Today in disaster resilience (4 September 2020)

Recent emergencies/disasters

Devastating debris flows in Charikar, Afghanistan

Death toll up to 16 for Hurricane Laura

Pakistan – 19 Dead After Heavy Rainfall Triggers Floods in North

Typhoon Maysak could become one of South Korea’s strongest typhoons on record

Maharashtra’s Vidarbha hit by floods, over 18000 evacuated

17 Dead, Over 10,000 Houses Damaged In Odisha Floods

Flooding soaks South Asia, displacing millions during Covid-19 woes

Landslide, floods from monsoon rains kill at least 41 in India, Nepal

Severe flood death toll at 251, more than 5 million affected and wide swaths of crops lost, Bangladesh

Record flooding leaves 93 fatalities, 80 000 homes damaged and 380 000 people affected in Sudan

Mexico – Rainfall From Storm Hernán Causes Flooding in Jalisco and Colima

Typhoons Maysak and Haishen may deal South Korea a one-two punch

Chad – Floods Displace 120,000

India – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Maharashtra and Gujarat

Volcanic activity worldwide 3 Sep 2020: Pacaya volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador

North Korea’s east coast hit with damaging typhoon and floods, state TV shows

Nepal – 12 Dead, 41 Missing After Floods and Landslides in Baglung

Pakistan – 30 Dead After More Flash Floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province

North Korea – Rain From Typhoon Maysak Triggers Flooding in Eastern Areas

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Low-tech solutions plus improved coordination for climate resilience in coastal Bangladesh

2019 monitoring report on the German strategy for adaptation to climate change

Adaptation to climate change: Does traditional ecological knowledge hold the key?

We need a paradigm shift to deal with loss and damage from climate change

Hurricane Laura jumped from Category 1 to Category 4 in a day. Here’s why hurricanes are now stronger, wetter, and more frequent

US adapts to climate threats with drastic shift in flood strategy

Satellite images show rapid growth of glacial lakes worldwide

Australian greenhouse gas emissions fall to lowest level since 1998 under Covid restrictions

Climate change may make extreme hurricane rainfall 5 times more likely, study says

Everything Is Unprecedented. Welcome To Your Hotter Earth

Future Warming and Intensification of Precipitation Extremes: A “Double Whammy” Leading to Increasing Flood Risk in California

Phoenix hits 50th day of 110 degrees; previous record ‘obliterated’

Climate and disaster resilience

Influx of renewables sees coal power plants run well below capacity, increasing chance of closures

Queen of the Dolomites glacier could vanish within 15 years

Ice Sheet Melting Is Perfectly in Line With Our Worst-Case Scenario, Scientists Warn

California is burning. It’s time to demand an end to the climate crisis

How Climate Change is Causing Urban Flooding in Nigeria

South Africa: environment, forestry and fisheries on approval of the country’s national climate change adaptation strategy

Disasters must be unusual or deadly to prompt local climate policy change

India: the surprisingly difficult task of measuring sea-level rise

Wind And Solar Now Generate One-Tenth Of Global Electricity

A post-Laura heat wave has no name

The Story of CO2: Big Ideas for a Small Molecule

The UK needs a ‘national heat risk strategy’

Climate change-fueled weather disasters: Costs to state and local economies

European wildfire danger and vulnerability under a changing climate: towards integrating risk dimensions

Heat resilience cities: measuring benefits of urban heat adaptation: methodology note for the tool development

National laws for enhancing flood resilience in the context of climate change: potential and shortcomings

New Zealand experiences warmest winter on record

Disaster risk reduction

Uganda: Enhancing management of Upper Nile riverine systems

Fires threaten the Amazon once again. What have we learned?

U.S. flood strategy shifts to ‘unavoidable’ relocation of entire neighborhoods

Building urban resilience with nature-based solutions: How can urban planning contribute?

ICT for Disaster Risk Management

Why extreme floods are more common than you might think

Understanding Risk BC 2020 – Online Symposium for Risk Reduction Strategies

The Le Teil earthquake provides new insights on seismic risk in France and Western Europe

Bangladesh: Time to develop a reliable flood forecasting model

U.S.: Hurricane Laura was the latest storm to strengthen fast, but is rapid intensification really becoming more common?

Scientists unlock crops’ power to resist floods

Chennai: Civic body gets monsoon-ready with rain gauges, flood sensors
How to protect communities from disasters – what research tells us

Artificial intelligence algorithm predicts slow earthquakes

Setting an agenda for entrepreneurial governments: A global baseline assessment of Disaster Risk Reduction investment

El Nino lulls lead to harsh floods, fires and droughts: study

Too heartbreaking to leave, too expensive to stay: Louisiana coastal communities left in limbo

Poor planning, civic apathy and huge floods – it’s the same story from Karachi to Kolkata

A big step for flood forecasts in India and Bangladesh

A panacea for India’s flood woes – lost and forgotten

Aqueduct Floods is an online platform that measures riverine and coastal flood risks under both current base-line conditions and future projections in 2030, 2050, and 2080

Disaster Risk Reduction in Cities: Towards a New Normal

Emergency management

Biloxi’s 15-year recovery from Hurricane Katrina offers lessons for other coastal cities

Satellite imagery reveals, in precise detail, extent of NSW bushfire destruction across Black Summer

Battle weary: as fire season looms, volunteers still coping with the last one

Before and after satellite images show widespread destruction from Hurricane Laura

2019 global natural disaster assessment report

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

Record floods threaten nuclear power site in Bangladesh

New Red Cross Red Crescent-UK Met Office guide to ‘impact-based forecasting’ for early humanitarian action

Sudan: UN Agencies Support Flood Response in Sudan but Warn Aid Stocks ‘Rapidly’ Depleting

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Earthquake detection and early alerts, now on your Android phone® integrates flood factor data, helps shoppers understand flood risk

More bushfires, less volcanoes: Young Australians need to learn about more relevant disasters

#30days30waysUK aims to inspire and empower people to be ready for a wide range of risks like flooding, fire and power cuts

Are you Flood Ready? Test your knowledge of floods and flood readiness

September is recognized as National Preparedness Month

Facebook joins with Mekong River Commission to raise awareness about flood and drought in the Mekong

Principles of Geology

In rural Bangladesh, a journey to school-led disaster risk reduction begins

Psychology and disasters

Reducing hydro-meteorological risk by nature-based solutions: What do we know about people’s perceptions?

COVID-19 and the consequences of cascading and compounding disasters

‘It was a feeling of terror: when will the water stop?’: Britain’s flood victims, six months on

Sociology and disasters

Resilience in the Pacific and the Caribbean: The Local Construction of Disaster Risk Reduction

5 ways to help take racism out of disaster recovery

Can extreme events be an opportunity? Depopulation and resilience of rural communities in Central Italy after the 1997 earthquake

Low-income households should be prioritized after disaster strikes

High-resolution human mobility data reveal race and wealth disparities in disaster evacuation patterns

How Japan Stumbled into a Pandemic Miracle

Closing the gaps: Advancing disaster preparedness, response and recovery for older adults


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