Today in disaster resilience (2 September 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Pakistan floods death toll passes 1,000, say officials

Oregon’s Rum Creek wildfire nearly doubles in size to more than 8,000 acres

Democratic Republic of the Congo – Floods Affect Thousands in Northern Provinces

Philippines – 4,300 Displaced by Tropical Storm Ma-on (Florita)

Flooding in Jackson, Mississippi, remains, but city officials are ‘cautiously optimistic’

Sierra Leone – Torrential Rains Trigger Deadly Floods in Freetown

Latest volcano activity news

Historic hailstorm hits Catalonia, Spain

India – Floods in Uttar Pradesh Affect 245,000

Haiti – Houses Destroyed, 3 Lives Lost After Days of Heavy Rain

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Environmental and financial dividends on offer for farmers in carbon reforestation project

Europe dries up from climate change-driven drought,16696

How U.S. Cities Are Preparing for More Life-Threatening Heatwaves

U.S. to More Than Triple Climate Spending, Analysis Shows

Heatwave special

Estimates of the social cost of carbon: A review based on meta-analysis

Extreme China heatwave could lead to global chaos and food shortages

Seattle just had one of its hottest nights on record

A historical perspective on glacial retreat

Poorest countries at greatest risk of losses and damage from climate change

Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Face Rapid Climate Change

‘Dangerous’ and ‘extremely dangerous’ heat stress to become more common by 2100

‘Zombie ice’ from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches

Arctic has not been as warm as today in over 7,500 years, study says

Nothing In History Compares To China’s Brutal Heat Wave, Weather Historian Says

If you thought this summer’s heat waves were bad, a new study has some disturbing news about dangerous heat in the future

Three things Sydney must do to help meet climate targets

Pakistan floods are ‘a monsoon on steroids’, warns UN chief

Australia remains at La Niña alert amid near-record Indian Ocean Dipole event

The effects of climate change on hailstorms

Climate change is increasing the risk of a California megaflood

These Communities Are Trapped in Harm’s Way as Climate Disasters Mount

Heat waves + air pollution can be a deadly combination: The health risk together is worse than either alone

Climate Change and Wellbeing Around the World

To create serious movement on climate change, we must dispel the myth of indifference

Longer summers could mean increased drought risk, says Met Office

How melting glaciers fueled Pakistan’s fatal floods

Welcome to the Heat Action Platform!

A climate scientist on the planet’s simultaneous disasters, from Pakistan’s horror floods to Europe’s record drought

Rivers worldwide are running dry – here’s why and what we can do about it

Global warming makes more heatwaves inevitable for East Asia

NSW Blue Carbon Strategy 2022-2027

An international, peer-reviewed publication released each summer, the State of the Climate is the authoritative annual summary of the global climate

Victoria to exit coal sooner than power operators forecast, report finds

Greenhouse gas emissions, sea levels hit record highs in 2021

Disaster risk reduction

Why suppressing wildfires may be making the Western fire crisis worse

Floods, other water-related disasters could cost global economy $5.6 trillion by 2050 -report

‘We are committed to building more dams’: NSW government releases new water strategy

Greater Sydney Water Strategy

The problem of doing more: success and paradoxes in scaling up informal initiatives for disaster risk reduction and climate action

Federally Overlooked Flood Risk Inequities in Houston, Texas: Novel Insights Based on Dasymetric Mapping and State-of-the-Art Flood Modeling

Heatwaves and drought – why they are setting us up for severe flash flooding incidents?

River Floods Can Trigger Powerful Underwater Landslides

Advancing traditional strategies for testing hydrological model fitness in a changing climate

Floods, drought, storms could cost Canada’s economy more than $80 billion by 2050: report

A review of early severe weather applications of high-resolution regional reanalysis in Australia

Wildfire and floods don’t need to turn into disasters: UN risk report

Faults underneath Seattle could trigger 33-foot tsunami wave

New Landslide Reporting Tool Uses Social Media and AI

A new paper reviews past earthquakes to better understand potential future risks

The Surprising Powerful Global Tsunamis Driven by Underwater Volcanic Eruptions

Nepal’s early-warning system reduces flood fatalities

Pakistan’s history of disasters and the lessons we fail to learn

Emergency management

Pakistan Foreign Minister says help needed after overwhelming floods kill more than 1,000 people

Enormity of Pakistan floods viewed from space

Omicron booster shots are coming—with lots of questions

New research by a Northeastern engineering professor used recent storms and the COVID-19 pandemic to predict human movement during disasters

Australian National Emergency Management Authority established

Long COVID: How researchers are zeroing in on the self-targeted immune attacks that may lurk behind it

A Third Of Pakistan Is Underwater After Devastating Floods

The new Australian Fire Danger Rating System has been developed using the latest science to be more accurate and relevant

Let’s get mappin’: building GIS capacities for anticipatory action

Disaster education, communications and engagement

How to become a citizen scientist—and when to leave it to the professionals

An Inside Sun: Lickanantay Volcanology in the Salar de Atacama

Get prepared for an earthquake

Social Media Supplements Science During Natural Disasters

The Georgia Flood Literacy Project

Citizen science in environmental and ecological sciences

Discover Volcanoes book for children

Preparedness month: 30 days in 30 ways #30days30waysUK

Psychology and disasters

‘I feel my heart breaking today’ – a climate scientist’s path through grief towards hope

Learn about who is most at risk for emotional distress from hurricanes and tropical storms and where to find disaster-related resources

Sociology and disasters

Part of the reason why low-income neighborhoods flooded has to do with the historical development of Houston

Community resilience through the lens of social support: Recovering from the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland

Black Businesses Matter: A Longitudinal Study of Black-Owned Restaurants in the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Geospatial Big Data

Jackson’s water crisis was triggered by floods and compounded by racism

Three things we learned about poverty and flood risk from urban household data


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