Today in disaster resilience (9 June 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

Massive sinkhole closes Rideau Street in downtown Ottawa

3 killed, 6 injured in Tel Aviv terror attack

Disaster risk reduction

July 2016 edition of ‘Disasters’

Opening of UN regional meeting highlights people-centred approach to disaster risk reduction

2016 Olympics and Zika

Single Strain of Plague Sparked Multiple Pandemics

How 20th-Century Events Shaped the National Flood Insurance Program

Can we learn to live with flooding?

Emergency management

Big Country Counties Await Disaster Decisions

Tasmanian flood bill at least $100 million

Australian firefighters to get a drone-eye view during emergencies

Fitch Ratings Estimate German Flood Claims at €1 Billion

France Floods – Insurers Expect €1.4 Billion Cost

Psychology and disasters

“Terror Management” Theorist Sheldon Solomon Explains How Subliminal Fear of Death Can Affect Us on a Personal and Political Level


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I am a Principal at Molino Stewart Pty Ltd, an Australian-based environment and natural hazards company - see I specialise in the community aspects of disaster risk reduction and emergency management. Samples of my research and projects can be accessed at I am also a published fiction writer specialising in short stories and poems - see

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