Today in disaster resilience (23 July 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Merkel visits areas devastated by ‘terrifying’ floods as death toll reaches 190 in Europe

US firefighters bracing for dangerous weather as 70 wildfires burn across California and Oregon

India – at Least 20 Killed in Mumbai Landslides and Floods

Oman – Floods After 200mm of Rain Leave 4 Dead, Dozens Rescued

Luxembourg – Dozens Evacuated After Record Rainfall Causes Rivers to Break Banks

USA – Emergency Declared After Deadly Flash Floods in Arizona

Covid-19: India excess deaths cross four million, says study

Thunderstorms and lightning threaten to spur more fires in US west

Heavy flooding hits central China, affecting tens of millions

Nigeria – Hundreds of Homes Damaged by Floods in Taraba State

USA – Flash Floods Cause Chaos in Alabama

Iran – 8 Dead as Flash Floods and Storms Affect 15 Provinces

Canada’s BC declares state of emergency as wildfires surge

At least 25 dead in China as province deluged by heaviest rains in 1,000 years

Romania – Evacuations, 1 Dead After Heavy Rain Triggers Flash Floods

Germany floods: 155 still missing as hopes of further rescues fade

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Jul 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Sangay

Indonesia – More Than 5,000 Families Displaced by Floods in West Kalimantan

USA – Deadly Flash Floods in Colorado and New Mexico

Tajikistan – Deadly Floods and Mudslides Strike Sughd Region

China – Over 350,000 Evacuated, 33 Dead, 8 Missing After Zhengzhou and Henan Floods

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Why a killer US heatwave points to a stifling future for our cities

‘It Is All Connected’: Extreme Weather in the Age of Climate Change

Germany needs better climate policy, Merkel says from flooded region

How climate change fueled the devastating floods in Germany and northwest Europe

Climate change: Science failed to predict flood and heat intensity

Climate scientists shocked by scale of floods in Germany

Boston On List Of Cities With Worst Urban Heat, Where Temperatures Can Spike 15-20 Degrees In A Matter Of Blocks

Warmer weather ‘loading the dice’ towards more intense rainfall, scientists say

Warming Indian Ocean sets stage for spring floods in NSW and Victoria

Extreme heat warning: what first-ever Met Office alert means

The Northern Hemisphere has a punishing heat wave infestation

Siberia hit by unprecedented heatwave and forest fires – video report

US cities are working to shore up their flood defenses in the face of climate change, building and upgrading pumps, storm drains, and other infrastructure

Preliminary analysis concludes Pacific Northwest heat wave was a 1,000-year event

Catastrophic floods could hit Europe far more often, study finds

Scientific proof points to more intense and longer hot spells ahead

Extreme heat waves in urban areas are much more likely than previously thought

Climate-Driven Changes in Clouds are Likely to Amplify Global Warming

This catastrophic summer even has climate scientists worried

What makes a resilient landscape? Climate, fire, and forests in the Northern Rockies

The record-smashing Pacific Northwest heat wave suggests that climate change has forced us past a threshold for temperatures

Germany floods: Can we tell if extreme weather is linked to climate change?

California weighs first step in ‘managed retreat’ from rising Pacific

How the dynamics of a heating planet are driving extreme weather

From China to Germany, floods expose climate vulnerability

Scientists are worried by how fast the climate crisis has amplified extreme weather

Emissions Could Hit New Record by 2023 Without More Green Spending

Summer in the city: Improving community resilience to extreme summertime heat in Northern Manhattan

Disaster risk reduction

Bob Carr appeals to UNESCO over Warragamba Dam

Why did Europe’s flood warning system so lethally fail?–11YtoG2cGU8/index.html

Satellites over Europe track massive floods in Germany and Belgium

How can the UN help prevent another Beirut disaster?

AIDR joins Resilience Valuation Initiative

Europe’s flood tragedy didn’t have to be this severe

Europe’s deadly floods leave scientists stunned

Deadly floods inundated parts of Europe, but the Netherlands avoided fatalities. Here’s why

Report from Europe’s flood zone: researcher calls out early warning system gridlock amid shocking loss of life

New web platform for planning flood prevention in cities

Saving lives and livelihoods through flood protection in Cameroon

ADB approves $35 million project to reduce landslide risk in Kyrgyz Republic

As coastal flooding worsens, some cities are retreating from the water

Earthquake Retrofitting: Everything You Need To Know

PG&E plans a 10-year effort to put power lines underground to reduce fire risk

Plans in place to protect large area of Yukon from unprecedented flooding

Critical Disaster Studies book

Europe’s catastrophic flooding was forecast well in advance – what went so wrong?

We can’t predict the next wildfire disaster – but we can plan for it

Reducing flood risk through the modelling of Nature-Based Solutions

Probabilistic tsunami hazard and exposure assessment for the pacific islands- Fiji

Managing city-scale slow-onset disasters: Learning from Cape Town’s 2015–2018 drought disaster planning

Forecasting Wildfire Intensity

Barrie tornado: Engineering professor calls for building code changes, review of damaged homes

Emergency management

Massive ‘Fire Clouds’ Are Dropping Embers On Firefighters Battling US’s Biggest Blaze

England will soon abandon almost all coronavirus restrictions. The Netherlands shows what could happen next

Flooding in Germany: Before and after images from the Ahr and Eifel regions

Residential fire fatality and injury strategy: towards zero fatalities

Using diversity and inclusion to strengthen capability in emergency management

Delta Variant Accounts for 83% of Known U.S. Covid-19 Cases

Leverages and obstacles facing post-cyclone recovery in Saint-Martin, Caribbean: Between the ‘window of opportunity’ and the ‘systemic risk’?

Austrian man saves Turkish neighbors from raging floods

Ministry prepares for 2021-2022 cyclone season

COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: all eyes on Indonesia

Child cases of Covid-19 are rising as schools gear up to reopen

How the Delta variant achieves its ultrafast spread

Central Europe staggers toward recovery from catastrophic flooding: more than 200 killed

Preparedness to respond effectively to multiple hazards

US in ‘another pivotal moment’ as Delta variant drives surge in Covid cases

Henan floods: aerial images show devastation in Chinese province – video

Fighting wildfires in western WA requires different approaches

China breaches dam to divert deadly flooding

Fires, droughts, floods, power outages. The interval between disasters is shortening, or in some cases disappearing altogether

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Facebook Clashes with the US Government Over Vaccine Misinformation

Final draft of the Disaster Resilience Education for Young People Handbook has been submitted for approval

Unit: Disaster Resilience Education – Years 7 & 8

Amateur Radio Responds to Flooding in Western Europe

Germany faces calls for mobile phone disaster alerts after floods

Using community resilience vision statements to build flood resilience in Bangladesh

Psychology and disasters

New research guides mental health support for young adult volunteers

A qualitative evaluation of Southwark Council’s public health response to mitigating the mental health impact of the 2017 London bridge and borough market terror attack’s_public_health_response_to_mitigating_the_mental_health_impact_of_the_2017_London_bridge_and_borough_market_terror_attack

Sociology and disasters

Does the shock of natural hazard-associated disasters affect the authority of regional governments?

Back to basics: Gender equity and social inclusion in flood resilience

Exploring the interactions between vulnerability, resilience and adaptation to extreme temperatures

An unequal pandemic: insights and evidence from communities and civil society organisations

Bowling alone or distancing together? The role of social capital in excess death rates from COVID19

A social model of secondary stressors in relation to disasters, major incidents and conflict: Implications for practice

In Europe and Central Asia, the poor lose more when disaster strikes


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