Today in disaster resilience (11 September 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Sudan declares state of emergency from floods

Flood kills four, destroys 5200 houses in Kano

California Sets Record With 2M Acres Burned So Far This Year

Creek Fire: Helicopters rescue dozens of trapped California campers

Sudan: Dozens dead, thousands of homes destroyed by floods

Nigeria: Flood of Tears, As Homes, Farmlands Get Washed Away

Senegal – State of Emergency After Deadly Floods

West Africa – Floods Hit Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana

El Dorado Fire: Massive Wall Of Flames Forces More Evacuations

River Nile in Sudan at highest levels since records began

34 injured, dozens of buildings damaged or destroyed after M5.1 earthquake hits Iran

West Africa – More Floods in Niger, Death Toll Rises in Burkina Faso

Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Sep 2020: Semeru volcano, Reventador, Sangay, Sakurajima, Sabancaya

Deadly flash floods paralyze north Algeria, more than 800 homes inundated

200 000 people homeless after severe floods hit Far North, Cameroon

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate change and the tyranny of psychological distance

South Africa: National climate change adaptation strategy

What is effective climate adaptation? Case studies from the Least Developed Countries

‘Catastrophic’ fire weather conditions in the NT spark fresh calls for gamba grass action

Arctic Wildfires Have Never Released This Much Carbon Dioxide

Projected changes in persistent extreme summer weather events: The role of quasi-resonant amplification

Climate change: Greenland’s ice faces melting ‘death sentence’

Australia’s main grid hits new renewable energy record of 50.4 per cent

Challenges for drought assessment in the Mediterranean region under future climate scenarios

Australian coal plants ‘on a hiding to nothing’ and likely to close before schedule

Young activists take 33 countries to court in bid to step up climate change fight

Bering Sea winter ice shrank to its lowest level in 5,500 years in 2018

Human contribution to the record-breaking June and July 2019 heatwaves in Western Europe

Monitoring and evaluation of national adaptation policies throughout the policy cycle

IAG has partnered with the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) on a new report, Severe Weather in a Changing Climate

From 100 Degrees To Snow, Colorado’s Dramatic Weather Forecast Could Be One For The National Record Books

Rapid worldwide growth of glacial lakes since 1990

New models predict El Niño rise

Building coastal resilience in Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Colombia: country experiences with mainstreaming climate adaptation

Earth may temporarily pass dangerous 1.5℃ warming limit by 2024, major new report says

Extreme summer impacts ice shelves and glaciers

Arctic warming: are record temperatures and fires arriving earlier than scientists predicted?

A review of estimating population exposure to sea-level rise and the relevance for migration

Climrisk-river: Accounting for local river flood risk in estimating the economic cost of climate change

Huge cavities threaten glacier larger than Great Britain

US report warns climate change could create economic chaos

Disaster risk reduction

Greater prevention and “Building Back Better” post-COVID

The Cost of Wildfires

Extreme precipitation events always occurred, but are they changing?

Global fire outlook not good news, but mitigation is possible, analysis shows

10 years since the Darfield earthquake rocked New Zealand: what have we learned?

1D/2D stormwater modelling to support urban flood risk management in estuarine areas

Building community resilience through modern model building codes

Community resilience benchmarks: buildings benchmark

Flood Risk Management in England

Why has the Top End of the NT been experiencing ‘catastrophic’ fire conditions in 2020?

Lower Nazeing Property Flood Resilience

Preparing for massive earthquake in the Pacific Northwest

Following the Odisha example for developing community based disaster management in India

Current flood risk management practices in Ghana: Gaps and opportunities for improving resilience

Special report: natural catastrophes

Resilient cities critical infrastructure interdependence: a meta-research

Last season’s climate catastrophes cost insurers $5.4b

Advancing digitalization in DRR and development programs in COVID-19 times

Climate and disaster risk insurance in low income countries: reflections on the importance of indicators and frameworks for monitoring performance and impact

UCF researchers are developing models to predict storm surges

Compound natural disasters in Australia: a historical analysis

Developing an impact library for forecasting surface water flood risk

Flood mitigation measures in an era of evolving flood risk

Floodplain losses and increasing flood risk in the context of recent historic land use changes and settlement developments: Austrian case studies

Optimization-based decision-making models for disaster recovery and reconstruction planning of transportation networks

FEMA Flood Map updates

Emergency management

Policymakers should pre-plan for earthquake cordon use, Otago research

Mass Sheltering and Disasters Special Collection

Flood prone communities in Bangladesh are struggling to cope with monsoon and Coronavirus impacts

An optimal scenario for the emergency solution to protect Hanoi Capital from the Red River floodwater using Van Coc Lake

Interim observations: The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements

Survey finds 71 per cent of koala populations died in some NSW fires

Did Europe Make a Mistake Reopening Its Borders?

Terrifying images of California’s wildfires show firefighters tackling the flames

Coronavirus World Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Outbreak

USA: mapping a wildfire’s next move is getting easier, thanks to computers

On the frontline: The roles of pharmacists in disasters

Sudan floods threaten ancient archaeological gem

Disaster education, communications and engagement

South East Europe gets new flash flood App

Assessing policy preferences amongst climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction stakeholders using serious gaming

Disaster-Resilient Communication Ecosystem in an Inclusive Society – A case of foreigners in Japan

Disaster Resources from the National Academies

Flood Resilience: Preparedness and Recovery Collection

The “Rising Risk” docuseries explores how those rising sea levels will play out in the lower Manhattan of the late 21st century–/6390277/

Forecasting for a Fractured Land: A Case Study of the Communication and Use of Aftershock Forecasts from the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura Earthquake in Aotearoa New Zealand

McKinney’s Office of Emergency Management offering free disaster preparedness kits

Psychology and disasters

Insights into behavior during Chimney Tops 2 Fire could improve evacuation planning

68% of US adults have pursued three or more of the six basic preparedness actions

Wildfires: Can we adapt to live with them?

Sociology and disasters

COVID-19 will widen poverty gap between women and men, new data shows

Racist housing policies have created some oppressively hot neighborhoods

Bangladesh: compound risks of COVID-19 and floods driving more people into poverty

Translocal social capital as a resource for community-based responses to coastal flooding – Evidence from urban and rural areas on Java, Indonesia

Laura: The Latest Climate Disaster for Low-Income Americans


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