Today in disaster resilience (26 August 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Yemen – Over 90 Killed in Floods, More Rain Forecast

India – Over 20 Killed in Floods and Landslides in Himachal Pradesh

Pakistan – Monsoon Rains and Flooding Leave Almost 700 Dead, Thousands Displaced

Portugal wildfires: State of alert begins amid third heatwave

Dallas area hit by 1-in-1,000-year flood; cars float in water-filled roads

USA – Deadly Flash Floods in Texas After 385mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Volcanic activity worldwide

Indonesia – Deadly Floods and Landslides in West Papua; Floods Affect Thousands in Sumatra

Sudan – Flood Death Toll Rises, Nile Climbs Above Alert Level in Khartoum

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Solar briefly overtakes coal in Australia as number one source of power nationally

‘Not prepared for current climate changes.’ Officials sound alarm on NYC’s struggling infrastructure

Climate threat to food supply chains creates ‘domino effect’–domino-effect-.html

Annual summaries dataset of Heatwaves in Europe, as defined by the Excess Heat Factor

China’s unrivalled 70-day heat wave

The world’s roads aren’t ready for a hotter planet

New Zealand’s flood-prone areas not ready to cope with climate crisis, Ardern says

Migrants share lessons with U.S. to improve climate resilience

Rise in heart disease may be explained by extreme weather conditions: Study

Combatting the Climate and Nature Emergency

Americans experience a false social reality by underestimating popular climate policy support by nearly half

Five 1,000-year rain events have struck the U.S. in five weeks. Why?

The Magnitude and Risk of Extreme Regional Heatwave Events in China Increase Rapidly under Global Warming

Renewables provided more than 25% of electrical generation in the United States during the first half of 2022

Rare and Severe Weather Events Are Now More Common Thanks to Climate Change

Why we should abandon the concept of the ‘climate refugee’

What is a Chief Heat Officer?

Disaster risk reduction

Lower Warragamba before floods, locals say

Performance-Based Hurricane Engineering under Changing Climate Conditions: General Framework and Performance of Single-Family Houses in the US

Droughts Hurt World’s Largest Economies

After FEMA overhaul, hundreds of thousands of Americans are forgoing federal flood insurance

The Art of Landslides: How Stochastic Mass Wasting Shapes Topography and Influences Landscape Dynamics

Warragamba Dam conversations should have happened four years ago

Tonga volcano eruption released more energy than the most powerful nuclear bomb

Advanced Real-Time Prediction of Storms With 30-Second Refresh

Towards Daily High-resolution Inundation Observations using Deep Learning and EO

5 lessons from Houston and Harris County 5 years after Harvey

One disaster after another: why we must act on the reasons some communities are facing higher risks

Understanding the interconnectedness of drought is vital for ecosystem resilience

As ‘flash floods are getting flashier,’ communities worry about aging infrastructure

Australian wildfires cause the largest stratospheric warming since Pinatubo and extends the lifetime of the Antarctic ozone hole

NIWA meteorologists say last week’s atmospheric river (AR), which was responsible for widespread devastation in both the North and South Islands, was a record-breaker

Cities need to become more ‘spongy’. Auckland is leading the way

Emergency management

NSW SES Commissioner defends volunteers and calls for more funding in wake of flood report

The one bright spot out of the Lismore floods points way to a better disaster response

‘Tinnie army’ leads to NSW flood inquiry call to train community members as first responders. How will that work?

So what has America learned since Hurricane Katrina? Not enough

Dangerous combination of extreme heat and smoke affected 16.5 million Californians

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Updated fire danger rating system will be rolled out next month. Here’s what you need to know

Effect of disaster training on knowledge regarding flood risk management amongst families with older people

Fears over climate change trigger a boom in A-level geography

Could your phone save your life? Public emergency alerts amongst new measures to bolster UK resilience

Enhancing Emergency Communication With Social Media: Identifying Hyperlocal Social Media Users and Information Sources

Strengthening European disaster resilience by consolidating knowledge and generating learning on the uses of social media and crowdsourcing (SMCS) in disaster management processes

Citizen science in environmental and ecological sciences

Encouraging community members to photograph wildfire ash as part of the citizen science initiative #Ashfall

Sociology and disasters

With a surge of natural disasters in Timor-Leste, women’s leadership helps save lives

Differences in County-Level Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Rates due to Damage Caused by Hurricane Matthew and the Moderating Effects of Social Capital: A Natural Experiment

Vulnerable communities face a higher risk of socio-economic injustice due to flood hazards

Resilient future belongs to the youth

What has America learned Since Hurricane Katrina? Evaluating evacuation plans for carless and vulnerable populations in 50 large cities across the United States

Impact of Farmers’ Participation in Community-Based Organizations on Adoption of Flood Adaptation Strategies: A Case Study in a Char-Land Area of Sirajganj District Bangladesh

Social inequalities in climate change-attributed impacts of Hurricane Harvey


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