Today in disaster resilience (25 November 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

UK – One Missing After Flash Floods in Scotland, 140mm of Rain in 48 Hours

Venezuela – 4 Fatalities After Floods in Táchira and Mérida

Major flood emergency declared in the Riverland as floodwaters continue to rise

Indonesia: Java quake kills 162 and injures hundreds

Rwanda and DRC – Over 40 Killed in Floods and Landslides

Albania – 2 Missing, Several Evacuated After Floods in Shkodra and Lezha

Euabalong residents to be flown out of town, Moulamein residents isolated

45 people injured during severe shaking caused by M6.1 earthquake in western Turkey

50 homes damaged after strong tornado hits Marpingen, Germany

Widespread power outages after very strong and shallow M7.0 earthquake hit Solomon Islands

Italy – Floods and Storm Surge Prompt Rescues and Evacuations

Panama – Deadly Landslide in Colón, Floods Damage Homes in Los Santos and Herrera

Record-breaking rains cause devastating flash floods in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

South Australia floods could be worst since 1970s as Murray River to peak twice in December

Volcanic activity worldwide 24 Nov 2022: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Reventador, Sangay

Portugal – 2 Dead After Heavy Rains Trigger Landslide in Esposende

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

This platform displays census-tract level surface urban heat island (SUHI) intensities (daytime and nighttime estimates for summer, winter, and the whole year) for US urbanized areas

Cop27 is a chance to go further and faster with renewable energy

‘We can do the impossible’: how key players reacted to end of Cop27 climate summit

A deal on loss and damage, but a blow to 1.5C – what will be Cop27’s legacy?

‘No safe place’: Kiribati seeks donors to raise islands from encroaching seas

Climate change exacerbated heavy rainfall leading to large scale flooding in highly vulnerable communities in West Africa

The cryosphere raises a “red flag”

Sea level rise to dramatically speed up erosion of rock coastlines by 2100

COP27 Summit Yields ‘Historic Win’ for Climate Reparations but Falls Short on Emissions Reductions

Arctic carbon conveyor belt discovered

Warming seasons!

State of the Climate 2022 Report: Australia is projected to experience continued increase in air temperatures, more heat extremes and short-duration heavy-rainfall events

State of the climate: what Australians need to know about major new report

Large parts of Europe are warming twice as fast as the planet on average

A climate scientist’s personal reckoning

Ministers from 40+ countries join forces for the 2022 Climate and Clean Air Ministerial

Forest fire threatens global carbon sinks and population centres under rising atmospheric water demand

Climate change is costing trillions — and low-income countries are paying the price

2021 North American heatwave amplified by climate change-driven nonlinear interactions

COP27: Africa took climate action into own hands, Asia must too

Climate-fuelled disasters: warning people is good, but stopping the disaster is best. Here are 4 possible ways to do it

Disaster risk reduction

Earthquake early warning in countries where damaging earthquakes only occur every 50 to 150 years – The societal perspective

As New South Wales reels, many are asking why it’s flooding in places where it’s never flooded before

Heatwave emergency warning system for Australia

Outdated Whatcom County flood maps pose problems

Tonga volcanic eruption reshaped Pacific seafloor

‘Like a shotgun’: Tongan eruption is largest ever recorded

Monitoring ‘frothy’ magma gases could help evade disaster

Detecting smaller earthquakes could improve forecasting of larger temblors

Flood risk management through a resilience lens

New research has found we are failing to take climate change into account when considering current and future rainfall extremes

Drivers and implications of the extreme 2022 wildfire season in Southwest Europe

Why are shallow earthquakes more destructive? The disaster in Java is a devastating example

Exploring the deep: drones offer new ways to monitor sea floor

Using satellites for faster flood information

The Australian Parliament has passed amendments to ensure up to $200 million a year in disaster funding focuses solely on mitigating the impacts of disasters related to natural hazards

Glacial lake outburst flood hazard under current and future conditions: worst-case scenarios in a transboundary Himalayan basin

Machine Learning in Earthquake Seismology

In cold, dry Mongolia floods are now common – with devastating urban impacts

Low-cost sensor records the level of rivers: Measurement method developed at the University of Bonn could be suitable for flood warning systems

Factors influencing flood damage mitigation among micro and small businesses in Kampala, Uganda

Dreaming of beachfront real estate? Much of Florida’s coast is at risk of storm erosion that can cause homes to collapse, as Daytona just saw

Emergency management

First came the rain, now mosquitoes in plague numbers torment flood-hit areas

Simulation Exercises (SIMEX) are used by emergency managers to take proactive measures in preparing for effective response

