Today in disaster resilience (30 July 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Heavy rain in India triggers floods, landslides; at least 125 dead

Woman Dead, Three Missing After Flooding in CO Burn Area

Flooding in London after heavy rain

Italy: Wildfires rage through Sardinia, forcing evacuations

Philippines evacuates thousands as monsoon rains flood Manila, provinces

Typhoon In-fa makes landfall on China’s east coast, Shanghai flights cancelled

California’s largest fire burns homes as blazes scorch West,property%20across%20the%20U.S.%20West.

Belgium – Cars Swept Down Streets After More Floods Strike

Panama – Thousands of Homes Damaged by Floods in Bocas Del Toro Province

Russia – More Deadly Floods Hit Sochi

‘We saved nothing’: Floods displace hundreds in Burundi

Philippines – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Manila and Northern Regions

Belgium – Cars Swept Down Streets After More Floods Strike

Western Europe – Storms Cause Floods in Switzerland, Germany and UK

Wildfires scorch Spain and cause ‘disaster without precedence’ in Sardinia

Bangladesh – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Cox’s Bazar

China – 69 Dead, 5 Still Missing in Henan Floods

India – Maharashtra Floods and Landslides Death Toll Climbs to 192

Costa Rica – Floods Leave 2 Dead, 2 Missing, Thousands Displaced

Lebanon battles wildfires in country’s north, firefighter dies

Homes evacuated in Turkey as forest fire rages near southern coast

Deadly floods and landslides hit Rohingya camps in Bangladesh

Unseasonal rainstorms hit Yemen, claiming at least 14 lives

Strong explosive eruption at Stromboli volcano, Italy

Italy – Evacuations After Floods and Landslides Near Lake Como

USA – State of Emergency After Flash Floods in Utah, Nevada; 3 People Missing in New Mexico and Arizona

Volcanic activity worldwide 28 Jul 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Shiveluch, Ibu, Reventador

Afghanistan – Dozens Feared Dead After Floods in Nuristan Province

Mexico – Flash Floods Cause Damage and Casualties in Sonora

Pakistan – Deadly Flash Floods Hit Islamabad After ‘Cloudburst’

Myanmar – Thousands Displaced by Floods in 4 States

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate adaptation should be based on robust regional climate information

Renewables drive Australian emissions lower as wind records blown away

America in 2090: The Impact of Extreme Heat, in Maps

Plans of four G20 states are threat to global climate pledge, warn scientists

Beware summer! As climate crisis deepens, attitudes to season shift

Climate change: Israel to cut 85% of emissions by mid-century

Climate change could spark floods in world’s largest desert lake: new study

Flash floods will be more common as climate crisis worsens, say scientists

‘Record-shattering’ heat becoming much more likely, says climate study

Climate change: Researchers begin discussions on vital report

Yep, it’s bleak, says expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction

Guidance to help water and sewerage companies and flood risk management authorities to prepare for future increases in rainfall intensities from global warming

On the heels of Europe’s devastating floods, scientists warn more is yet to come

Flash floods: a grim reminder that adaptation is as important as reducing emissions

Is climate change to blame for the recent weather disasters? 2 things you need to understand

Mapping the way to climate resilience

The Climate Change Link To More And Bigger Wildfires

COP26 climate summit president says progress made, but not enough

What the EU climate plan means for national targets

Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

Great Adaptations – a book on the climate crisis

More livestock, more carbon dioxide, less ice: the world’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news

Western Wildfires Are Sending Carbon Offsets Up in Smoke

Climate change increasing high heat index days in Austin

Why Extreme Heat Is So Deadly

Climate emergency not slowed by COVID-19 pandemic and planet’s ‘vital signs’ worsening, scientists say

Record-breaking heatwave hits Hokkaido, Japan

Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences – it happened in the Little Ice Age

Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020

Australian farmers are adapting well to climate change, but there’s work ahead

Scientists say temperatures in South America could rise by 4°C

Rainfall becomes increasingly variable as climate warms

The Spanish heat paradox: temperatures soar but related deaths drop

Disaster risk reduction

We can’t predict the next wildfire disaster – but we can plan for it

Climate illusions are no substitute for disaster management,politics,3574.html

Scientists reveal fresh insights about New Zealand’s 7.8 quake

Water-related hazards dominate disasters in the past 50 years

You may have heard the ‘moon wobble’ will intensify coastal floods. Well, here’s what that means for Australia

Urban flood risks, impacts, and management in Nigeria

As floods stir climate change fears, Israel may be up a creek without a plan

Nearly two thirds of global drowning deaths occur in Asia Pacific

NYC’s outdated flood maps leave thousands at risk for disaster bills

Catastrophic flooding spotlights Germany’s poor disaster preparedness

Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood prone buildings – final project report

Disaster management and remote sensing

Can We Predict The Eruption Of A Supervolcano?

Bewdley: Worcestershire town washed out for three years running set to receive £6.2m to improve flood defences

Assessing the Impact of Aftershocks on Regional Earthquake Loss Estimation

Uncertainty and bias in global to regional scale assessments of current and future coastal flood risk

On safer ground: Floodplain buyouts and community resilience

Measuring community disaster resilience at local levels: An adaptable resilience framework

Planned retreat from flood-prone Westport and its stoic history

More ‘good fire’ could help California control future catastrophes

Record funding for flood defences in England as climate crisis worsens risks

Latest Philippine earthquake reveals tectonic complexity

Satellite-based flood mapping in the boreal region for improving situational awareness

Identifying drivers of streamflow extremes in West Africa to inform a nonstationary prediction model

Does hot and dry equal more wildfire? Contrasting short- and long-term climate effects on fire in the Sierra Nevada, CA

Emergency management

Doctors warn over increasing number of young people with Covid in ICU

Unvaccinated COVID patients likelier to suffer serious symptoms

Satellite images of wildfires are saving lives. The Pentagon might let the program expire

Catching fire: AI is helping scarce firefighters better predict blazes

The Delta Variant Upends the World’s Pandemic Response

Vaccination rates in France and Italy have soared after leaders announced a raft of restrictions that will drastically curtail the freedom of unvaccinated people

Wildfires have burned a combined area the size of Delaware and Rhode Island — and then some

Oxford researchers develop tool to predict human displacement post-disaster

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Emergency infrastructure needed to keep Americans safe: Public media

How to Use Social Media in Healthcare: A Guide for Health Professionals

Rapid increases in social media adoption and use since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have been maintained

How Hosukai’s Great Wave emerged from Japan’s isolation to become a global icon

Wildfire Actions

Towards protective action: effective risk and warning communication during natural hazards

What have we learned about COVID-19 volunteering in the UK? A rapid review of the literature

New book: A Brief History of Earth is subtitled “Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters”

Weather, climate, and narrative: A relational model for democratizing risk communication

Psychology and disasters

The Impact of Earthquakes on Apartment Owners and Renters in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) Aotearoa New Zealand

COVID-19 linked to ‘significant’ drop in intelligence: research

Urban pluvial flood adaptation: Results of a household survey across four German municipalities

Sociology and disasters

Understanding the Willingness to Share Resources in the Hurricane Irma Evacuation: A Multi-Modeling Approach

Implementation of social equity metrics in an engineering-based framework for distributing disaster resources

Bridging the Divide: Does Social Capital Moderate the Impact of Polarization on Health?

Gender equality, social inclusion and resilience in Malawi

Procedural Vulnerability and Its Effects on Equitable Post-Disaster Recovery in Low-Income Communities

Keeping Each Other Safe: Who Checks on Their Neighbors During Weather Extremes in Summer and Winter?

Investigating the resilience of refugee camps to COVID-19: A case of Rohingya settlements in Bangladesh


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