Today in disaster resilience (8 July 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Heavy rain hits Sydney as largest floods since March 2021 surround city

At least six dead after chunk of glacier breaks loose on Italian mountain

India – 14 Dead, Dozens Missing After Landslide in Manipur

Afghanistan – 19 Killed in Flash Floods in Eastern Provinces

Typhoon “Chaba” spawns tornadoes, splits a ship in half, leaving 26 people missing, China

Wildfire rages north of Athens, one town evacuated

Another deluge continues Sydney’s record wet year

Brazil – Thousands Displaced by Floods in North East

Strong eruptive activity at Fuego volcano, large pyroclastic flows produced, Guatemala

Manipur landslide death toll rises to 47, 14 remain missing, India

Pakistan – Fatalities Reported After Floods in Balochistan

Malaysia – Deadly Flash Floods in Kedah

Ecuador – Homes Damaged, 3 Dead After Floods in Several Provinces

India – Floods and Landslides Cause Fatalities in Himachal Pradesh

NSW Mid North Coast rainfall records broken as flood damage assessed

Volcanic activity worldwide 7 Jul 2022: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Reventador, Askja, Sangay

Oman – Deadly Flash Floods After Days of Heavy Rain

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

‘It’s hot’: UK interest in solar power heats up as energy bills soar

Bonn climate talks end with ‘almost empty pages’

Why South Asia Is Among the Hardest Hit Regions by Climate Change

Climate change: wildfire risk has grown nearly everywhere – but we can still influence where and how fires strike

Los Angeles to launch ‘extreme heat campaign’ Friday, says city’s first heat officer

Spain and Portugal suffering driest climate for 1,200 years, research shows

Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia’s most populous state

Regional towns could be wiped out by move to net-zero. Here’s their best chance for survival

Italy blames climate change for glacier collapse, 7 dead

Can Phoenix, the hottest city in America, survive climate change?

Global and Regional Trends and Drivers of Fire Under Climate Change

How U.S. Cities Are Preparing For More Life-Threatening Heatwaves

First-ever Global Chief Heat Officer announced at the World Urban Forum

No more excuses: restoring nature is not a silver bullet for global warming, we must cut emissions outright

Methane much more sensitive to global heating than previously thought – study

Seville to name and classify heatwaves in effort to protect public

Spain, Portugal dryness ‘unprecedented’ in 1,200 years

Snow at one of world’s highest observatories melting earlier than ever before

Blue carbon as a natural climate solution

Everyday Adaptation: Theorizing climate change adaptation in daily life

Bangladesh’s catastrophic flooding: the climate crisis frontline

Climate change is making flooding worse: 3 reasons the world is seeing more record-breaking deluges

Unchecked emissions could double heat-related child mortality

‘Social glue’ of a city is a key to heat resilience

More Frequent European Heat Waves Linked to Changes in Jet Stream

How hot is too hot for the human body? Our lab found heat + humidity gets dangerous faster than many people realize

Small-area assessment of temperature-related mortality risks in England and Wales: a case time series analysis

Existing climate mitigation scenarios perpetuate colonial inequalities

Assessing the effectiveness of orchestrated climate action from five years of summits

Education’s Crucial Role in Community Climate Change Adaptation

Disaster risk reduction

What’s causing Sydney’s monster flood crisis – and 3 ways to stop it from happening again

Flood risk already affects 1.81 billion people. Climate change and unplanned urbanization could worsen exposure

Using Multidisciplinary Analysis to Develop Adaptation Options against Extreme Coastal Floods

A simplified, cost-effective method for developing flood maps that reflects the uncertainty in flood predictions

Research reveals fire is pushing 88% of Australia’s threatened land mammals closer to extinction

Globally widespread and increasing violations of environmental flow envelopes

Lessons from the 2018–2019 European droughts: a collective need for unifying drought risk management

The Magazine of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network

To stop risky developments in floodplains, we have to tackle the profit motive – and our false sense of security

Australia’s fire season is drastically expanding

WHO/Europe reports on the contribution of urban planning and management to resilience and health protection

Human Fire Use and Management: A Global Database of Anthropogenic Fire Impacts for Modelling

The challenges of dynamic vulnerability and how to assess it

Climate expert says NSW government should buy Sydney homes left ‘uninhabitable’ by floods

Using real-time, hyper-local monitoring to assess potential flooding at specific bridges or roads

‘Patently ridiculous’: state government failures have exacerbated Sydney’s flood disaster

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

The data synergy effects of time-series deep learning models in hydrology

The post-fire stability index; a new approach to monitoring post-fire recovery by satellite imagery

Northern Australia’s fire management and mapping: How the integration of ‘old and new’ has led to success

Potential for seasonal flood forecasting in West Africa using climate indexes

The flooding in Yellowstone reveals forecast flaws as climate warms

Residential building flood damage: Insights on processes and implications for risk assessments

Rossby wave in jet stream triggers flooding rain, scientist says

Flood forecasting methods for a semi-arid and semi-humid area in Northern China

The progression of flood risk in southern Alberta since the 2013 flood

Emergency management

COVID vaccine requirement to be scrapped for international arrivals

UK health chiefs brace for ‘bumpy ride’ amid fears over Covid wave

‘Building back better’ in the Caribbean

Australia is heading for its third Omicron wave. Here’s what to expect from BA.4 and BA.5

Flu may be back, but COVID is far from over. How do they compare?

Towards the “Perfect” Weather Warning

Animal rescuers race to reach pets, livestock stranded in Sydney floods

Louisiana Sued Hurricane Katrina Survivors for Misusing Recovery Grants

Did COVID vaccine mandates work? What the data say

COVID was the leading cause of death in Americans ages 45-54 in 2021

Covid-19 reinfections may increase the likelihood of new health problems

How has COVID affected Australians’ health? New report shows where we’ve failed and done well

BA.5, now dominant U.S. variant, may pose the biggest threat to immune protection yet

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Recognising Indigenous knowledges is not just culturally sound, it’s good science

Meet the high school activists fighting climate change in Zimbabwe

Game-based training in critical infrastructure protection and resilience

Immersive virtual reality for science learning: Design, implementation, and evaluation

What are the impacts of extreme weather and climate events?

Mumbai turns to Twitter for help mapping India’s monsoon floods

The potential of disaster digital archives in disaster education: The case of the Japan disasters digital archive (JDA) and its geo-location functions

Psychology and disasters

‘We might not move back’: flood-affected residents ponder future after third flooding event in a year

‘Every time, we wonder if the bridge will go under’: for Hawkesbury residents flooding is now a part of life

Oregonians are united in concerns about wildfires, poll finds

Sociology and disasters

Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat

What lessons can we learn from Covid-19 responses in African cities?

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