Today in disaster resilience (24 June 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Extremely close-range footage of the Foshan tornado, China

Millions of homes underwater as massive floods hit parts of India and Bangladesh

Bordeaux region bans outdoor events as heat wave hits France

Spain battles wildfires fuelled by one of earliest heatwaves on record

Southern China hit by severe rains, floods as ‘dragon boat water’ peaks

Colombia – 8 Killed in Cauca Landslide

Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China after severe flooding

Bangladesh – Severe Floods in North Affect 4.2 Million and Displace 90,000

India – Floods Affect Nearly 5 Million in Assam, Over 200,000 Displaced

Dire Italian drought worsening, breaking records – water authority

Cyprus – Flare-ups in two areas dash hopes of extinguishing north’s fire

Afghan earthquake: At least 1,000 people killed and 1,500 injured

Ivory Coast – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Abidjan After 160mm of Rain in 12 Hours

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Demand for rooftop solar batteries surges as eastern Australian energy prices soar

Climate change is turning more of Central Asia into desert

Burning planet: why are the world’s heatwaves getting more intense?

Heavy industries in Australia’s regions could cut emissions by 80% and create a jobs bonanza, report says

Young Mothers, Pregnant Women Bear Brunt of Climate Change in Earth’s Hottest City

Global warming is threatening the health of people in Britain, study shows

Climate-fuelled wave patterns pose an erosion risk for developing countries

A new farming proposal to reduce carbon emissions involves a lot of trust – and a lot of uncertainty

Satellite images of Las Vegas show just how extreme urban heat islands can get

From Vanuatu law school to the Hague: the fight to recognise climate harm in international law

Australia has a once in a lifetime opportunity to break the stranglehold fossil fuels have on our politics

NSW’s biggest coal mine to close in 2030. Now what about the workers?

Western Europeans pant in early summer heatwave compounding climate change fears

Changes in the jet stream are steering autumn rain away from southeast Australia

La Niña officially over, but Bureau of Meteorology says it might be back in spring

‘Historic’ weather: why a cocktail of natural disasters is battering the US

How millions of lives can be saved if the US acts now on climate

4 ways to understand why Australia is so cold right now despite global warming

Ambitious partnership needed for reliable climate prediction

Antarctic sea ice extent lowest ever recorded

Rare ‘triple’ La Niña climate event looks likely — what does the future hold?

Current global efforts are insufficient to limit warming to 1.5°C

Disaster risk reduction

The warning you might get before the next big quake

Wildfire probability models calibrated using past human and lightning ignition patterns can inform mitigation of post-fire hydrologic hazards

Yellowstone River flooding is a 1 in 500-year event, US Geological Survey says

The cheaper we build our buildings, the more they cost after an earthquake, wildfire or tornado

Urban storm flood simulation using improved SWMM based on K-means clustering of parameter samples

Multicriterial analysis used for the optimisation of dike system management

Climate Change Is a Component of Disasters — but That’s Not the Whole Story

Improving early warning systems in the remote Himalayas

A Proposed Methodological Approach for Considering Community Resilience in Technology Development and Disaster Management Pilot Testing

Earlier flood forecasting could help avoid disaster in Japan

Different drought types and the spatial variability in their hazard, impact, and propagation characteristics

FEMA Gets Specific in Urging Congress to Act on NFIP Reform and Reauthorization

Quantifying the environmental limits to fire spread in grassy ecosystems

Study Finds That a Shocking Number of Wildfires Are Caused By…Electrocuted Birds

Set It Back: Moving Levees to Benefit Rivers, Wildlife and Communities

Marseille, Alexandria and Istanbul prepare for Mediterranean tsunami

Emergency management

Severe Storms Expose Ill-Equipped Weather Stations in Southeast Africa

A numerical approach to understand the responses of passenger vehicles moving through floodwaters

Now, like cyclones, heatwaves to get names too

Unicef says 1.6m children stranded by floods in Bangladesh need urgent help

Covid surges across Europe as experts warn not let guard down

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Training for Newly Elected Local Level Authorities on Localization of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Launched

Clues to long COVID

A new, open-source software that decrypts social media messages to help manage risks and disasters

Psychology and disasters

COVID-19 and Psychology: People and Society in Times of Pandemic

UCI-led study links repeated hurricane exposure to adverse psychological symptoms

The happiest people benefit from close social connections and resilience against life’s complications

Sociology and disasters

The impact of disasters on hyper-marginalised people and communities

In One Oregon City, the Disability Community Is Ensuring They Aren’t Left Out of Disaster Planning

How COVID has deepened inequality — in six stark graphics

A U.S. News Healthiest Communities analysis shows how racial and ethnic minority groups are at highest risk from various natural hazards


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