Today in disaster resilience (23 October 2020)

Please find below a list of links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Hyderabad rains trigger flash floods in Baba Nagar area, rescue teams at spot

Slovakia – Floods Cause Fatality and Prompt Evacuations

Togo – Thousands Affected by Oti River Floods in North

Conditions at Nyiragongo volcano suggest another disaster is brewing, DR Congo

At least 90 dead, 32 missing and 5 million affected as more floods and landslides hit central Vietnam

Severe floods claim 47 lives, damage more than 900 000 ha of crops in Maharashtra, India

At least 12 people dead after heavy rains trigger flooding in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Flood death toll in Cambodia rises to 25

Hyderabad floods: Six dead in 24 hours, over 37,000 families affected

India – Over 60 Dead After More Rain and Floods Hit Telangana

Thailand – Thousands Affected by Floods

Cambodia – Floods Affect Over 240,000 in 19 Provinces

Kenya – Rain Triggers Deadly Landslide in West Pokot

Vietnam – More Than 100 Lives Lost in Central Region Floods and Landslides

Nigeria – 155 Dead, 25,000 Displaced After Weeks of Flooding

Indonesia – Hundreds Displaced After Heavy Rain in West and Central Areas

Catastrophic floods hit Vietnam and Cambodia, killing at least 132 people,-cambodia/12796996

Philippines – Tropical Storm “Saudel” Prompts Evacuations

Portugal – Rain From Storm Barbara Triggers Flash Floods

Ireland – Tidal Floods Hit County Cork

Greece – Flood Rescues in Crete

‘It was a pretty good shaker’: 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Pacific Ocean prompts short-lived tsunami scare for Alaska, Hawaii

“Lots of structure loss” after East Troublesome fire’s explosion into Grand Lake; blaze is threatening Estes Park

Volcanic activity worldwide 21 Oct 2020: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl

Mozambique – Storms and Floods Leave 22 Dead, Thousands Affected

Kenya – Lake Floods Displace Thousands, Damage Livelihoods

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Urban adaptation in Europe: how cities and towns respond to climate change

‘We need to act now’ — Major NZ climate report shows worse fire risk, warmer winters already here–major-nz-climate-report-shows-worse-fire-risk-warmer-winters-already-here

Our atmosphere and climate 2020 is the latest in a series of environmental reports produced by the Ministry for the Environment and Stats NZ

Alaska’s new climate threat: tsunamis linked to melting permafrost

Rewild to mitigate the climate crisis, urge leading scientists

Are climate scientists being too cautious when linking extreme weather to climate change?

The Arctic is in a death spiral. How much longer will it exist?

For many climate change finally hits home

Bushfire royal commission will fail if it does not recommend reducing emissions: Former fire chief

Coal regions advised to look to renewables for jobs growth as IEA report highlights falling demand

If Past Is a Guide, Arctic Could Be Verging on Permafrost Collapse

‘Uninhabitable hell’: Climate change and disease threaten millions, UN warns

Exxon’s Plan for Surging Carbon Emissions Revealed in Leaked Documents

Driver of the largest mass extinction in the history of the Earth identified

California megafires rise exponentially as global heating takes the gloves off

Strong governance, reduced risks: Reducing climate change effects and risks in Bosnia and Herzegovina by identifying opportunities and turning knowledge into action

Modeling the cascading infrastructure impacts of climate change

Pekalongan flood risk and impact assessment predicts 90% of the city will be inundated by 2035: how is climate change impacting Indonesia?

Australian outback cattle station to house world’s largest solar farm, powering Singapore

Wind climbs to the top of the renewable mountain in the US

Climate impact induced crisis in Europe: An exploration of scenarios

Colorado’s record-breaking wildfires show “climate change is here and now”

Alarm as Arctic sea ice not yet freezing at latest date on record

Disaster risk reduction

Forecast-based financing in southern Africa – the future of Disaster Risk Reduction for the humanitarian sector

Governance at the heart of transformative disaster risk reduction

Asia-Pacific Regional Framework for NATECH (natural hazards triggering technological disasters) risk management

Case Study: Non-structural mitigation in Turkey

The flood resilience measurement for communities: Sources of resilience overview

Moving? 6 Questions To Ask About Flood Risk In A Changing Climate

How probable is widespread flooding in the United States?

Landslide risk in India

MP supports call for comprehensive flood action plan

Flood risk and public health: An unlikely partnership in the fight against COVID-19

The CDRI Fellowship Programme supports research focused on urban, rural or regional contexts, whether it is focused on resilience of existing infrastructure or new infrastructure

Stressed out volcanoes more likely to collapse and erupt, study finds,-study-finds

Worsening floods in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island linked to oil palm plantations

NSW bushfire survivor tries cultural burn as Willawarrin community prepares for summer

Hurricane-Resistant Building Code Helped Protect Alabama from Sally’s Winds

Dredging rivers not the answer to flooding in Clare say Council

Insuring public buildings, contents, vehicles, and equipment against disasters: Current practices of state and local government and options for closing the insurance gap

Inundation monitoring service in the Philippines

Why invest in resilience?

Inspiring individuals who reduce disaster risk

Scientists improve model of landslide-induced tsunami

NASA researchers help analyze a historically powerful, costly storm

Complex event resilience of small- and medium-sized enterprises: Natural disaster planning during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to enhance resilience of populations at local and national level

Insurance Australia Group has dropped its support for a NSW government proposal to raise the Warragamba Dam wall

Living In Harm’s Way: Why Most Flood Risk Is Not Disclosed

World on fire 2020: Experts explain the global wildfire crisis

Emergency management

Contingency Planning Guide

Resilient Leadership: Learning from crisis – an experiment in reflective learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

What developing countries can teach us about how to respond to a pandemic

Government extends £5,000 grant scheme for flood-hit homes

WHO reform: a call for an early-warning protocol for infectious diseases

Coronavirus Victoria: Melbourne makes world history crushing second wave

Firefighters prepare for the worst this bushfire season as Kangaroo Island rebuilds

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Undisclosed: Most Homebuyers And Renters Aren’t Warned About Flood Or Wildfire Risk

New research reveals the hidden danger of sweltering heat at Western Sydney schools

The ‘I Survived’ Books Are Perfect Reads For An Anxious Age

Resources for International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

New study highlights the role of risk communication in coping with COVID-19

More than 4 billion people around the world now use social media each month

Communicating with maps

How COVID-19 changed community engagement in South Africa’s low income areas

Psychology and disasters

Pandemic fatigue – Reinvigorating the public to prevent COVID-19

“I just want it to end.” Life on the Colorado wildfire frontlines

Sociology and disasters

Why should local disaster-risk-reduction-strategies wear gender lens for girls’ safety?

Protection for the rich, retreat for the poor

Vulnerability to poverty following extreme weather events in Malawi

How flooding impacts poverty in Zimbabwe

Belonging and inclusivity make a resilient future for all: A cross-sectional analysis of post-flood social capital in a diverse Australian rural community

Trust and Compassion in Willingness to Share Mobility and Sheltering Resources in Evacuations: A Case Study of the 2017 and 2018 California Wildfires


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