Today in disaster resilience (14 August 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Evacuations Ordered For Pine Gulch Fire, Now 7% Contained

India – Torrential Rains Trigger Deadly Landslide in Kerala

Trinidad and Tobago – Floods and Landslides After 120mm of Rain in 9 Hours

Greece – Deadly Flash Floods in Evia

NSW south coast: Towns evacuated, flash flood warnings issued due to heavy rain

Pakistan – Homes Destroyed, 8 Dead After Floods in Balochistan and Sindh Provinces

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano erupts twice in three days

South Korea floods, landslides kill dozens, displace thousands

Nigeria – 4 Dead, 15,000 Displaced After Floods in North

Panama – 11 Killed in Flash Floods

Spain – Flash Floods in Andalusia After 46mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Mexico – Deadly Landslides and Floods in Veracruz

Volcanic activity worldwide 13 Aug 2020: Fuego volcano, Kerinci, Reventador, Sangay, Sinabung

3 months of rain in 20 minutes: Flood batters house, drowns the streets of Spain’s Seville

Europe – Storms Cause Flash Flooding and Landslides in UK, France and Italy

South Sudan – Thousands Displaced by Floods as Rivers Overflow

Mali – Over 1,100 Homes Destroyed by Floods


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate change and wildfires: Projecting future wildfire potential

Climate change: Frequency of extreme droughts across Europe predicted to rise

UK weather: 36.4C recorded on hottest August day for 17 years

Melting Antarctic Ice

Can TV affect our attitudes to climate change and carbon emissions?

Images show massive Antarctic change in just 9 days

This giant climate hot spot is robbing the West of its water

In tackling the global climate crisis, doom and optimism are both dangerous traps

Global death rate from rising temperatures projected to surpass the current death rate of all infectious diseases combined

‘Worst-case’ global warming scenario still best guide until 2050, study says

From CMIP-3 to CMIP-6: Northern Hemisphere atmospheric blocking simulation in present and future climate

Climate change and the preparedness of Canadian provinces and territories to limit flood risk

Re-balancing climate services to inform climate-resilient planning – A conceptual framework and illustrations from sub-Saharan Africa

State of the Climate in 2019

Last decade was Earth’s hottest on record as climate crisis accelerates

Ethiopia’s response to climate change and gender

Milne Ice Shelf: Satellites capture Arctic ice split

End of Arctic sea ice by 2035 possible, study finds

Warming Greenland ice sheet passes point of no return


Disaster risk reduction

Nepal’s deadly landslides explained

Stanford researchers project regionwide commute disruption with Bay Area coastal flooding

Background Paper: Cultural burning practices in Australia

Background Paper: Land management – hazard reduction: a literature review

Biennial report on the Programme of Action for the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 in Africa

Natural disasters 2019: Now is the time to not give up

Urban planning capabilities for bushfire: Treatment categories and scenario testing

Invest more in predicting the future to be better prepared, say experts

Multi-hazard risk assessment at community level integrating local and scientific knowledge in the Hodh Chargui

Nature-based solutions for adapting to water-related climate risks

Warragamba Dam environment plan ‘not valid’, government agency finds

‘$500 million on bugger all’: mayor queries dam benefit

Prescribed Burning in Australasia

Britain’s disappearing coastline: ‘Right now we abandon people’

We must not wait for the next ammonium nitrate blast – solutions exist to improve safety

Museums and disaster risk reduction: building resilience in museums

Perception on the consequences and flood losses: a study applied in Pinhais, Paraná (Brazil)

Tsunami alert efficiency in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: The 2 May 2020 Earthquake (Mw6.6) and near-field tsunami south of Crete (Greece)

US hurricane experts predict ‘extremely active’ storm season

Warragamba Dam raising slammed

Why China’s catastrophic floods will barely dent its economy

Perspectives on flood insurance demand outside the 100-year floodplain

The effects of the 2010-11 Queensland floods on individual income: a case study on the Brisbane River catchment area

The effects of the Black Saturday bushfires on individual income

Multivariate remotely sensed and in-situ data assimilation for enhancing community WRF-Hydro model forecasting

The Aftermath of Hurricane María on Puerto Rican Small-Scale Fisheries

A human-driven decline in global burned area

Bristol engineers help make Nepal’s schools earthquake-resistant

Scoping the potential for earthquake early warning in Aotearoa New Zealand: A sectoral analysis of perceived benefits and challenges


Emergency management

Inclusive data on disaster displacement must include indigenous peoples

Tsunami warning and mitigation systems to protect coastal communities: tsunami early warning and mitigation system in the North-Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and connected seas

Social media data and housing recovery following extreme natural hazards

How New Zealand got rid of coronavirus as it keeps spreading across the world

Whose views matter in post-disaster recovery? A case study of “build back better” in Tacloban City after Typhoon Haiyan

The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away

The Channon community adapts bushfire-fighting skills to create COVID-19 response

Google is creating a worldwide, Android phone-powered earthquake alert system

Real-time lessons on COVID-19 and US hurricane response: What we’ve learned from Hanna and Isaias

Guidelines for tsunami response during COVID-19

Rebuilding resilient homeland: an NGO-led post-Lushan earthquake experimental reconstruction program

New Zealand suspects ‘some failure at the border’ after COVID-19 returns

Wildfires: Australia needs national monitoring agency

Strengthening disaster management policy in Pacific Island countries: Policy reform for disaster preparedness

UNESCO rallies international community to safeguard Beirut’s cultural life and heritage


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Disaster memorial events for increasing awareness and preparedness: 150 years since the Arica tsunami in Aotearoa-New Zealand

Rocket’s Earthquake Safety Activity Book

Developing post-alert messaging for ShakeAlert, the earthquake early warning system for the West Coast of the United States of America

Special Issue Call for Papers on Disaster, Infrastructure, and Participatory Knowledge


Psychology and disasters

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for Disaster Responders in Southeast Asia


Sociology and disasters

Measuring Community Disaster Resilience in the Conterminous Coastal United States

Impact of Cyclone Idai on the poorest in Malawi

The role of social capital on proactive and reactive resilience of organizations post-disaster


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