Today in disaster resilience (26 August 2016)

Please find below some links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news…

Current emergencies/disasters

Louisiana Flooding, One Week Later

Two dozen structures destroyed by eastern Washington wildfires

Typhoon Mindulle over Japan

India – Floods in 5 States Leave At Least 35 Dead and Thousands Displaced

Dozens of wildfires rage across arid U.S. West

UN relief arm monitoring situations in Italy and Myanmar after strong earthquakes

At Least 159 Killed After Powerful Earthquake Rocks Central Italy

Strong quake hits Myanmar, at least 3 dead

Kokomo tornado spawns damage

India – Floods in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Affect 4 Million, Ganges at Record Levels

Disaster risk reduction

Himalayan migration northward found to be result of tectonic lift

Fighting fire with fire

110,000 homes worth a combined $21 billion are in Louisiana’s flood-affected zones, study says

Should the US Copy Dutch Defenses Against Flooding?

New tool hailed as a game changer for predicting floods, informing water-related decisions

Managing disaster risks for jails

Testing Earthquake Early Warning Using Geodetic Data in the Pacific Northwest

New modelling on bushfires shows how they really burn through an area

Assessing the performance of buildings in future earthquakes

Australian scientists uncover evidence of super eruptions 106 million years ago

What We Can—and Can’t—Learn From the Floods in Baton Rouge

Better understanding seismic hazards

Worsening Wildfire Environment Spurs Call for New Strategies

Zika ‘clone’ could finally lead to a vaccine for the devastating virus

New insights into the relationship between erosion and tectonics in the Himalayas

Volcanic activity worldwide 23 Aug 2016: Klyuchevskoy volcano, Sinabung, Villarrica, Sabancaya, Chikurachki

Tews Lane campaigners left frustrated by developers over flood risk fears

Deadly quake hit in one of Italy’s most seismically-prone regions

Earthquake Exposes Italy’s Disaster Vulnerabilities and Shortcomings

Why the Earthquake in Italy Was So Destructive

Big misconception: Insurance rates can vary greatly; everybody ‘in a flood zone’

Life on the fault lines: Major earthquakes overdue and ‘no one in the world is safe’, expert says

A tale of two dams: Is Bihar’s unprecedented flood an avoidable man-made disaster?

Sikkim High Court issues notice to state government on landslide dam

The U.S. Strategy for Flood Resilience Is Underwater

Emergency management

2 men will be billed $37 million for 2015 Stouts Creek fire, forestry officials say

Court Rules Disabled Missouri Firefighter Entitled to Reduced Benefits

Hurricanes And Tornadoes Have Them, Is It Time For A Flood Scale?

The Dzongu landslide dam: an update

5 Reasons Some Were Unaware Of One Of The Biggest Weather Disasters Since Sandy

Louisiana residents without flood insurance face uncertainty

Wildfire rebuild sparks business boom in Fort McMurray

Cumbria flood group set to go global

Christchurch Dilemmas: How to rebuild the city’s heart

Disasters cost world $92b in first half of 2016, Swiss Re says

Louisiana residents assess damage from devastating floods – in pictures

Deaths from U.S. lightning strikes this year at highest since 2010

The USGS response to the Louisiana floods is part of the larger USGS flood science mission

Obama Praises FEMA, Pushes Back on Politics in Visit to Flood-Ravaged Louisiana

The untold story of the fight to save Fort McMurray

Firefighters look for new technology as threat of wildfire grows

NOAA launches new forecast to assist proactive flood response

Preliminary Report Into Why Some Fort McMurray Homes Survived

The e-GEOS Emergency Room is working to produce maps and detailed data of the areas affected by the Italy earthquake

Flood after Storm Desmond report

Flood forecasting gets major upgrade

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Why Translation Tools For Refugees Matters

Community resilience researchers share work at AEJMC conference

How can the media help build community disaster resilience?

A new survey of disaster apps finds many options—some prone to failure—and much more to come

Play the Hurricane Game

The game models how the Antarctic ice sheet responds to environmental changes

The Great Fire of London

Large-magnitude volcanic eruptions of the last 11700 years

The untold stories of Louisiana flood victims by Baton Rouge photographers

Anatomy of an earthquake – Professor Iain Stewart

Floating school

Disaster lessons: children taught to prepare for Bangladesh’s killer quakes

‘They didn’t warn you’: Louisiana disaster reveals deep challenges in flood communication

CoastAdapt: A new tool for a changing climate helps coastal communities prepare

Do you know your flood risk status?

