Today in disaster resilience (15 July 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Dozens injured in Portugal wildfires as heatwave to intensify

India – 16 Killed, 40 Missing in Amarnath Flash Floods

Increased seismicity, eruption alert level raised for Tsurumidake and Garandake, Japan

Fire threatening Yosemite’s famed grove of giant sequoia trees is still growing

British tourists survive avalanche in Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Farm on Hawkesbury River north of Sydney falling into giant sinkhole

Dangerous heatwaves engulf parts of China, US and Europe

India – Heavy Rain and Floods in Gujarat Affect Over 1 Million

Afghanistan – Thousands of Homes Damaged, 39 Lives Lost After More Flash Floods

Philippines – Heavy Rain Triggers Flash Floods and Landslides in 7 Provinces

China – 1 Dead, 8 Missing After Flash Floods in Heilongjiang

Pakistan floods: 135 killed and hundreds homeless as record monsoon rains wreak havoc

Days of heavy rainfall in eastern Indonesia caused flooding and landslides in parts of the Maluku Islands over the last few days, causing 7 fatalities

Volcanic activity worldwide 14 Jul 2022: Karymsky volcano, Semeru, Shiveluch, Dukono, Reventador

USA – Over 40 Unaccounted for After Flash Floods in Virginia

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Integrated wind and solar still cheapest, and green hydrogen costs falling fast: CSIRO

Alaska on fire: Thousands of lightning strikes and a warming climate put Alaska on pace for another historic fire season

Catching maladaptation before it happens

We built an algorithm to predict how climate change will affect future conflict in the Horn of Africa: here’s what we found

Ravaged by floods, Bangladesh pitches plan to adapt to climate effects

‘In the mouth of dragons’: Melting glaciers threaten Pakistan’s north

Decarbonisation now a priority at 80 per cent of manufacturing firms

We Need to Stop Pretending we can Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C

Every heatwave occurring today is more intense due to climate change

Stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet during the pre-industrial Holocene

Pacific youth need action on climate change, Vanuatu PM says, as leaders seek to appeal to world’s highest court

Nearly $2tn of damage inflicted on other countries by US emissions

High spatial and temporal variability in Antarctic ice discharge linked to ice shelf buttressing and bed geometry

Global climate and environmental data sources to be made more accessible to citizens towards 2025

Here’s who lives in your city’s worst heat islands

How are cities planning for heat? Analysis of United States municipal plans

Extreme heatwaves are here to stay in the UK. It’s time for us to adapt

Why is it so hot in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and what are the dangers?

We studied how the Antarctic ice sheet advanced and retreated over 10,000 years. It holds warnings for the future

Contributions of Different Sea-Level Processes to High-Tide Flooding Along the U.S. Coastline

Maladapted: Ill-conceived attempts at climate adaptation threaten to make a bad situation even worse

Extreme heat around the world in videos, photos and graphics

NASA: June 2022 tied as Earth’s warmest June on record

Australia’s central climate policy pays people to grow trees that already existed

Disaster risk reduction

‘Stark raving, barking mad’: experts question the building of homes below ‘worst-case’ flood levels in western Sydney

Disturbance causes variation in sub-canopy fire weather conditions

Stalled monsoon behind devastating floods in northeast India and Bangladesh

Maharashtra: Real-time Data System Installed In Ratnagiri For Flood Alerts, Info On Landslides

New Study Details Impacts of Tsunami from Fault Running Through Seattle

Ocean and wave models complement atmosphere-only storm predictions

Modelling of multi-sectoral critical infrastructure interdependencies for vulnerability analysis

Home buybacks in flood-prone NSW ‘cheaper’ than plan to raise Warragamba Dam wall, experts say

Raise the dam wall – the facts, the potential flood solutions, and why there’s no ‘silver bullet’

New Zealand’s Lake Taupō supervolcano still very active, study finds

Measuring Community Disaster Resilience Over Time

In the battle of human vs. water, ‘Water Always Wins’

Enhanced urban adaptation efforts needed to counter rising extreme rainfall risks

A limited number of earthquakes and volcanoes, primarily located in global north countries, dominate the collective research output on these geohazards

Buy back flood-hit homes now, says Committee for Sydney

Shockwave caused by Tonga underwater eruption may help scientists predict future tsunami

Atmospheric Rivers Help Coastal Wetlands Build Up Sediment

A case for retreat in the age of fire

Machine Learning Quantifies Fire Burning

Emergency management

Covid 19 Omicron outbreak: ‘We have become too complacent’, expert warns as hospitalisations spike

Homes of last resort: the pods housing a NSW community ravaged by floods

Nambucca River oyster growers left unable to harvest as floods trigger sewage spill

When 28 horses were found submerged in freezing floodwater, a 24-hour rescue mission began in the Hunter Valley

Local knowledge and practice in disaster relief

When Disaster Strikes in Brazil, This Pioneering Veterinarian Jumps Into Action

NSW city goes a week without drinkable water after floods cause contamination

We lost the plot on COVID messaging – now governments will have to be bold to get us back on track

WHO to convene second emergency meeting to decide if monkeypox is a global health threat as cases rise to 9,200

Japan warns of COVID surge, Tokyo raises alert level

Disaster education, communications and engagement

What science says about the best ways to cool down

Get resources for preventing wildfires in your community, and inspire others to champion the cause

Risk Communication and Social Vulnerability: Guidance for Practitioners

New Report Reveals Opportunity for States to Drive Climate Action Through Education

How the Tour de France helped me think about geology in a new way

Psychology and disasters

As flood water recedes there is trauma, homelessness and fear about the future

‘Catastrophic’ impact of NSW floods sees many elderly people going into residential care earlier than expected

‘Sometimes I don’t have the words for things’: how we are using art to research stigma and marginalisation

Floods haunt Belgian town as rebuild seeks to stop repeat disaster

Sociology and disasters

Climate warming could deepen environmental injustice in urban areas

Disasters and History: The Vulnerability and Resilience of Past Societies

Climate change is white colonisation of the atmosphere. It’s time to tackle this entrenched racism

In Climate-Driven Disasters, Older People and the Disabled Are Most at Risk. Now In-Home Caregivers Are Being Trained in How to Help Them

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