Today in disaster resilience (22 July 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Deadly weather: 6 dead in Montana dust storm pile-up; 2 dead in Colorado flooding

The heatwave gripping Europe that sparked a ‘red’ warning in the UK is expected to get worse

Heatwave: More evacuations as Mediterranean wildfires spread

More than 1 000 heat-related deaths reported in Spain and Portugal

China floods leave at least 12 dead, with thousands evacuated

USA – Rain on Burn Scar Areas Triggers Deadly Flooding in Colorado

Sudan – 13 Fatalities After Floods in Sennar and South Darfur

UK officials declare major incident as fires burn outside London amid historic heatwave

More than 480 000 people told to evacuate as record-breaking rainfall hits southwestern Japan

Heatwave: Ferocious European heat heads north

Heat deaths in large Arizona county hit half-year record

Niger – Heavy Rain and Floods Destroy Hundreds of Homes, 8 Fatalities Reported

Nigeria – Floods Wreak Havoc in Yobe State

Volcanic activity worldwide 21 Jul 2022: Fuego volcano, Shiveluch, Ibu, Sangay, Nevado del Ruiz, Sabancaya

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

A hypothetical weather forecast for 2050 is coming true next week

Long-term drought intensification over Europe driven by the weakening trend of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

‘Climate change affects everyone’: Europe battles wildfires in intense heat

Lake Mead, once the largest water reservoir in the US, now little more than a graveyard

Australians are installing rooftop solar like never before. Who is burdened with taking care of it at home?

High-tide floods surge as climate changes and sea level rises

This heatwave has eviscerated the idea that small changes can tackle extreme weather

Humanity faces ‘collective suicide’ over climate crisis, warns UN chief

Europe’s big dry

Day of 40C shocks scientists as UK heat record ‘absolutely obliterated’

Melting Snow From Climate Change Could Lead To Unpredictable Water Levels, Study Suggests

Why is it so hot? Climate change is here

California Wildfires Could Destroy Forests Forever

Heatwave: The UK and Europe’s record temperatures in maps and charts

The amount of Greenland ice that melted last weekend could cover West Virginia in a foot of water

Extreme weather: What is it and how is it connected to climate change?

The UK just hit 40℃ for the first time. It’s a stark reminder of the deadly heat awaiting Australia

Record-breaking heat waves show we need to adapt to the climate crisis now

How the UK’s ‘insane’ 40C heat was forecast ‘weeks in advance’

The Landsat archive of decades of change on the Earth is a brilliant starting point for a rigorous scientific analysis of climate change

Accelerated western European heatwave trends linked to more-persistent double jets over Eurasia

Decreasing surface albedo signifies a growing importance of clouds for Greenland Ice Sheet meltwater production

Heatwave relief: What can hot countries teach us about keeping cool?

Wildfires are becoming more common in the UK – but the threat can be managed

Disaster risk reduction

NSW flood plain harvesting rules won’t protect environment, government advisers warn

Subduction earthquake cycles controlled by episodic fluid pressure cycling

A personal reflection by Dr Sam Ramsden, Charity Support Coordinator at the Flood Innovation Centre on the 15th anniversary of the Hull floods

The Controversial Plan to Unleash the Mississippi

Primary drivers of multidecadal spatial and temporal patterns of shoreline change derived from optical satellite imagery

Mapping a Volcanic Eruption in the Backyard of Iceland’s Capital

Elevated flooding risk lingers over NSW for months to come

Questions over Sydney sprawl as Australia cleans up after floods

Emergency management

‘The way it’s playing out is unexpected’: UK faces up to changing waves of Covid

How omicron subvariants are causing a surge in COVID infections

Post-disaster policies expose more people to disaster risks

Portugal fights wildfires with new tactics as heatwaves raise risk

Data reveals the ‘unseen tragedy’ of COVID-19 pandemic as thousands wait longer for elective surgery

Map shows devastating scale of wildfires across Europe

BA.5 doesn’t care that you just had Covid-19

It’s not just heat stroke. Extreme temperatures pose special risk to people with chronic illness (and that’s a lot of us)

Hurricane preparedness is expensive. Emergency managers and community leaders are looking for a solution

Masks are ‘strongly suggested’ by health authorities as the winter COVID wave hits. Here’s how effective they are

Data and imagery from the joint USGS/NASA Landsat satellites play a critical role in understanding the impact, severity, and extent of large fires

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Flood recovery forum in Abbotsford focused on ‘breaking down silos’

More than a warning: Expanding the role of communication in Eastern Caribbean volcano science

Maximum temperatures and how they are recorded

Psychology and disasters

Instead of planning for dry conditions, Americans seem incapable of even remembering them

As Europe Swelters, How Are We Affected Psychologically?

Sociology and disasters

This briefing looks at how climate change affects vulnerable groups

The risks to the most vulnerable from extreme heat are growing due to a lack of access to sustainable cooling

The Key To Disaster Survival? Friends And Neighbors

When disaster strikes, these Americans may not be ready

Nowhere left to turn, part 1: Venezuela’s COVID fallout leaves children dying and the poor scavenging for food

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