The critical role of emergency operations centers in saving lives when disasters strike

So what has America learned since Hurricane Katrina? Study reveals only marginal improvements with respect to evacuation planning in America’s 50 largest cities

Many Still Without Housing After Montana’s June Floods

Promising universal flu vaccine could protect against 20 strains

Over 20,000 died in western Europe’s summer heatwaves, figures show

Disaster education, communications and engagement

A Broken Twitter Means Broken Disaster Response

Beating the heat in South African cities: Lessons from a citizen science assessment

Twitter Chaos Endangers Public Safety, Emergency Managers Warn

Implementing participatory nature-based solutions in the Global South

Growing polarization around climate change on social media

Supporting flood-prone communities in Bangladesh with local Resilience Agents

Psychology and disasters

A toolkit for understanding and addressing climate scepticism

Have your flood story heard in online survey: Community experiences of the 2022 eastern Australia floods

Sociology and disasters

Women and girls most vulnerable to climate change


Today in disaster resilience (18 November 2022)

Please find below a list of links to recent disaster resilience news…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Shallow M6.2 earthquake hits near the coast of Bio-Bio, Chile

Deep M7.0 earthquake hits Fiji region

Very strong M7.3 earthquake hits Tonga Islands region, Tsunami Advisory issued

USA – Storm Surge From Hurricane Nicole in Florida Causes Shoreline Buildings to Collapse

Molong among NSW towns isolated by floodwaters, flash flooding after widespread rainfall

Thousands stranded in homes as flash flooding batters Central West NSW, Wyangala Dam spills at record rate

Unusually large, 5-km-long landslide hits Colombia

Port aux Basques fights floods just weeks after devastation from post-tropical storm Fiona

Colombia – Floods and Landslides Leave 2 Dead, 6 Missing

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Global carbon emissions at record levels with no signs of shrinking, new data shows

The challenges of climate change adaptation for displaced communities: The Bikini community on Kili and Ejit Islands

Handbook on Climate Change and Disasters

UN to track greenhouse gas emitters with space data

Heatwaves, spread of infectious diseases due to climate change growing health threats to Europeans

Scientists understood physics of climate change in the 1800s – thanks to a woman named Eunice Foote

What is climate change ‘Loss and Damage’?

Australia still trails most developed countries in climate performance ranking

Eight warmest years on record witness upsurge in climate change impacts

Economic losses from extreme weather rocket in Asia

Methane emissions from 15 meat and dairy companies rival those of the EU

Disaster risk reduction

An Integrated Approach Toward Smart and Resilient Cities

‘They’re coming back’: huge flows set to restore life to parched end of Murray-Darling system

Could the magnitude of the 3/11 disaster have been reduced by ecological planning? A retrospective multi-hazard risk assessment through map overlay

Exploring disaster impacts on adaptation actions in 549 cities worldwide

Local floodplain home buyouts can inform federal plans

New analysis of exactly how long extreme rainfall takes to drain from catchment to coast could lead to better identification of the coastal areas most likely to flood and provide timely flood-warnings in the future

Global population hits 8 billion as growth poses more challenges for the planet

This StoryMap shares a credible science-based hazard scenario developed by AF8 to help us plan and prepare for an Alpine Fault earthquake

Drone footage shows Hurricane Nicole’s erosion on Florida east coast

The flood capacity of dams could be at greater risk of being exceeded, due to out-of-date modelling for potential maximum rainfall

Emergency management

Lismore divided as council rejects plan to build temporary homes for flood survivors

B.C. flood recovery tempered by fears of new climate disasters looming on horizon

NSW flood disaster response declared largest ever, as international volunteers arrive to help

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Empowering communities to advocate for their own resilience

Using an inventory cluster approach for assessing bushfire preparedness and information needs in vulnerable communities

What To Do (And Not Do) During A Flood

Sociology and disasters

Trust but verify: Validating new measures for mapping social infrastructure in cities

You are now one of 8 billion humans alive today. Let’s talk overpopulation – and why low income countries aren’t the issue

The harmful legacy of colonialism in natural hazard risk

Today in disaster resilience (11 November 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Colombia declares rainfall disaster after highest rainfall in 40 years

At least 1 dead as deadly tornadoes rip through Texas and Oklahoma

Second body found in central west NSW as large parts of the state experience near-record floods

Ethiopia – Over 180,000 Displaced by Floods in Gambella Region

Forbes surveys damage from near-record flood as central west NSW towns brace for inundation

