Today in disaster resilience (21 August 2020)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Record-breaking heat wave fueling wildfires in the West

Several lives lost, tens of thousands affected by floods in Sudan

India – Deadly Flash Floods in Jaipur, Rajasthan

More than 100,000 acres are now burning Colorado as fire near Fraser quickly grows

India – Floods in Telangana Prompt Evacuations and Rescues

Heavy Rain Hits Yangtze River Again, Inundating Cities and Leaving Many Homeless

India – Thousands Evacuate as Floods Affect Andhra Pradesh, Worsen in Telangana

Fast-moving fire in north-east NSW marks first big blaze of the season

California fires: Bay Area hit by blazes forcing thousands to evacuate

Hundreds evacuated in B.C.’s Okanagan, wildfire service battles blazes

Sichuan activates the highest level of flood control response for the first time on record, China

Sudan: Dozens dead, thousands of homes destroyed by floods

Bangladesh – 167,000 Families Still Displaced by Floods Says UN

Nepal – 6 Dead, 11 Missing After Floods in Achham

Uganda – 1 Dead, 800 Homes Damaged After Floods in Bundibugyo

Cameroon – Floods in Far North Leave Over 5,000 Homeless

Volcanic activity worldwide 20 Aug 2020: Etna volcano, Fuego, Kerinci, Reventador, Sinabung


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Sea-Level Rise Could Make Rivers More Likely to Jump Course

Typhoons Getting Stronger, Making Landfall More Often

Heatwaves often end with spectacular thunderstorms and lethal floods – but where and when they’ll strike is hard to predict

Is heavy rainfall the new norm? What caused the heavy rains in October – December 2019?

Climate change projected to increase seasonal east African rainfall

Keeping it local: Activating the power of community for climate resilience in Bangladesh

UK infrastructure inadequate for climate emergency, experts warn

‘Extreme’ glacier loss events linked to human-caused climate change for first time

Will 2020 Be the Hottest Year on Record?

We may have broken the Earth’s high-temperature record today

Dynamic ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet driven by sustained glacier retreat

Manila-Based Team Designs Floating Homes Capable of Adapting to Changing Ocean Conditions

‘Extremely active’ hurricane season possible for Atlantic Basin

Lack of historical disaster data a thing of the past for Cambodia

Some California cities think they’re safe from sea level rise. They’re not, new data show

The world’s biggest waves: How climate change could trigger large landslides and ‘mega-tsunamis’

The U.S. Needs to Address Its Climate Migration Problem

The causes of sea-level rise since 1900

August brings fierce heat to Europe and storms to Atlantic

How dangerous heat waves can kill

Climate risk and response in Asia

Greenland’s ice sheet melted away at record levels in 2019, scientists fear it will continue

National Farmers Federation calls for Australia to reduce net emissions to zero by 2050

Climate stripes reusable face mask


Disaster risk reduction

Benefit versus cost analysis and optimal cost effective mitigation strategies

Earthquake mitigation of WA regional towns: York case study

Flood risk in past and future: A case study for the Pawtuxet River’s record‐breaking March 2010 flood event

Integrating forecast based action in an existing early warning system: Learning the context

Rethinking data‐driven decision support in flood risk management for a big data age

Corps should include nature-based and equitable solutions to flooding in Miami

Six strategies for creating flood resilient environments

How much should we invest to prevent the next pandemic?

New research will improve early warning of devastating megastorms

Rare ‘boomerang’ earthquake observed along Atlantic Ocean fault line

Mumbai floods every year during monsoon, but this year has been different

15 years after Katrina: Would we be prepared today?

Beledweyne: Working paper on flood risk and urban resilience

A New Tool for Tracking Amazon Fires


Emergency management

Learning lessons from resilience and peacebuilding programs in the Horn of Africa

Victims of Storm Dennis floods can’t return to their homes six months on

July 2020 issue of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management

The Local Economic Recovery (LER) Program aims to support projects that contribute to local and regional economic and social recovery in areas most severely impacted by the 2019 Queensland Bushfires

In the midst of the global pandemic, Caribbean countries are preparing for the brunt of an Atlantic hurricane season that is more menacing than usual

A man was rescued Monday by an Indian Air Force helicopter after being stuck in the middle of raging floodwater for 16 hours

South Asia counts losses from devastating monsoon floods

Australia (assisting state) disaster management reference handbook 2020


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Land and geospatial information, a cornerstone to improve community resilience

Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience Handbook

By planning, preparing, and making your property more resistant and resilient, you can aim to reduce the impact of flooding to yourself and your property

Safe back to school: A practitioner’s guide

Launch of a quick risk estimation tool to help small businesses understand their risk

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2020

Young people want better disaster education after Black Summer fires


Psychology and disasters

Personal account of Australian bushfires

Flood risk perceptions and coping capacities among the retired population, with implications for risk communication: A study of residents in a north Wales coastal town, UK


Sociology and disasters

Access to age-assistive technology: A resilience building measure for older people

Hazards, culture and indigenous communities: Socio-institutional modules for utilisation

The (in)visible victims of disaster: Understanding the vulnerability of undocumented Latino/a and indigenous immigrants

Interplay between Social Support Tie Formations and Subjective Mental Health Conditions in a Community Currency System in Japanese Disaster-Affected Communities: Double-Edged Phenomena

Amazon fires trap farmers into poverty – and into setting more fires

Urban Heatwaves Are Worse For Low-Income Neighborhoods

To understand how disasters relate to conflict and peace, reframe the starting point

Five ways coronavirus is deepening global inequality

Identifying societal challenges in flood early warning systems


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