Today in disaster resilience (20 December 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Massive fire burns from Lithgow to Central Coast in New South Wales as Western Australia emergency continues

Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate After Second Wave of Floods in Johor

France – More Floods After Storm Hits South and West

Indonesia – Deadly Floods in Central Sulawesi

Strong quake sends people out of malls in south Philippines

Heavy floods in north and east Sri Lanka displace thousands, reservoirs overflow

Two perish in floods in south-western France

Visual of spread of Gospers Mountain megafire

DR Congo – Deadly Landslide in Ituri Province

Portugal – Heavy Rain Triggers Flash Floods in Alentejo Region

Uganda – More Fatalities After Floods in Central and Eastern Regions

DR Congo – 600,000 Affected by Floods in 12 Provinces, Says UN

Iran – Hundreds of Families Hit by Flooding in Southern Provinces

Volcanic activity worldwide 19 Dec 2019: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay

Two volunteer firefighters killed in truck rollover in Buxton

Flash floods batter Devon and Cornwall, southwest England


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

UN climate talks end with limited progress on emissions targets

After recent devastating bushfires, dozens of Extinction Rebellion climate activists gathered outside Sydney’s iconic Opera House on Sunday to protest against climate change

How Africa will be affected by climate change

Temperature record could be repeatedly broken as heatwave hits Australia’s south-east, BOM says

November 2019 was the second-hottest November in the 140-year global climate record

UN climate talks: ‘The window of opportunity is open, but barely’

Climate Change Will Shrink Economies of Rich and Poor Countries Alike

Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change: A Cross-Country Analysis

For the vulnerable, UN climate talks are no longer fit for purpose

Oxford City Council commits £19m to climate emergency response

Climate change has cut Australian farm profits by 22% a year over past 20 years, report says

Carbon Market Institute survey finds 96% believe Australia should not delay transition to decarbonised economy

Cross-sector support for Victorian leadership on climate

Preparing for extreme sea levels depends on location, time, study finds

Australia experiences hottest day on record and its worst ever spring bushfire danger

Dramatically increased rate of observed hot record breaking in recent Australian temperatures

Empowering communities to adapt to climate change

Temperature hits 49.9C and roads melt in remote SA ahead of catastrophic fire conditions

2020 to be one of hottest years on record, Met Office says

How much closer to their doors must the fire burn? It’s immoral not to connect the dots

Assessing heat wave risk in cities as global warming continues

What Climate Change Tells Us about Being Human


Disaster risk reduction

White Island eruption: How Monday’s eruption transformed the face of the volcano

I went to New Zealand to understand what a huge California earthquake would look like

Managing Urban Flooding in the San Francisco Bay Area: From a Concrete Bowl to a Green Sponge

The inner Melbourne suburbs at growing risk of coastal flooding linked to climate change

Fire-starting weed or ecological scapegoat? The battle over California’s eucalyptus trees

Four large quakes in two months jolt southern Philippines

Release of the 2019 UK Flood Map update: the mapping covers river (fluvial), surface water (pluvial) and coastal flood across Great Britain and Northern Ireland at 5m resolution

Army Corps Found Liable for Upstream Houston Floods

Cork flood scheme report ‘used out of context’- UK Engineering firm

Cities like New Orleans are partnering with the Dutch Dialogues, a workshop exploring urban design principles that the Netherlands uses to prevent flooding

Flash flooding is a serious threat in the UK – here’s how scientists are tackling its prediction

Scientists fear surge in supersized bushfires that create their own violent thunderstorms


Emergency management

Former fire and emergency chiefs push for national bushfire emergency summit

Cyclone victims face bleak prospects in Mozambique resettlement sites

Australia needs a national crisis plan, and not just for bushfires

Refugees at ‘increased risk’ from extreme weather

Albania earthquake: Arrests over deaths in collapsed buildings

The Top 5 Deadliest Disasters in 2019

‘Hugely disappointed’ emergency chiefs to hold bushfire summit with or without PM

Concerns remain for children affected by floods in Somalia

NSW Premier declares state of emergency ahead of extreme bushfire conditions

How Portland’s Earthquake Preppers Are Planning for the Worst


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Citizen Science in the Post-Disaster Context

NWS makes needed changes to flash flood warnings

When ‘1-In-100-Year’ Floods Happen Often, What Should You Call Them?

The Devon Community Resilience Forum supports communities to develop their community emergency plan; a document that guides community response in an emergency and helps communities to prepare


Psychology and Disasters

Stakeholder Values in Hurricane Michael: Understanding How Value Dynamics Contribute to Collaborative Decision Making in Disasters

Resilience Under Fire: Protective Action, Attitudes, and Behaviors Evidenced in the 2018 Woolsey Fire

Symmetry Breaking in Evacuation Exit Choice: Impacts of Cognitive Bias and Physical Factor on Evacuation Decision

Australian citizens are mostly unaware of their country’s potential volcanic hazards

74% of UK drivers would risk life in flood water


Sociology and disasters

The Vulnerability Bearers

Disaster Justice for All: The Need for a More Equitable and Just Recovery Lens


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