Social media and emergency management

41 percent of people in the UK use social media to find out what’s happening in their community

Codified Hashtags for Weather Warning on Twitter: an Italian Case Study

The ‘proper’ way to spread ideas through social media

Psychology and disasters

Why so many refuse to evacuate as wildfires approach

Firefighters suffer from PTSD in numbers to rival the military, officials say

Social capital and disasters

Rural church among those providing aid after Louisiana flood

Katrina Pain Index 2016: Race And Class Gap Widening


Today in disaster resilience (27 July 2016)


Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

The Sand Fire in Santa Clarita Offers Omens of a Fiery Future

Floods kill at least 154 across China, leave over 100 missing

Soberanes Fire, California

Flood situation worsens in Arunachal; one killed in Assam

Massive wildfire rages on Greek island of Chios

Spain calls in army as wildfire reaches nature reserve

Man Died Trying To Rescue Dog From Raging Sand Fire, Neighbor Says

Wildfire Near Carmel Grows to Nearly 15,000 Acres, 20 Homes Burned

Nearly 1,570,571 people are affected by floods in 19 districts of Assam

Severe flooding continues in China, nearly 300 dead or missing since July 18

Disaster risk reduction

2nd RISC-KIT “Summer” School: Disaster Risk Reduction for Coastal Areas

GeoNet turns 15 – what have we learned about earthquakes in that time?–what-have-we-learned-about-earthquakes-in-that-time

QUT-designed portable flood levee aimed at protecting low-lying towns goes into production

Why concrete + rain = flash floods

Project was touted as a tool to prevent floods but those claims have been watered down and new threats are eroding confidence – and riverbanks

Harmed by heat: Covering the health risks of extreme weather

Vast wildfires are burning in remote Siberia, far from humans – here’s why we should care

Ancient plumbing protects Forbidden City from Beijing floods

Emergency management

MH370 Pilot Flew a Suicide Route on His Home Simulator Closely Matching Final Flight

Hospital Disaster Preparedness as Measured by Functional Capacity: a Comparison between Iran and Sweden

Public demand answers for fatal delays in flood warning

Guidebook for Evacuation of People with Disability

1st US System to Keep Drones Away From Wildfires Kicks Off

Homes on edge of the wilderness complicate wildfire efforts

DJI adding geofences based on real-time wildfire data

Less lead in New Orleans soils, children’s blood, 10 years after Katrina: study

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The Heat, the Floods, and the Danger of Underestimating How to Handle it

‘Game of Floods’: Marin Sea-Level Rise Game Wins Award

Gangotri and China: three fascinating new landslide videos

Fieldnotes from two cities in India: learning about social learning and climate uncertainty

These Wildfire Photos Are Gorgeous and Terrifying at the Same Time

Understanding Motivations for Citizen Science

Augmented Reality Turns a Sandbox into a Geoscience Lesson

Book – How the World Breaks: Life in Catastrophe’s Path, from the Caribbean to Siberia

Social media and emergency management

Facebook, Twitter Help Sniff Out Suspected Olympic Terror Plot

Nearly 70% of all social media time is spent on smartphones

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

China cracks down on real-time news reporting including social media

Psychology and disasters

Managing stress isn’t ‘weakness,’ firefighters told

Today in disaster resilience (22 July 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

India – Over 120 Dead After Monsoon Rains Cause Floods and Landslides in 8 States

Heavy rains and flooding across Sudan

Afghanistan – Deadly Flash Floods in Khost Province

Disaster risk reduction

Promoting the right kind of fire—and smarter development—is safer and more cost-effective than fighting a losing battle

Infrastructure ‘still faces flood risk’

A New Way to Explore City Resilience Strategies

Super-eruptions may give only a year’s warning before they blow

Why Copenhagen is building parks that can turn into ponds

The UK’s supply of food could be put at risk as droughts and storms devastate farmland in the UK and abroad

Volcanic and Caldera Collapse: Up Close and Personal

Major natural hazards in Asia and the Pacific

B.C. megathrust earthquake could rupture like a zipper, expert says

Fire clues in cave dripwater – researchers find wildfire signatures in cave formations for the first time

Fiji – Whole Village Relocated After Landslide and Cyclone Disasters

The poverty trap of perennial flooding of Kenya’s Tana River

Emergency management

How our disaster relief system forces foolish decisions

Deputy chief of operations says drones will make fire response more timely, effective and safe

California man arrested for flying drone over wildfire near Sacramento

Wildfires Heat Up Across the West

Allied World reports $10.3 million in reinsurance catastrophe losses from Fort McMurray wildfire

Incident Management Systems and Building Emergency Management Capacity During the 2014–2016 Ebola Epidemic – Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea

AMI & Lumley liable for Selwyn fire damage in 2013

Pacific islanders to benefit from computer based programs for Met Services

Defensible space saves business from wildfire

First B.C. offshore earthquake sensor up and running

Fiji to spend $205 million to recover from cyclone Winston

Global economy weathered $98bn natural hazard loss in first half of 2016, according to Aon catastrophe report

Disaster education, communications and engagement

We’re Launching an Open Online Harvard Course on Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster – Watch the Trailer!

