Today in disaster resilience (17 June 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Historic rain event floods, wrecks Yellowstone

Excessive heat rolls east, bakes much of central, eastern US

Thousands ordered to evacuate as Pipeline Fire grows near Flagstaff, Arizona

Turkey – 1 Dead, Several Injured After Floods in 5 Provinces

Over a third of US population urged to stay indoors amid record-breaking heat

More than 100 towns in Italy’s Po valley asked to ration water

California, 1 of 5 states with most human-caused wildfires

Ankara’s deadliest flood in recent memory, Turkey

South Africa – Flood Chaos in Cape Town After Days of Heavy Rain

India – Deadly Landslide and Flash Floods in Guwahati, Assam

Heat, humidity kill at least 2,000 Kansas cattle, state says

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Jun 2022: Krakatau volcano, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

What Extreme Heat Does to the Human Body

Spain and southern France hit by second extreme heat event of year

Event attribution is one of the fastest developing areas of climate science since it began 20 years ago

Summer has transformed into ‘danger season,’ scientists warn

New Zealand to price sheep and cow burps to cut greenhouse gases

A multi-method framework for global real-time climate attribution

Why Climate Change Impacts Women Differently Than Men

Australia’s “largest grid forming battery” to go ahead after landing finance deal

Synergy coal power stations including Muja to close as WA Government prioritises renewable energy

Atmospheric river that ravaged Yellowstone National Park is part of climate change pattern

Climate change: More fossil fuel investment, just ‘delusional’, warns Guterres

What happens in India doesn’t stay in India. Why this deadly heat wave has a wide reach

Recent Trends in Heat-Related Mortality in the United States: An Update through 2018

Climate change: Rising sea levels threaten 200,000 England properties

New data reveals extraordinary global heating in the Arctic

May 2022 was Earth’s 6th-warmest May

Satellites zoom in on cities’ hottest neighborhoods to help combat the urban heat island effect

Greenland’s many small glaciers are melting more rapidly as the Arctic warms, contributing to sea level rise

Court allows expert evidence in legal first climate case against NSW Water Sharing Plan

Heatwaves are getting deadlier – here’s how to combat them

When climate justice goes wrong: Maladaptation and deep co-production in transformative environmental science and policy

Climate change: Bonn talks end in acrimony over compensation

Ambitious partnership needed for reliable climate prediction

Record-shattering events spur advances in tying climate change to extreme weather

Disaster risk reduction

A Community-Led Landslide Prediction System in India

How should an Australian ‘centre for disease control’ prepare us for the next pandemic?

Disaster Resilient and Responsive Public Financial Management: An Assessment Tool

Scientists get closer to predicting economic losses from wildfires

Scientists provide explanation for exceptional Tonga tsunami

Biden admin: Stop flood insurance for new, risky homes

Exploring disaster impacts on adaptation actions in 549 cities worldwide

The Rising Risk of Flooding in Poland

New maps of global geological provinces and tectonic plates

A treacherous California fire season made more dangerous by drought, water restrictions

It’s time to come clean on Lismore’s future. People and businesses have to relocate away from the floodplains

It’s a race against time to flood-proof informal settlements

Assessing social vulnerability and identifying spatial hotspots of flood risk to inform socially just flood management policy

Tsunami excitation in the outer wedge of global subduction zones

How important is seismic risk relative to all other aspects of the built environment?

A research agenda towards disaster risk management pathways in multi-(hazard-)risk assessment

Artificial intelligence and avalanche warning

Emergency management

Naming heatwaves may help warn of the risks associated with them

A near-real-time global landslide incident reporting tool demonstrator using social media and artificial intelligence

Has COVID affected your sleep? Here’s how viruses can change our sleeping patterns

Flooding pummels Yellowstone region, leaves many stranded

Research shows natural infection with Omicron doesn’t produce a strong immune response, so people can quickly become reinfected

Study of triple vaccinated people also says Omicron infection does little to reduce chance of catching variant again

We’re Not Out of the Pandemic Woods Yet

Brisbane City Council budget reveals rates rise to recover from flood, COVID-19 pandemic

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Prepare for wildfire and harden your home now

Can the USGS install a streamgage at my location?

Disaster risk and resilience in the news, and news from the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community and beyond

How to Prepare for a Hyperactive Hurricane Season

A new online tool that allows any resident of the United States with Internet access to see their home’s relative risk of catastrophic wildfire over the next 30 years

Psychology and disasters

Impact of risk experience and personal exposure on coastal flooding and coastal erosion risk perception and coping strategies

Grenfell fire: Almost 1,500 children treated for trauma over disaster – with bonfires and candles ‘triggering’ survivors

Sociology and disasters

California vineyard laborers wanted wildfire safety. Then came a shadowy counter-movement

Social capital’s impact on COVID-19 outcomes at local levels’s_impact_on_COVID-19_outcomes_at_local_levels

This study aims to quantitatively evaluate the effects of flood control measures and educational support in terms of flood vulnerability of the poor at the household level

As taps run dry, Mexican drought fuels anger over water inequality

Decolonising disasters

Native Americans struggle to recover from Hurricane Ida


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