Today in disaster resilience (1 October 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Volcanic ash cloud closes airport on Spanish island, as new vent prompts concern

Heavy rains as Cyclone Gulab makes landfall in India

Spain – Flash Floods Wreak Havoc in Andalusia After 112mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Strong and shallow M6.0 earthquake hits Crete, Greece

Thailand – Tropical Storm Dianmu Brings Flooding to North and Central Regions

Lava from La Palma eruption finally reaches the Atlantic

Bangkok on alert as 70,000 homes flood in Thailand

Colombia – Early Warning Saved Lives in Tolima Floods, Says Head of Disaster Agency

India – Severe Flooding in 4 States After Rain From Cyclone Gulab

Volcanic activity worldwide 30 Sep 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Reventador, Kilauea

Tornado tears through regional NSW, injuring three people, damaging properties near Bathurst

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Three things needed for successful climate adaptation in cities

Missing wind variability means future impacts of climate change may be underestimated in Europe and North America

Powerful, local stories can inspire us to take action on climate change

Children born today to see ’24 times more’ climate-induced disasters than their grandparents

Born into the Climate Crisis: Why we must act now to secure children’s rights

Climate crisis: do we need millions of machines sucking CO2 from the air?

Scientific team uncovers additional threat to Antarctica’s floating ice shelves

Six research priorities for cities and climate change

Extreme, deadly heat in Canada is going to come back, and worse. Will we be ready?

Americans who think that global warming is happening now outnumber those who think it is not happening by more than 6 to 1

Americans’ willingness to prepare for “climate change” vs. “extreme weather”

Our climate projections for 2500 show an Earth that is alien to humans

How to measure a shrinking glacier

NSW government sets more ambitious 50pc emissions reduction target for 2030

Netherland’s Flood Management is a Climate Adaption Model for the World

Climate change is ‘a freight train’ making some places too dangerous to live in, experts say

3-Year Drought Creates Frightening ‘New Normal’ in South America

How Satellite Technologies Can Aid Fiji, Other Pacific Island Nations to Build Climate Resilience

Cutting methane should be a key Cop26 aim, research suggests

‘It’s like a war’: Greece battles increase in summer wildfires

Disaster risk reduction

After devastating European fire season, experts call for new approach to protecting forests

The Alignment of Australia’s National Construction Code and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in Achieving Resilient Buildings and Communities’s_National_Construction_Code_and_the_Sendai_Framework_for_Disaster_Risk_Reduction_in_Achieving_Resilient_Buildings_and_Communities

Remote sensing technology in claims assessment – lessons learned from the 2021 Australia East Coast floods

What does it take to reduce flood and drought risks and build climate resilience in Eastern Africa?

Decision Making for Managing Community Flood Risks: Perspectives of United States Floodplain Managers

‘We are not safe’: Warning on city buildings as more quakes predicted

UNDP launches new Insurance and Risk Finance Facility

Real-world evidence and the path from data to impact

Why designing policies for extreme events requires a system overview

The proportion of the world’s population exposed to floods grew by 20 to 24 percent—ten times greater than what previous models had predicted

New research initiatives to monitor complex river systems to better understand how water is used in NSW

A hydrography upscaling method for scale-invariant parametrization of distributed hydrological models

Disaster risk creation in the Darjeeling Himalayas: Moving toward justice

Cascading disasters triggered by tsunami hazards: A perspective for critical infrastructure resilience and disaster risk reduction

Moderate quake rattles southeastern Australia. Where’s the fault?

Introducing the wildfire layer on Google Maps

UNDP experts analyze flood risk management in Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine

Natural Hazards Research Australia newsletter

Global riverine flood risk – how do hydrogeomorphic floodplain maps compare to flood hazard maps?

Emergency management

Identifying Strategies to Boost COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in the United States

U.S. Has Enough COVID-19 Vaccines For Boosters And Kids’ Shots

Governance in the Face of Extreme Events: Lessons from Evolutionary Processes for Structuring Interventions, and the Need to Go Beyond

New local leadership structure at Fire and Emergency

World Bank report sheds light on the nuanced connections between “water shocks” and human migration

‘Wildfire year’ meant record days at the highest preparedness level, Forest Service chief says

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Radioactive Performances: Teaching about Radiation after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Corby building trade workers invited to learn how to prevent flooding at event this week

Severe Weather Photography

How Should Nations Handle the Human Aftermath of Disasters?

Disaster Assistance Handbook

Psychology and disasters

Climate psychologist says neither gloom-and-doom nor extreme solution-obsessed optimism is the best way to discuss climate change productively

NWCG video about firefighter mental health

Sociology and disasters

Social vulnerability and the impact of policy responses to COVID-19 on disabled people Protecting Manila’s most vulnerable from rising seas


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