Participatory [Citizen] Science

Social media and emergency management

Extreme Heat Social Media Toolkit

Social media evolving with times of crises

Digital engagement methods for earthquake and fire preparedness: a review

Like real life, Facebook livestreaming can have a light side and a dark side

Today in disaster resilience (20 July 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

Huge swaths of Russia’s forests are ablaze during what may be a record fire season

Sudan – Floods in 3 States Leave Several Dead and Hundreds Homeless

China – 4 Dead After Further Flooding in Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan

Disaster risk reduction

Some earthquakes on San Andreas fault are triggered by gravitational tug of sun and moon

Minister questioned on flood prevention

Worldwide mid-sized firms may fall short on insurance, risk management: Assurex Global survey

AIR Worldwide announces new global resilience practice

Coping Strategies for Landslide and Flood Disasters: A Qualitative Study of Mt. Elgon Region, Uganda

Current and Future Exposure of Infrastructure in the United States to Natural Hazards


Emergency management

Gurgaon Gets Earthquake Warning System

Federal government seeks to recover $25 million in costs for the 2013 Mountain Fire

Utah votes to let authorities disable drones near wildfires

China officials fired for Typhoon Nepartak response

Police officer deaths from guns up 72% from July 2015

Flooded families may be paid to relocate

Better disaster support needed for disabled kids

A California homeowner is being sued by the federal government for $25 million for a 2013 wildfire

DJI drones will now get real-time wildfire alerts

Man Arrested In California For Flying Drone Over Wildfire: Why This Is A Serious Offense

California Tech Group’s Hackathon Seeks to Develop Wildfire Assistance Software

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Learning Weather And Climate With The Popular Game Minecraft

New app lets public help map disasters, conflicts and outbreaks

How to Prepare a Pet for Disaster

Multipronged approach to community engagement for flood mitigation

What’s really warming the world?

Indonesia: Sign and information boards improve volcanic eruption preparedness

Social media and emergency management

Turkey coup: rebels failed to control the narrative and fundamentally misunderstood the significance of social media

Psychology and disasters

The psychology of why mass shootings may be contagious

Recovery Team Asks for Help as ‘Disaster Fatigue’ Affects Flood Rebuild

Survivors of Nice attack struggle with psychological wounds

Today in disaster resilience (12 July 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

Madhya Pradesh flood: Seven more dead, toll climbs to 22

Cars Swept Away And A Dramatic Rescue In Maharashtra Flood

A dam burst as a result of flooding in Chinese Hunan province lead to evacuation of 10,000 people

Disaster risk reduction

UN launches ‘Sendai Seven’ campaign aimed at boosting disaster risk management

Potential earthquake in Bangladesh could jeopardize millions, research says

A Curb Is Repaired, and a Seismic Marker Is Lost

California ill-prepared for the Big One, experts say

Science on the Hill: Burning questions in study of wildfire

New York City Is Weighing Ambitious Plans for Flood Defenses

Emergency management

Slave to the algorithm

Missing home: a look at post-Katrina demolitions

Did house that survived Saguenay flood get divine help?

Five Guidelines for Creating Effective Disaster Exercise Injects

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The Popularity Of Weather Is Shaking Up Journalism

Today in disaster resilience (11 July 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

Nepartak: Super-typhoon batters Taiwan disrupting power supplies, transport; at least three dead

Typhoon Nepartak: More than 400,000 people forced to flee as tropical storm strikes eastern China

Disaster risk reduction

Dar es Salaam suffers from both flooding and scarcity of water supplies

Research to aid volcanic warning for Auckland

Gendered terrain of disaster

China’s devastating floods can be traced back to corruption and overbuilding

Emergency management

Alberta Wildfires Costliest Disaster in Canadian History

Only halfway through 2016 and the U.S. has already seen eight weather and climate-related disasters that have each met or exceeded $1 billion in damages

The head of Tasmania’s Flood Recovery Taskforce has warned it will take years to finish repairing all of the damage caused by last month’s deluge

Flood Early Warning SMS in Nepal

Psychology and disasters

PTSD should be an occupational illness

Social capital and disasters

The Case for Capitals

Today in disaster resilience (6 July 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

Taipei in the path of Super Typhoon Nepartak

China – 7 Days of Flooding Leaves Over 100 Dead and 40 Missing

India Floods – 80,000 Affected in Assam, Search for Missing Continues in Uttarakhand

Disaster risk reduction

Flood mitigation a potential growth industry in Norfolk

UK aerial photos now open data for flood studies

As deadly wildfires blaze, experts are calling on the state to emulate the South’s long tradition of prescribed burning

Huge lava peak on brink of erupting any minute now

EU provides €6 million to make vulnerable cities resilient to disasters

Managing ecological risk in prescribed burning

Emergency management

Firefighting funding is a knotty issue

How prepared are Ontario communities for flood?

Fort McMurray wildfire now considered under control

The Lake that Saved Charleston from Total Destruction

Waroona Bushfire Special Inquiry Report released

Key Messages from the Knowledge Event Series: Lessons Learnt from the Paris Terrorist Attacks

Organisational responses to severe weather events requires ‘Effective Response Integration’

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Conduct flood property surveys using Photo Survey

Safety message videos for children, curriculum programs for school-based bushfire and disaster education’s-of-research-utilisation

AIDR Disaster Resilience Education program update