Today in disaster resilience (10 January 2020)


Please find below a list of links to recent disaster resilience news…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Indonesia floods: Death toll hits 66 as more rain is expected

Israel – Flash Floods Leave 4 Dead, Dozens Rescued

Malawi – Flash Floods Affect 400 Households in Lilongwe

Bushfires destroy more property in Victoria as military, volunteers ramp up disaster relief

Southern Highlands’ Morton bushfire devastates Wingello, Bundanoon and Kangaroo Valley

Before-and-after photos show the scale of devastation on Kangaroo Island, with the world-famous Southern Ocean Lodge decimated

Puerto Rico earthquake: Punta Ventana collapses as powerful tremor hits

6.4-quake strikes Puerto Rico, killing at least 1 amid heavy seismic activity

Peru – Floods in Huanuco Hit Over 300 Families

Angola – Deadly Flash Floods in Luanda

Colombia – 1,200 Families Affected as Rivers Overflow in Chocó Department

Turkey – Torrential Rain Causes Flash Floods and Landslides in Mersin

Australian fires: Victorians urged to leave amid fears ‘heat spike’ will cause bushfires to merge

Israel – More Flash Floods After Almost 100mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Volcanic activity worldwide 9 Jan 2020: Popocatépetl volcano, Krakatau, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

This apocalyptic Australian summer is our Sandy Hook moment – if we don’t take climate action now we never will

The first systematic review finds that climate models have been remarkably accurate

The bushfire crisis has given the Government a political ‘out’ to its climate change problem

Australia Will Lose to Climate Change

Australia’s unprecedented wildfires are supercharged thanks to climate change, the type of trees catching fire and weather, experts say

A theory of adaptation to climate change. From trajectories of vulnerability to adaptation pathways

Glaciers in the Olympic Mountains could vanish by end of this century

How can we adapt to a fierier world?

Climate signals detected in global weather

Forecasted attribution of the human influence on Hurricane Florence

Weather bureau says hottest, driest year on record led to extreme bushfire season

Australia Annual climate statement 2019

In the face of extreme climate events, ASU professor to link network of groups developing nature-based solutions

The summer has seen another cyclone in Fiji and terrible fires in Australia. We don’t need to be scientists to know that something is very wrong here

Miami needs allies in its fight to survive climate change

In 2030, we ended the climate emergency. Here’s how

Experts say climate change is driving up the risk of wildfires in Canada

Decade in review: how climate change has made flooding worse


Disaster risk reduction

Health impacts of bushfires won’t be known for years, experts say

Doing more of the same on fires will not mitigate disaster impact

Bushfires scare off East Gippsland tourists as businesses face struggle to stay afloat

Calls are increasing for more “controlled burns” to cut the bushfire risk. What are they, how much is being done and do they work?

Survey results show flood insurance remains ‘big challenge’

Explainer: how effective is bushfire hazard reduction on Australia’s fires?

‘We’re going to see more of this’: Spring flooding in B.C. may be worsened by logging practices

Why wasn’t there more prescribed burning, and would it have helped?

Why so many earthquakes are rocking Puerto Rico

There’s no evidence ‘greenies’ block bushfire hazard reduction but here’s a controlled burn idea worth trying

Jakarta, the fastest sinking city in the world faces the biggest flooding challenge

Better forecast for better disaster risk management in Cox’s Bazar

Future changes in extreme weather and pyroconvection risk factors for Australian wildfires

Hazard reduction burns are not a ‘panacea’ for bushfire risk, RFS boss says

U.S. billion-dollar weather disasters doubled in last decade-report

To avert future flood chaos, Indonesian capital urged to defend nature

A better estimate of water-level rise in the Ganges delta

Jakartans to File Class Action Against City Administration for Disastrous Flood Management

Resilience planning under information scarcity in fast growing African cities and towns: The CityRAP approach

How one Iowa city is planning for a rising Mississippi River

In 2019 natural catastrophes cause overall losses of US$ 150bn, with insured losses of about US$ 52bn – In line with long-term average

USA experienced 14 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in 2019


Emergency management

NSW fires boss criticises Prime Minister Scott Morrison as blazes destroy ‘hundreds’ more homes

The evidence is many people losing their homes will find themselves unable to rebuild, due to lack of insurance

More than 5,000 insurance claims totalling $375 million have been made in relation to the Australian bushfires, including 1,600 destroyed homes

Industry ministry to help small manufacturers after flood

‘The mood is sombre’: Scientists warn of the bushfire’s lasting impacts on wildlife

Kangaroo Island shows burn scars on one third of the land mass

The bushfires are horrendous—but expect cyclones, floods and heatwaves, too

Returning to Normalcy in the Short‐Term: A Preliminary Investigation of the Recovery from Hurricane Harvey among Individuals with Home Damage

More than one billion animals killed in Australian bushfires

Ten years after Haiti earthquake, medical care is deteriorating

Indonesia’s flooded capital disinfected to fend off disease

Community ‘desperate’ for release of Lancaster flooding report four years on from Storm Desmond

In 2019, the rainy season was particularly significant and persistent in many parts of Africa. More than one million people were affected by unprecedented flooding

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Fires misinformation being spread through social media

After The Floods: creative writing

Operationalizing crowdsourcing through mobile applications for disaster management in India

Online fact-checkers confront deluge of bushfire misinformation


Psychology and Disasters

“I prepared my home as much as I could, I’ve done what I can, it’s not worth dying”

Shock, fear and sadness grip Australia’s ‘bushfire refugees’

‘I can still picture the faces’: Black Saturday firefighters want you to listen to them, not call them ‘heroes’


Sociology and disasters

Finding: Increased neighborhood ties after the disaster reduced the risk of depressive symptoms even when survivors suffered disaster damages – fostering horizontal, neighborhood ties may improve disaster preparedness and mental health resilience


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