Venezuela – Floods and Landslides in Anzoategui Leave 7 Dead, Dozens Displaced

Colombia – Hundreds of Homes Damaged After Floods and Landslides in Atlántico

Dominican Republic – Deadly Floods Hit Santo Domingo

USA – 1 Dead, 2 Missing After Record Rain Triggers Floods in California

Hurricane Nicole hits Florida

Spring tracking to become the wettest on record for southeast Australia as wet weekend predicted

Nicole forces 15 Daytona Beach Shores condo complexes to evacuate as storm threatens collapse

Bahamas – Hurricane Nicole Triggers Coastal Flooding

Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Nov 2022: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Shiveluch, Sangay, Sakurajima

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

A technologically advanced society is choosing to destroy itself. It’s both fascinating and horrifying to watch

UN climate conference hoping to make promises reality — but expectations on COP27 are low

New renewables record as UK wind generation blows past 20GW

Iconic World Heritage glaciers to disappear by 2050, warns UNESCO

COP27 to discuss rich nations helping poor ones with climate-disaster damage and loss: ‘A reasonable sum is more than zero’

Temperatures in Europe increase more than twice global average

As climate crisis intensifies, adapting to its fallout is key

COP27 aims for ambitious, equitable global climate action

State of the Global Climate in 2022 is produced on an annual basis, complementing the most recent long assessment cycle provided by the sixth IPCC Assessment Report

European Forest Fire report: Three of the worst fire seasons on record took place in the last six years

Looking beyond glaciers to understand mountain water security

The Lower Humidity of Urban Areas Moderates Outdoor Heat Stress

Early Warnings for All Action Plan unveiled at COP27

Asia corporates turn to wind and solar deals as fossil fuel prices surge

Don’t get fossil fooled: EVs really are better for the climate

ClimateBench v1.0: A Benchmark for Data-Driven Climate Projections

Austria Joins Germany, Denmark, and Other Rich Nations Pledging Millions for Climate Damages

When will a 2-metre rise in sea level occur, and how might we adapt?

Arsht-Rock Announces the Cool Capital Stack: A $750 million Investment Pipeline to Protect the World from Extreme Heat

After decades putting the brakes on global action, does Australia deserve to host UN climate talks with Pacific nations?

World faces ‘terminal’ loss of Arctic sea ice during summers, report warns

Australia’s record on energy efficiency has been woeful for decades, but that could be about to change

How to move a country: Fiji’s radical plan to escape rising sea levels

Disaster risk reduction

Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai eruption created the highest volcanic cloud ever recorded

Deciphering human influence on annual maximum flood extent at the global level

A world with zero climate disasters needs early warnings for all

If an Ian slammed South Florida: Nine-foot coastal surge, flooding inland to Hialeah

Open Earth Map

Looking to the Sky for Better Tsunami Warnings

Access NASA GES DISC Meteorological and Hydrological Data for Flood Analyses

New Report Outlines A Major Initiative To Study Geologic Hazards Related To Subduction Zones

Journal of Disaster Studies is an open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes the work of disaster researchers around the world

Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Australia. What can we learn from the world’s devastating floods?

Localization of large intraplate earthquakes along faulted density-contrast boundaries: Insights from the 2017 Mw6.5 Botswana earthquake

Floods can be a disaster for humans – but for nature, it’s boom time

Tropical cyclones act as ‘massive heat pumps’ that fuel extreme heat

“Scrambling”: Logic of horizontal competition between local governments based on three cases of interprovincial disaster counterpart support

‘Rain bursts’ over Sydney have intensified 40% over last two decades, research finds

Emergency management

Covid-19 is a leading cause of death in children and young people ages 0-19 years in the United States

Organizations aiding E Texas, SE Oklahoma tornado victims

Walgett Aboriginal community faces homelessness amid as village told to evacuate

Creating a Wildland Firefighter Health and Wellbeing Program

Mosquito-borne disease worry as floods puts country on high alert for new viruses

U.S. funds major expansion of Philippines’ multi-hazard risk and early warning system days ahead of Typhoon Nalgae’s destruction

Flood-damaged NSW highways could be closed for months, as harvest trucks prepare to test fragile bitumen

Over 27 million children at risk as devastating floods set records across the world

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Mobilizing action to build resilience with gaming and social tech

In one state, every class teaches climate change — even P.E.

