Today in disaster resilience (29 July 2022)

Please find a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Damaging tornado hits Shangqiu, Henan, China

Severe flash floods hit Fars Province, leaving at least 20 people dead and 3 missing, Iran

Wildfires burn coastal homes, forests in Greece as Europe’s heatwave spreads east

California Governor declares emergency over ‘explosive’ wildfire near Yosemite National Park

Thailand – Flooding Affects 7 Provinces, 1 Fatality Reported

Death toll from weekslong rains in Pakistan rises to 282

At least 14 fatalities as heavy rainfall hits Yemen

State of emergency declared after severe floods hit Sochi, Russia

Central African Republic – Floods Cause Fatalities, Hundreds of Homes Destroyed

USA – Severe Flash Floods in Missouri After Record Rainfall

Volcanic activity worldwide 27 Jul 2022: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Shiveluch, Ibu, Sangay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

State of the Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean

In a paradox, cleaner air is now adding to global warming

Do these heat waves mean climate change is happening faster than expected?

Climate Change and Land-use Changes Increase Likelihood of Flood Events

State of the climate: 2022 on track for a summer of extreme heat

We’re entering a climate that humans did not evolve to withstand

The terrestrial water cycle in a warming world

Europe’s Devastating Heat Wave Shows Keeping Calm and Carrying On Is Not an Option

Faced with more deadly heat waves, US cities are taking an unprecedented step,the%20same%20level%20as%20hurricanes

Zoe, the World’s First Named Heat Wave, Arrives in Seville

Here’s how this year’s heatwaves are impacting the world, and how we can prepare for the future

‘Silent killer’: A series on surviving the extremely hot future

Greenland Loses 6 Billion Tons of Ice in 3 Days, Harbinger of Unprecedented Coastal Flooding

Climate change: UK cities warned of wildfire risk

Alaska experiencing wildfires on a scale it’s never seen; climate change seen as the key cause

St. Louis has been hit by record flash flooding. Here’s how it’s related to climate change

Europe’s record summer of heat and fires – visualised

Life on the Edge: Adapting Coastal Management in a Changing Climate

How likely would Britain’s 40°C heatwave have been without climate change?

Pacific Northwest faces unusually long heat wave: ‘I’m doing the classic popsicle diet’

Attributing decadal climate variability in coastal sea-level trends

Trapped meltwater affects mass loss of Greenland ice sheet

NUS researchers develop new urban planning GIS tool to improve urban climate resilience

Biden Administration launches with tools for communities facing extreme heat

Extreme rainfall will be worse and more frequent than we thought, according to new studies

Global warming of 2C could ‘double’ flooding costs in China compared to 1.5C

Disaster risk reduction

New research in Arnhem Land reveals why institutional fire management is inferior to cultural burning

As France battles wildfires, experts call for a rethink of forest management

One more chapter in the never-ending story of wildfires

It’s Time to Fix Our Water-Logged National Flood Insurance Program

Community Science Project Helps Track Geohazard Risks in Uganda

‘Building too close to the water. It’s ridiculous!’ Talk of buyouts after floods shows need to get serious about climate adaptation

Landsat turns 50: How satellites revolutionized the way we see – and protect – the natural world

Magnitude and source area estimations of severe prehistoric earthquakes in the western Austrian Alps

Climate change, rising insurance costs, food security singled out in CSIRO megatrends report

A once-in-a-decade report from CSIRO, Our Future World, identifies seven global megatrends that hold the key to the challenges and opportunities ahead

Future flooding increases unequal exposure risks to relic industrial pollution

What we’re watching: Weekly disaster update, July 25

Repeatedly flooded communities to receive dedicated funding

The Ember: Canada’s wildfire bulletin

Land cover data just got real-time

New model developed to predict landslides along wildfire burn scars

A German-Indonesian research group is exploring the dangers posed by landslides on volcanoes

Multiform flood risk in a rapidly changing world: what we do not do, what we should and why it matters

Flood and wildfire risks: Translating risk ratings into future costs can help homebuyers and renters grasp the odds – and act on them

An independent Deloitte Report into this year’s South East Queensland floods has revealed an estimated total cost of $7.7 billion to Queensland

Emergency management

How the body responds to extreme temperatures, and what we can do to beat the potentially lethal impact

Biggest Monkeypox Study To Date Contains Hundreds Of Pictures And Details New Symptoms

Disaster capitalism: Business has found an upside to fires and floods

Oak fire remains uncontained as Al Gore warns ‘civilization at stake’

Australia’s COVID-19 cases and death rates currently among world’s highest per capita

COVID reinfections appear to be surging in the latest Omicron wave. Here’s what we know

Monkeypox explained: How to protect yourself and what to watch out for

UK heatwave: how the fire service will need to prepare as extreme weather events get worse

Covid origin studies say evidence points to Wuhan market

Responding to eruptive transitions during the 2020–2021 eruption of La Soufrière volcano, St. Vincent

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Quake early warning system: Would Kiwis use it properly?

Yes, the state of the environment is grim, but you can make a difference, right in your own neighbourhood

Community Scientists Help to Beat the Heat

Flood risk governance in Brazil and the UK: facilitating knowledge exchange through research gaps and the potential of citizen-generated data

Framing Disaster Risk Perception and Vulnerability in Social Media Communication: A Literature Review

Threats lead to cancellation of fire risk map meetings

Psychology and disasters

Wildland Firefighter Health and Wellbeing

Flooding in Germany: One year on, nothing is back to normal

Effectiveness of fitness training and psychosocial education intervention programs in wildland firefighting: a cluster randomised control trial

Sociology and disasters

Heatwaves: why ethnic minorities in the UK are more vulnerable, and what to do about it

Social capital’s impact on COVID-19 outcomes at local levels’s_impact_on_COVID-19_outcomes_at_local_levels


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