching fire: AI is helping scarce firefighters better predict blazes

The Delta Variant Upends the World’s Pandemic Response

Vaccination rates in France and Italy have soared after leaders announced a raft of restrictions that will drastically curtail the freedom of unvaccinated people

Wildfires have burned a combined area the size of Delaware and Rhode Island — and then some

Oxford researchers develop tool to predict human displacement post-disaster

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Emergency infrastructure needed to keep Americans safe: Public media

How to Use Social Media in Healthcare: A Guide for Health Professionals

Rapid increases in social media adoption and use since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have been maintained

How Hosukai’s Great Wave emerged from Japan’s isolation to become a global icon

Wildfire Actions

Towards protective action: effective risk and warning communication during natural hazards

What have we learned about COVID-19 volunteering in the UK? A rapid review of the literature

New book: A Brief History of Earth is subtitled “Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters”

Weather, climate, and narrative: A relational model for democratizing risk communication

Psychology and disasters

The Impact of Earthquakes on Apartment Owners and Renters in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) Aotearoa New Zealand

COVID-19 linked to ‘significant’ drop in intelligence: research

Urban pluvial flood adaptation: Results of a household survey across four German municipalities

Sociology and disasters

Understanding the Willingness to Share Resources in the Hurricane Irma Evacuation: A Multi-Modeling Approach

Implementation of social equity metrics in an engineering-based framework for distributing disaster resources

Bridging the Divide: Does Social Capital Moderate the Impact of Polarization on Health?

Gender equality, social inclusion and resilience in Malawi

Procedural Vulnerability and Its Effects on Equitable Post-Disaster Recovery in Low-Income Communities

Keeping Each Other Safe: Who Checks on Their Neighbors During Weather Extremes in Summer and Winter?

Investigating the resilience of refugee camps to COVID-19: A case of Rohingya settlements in Bangladesh

Today in disaster resilience (23 July 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Merkel visits areas devastated by ‘terrifying’ floods as death toll reaches 190 in Europe

US firefighters bracing for dangerous weather as 70 wildfires burn across California and Oregon

India – at Least 20 Killed in Mumbai Landslides and Floods

Oman – Floods After 200mm of Rain Leave 4 Dead, Dozens Rescued

Luxembourg – Dozens Evacuated After Record Rainfall Causes Rivers to Break Banks

USA – Emergency Declared After Deadly Flash Floods in Arizona

Covid-19: India excess deaths cross four million, says study

Thunderstorms and lightning threaten to spur more fires in US west

Heavy flooding hits central China, affecting tens of millions

Nigeria – Hundreds of Homes Damaged by Floods in Taraba State

USA – Flash Floods Cause Chaos in Alabama

Iran – 8 Dead as Flash Floods and Storms Affect 15 Provinces

Canada’s BC declares state of emergency as wildfires surge

At least 25 dead in China as province deluged by heaviest rains in 1,000 years

Romania – Evacuations, 1 Dead After Heavy Rain Triggers Flash Floods

Germany floods: 155 still missing as hopes of further rescues fade

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Jul 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Sangay

Indonesia – More Than 5,000 Families Displaced by Floods in West Kalimantan

USA – Deadly Flash Floods in Colorado and New Mexico

Tajikistan – Deadly Floods and Mudslides Strike Sughd Region

China – Over 350,000 Evacuated, 33 Dead, 8 Missing After Zhengzhou and Henan Floods

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Why a killer US heatwave points to a stifling future for our cities

‘It Is All Connected’: Extreme Weather in the Age of Climate Change

Germany needs better climate policy, Merkel says from flooded region

How climate change fueled the devastating floods in Germany and northwest Europe

Climate change: Science failed to predict flood and heat intensity

Climate scientists shocked by scale of floods in Germany

Boston On List Of Cities With Worst Urban Heat, Where Temperatures Can Spike 15-20 Degrees In A Matter Of Blocks

Warmer weather ‘loading the dice’ towards more intense rainfall, scientists say

Warming Indian Ocean sets stage for spring floods in NSW and Victoria

Extreme heat warning: what first-ever Met Office alert means

The Northern Hemisphere has a punishing heat wave infestation

Siberia hit by unprecedented heatwave and forest fires – video report

US cities are working to shore up their flood defenses in the face of climate change, building and upgrading pumps, storm drains, and other infrastructure

Preliminary analysis concludes Pacific Northwest heat wave was a 1,000-year event

Catastrophic floods could hit Europe far more often, study finds

Scientific proof points to more intense and longer hot spells ahead

Extreme heat waves in urban areas are much more likely than previously thought

Climate-Driven Changes in Clouds are Likely to Amplify Global Warming

This catastrophic summer even has climate scientists worried

What makes a resilient landscape? Climate, fire, and forests in the Northern Rockies

The record-smashing Pacific Northwest heat wave suggests that climate change has forced us past a threshold for temperatures

Germany floods: Can we tell if extreme weather is linked to climate change?

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