Today in disaster resilience (15 April 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

British-born man dies after being caught in New South Wales floods

Colombia – at Least 12 Fatalities After Floods and Landslides in Antioquia

Three separate Colorado wildfires force evacuations Sunday

South Africa – Heavy Rain Causes Floods and Mudslides in KwaZulu-Natal

Volcanic activity worldwide 12 Apr 2022: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay

Dozens killed in Philippines landslides and floods as tropical storm Megi hits

President Ramaphosa to visit flood-stricken KZN as death toll rises

South Africa floods: deadliest storm on record kills over 300 people

Texas twister injures 23; McBride Fire engulfs 150 structures

At least 23 injured after a large tornado and gigantic hail hit Salado, Texas

M6.1 earthquake hits New Britain, P.N.G.

Elevated volcanic unrest at Mt. Ruapehu, CO2 output now 2nd highest ever recorded, New Zealand

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

IPCC report calls for rapid, deep, and immediate emissions reductions

How are local meteorologists connecting the weather to climate change?

As sea levels rise, can Chesapeake Bay’s Tangier Island survive?

UN: 18 nations have gone green on climate, raked in green

Climate scientists are desperate: we’re crying, begging and getting arrested

‘Flash Droughts’ Coming on Faster, Global Study Shows

One issue matters more to top economists than any other this election: climate change

Four solutions to mitigate climate change, from the IPCC

Majorities in US back climate change proposals: Gallup

Southern Africa storms fuelled by climate change – study

As climate change intensifies extreme weather, local newspapers see a bright future in meteorology

Don’t let climate change take all the blame

Delhi under severe heatwave conditions after hottest March on record, India

Next PM urged to prioritise climate action

Individual Actions Can Reduce Emissions Up to 70%, Says IPCC Report

Net-zero commitments could limit warming to below 2 °C

Early closure of Australia’s largest coal-fired plant could create electricity shortages without grid upgrades

Disaster risk reduction

Exploring Rates of Earthquake Occurrence

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will be more active than usual, researchers say

Our dangerous future of compounding crises: Ukraine, climate, and the pandemic

California utility to pay $55 million for massive wildfires

Bringing Back Fire: How Burning Can Help Restore Eastern Lands

Geoarchaeological evidence reveals a major M9.5 tsunamigenic earthquake in Chile

A Sharper Look at the World’s Rivers and Catchments

Developing a large-scale dataset of flood fatalities for territories in the Euro-Mediterranean region, FFEM-DB

Better wildfire models save property and life: refined fidelity of predictive models using AI

What’s the tallest wave ever recorded on Earth?

California, Utah and other Western states face scary wildfire season

Risk Data Hub, a renewed space to support EU countries with disaster prevention and preparedness

The Transportation Network’s Role in Disaster and Community Resilience

U.S. Fires Quadrupled in Size, Tripled in Frequency in 20 Years

Pacific Highway upgrade acted as ‘dam wall’ during floods, north coast residents claim

Scientists Unravel How the Tonga Volcano Caused Worldwide Tsunamis

Data from Swiss Re Institute’s latest sigma report shows that floods accounted for 31% of global economic losses from natural catastrophes in 2021, yet just 25% of flood risk is covered by insurance

Finding higher ground as floodwaters rise

Risk Data Hub, a renewed space to support EU countries with disaster prevention and preparedness

Emergency management

Advocates say people with disability are increasingly ‘forgotten’ in emergency planning

Under COVID Lockdown, Shanghai’s People Are Running Out of Food and Meds While Pets Get Killed in the Streets

Southern Manitoba communities well-prepared for potential flooding, officials say

Covid threat being ignored in England for ideological reasons, say NHS leaders

Victims of the 2011 Brisbane floods have lost a High Court over findings against dam engineers

Could the KZN flooding disaster have been mitigated by a better early warning system?

Disaster education, communications and engagement

With citizen science projects, you and your students can collect and interpret data that will be used to help better understand our Earth and Earth systems

The past decade has seen a significant shift in the attitudes of UK newspapers towards climate change

Submissions for the 2022 Resilient Australia National Awards open

Protect your pets in emergencies

Remote sensing classroom

Psychology and disasters

Community disaster exposure and first onset of depression: A panel analysis of nationally representative South African data, 2008–2017

It’s not easy being your brain

Sociology and disasters

The donut effect: How the pandemic hollowed out America’s biggest cities

Mechanism of an evacuation cascade during the 2011 Tohoku tsunami inferred from an evacuation simulation incorporating communications in social networks

Is my vulnerability so different from yours? A call for compassionate climate change research

People in a pandemic: Rethinking the role of ‘Community’ in community resilience practices

The world’s poorest have the strongest resilience, yet their voices remain unheard


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