Today in disaster resilience(21 October 2016)

Please find below some links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Current emergencies/disasters

State Of Emergency Issued For Nevada Because Of Wildfires

Deadly floods inundate central Vietnam

128 houses damaged, no one injured: Manzanita grateful, but long clean-up ahead

Thousands flee in Philippines as Typhoon Sarika causes landslides and flooding

Typhoon Sarika to unleash torrential rain in China, Vietnam following deadly flooding

Typhoon Haima is forecast to more directly impact central and northern Luzon

Flood alert issued over fears the River Thames is set to burst its banks

Super Typhoon Haima: Philippines evacuates thousands in storm’s path

Volcanic activity worldwide 19 Oct 2016: Colima volcano, Bromo, Dukono, Turrialba, Bulusan, Nevado

Disaster risk reduction

Towards a more equal city

Aletsch landslide: significant acceleration of movement

Ban Ki-Moon says new disaster mortality report “a damning indictment of inequality”

Natural disasters are costing more but killing less

Does Charleston area development bear some blame for Hurricane Matthew flooding?

A disaster that does not happen saves lives and money

Why localizing global agendas matters to address urbanization, climate change

FEMA’s Flood Maps Will Soon Account for ‘Climate Change’

‘Housing plans with flood risk approved’

The World’s Poorest Most at Risk From Drought, Conflict

Aging dams could be next US infrastructure emergency

16 Asian nations to discuss disaster risk reduction

Volcanoes might have forced early humans out of Africa, altering the course of our evolution

Review of Economic Benefits from Fuel Reduction Treatments in the Fire Prone Forests of the Southwestern United States

Costs of wildfire are ever increasing, the amount of money allocated to pre-wildfire mitigation activities have exponentially decreased

How To Increase A City’s Resilience: The New Orleans Way

Non-structural disaster risk reduction measures are on average more cost efficient than their structural counterparts

How would an Alpine Fault quake affect NZ?

2 San Francisco-area earthquake faults found to be connected

There Won’t Be Resilient Coastal Cities in the 22nd Century

A conceptual approach for evaluating the multiple benefits of urban flood management practices

How a new playground is helping Rotterdam deal with its flooding problem

Fighting the recurrent threat of floods

Flood Management: The Soft Path

Emergency management

Cyclists rescue three from car at flooded ford

Mock Disaster Training Hones Response Skills

In Eastern North Carolina, Matthew ‘worse than Floyd’

Insurance and telecoms firms turn to drones for disaster recovery

The Herculean task facing Haiti

Firefighters can learn a lot from a dollhouse

Local Vietnamese Officials Say Dam Operators Made Flooding Worse

Zika and Ebola had a much worse effect on women: we need more research to address this in future

Women’s Experiences in Local Emergency Management

The effectiveness of early warning systems in the management of urban flooding in Nigeria

What Was It That Delivered Historic Rainfall to Louisiana?

Timely, Reliable Response to Natural Disasters Benefits Households and Economies—Substantially

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Restless Earth Workshop for Year 10 Geography students

A scientist who was encouraged to write her own press release

FloodHelpNY – Find out about NYC’s flood risk

Watch a simulation of an 8.0 earthquake striking Southern California

What’s the Plan, Stan? is a resource to support schools, teachers, students, and parents to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare for emergency events

Kiwi kids will be better prepared for emergencies thanks to a new online teaching resource

The Shum Show: Spreading Like Wildfire

We need more media coverage of disaster prevention

Burchardi flood

Flood awareness event to learn more about the risks, what they can do to reduce them

A place for learning

The Great Washington ShakeOut

This couple’s idea of a romantic getaway is chasing tornadoes

Munich RE’s natural hazard information portal

Winner in tsunami awareness movie competition

Great learning resource for earthquakes, eruptions and emissions

Apps that help you get to know the world around you

Engaging short-term volunteers

Reframing Community Engagement – Loddon Catchment Natural Flood Risk Management workshop

Why is a Flood Report so important when buying a home?

Social media and emergency management

We’re sharing Facebook posts proactively to local groups, joining them and getting involved in the conversation

5 Steps for Handling Social Media During a Natural Disaster

Using social media to create virtual exchanges with refugees

Five ways that social media is changing journalism in the digital age

Agencies working together on the same platform to coordinate their emergency response on social media

Understanding social media use in nine easy graphs

Exploring the Impact of Emergency Responders’ Social Media Activity

Improving the Accessibility of Social Media in Government

Facebook now lets you poll your friends for local recommendations

Older man sitting in Hong Kong Starbucks during flooding goes viral on social media

Psychology and disasters

Differences in Empathic Concern and Perspective Taking Across 63 Countries

The Mental Health Consequences of Natural Disasters

The Relationship of Acculturation Strategies to Resilience: The Moderating Impact of Social Support among Qiang Ethnicity following the 2008 Chinese Earthquake

We care when an airplane crashes. And then we don’t

Thousands of people didn’t evacuate before Hurricane Matthew. Why not?



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