Today in disaster resilience (7 February 2020)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Kuchinoerabujima erupts, generating long pyroclastic flows and ejecting ash up to 7 000 m (23 000 feet) a.s.l., Japan

Hundreds still cut off by floods in Milford Sound

South Africa – Heavy Rain Triggers Flash Floods in Eastern Cape

Heavy rain in B.C. causes flooding, power outages, traps 500 people at Fraser Valley ski hill

Rwanda – at Least 13 Killed in Floods and Landslides

New Zealand – Emergency Declared After Floods in Southland

Canada – Heavy Rain in British Columbia Triggers Floods and Landslides

Strombolian explosions at Fuego volcano, ash up to 4.6 km (15 000 feet) a.s.l., Guatemala

Port Lincoln to truck in sand after ‘140 Olympic swimming pools’ of rain falls on city

Floods destroy 1 746 homes, claiming 21 lives and leaving more than 15 000 homeless in southeastern Tanzania

Avalanches in eastern Turkey claim at least 38 lives, many of them first responders working under blizzard conditions

France and Luxembourg – Emergency Rescues After Rivers Rise

Malawi – Hundreds Displaced After Floods in Karonga

Zambia – More Flooding in Eastern Province Displaces 100 Households

Burundi – Over 1,000 Displaced After Heavy Rain in North West

Papua New Guinea – at Least 3 Dead After Flash Floods in Western Highlands

Deadly storm hits eastern U.S.

Volcanic activity worldwide 6 Feb 2020: Fuego volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Ibu

Australia receives bushfire reprieve with floods, battens down for cyclone

Newcastle weather: Hunter river flood warning as 30mm rainfall a day forecast for weekend


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australia’s horrific bushfires could be the catalyst that pushes the world to a mass recognition that it’s time to act

As cities are shaped by rising seas and extreme weather events, the way we work will be irrevocably altered

As the Himalayas Melt, Thousands of Dangerous Floods Could Sweep Through the Mountain Range

Dwindling Arctic Sea Ice May Affect Tropical Weather Patterns

Response to the Critical review of climate change and water modelling in Queensland

The Stunning Rise Of The Climate Voter

No huge spike in climate alarm after bushfires

Heat kills. We need consistency in the way we measure these deaths

Number of Kiwis who view climate change as an issue doubles

Earth is heating at a rate equivalent to five atomic bombs per second. Or two Hurricane Sandys

Scientists Make First-Ever Observation Of Warm Water Undercutting Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’

Climate emergency: Indonesia faces catastrophic floods, disappearing islands

Insurers concerned about climate change as bushfire claims bill tops $1.3b|2f57f0369d908c714080e2611efaa8a0

Consolidating Sea Level Acceleration Estimates from Satellite Altimetry

Ideological polarization over the reality of climate change actually increases with respondents’ knowledge of politics, science and/or energy policy

Sea-level rise ‘accelerating’ along U.S. coasts, report warns

U.S. Sea-Level Report Cards

January 2020 warmest on record: EU climate service

Bad news for coal: India lands world’s largest, super cheap solar and storage tender

Andes Meltdown: New Insights Into Rapidly Retreating Glaciers

World’s biggest iceberg makes a run for it

The climate crisis is here, and right now, in Australia, it’s speaking to us in the language of smoke and fire

Climate, extreme weather, biodiversity, food and water crises could lead to ‘systemic collapse

Permafrost Is Thawing So Fast, It’s Gouging Holes in the Arctic


Disaster risk reduction

Hong Kong researchers develop vaccine for coronavirus

This is how much severe weather claims could cost in 10 years

Singapore preparing various contingencies as outbreak of novel coronavirus evolves

Fighting floods with ‘sponge cities’

Washed Away: How communities prepare for more frequent flooding

InSAR observations over the Taupō Volcanic Zone’s cone volcanoes: insights and challenges from the New Zealand volcano supersite

Global Wildfire Information System

Peeking at the plumbing of one of the Aleutian’s most-active volcanoes

The U.S. Army Corps will study how to improve the vast flood control systems along the lower reaches of the Missouri River

A new book shows how we can adapt the built and natural environment to be more flood resilient in the face of climate change

Extreme weather: Business continuity and damage limitation

Flood risk and insurance cost fears highlighted for 1.8 million UK residents

Hazard reduction burning had little to no effect in slowing extreme bushfires

Generation of a global synthetic tropical cyclone hazard dataset using STORM

Australian bushfires prompt conversation about land management practices

How Europe Turned Into a Perfect Landscape for Wildfires

New data sets from the ArcticDEM project help scientists track elevation changes from natural hazards like volcanoes and landslides before, during, and long after the events

USask Professor Leads Project to Predict River Ice Jams and Reduce Risk of Flooding


Emergency management

Australian Smoke Plume Sets Records

Disasters displace more people than conflict and violence

Surf boat competitors describe becoming first responders as bushfires hit NSW south coast

When fires blazed through Northern California last fall, I looked to online maps to tell me whether my family and I were safe. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do that

Heat from helicopter’s landing light starts fire in Australia

Beyond the fires: stories of response

New Zealand floods: first ever red weather warning issued as thousands evacuated

Don’t insult or duplicate firefighter’s efforts’t-insult-or-duplicate-firefighter’s-efforts

Reflect and remember at National Memorial event

No food, no fuel, no phones: bushfires showed we’re only ever one step from system collapse


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Integrating Climate Across the Curriculum

Phreatic eruptions, tephra falls: Making sense of volcano lingo

New Zealand schools to teach students about climate crisis, activism and ‘eco anxiety’

Before and now: lived experiences of early warning systems during a flood

Find out how to develop a community wildfire protection plan

UT scientists’ fossil-finding board game is a success in classrooms

The Environment Agency identified its Long Term Flood Risk Information service (LTFRI) as a way of improving how we tell people about the risk of surface water flooding

Bushfire recovery resources online


Psychology and Disasters

The social psychology of responses to trauma: social identity pathways associated with divergent traumatic responses

Local university students examine hurricane effects on mental health in North Carolina


Sociology and disasters

How Natural Hazards Impact the Social Environment for Vulnerable Groups: An Empirical Investigation in Japan


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