Today in disaster resilience (30 October 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Nearly 9,000 flee homes in Philippines as Molave intensifies into typhoon

Covid: Spain imposes national night-time curfew to curb infections

Flash flood hits Tumbarumba in NSW, forcing evacuation of home and caravan park

Australia – Storms Trigger Floods in New South Wales

Indonesia – Floods Damage 1,500 Homes in West Java

Jamaica – Heavy Rain Causes Deadly Landslides and Floods

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass Summer Peak And Are Climbing Higher Fast

Gulf Coast braces, again, for hurricane as Zeta takes aim

Winds Are Expected to Diminish, Aiding in Fight Against Silverado Fire

Philippines – Tropical Cyclone Molave Leaves 16 Dead or Missing

Suspected Terrorist Knife Attack in Nice, France, Leaves Three Dead

Millions affected as devastating typhoon strikes Viet Nam

Volcanic activity worldwide 28 Oct 2020: Pacaya volcano, Karymsky, Shiveluch, Dukono, Reventador

Vietnam – Dozens Missing After Rain From Typhoon Molave Triggers Landslides

Indonesia – Rain Triggers Deadly Floods and Landslides in Pangandaran, West Java

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate core: Towards a common climate change curriculum in the built environment

Lesotho: African Risk Capacity and Government of Lesotho partner to strengthen management of climate disaster risk

Government aims to make Germany climate resilient as average temperature rises

Co-designing climate services to integrate traditional ecological knowledge: a case study from Bali

Climate Change in the Minds of U.S. News Audiences

It’s been a thousand years since Colorado has burned like this

Japan set to announce 2050 net zero emissions target – report

As Colorado wildfires burn, fears that climate change is causing “multi-level emergency” mount

Is The Risk Of Sea Level Rise Affecting Florida Home Prices? A New Study Says Yes

Back to the future of climate

Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050

80 per cent of Australians think they are already experiencing problems caused by climate change

‘Sleeping giant’ Arctic methane deposits starting to release, scientists find

Swiss seniors sue government over climate change at European court

Beaches can survive sea-level rises if they have space to move

Ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet has accelerated significantly over the past two decades, transforming the shape of the ice sheet edge

ABC flagship current affair programs didn’t cover climate change adequately, report finds

Global death rate from rising temperatures projected to surpass the current death rate of all infectious diseases combined

Global Emissions Likely Peaked in 2019, Report Finds

New polling shows 79% of Aussies care about climate change. So why doesn’t the government listen?

Robotic vessel launched at Beachport to map coastal erosion, better understand effects of climate change

Deluged by floods, America’s ‘oldest city’ struggles to save landmarks from climate crisis

Bushfire survivors want more water bombers, climate change action

NSW environment minister urges end to ‘pointless, backward-looking arguments’ about climate action

State of the climate: 2020 on course to be warmest year on record

Joe Biden calls climate change the ‘number one issue facing humanity

Eliminating CO2 Emissions from Industry and Transport in Line with 1.5°C Climate Goal

Disaster risk reduction

Ten UN agencies joined the 15th Global Forum on Human Settlements — for promoting post-pandemic recovery and transformation towards resilient cities and healthy planet

Resilient shores: Risks and opportunities for Vietnam’s coastal development

China to provide the Mekong River Commission with year-round water data

Himalayas poised for a series of big earthquakes, says study

Italy approves a contribution of EUR 3 million to support the establishment of a multi-hazard early warning system in Africa

Australia supporting Fiji with flood alleviation project

Achieve next-level insight into global rainfall – flood patterns

Drought management norms: Is the Middle East and North Africa region managing risks or crises?

Wildfires can cause dangerous debris flows

Monthly streamflow prediction using a hybrid stochastic-deterministic approach for parsimonious non-linear time series modelling

Property flood resilience

Probability of Occurrence and Displacement Regression of Distributed Surface Rupturing for Reverse Earthquakes

Ridgecrest quake shook tall LA buildings up to 4 times more than expected

The end of the drought in western New South Wales has transformed a little-known wetland into an oasis for Australia’s wildlife

Drivers of Change in National Disaster Governance under the Hyogo Framework for Action

Airplane COVID-19 risk ‘very low’ with masks, other actions, report finds

Why disastrous floods are taking place in Karachi and what is needed for this to change

Emergency management

Twin storms drive Southeast Asia floods as a third approaches

Eastern Africa Floods: Humanitarian Snapshot (October 2020)

Pandemic to Prosperity: Chronicling the Path from Response to Recovery

Global Emergency Services Action

Health Impacts of Wildfire Smoke

Who is responsible for the West’s wildfires?

Experts To Western States: Time To Finally Fight Wildfires With More Fire

Mississippi after Katrina: Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction on the Gulf Coast

Disaster education, communications and engagement

This startup wants to help you prepare for America’s next disaster

Here’s what you need to know about La Niña 2020/21

Resilience Card Game

School resources – Big Weather (and how to survive it)!/topic/3710253/big-weather-and-how-to-survive-it

Citizen Scientists Make History In The Quest To Cure Coronavirus

The Role of Social Media in Disaster Recovery Following Hurricane Harvey

A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air

Rockd Mobile App Demo

Psychology and disasters

Trust and Compassion in Willingness to Share Mobility and Sheltering Resources in Evacuations: A Case Study of the 2017 and 2018 California Wildfires

Covid-19: Suicidal thoughts increased in young adults during lockdown, UK study finds

Sociology and disasters

COVID-19: how lockdowns affected health access in African and Asian slums

Four myths about gender and disaster risk reduction

Population dynamics and natural hazard risk management: conceptual and practical linkages for the case of Austrian policy making

Making Rotterdam’s First Resilient Neighborhood through Social Cohesion

Coronavirus pandemic deepens Japan’s demographic crisis

Individual and community behavioral responses to natural disasters

Bolivia’s forest people burned by ‘perfect recipe’ for wildfire disasters

Why African cities should have engaged non-state actors in the fight against COVD-19


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