The engagement of informal volunteers in disaster management in Europe

Women leaders in DRR share tsunami stories

Water in the Earth System

Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) are collaborative, community-driven frameworks that outline local priorities for wildfire risk mitigation

Society 5.0, Digital Transformation and Disasters

Rolling the dice: Learning through games to make better decisions for resilience

Psychology and disasters

What caused the Halloween crowd crush in South Korea

Climate change’s impact on mental health is overlooked and misunderstood – here’s what can be done

Sociology and disasters

Climate change, health, and discrimination: action towards racial justice

Towards more inclusive disaster risk-management policies

From pity to fear: security as a mechanism for (re)production of vulnerability

Today in disaster resilience (7 October 2022)

Please find below links to recent disaster resilience news…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Heavy rain hits flooded parts of central and western NSW

Central African Republic – Floods in 12 Prefectures Leave Thousands Displaced, 11 Dead

USA – Hundreds Rescued From Floods in Florida After Hurricane Ian

Sydney on track for record annual rainfall of 2.2 metres as eastern states brace for flooding

Death toll from Hurricane Ian in U.S. exceeds 110, nearly 300,000 still without power

Thailand – Thousands Displaced by Floods as Rivers Rise

Ghana – Hundreds of Homes Flooded in Greater Accra Region After Weija Dam Releases

Nigeria – Floods in Kogi “Humanitarian Tragedy” Says Governor

Trinidad and Tobago – One Missing After Flash Floods

Volcanic activity worldwide 4 Oct 2022: Stromboli volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Ibu, Reventador

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Shifting ocean currents are pushing more and more heat into the Southern Hemisphere’s cooler waters

Satellites Can Accurately Take Earth’s Temperature

Heat Action Platform

Chief Heat Officers Face Rising Temperatures — and Expectations

Megadroughts in the Common Era and the Anthropocene

Stunning week of early coal closures opens path to 100 pct renewables

Observations confirm model of sea-level change from Greenland melt

Hurricane Ian: how climate change is making North Atlantic tropical storms worse

Flooding ‘Calamity’ in Pakistan Prompts Call for Reparations

Ancient ice age valleys offer clues to future ice sheet change

New oil and gas at odds with green goals

Solar and wind farms can hurt the environment. A new study offers solutions

Megadroughts helped topple ancient empires. We’ve found their traces in Australia’s past, and expect more to come

US wind, solar tripled over the past decade: analysis

Northern Hemisphere’s extreme summer drought ‘virtually impossible’ without human-made climate change

Seasonal land-ice-flow variability in the Antarctic Peninsula

Climate simulation more realistic with Artificial Intelligence

Disaster risk reduction

Time-dependent decrease in fault strength in the 2011–2016 Ibaraki–Fukushima earthquake sequence

Raising Warragamba Dam wall could save thousands: NSW government modelling

4 innovations that can be part of India and Bangladesh’s flood defences

UTSA researchers bolstering historic properties along Gulf Coast to withstand hurricanes

A New Study Finds U.S. Future Floods Becoming More Frequent, Wider Spread, Yet Less Seasonal

Hurricane Ian: forecasting of the coastal storm surge

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet declares raising Warragamba Dam wall a ‘critical’ project to fund

Warragamba Dam: what’s driving the NSW government’s bid to raise the wall?

An Integrated Framework for the Quantification of Road Network Seismic Vulnerability and Accessibility to Critical Services

Flood warnings have improved, but struggle to keep pace with a climate-wrecked environment

Automatically detecting avalanches in satellite images

Wildfire imagery reduces risk information-seeking among homeowners as property wildfire risk increases

Fighting wildfire with GPS data

Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development

NSW government document changed to make impacts of raising Warragamba Dam wall ‘less definite’

Emergency management

More flooding on the way as BOM forecasts heavy rain from Northern Territory to Tasmania

Map of land flooded in Florida by Hurricane Ian

Ian is 6th-deadliest U.S. hurricane since 1980, and may be Florida’s deadliest since 1935

Is COVID-19 hurting your heart? A new study finds cardiac muscle damage in COVID patients

Global population skews male, but UN projects parity between sexes by 2050

Will there be a COVID winter wave? What scientists say

Hurricane Ian flooded a hospital and forced evacuations from dozens of nursing homes – many health facilities face rising risks from severe storms

Hurricane Ian’s Aftermath: A Rising Death Toll and Questions About Preparedness

Was The Forecast For Hurricane Ian Bad? Depends On Your Perspective

Devastation in Pakistan: Deadly floods displace millions

Pakistani PM says he should not have to beg for help after catastrophic floods

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Life-Saving Landslide Risk Communication in Puerto Rico

Climate teachers: rural women in Uganda trained their village to resist floods

Psychology and disasters

Hurricane Ian survivor in Naples: ‘We will never come back to Florida’

