Today in disaster resilience (24 June 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

London flooding: Cars submerged and Tube stations shut as more flash floods hit the capital

Extreme weather kills dozens in China

Powerful tornado strikes east China; 78 reportedly dead

State of Emergency declared at Dene Tha’ First Nation as flooding forces people from their homes

Disaster risk reduction

Warragamba Dam wall to be raised to avoid catastrophic flood event

Resilience to What? Resilience for Whom?

As 2016 Wildfire Season Heats Up, Western States Wonder Who’ll Provide Relief: La Niña or Congress?

To Suppress or Not Suppress: The Tricky Politics and Science of Forest Fires

Global Project Uses GIS Cloud for Mapping Pathogens Worldwide

For the first time, scientists have produced a computer image showing huge sections of California rising and sinking around the San Andreas fault

Emergency management

The long-term costs of the Sydney storms will outweigh the $100m damage bill

California Wildfires Could be Worst of All-Time in 2016

Opening dam’s shutters without warning: HC orders compensation to flood victim

Feds Hope App Will Keep Drones Away from Wildfires

How scientists are helping fight wildfires by learning to predict where a fire will move

Disaster education, communications and engagement

What is Resilient Community Organisations?

Water hazard – even big cars can be swept away in shallow floodwaters

Woman Called 911 Because Her Pizza Didn’t Have Enough Cheese

The need for disaster literacy education

ClimateBits: Monsoons

#Pagyanig: Laguna takes part in nationwide earthquake drill

Climate mobile apps

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Are you Prepared?

Using whatsapp in an emergency situation

Social media and emergency management

The rise of social media as a journalistic platform is changing the way readers understand what news is and how it is produced

Digital volunteers keep an eye on emergencies



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