Today in disaster resilience (8 October 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Shaheen claims at least 13 lives in historic Oman landfall

India – Thousands Evacuate Floods in West Bengal, 400mm of Rain in 24 Hours

La Palma island’s volcano roars again, spewing thicker lava

Italy – Floods and Landslides in Liguria Region After 181mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Indonesia – Floods and Landslides Leave 4 Dead in South Sulawesi

Alabama flash flooding kills 4 and spurs rescues from homes and cars

Volcanic activity worldwide 6 Oct 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Reventador, Kilauea, Sangay

Over two feet of rain fell in Italy in only half a day, something not seen in Europe before

Mexico – Severe Floods Hit Querétaro for Second Time in 2 Weeks

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

While the 2050 battle rages in Australia, the world is talking 2030

Exposure to Deadly Urban Heat Worldwide Has Tripled in Recent Decades, Says Study

“Climate Change Disinformation Is Spreading Rapidly” on Facebook

The imperative of climate adaption for Africa: building resilience across societies in an inclusive manner

Building Climate Resilience in Cities through Insurance

What climate scientists can teach us about dealing with climate change doom

Canadians are unknowingly buying homes in climate change danger zones, report finds

UK High Commissioner urges Australia to bring more ambitious emissions target to COP26

Third new coal project approved by Australian environment minister Sussan Ley in just one month

Change the Game of Climate Change – the story of a collaborative climate board game as a climate communication innovation

Trillions of dollars a year are ‘adding fuel to the fire’ of the climate crisis, experts say

‘Eye-watering’: climate change disasters will cost Australia billions each year, study finds

September 2021 was one of the four warmest Septembers globally

The Best Way to Prepare Our Coasts for Climate Change? Nature Itself

Australia’s coal exports to ‘halve by 2050’ if climate goals are met

California chronically undercounts the death toll and has failed to address the growing threat of heat-related illness and death

Disaster risk reduction

Virginia addressing flood crisis, but more work is needed

Flooding disasters are on the rise: Here’s how to proactively prepare

On Borrowed Time: Earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings kill people, warns author

The Future of Cities After the Pandemic

The town that flood-proofed itself

Fire risk and severity decline with stand development in Tasmanian giant Eucalyptus forest

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s Floodplain Manager newsletter

Project that used flood impact reports to assess the accuracy of forecasts in Uganda

Can homes be designed to withstand wildfire?

More Americans Are Moving Into Fire-Risky Areas

Most Americans would rather rebuild than move if natural disaster strikes, poll finds

Extreme weather events in Europe

Earthquake-strengthening policy for commercial buildings in small-town New Zealand

Costs in Melbourne and Brisbane will increase significantly, as major rivers in these cities alongside growing populations will lead to greater costs associated with flooding

Emergency management

You thought the U.S. fire season was bad. Russia’s is much worse

Confront climate change to stop military being diverted to natural disasters, former ADF chief warns

The flood that drowned American dreams

Canadian authorities’ response to deadly heat ‘inadequate’: HRW

How fast is vaccine effectiveness waning?

New job cut figures – firefighters “might not be able to fight all fires”

Prof Sarah Gilbert says failure to provide jabs to poor countries risks more deaths and dangerous new variants of virus

How can a community withstand, recover, adapt, and persist in the face of crises?

The capacity of Emergency management services (EMS) agencies to adapt and be prepared for futures where the changing climate

Experts Say Worst Of Covid-19 Is Behind Us, But They’ve Been Wrong Before: Cautious Messaging Is Warranted

Smoke from California wildfires increases doctor visits and blocks sun from crops

Disaster education, communications and engagement

August media attention to climate change or global warming in newspapers around the globe increased 6.5% from the previous month of July

NOAA awards $900,000 to advance community resilience through education

Highlighting altruism in geoscience careers aligns with diverse US student ideals better than emphasizing working outdoors

Psychology and disasters

Recovering emotionally from disaster

Inside first responders’ struggle with mental health

‘Eco-anxiety’: fear of environmental doom weighs on young people

Sociology and disasters

Risks and Choices as Populations Surge in Flood Zones, Rich and Poor

WHO Slams ‘Heartbreaking’ Inequity As Over 50 Countries Fail To Vaccinate Just 10% Of Population

How social networks can save lives when disasters strike


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