Today in disaster resilience (11 March 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

NSW residents warned to prepare again as more dangerous weather forecast

Destructive tornadoes hit Iowa, leaving at least 7 people dead, U.S.

Flooding in Mindanao displaces hundreds as tropical wave lingers over the Philippines

Colombia – Thousands Isolated After Rivers Overflow in Antioquia

Haiti and Dominican Republic – 2 Dead, Hundreds Displaced After Rain Triggers Flash Floods

Thousands of acres near Panama City are torched as Florida Panhandle wildfires continue

Sydney floods: two found dead, roads inundated, homes and suburbs across the city swamped

Wildfires erupt after hottest week in history across parts of the West ignited them

Indonesia – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Java and Sulawesi Islands

Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Mar 2022: Fuego volcano, Semeru, Ibu, Reventador, Sangay, Pavlof

Ecuador – Hundreds of Homes Damaged, Communities Isolated After Floods in Cotopaxi

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Worse weather and more floods: The IPCC report contains warnings Australia should heed

How climate data scarcity costs lives

Tasmania’s dry summer in review, as BOM eyes autumn with waning La Niña

Lismore embodies the problem now facing Australia from climate change

Ten climate-resilient homes

How climate change is already hitting Europe and how we need to adapt

The importance of hydrology in routing terrestrial carbon to the atmosphere via global streams and rivers

Causes and Consequences of Epic Western US Drought

“Delay Means Death,” UN Chief Warns About Climate Change

A new study challenges a commonly accepted explanation that a “sudden stratospheric warming” caused the unusually cold weather over the U.S. early last year

The UK’s Heat and Buildings Strategy

New Climate Council report A Supercharged Climate: Rain bombs, flash flooding and destruction’

Projected Impact of Mid-21st Century Climate Change on Wildfire Hazard in a Major Urban Watershed outside Portland, Oregon USA

So, we are “learning to live with COVID” — can we learn to live with climate change?

The floods have killed at least 21 Australians. Adapting to a harsher climate is now a life-or-death matter

Our climate crisis

Human actions accelerate climate-driven floods and droughts

Disaster risk reduction

Can Cloud Seeding Help Quench the Thirst of the U.S. West?

Victims of NSW and Queensland floods have lodged 60,000 claims, but too many are underinsured. Here’s a better way

Scientists seek to solve mystery of why some people do not catch Covid

South-east Queensland flood damage bill revised to cost up to $2.5b

Expert calls for better flood preparation across south-east Queensland after severe weather event

What is flood planning?

The normative dimensions of flood risk management: Two types of flood harm

Join Pew and Partners March 8 for ‘Flood Resilience and Adaptation Planning in the U.S.: Challenges and Opportunities’

Should every house be rebuilt after flooding?

One in 4 homes and businesses in UK at risk of flooding

Toward integrated fire management to promote ecosystem resilience

Hurricanes and Other Tropical Cyclones Linked to Rise in U.S. Deaths from Several Major Causes

Under-resourced and undermined: as floods hit south-west Sydney, our research shows councils aren’t prepared

Briefing Note on Systemic Risk

All disaster risk is systemic, all disaster impact is systemic…but what does it mean?

To Track Magma’s Path to Eruption, Scientists Say There’s Something in the Water

A framework for research on recurrent acute disasters

One in 1,000 years? Old flood probabilities no longer hold water

Weather forecasts won’t save us – we must pre-empt monster floods years before they hit

Emergency management

How a spreadsheet became a lifesaver in Lismore’s flood crisis

NMSU researchers dive deeper into humanitarian response of COVID-19 crisis

‘His body was just there’: Mullumbimby volunteers confronted by horrors and chaos of flood aftermath

Mapping of current Australian floods

Chefs lead volunteers to feed NSW flood victims in absence of government food relief

‘The sad reality is many don’t survive’: how floods affect wildlife, and how you can help them

US National COVID Preparedness Plan

Lori Moore-Merrell, the new US Fire Administrator, discusses her agency’s priorities and challenges

Two years on, COVID-19 pandemic ‘far from over’

Understanding the uneven spread of COVID-19 in the context of the global interconnected economy

Northern NSW vets work to save hundreds of starving, suffering animals amid flood crisis

The national emergency declaration came days after the east coast was already underwater. Why?

‘A year’s worth of landfill’: what will happen to all the waste from flood-damaged homes in Queensland and NSW?

Floods left thousands without power. Microgrids could help communities weather the next disaster

Louisiana hurricane aid missing from federal spending deal

Water releases from Wivenhoe have been halted. So what’s the status of south-east Queensland’s major water supply?

Disaster education, communications and engagement

These Photos Show the Already Devastating Impact of Australia’s Dystopic ‘Rain Bomb’

People could’ve prepared for the floods better if the impacts of weather forecasts were clearly communicated

Disasters: Deconstructed Podcast: Engaging with Communities

Engaging communities to prepare for natural hazards: a conceptual model

Sea Level Rise Viewer

Why Vulnerability Still Matters: The Politics of Disaster Risk Creation

Whether people prepare for natural disasters depends on how the message is sent

Psychology and disasters

Shining a Light on Suicide Risk for Wildland Firefighters

First come floods, then domestic violence. We need to prepare for the next inevitable crisis

Sociology and disasters

Women and Girls in Disasters

Black Neighborhoods Will Bear Future Flood Burden

Mapping vulnerability: why the IPCC’s geography of climate risk is contentious

Preparing for when lightning strikes the same place twice, then strikes again


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