Today in disaster resilience (14 October 2016)

Please find below some links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Current emergencies/disasters

Matthew Downgraded to Post-Tropical Cyclone and Heads out to Atlantic, US Death Toll Rises to 19–abc-news-topstories.html?cid=gma_tco

Hurricane Matthew causes North Carolina floods

Cholera outbreaks in Haiti follow devastation of Hurricane Matthew

Hundreds stranded in North Carolina floods after Hurricane Matthew

Flooding in Central West NSW is easing but about one million hectares are still under water

Hurricane Matthew toll in Haiti rises to 1,000, dead buried in mass graves

Volcanic activity worldwide 11 Oct 2016: Fuego volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Colima, Shiveluch, Dukono

Hurricane Matthew’s US death toll rises to 33 as flooding chaos continues

Hurricane Nicole continues to strengthen as it heads toward Bermuda

Hurricane Matthew closes schools for thousands of Haiti’s children

Hurricane Nicole Pounds Bermuda; ‘Significant’ Power Outages Reported

Disaster risk reduction

Can community-based adaptation increase resilience?

Killer flooding is coming and Britain is not ready’ Top climate expert’s shock warning

Facing growing natural disaster risk – UN, World Bank and insurance industry endorse G7 InsuResilience target and approve framework for more resilient societies—-United

Massive storm could cause energy blackout here

Resilient Oakland

Why the risk of the ‘Big One’ in B.C. is heightened every 14 months

Sandy’s Surge Was Extreme. It Could Become Normal

In the Philippines, Urban Planning Needs to Outrun the Next Big Storm

CIDCO´s tidal-water drainage system averted flooding in monsoon

B.C. government invests $2.5-million to address flood risk in Peace Region after June flooding

It’s time to stop subsidizing people who live in hurricane-prone areas

A Short Note on the Oso landslide Settlement

The Arctic Resilience Report

Basic flood protection ‘missing in high risk areas’

Rebuilding Fort McMurray homes on flood plain a ‘poor decision,’ says hydrologist

Investing in Urban Resilience Can Save the World’s Cities Billions Each Year and Keep Millions out of Poverty

Prepared Peru reduces El Niño mortality

Larry Brilliant’s new book shows how pandemics can be eradicated

Analyzing climate variations at multiple timescales can guide Zika virus response measures

“Hurricane Matthew has disrupted the expected course of events. We should not seek to put Haiti back on course”

Stressing the importance of building community resilience: 2016 World Disasters Report

Volcanic activity worldwide 13 Oct 2016: Colima volcano, Shiveluch, Dukono, Turrialba, Ambrym, Nevado del Ruiz

Ottawa provides $20.5 million for flood protection in three Alberta towns

Philippines Pre-disaster Indicators Dashboard

How earthquakes in midcontinents differ from those at plate boundaries

Prospects for Resilience: Insights from New York City’s Jamaica Bay

‘Delhi Faces Flood Threat Due To Encroachment Of Yamuna Floodplains’

Insurers under fire for flood actions

The poverty trap of perennial flooding of Kenya’s Tana River

Emergency management

The Fires that created an Incident Management System

Haitians worship among devastation caused by hurricane

Wind Speed Alone Isn’t The Best Way To Measure A Weird Hurricane Like Matthew

North Carolina floods show why inland flooding needs to be part of a new hurricane scale

E3 App enables us to look at all the volcanic eruptions that have occurred on our planet in the last 50-plus years, and all the earthquakes

Haiti needs ‘massive response’ after hurricane: U.N. chief

As Haiti Assesses Hurricane Damage, PAHO’s Emergency Response Targets Cholera

Horrific rains and ocean surge: Hurricane Matthew by the numbers

Hurricane Matthew’s water footprint

Hurricane Matthew: What’s Next for Recovery and Rebuilding?

GIS & Flooding

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Targeted Residential Fire Risk Reduction

How Kenyan communities embrace flood resilience strategies

Australia’s new official app for weather forecasts and extreme weather warnings

Earthquake Early Warning

2016 Great British Columbia ShakeOut

#IDDR2016 International Day for Disaster Reduction

Flood sirens put to the test for Calderdale exercise

Social media and emergency management

Social media has revolutionised how we communicate – personal & private impacts

Video of Hurricane Matthew was published on a variety of social media platforms

Tokyo tweets in and out over short-lived major emergency

How a Drone and Social Media Aided in One Man’s Rescue From NC Flooding

Is social media creating psychological benefits or global gloom?

Dealing with life divided between the physical world and the digital realm

Psychology and disasters

The Link Between Natural Disasters and Domestic Abuse

Children, Young People and Flooding: Recovery and Resilience

New Strategy Focuses on Mental Health of NSW Emergency Services


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