Today in disaster resilience (14 February 2020)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Storms, flooding and power cuts hit NSW

Flooding, road closures and evacuations amid heavy rain in Queensland’s South East and Darling Downs

Brazil – Torrential Rain Triggers Floods in São Paulo

UK and Ireland – Rivers Overflow After Heavy Rain From Storm Ciara

Tanzania – Floods in 4 Regions Leave at Least 40 Dead, Thousands Displaced

South Africa – Floods Cause Havoc in Johannesburg and Gauteng

Severe floods hit Sao Paulo, Pinheiros river at highest level in 15 years, Brazil

Deadly winter storm spawns 19 tornadoes, causes major flooding and power outages, affecting 300 000 across Eastern U.S.

Powerful windstorm wreaks havoc across northwestern Europe, causes widespread disruption and flooding

Rare snowfall blankets Baghdad for the second time in more than 100 years, Iraq

Indonesia – Thousands Hit by Floods in Jakarta and South Sumatra Province

Australia – Evacuations in New South Wales After Days of Heavy Rain

High water levels are wreaking havoc in the Great Lakes, swamping communities

Bolivia – Floods Hit La Paz and Potosí Departments

Burundi – Floods Destroy Homes and Displace 11,000

Volcanic activity worldwide 13 Feb 2020: Santiaguito volcano, Pacaya, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Merapi

Australia – Floods in Southern Queensland as Rivers Rise

Peru – Homes Destroyed After Floods in Luyando, Huánuco Department


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

West Australia grid officially hits more than 50% renewables for first time

Fires and floods: maps of Europe predict scale of climate catastrophe

Greenland Rising: The Future of Greenland’s Waterfront

Deforested parts of Amazon ’emitting more CO2 than they absorb’

With sufficient investment and strategic deployment, carbon dioxide removal and storage can play a key role in keeping global warming to a level we can live with

We’re facing a climate crisis but there is good news

Southern California Climate Change over 100,000 Years

There Are Rivers in the Sky Drenching the U.S. Because of Climate Change

Preparing for climate change

US cities at risk of sea level inundation

Burning gas, coal and oil costs global economy $8bn a day and particularly harms children

Marshall Islands, Suriname, Norway upgrade climate plans before Cop26

‘Climigration’: when communities must move because of climate change

Pine Island Glacier’s Newest Iceberg

Inside Australia’s climate emergency: the new fire zone

Who will bear the financial risk of climate-related disasters?

In the span of 141 years of climate records, there has never been a warmer January than last month

How to achieve climate goals: try this tool

Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record

Partisan gap on dealing with climate change gets even wider

‘Business as usual’ on climate change will cost Australia $29 billion a year

Climate change: Bangkok, Amsterdam and Melbourne ‘face greatest global warming risk’

2050 Climate Change City Index


Disaster risk reduction

Starting (and Stopping) a Fire to Study It

With Australia’s Hillsides Stripped Bare By Fire, Scientists Rush To Predict Mudflows

Salt marshes or sea walls? Preventing coastal flooding in the UK

Coronavirus ‘could infect 60% of global population if unchecked’

Flood-prone residents moving closer to relocation

Proposed amendment to the Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme relating to the region-wide management of flood risk

Canada needs to up its game when it comes to flood maps, says a national group of professional appraisers, as the climate crisis distorts property values across the country

Flood Management in Aqala through an Agent-Based Solution and Crowdsourcing Services in an Enterprise Geospatial Information System

Impacts of Flooding in North-east Scotland

Flood defences not strong enough to protect UK’s towns, warn experts in aftermath of Storm Ciara

Using remarkability to define coastal flooding thresholds

MPs condemn flood defence failures as more rain forecast

Lidar for Floodplain Models: A Project in Florida

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

The 2019-20 bushfires: a CSIRO explainer

Insurance premiums rising after long summer of bushfires, storms and floods

Modeling Storm Surge Attenuation by an Integrated Nature-Based and Engineered Flood Defense System in the Scheldt Estuary (Belgium)

Understanding today’s risk critical in closing the flood protection gap

New facility to test flood prevention technology


Emergency management

Authorities plan emergency and safety measures as seismic activity continues at new underwater volcano near Mayotte

A man has been rescued from rising floodwaters after 10 hours clinging to a tree in Australia

Displaced by the Taal Volcano

Testing the water: flood victims take Anies to court

Australia – Insurers Receive 10,000 Claims for East Coast Floods

Bushfire deaths in Australia, 2010-2020

The role of the state in China’s post-disaster reconstruction planning: Implications for resilience

Storm Ciara – Recovery work begins after flooding in Cumbria and Lancashire

New FAO project to provide urgent support to flood victims in Rwanda

Managing the 2019 Flood Events: USACE Division Highlights | U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

All bushfires in NSW contained after a week of heavy rain


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Resources for a safer school

Flood maps don’t convince some residents that their homes will be under water

Twitter might have a better read on floods than NOAA

Monitoring flooding through peoples’ exasperated tweets

Bushfire resources for teachers
The 2019-20 bushfires: a CSIRO explainer

What is resilience?


Psychology and Disasters

Stress, financial hardship and ill-health among lasting effects of flooding, researchers find


Sociology and disasters

As sea level rises, Miami neighborhoods feel rising tide of gentrification

Climate change impacts in Bangladesh show how geography, wealth and culture affect vulnerability


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