Agent-based models of human response to natural hazards: systematic review of tsunami evacuation

COVID has taken a greater toll on mental health among people from ethnic minorities – sadly this is no surprise

Sociology and disasters

Mountain Resilience: A Systematic Literature Review and Paths to the Future–A-Systematic-Literature-Review-and-Paths-to/10.1659/MRD-JOURNAL-D-21-00044.1.full

How Hurricane Ian and other disasters are becoming a growing source of inequality – even among the middle class

Today in disaster resilience (30 September 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Atlantic Canada recovering from storm Fiona’s path of destruction

Typhoon Noru hits Philippines, thousands evacuated as fierce rains and wind batter region

Venezuela – Flash Floods in Táchira Leave 7 Dead, 3 Missing

Australia – Floods Turn Deadly in New South Wales

Typhoon Noru leaves 6 rescuers dead in the northern Philippines

Canada – 1 Killed in Newfoundland as Storm Surge From Hurricane Fiona Sweeps Homes Into the Ocean

Spain – 1 Killed in Murcia Flash Floods After 29mm of Rain in 10 Minutes

Ian is intensifying into a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane before it hits Florida

Mali – Hundreds of Homes Destroyed by Floods in Mopti Region

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida as ‘dangerous’ category 4 storm – live

Category 4 Hurricane “Ian” makes landfall in southwestern Florida, U.S.

Volcanic activity worldwide 29 Sep 2022: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Ibu, Reventador

Hurricane “Ian” – Major disaster declared, possibly the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history

Residents search for missing people after Hurricane Ian rips through Florida’s Gulf Coast

Croatia – Deadly Flash Floods in Rijeka

Cameroon – Floods Affect Almost 40,000 in Far North Region

USA – Hurricane Ian Causes Catastrophic Storm Surge Floods in Florida

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Boston’s sea-level rise will require a ‘Big Dig level’ solution, city leaders say

Afraid and anxious, young protesters demand climate action

As seas rise, U.S. coastal landowners urged to let the water in

Queensland reaches 66 pct wind and solar for first time as it prepares massive green push

Loss of Arctic Sea Ice to Give Rise to More Strong El Niños, Study Finds

Surprise Hydrological Shifts Imperil Water Resources

Australia has a golden opportunity to expand solar energy manufacturing

In the End, Climate Change Is the Only Story That Matters

Assessment of hot weather seasonal temperatures over India using Monsoon Mission Coupled Forecasting System hindcasts

America’s towns are not ready for climate catastrophes. Here’s how one is hanging on

South-east Asian coastal cities sinking fastest, could worsen impacts of sea level rise: Study

‘The climate crisis is now’: haunting video spotlights California wildfires

Climate change already torments the poor. It will soon come for the rich

Queensland plans to use 80 per cent renewable energy by 2035. How will it be achieved?

Worse than 2003: Swiss glaciers are melting more than ever before

Impacts of Extreme Heat on Global Cities

Extreme heat report on Sydney

Hurricane Ian is going to flood out Florida — and this is a constant climate change problem–and-this-is-a-constant-climate-change-problem/

Heat deaths, scorched trees and civil unrest: life on the climate frontline in 2022

Canada’s economy already hurt by climate change, households hit hardest

Disaster risk reduction

The Disaster Bills Coming Due

We can use drones to get inside and learn more about active, gassy volcanoes

What do you mean, ‘megafire’?

Canada wildfire

The world’s five most dangerous volcanoes

Valuing Human Impact of Natural Disasters: A Review of Methods

Deepest Scientific Ocean Drilling Sheds Light on Japan’s Next Great Earthquake

Researchers modeled and mapped how eight key aspects of human societies affect hydrological cycles

Why Do Some Post-Tropical Cyclones Impact Europe?

City seeks quality of life in the face of flood risk

Seismic Sources in the Aleutian Cradle of Tsunamis

Hurricanes: Are they getting more violent?

First report of the 2021 World Risk Poll

Hydrological regimes in different slope environments and implications on rainfall thresholds triggering shallow landslides

W.V. Lawmakers Consider Flood Risk, Disaster Strategy

New issue of The Depositional Record

Python Recipes for Earth Sciences

The USGS is releasing a National Strategy for Landslide Loss Reduction detailing the steps necessary to equitably reduce the Nation’s risk from landslide hazards

Emergency management

Lessons from Fiona: Global collaboration is key to preparing for future hurricanes

Weeks after record-setting monsoon rains turned vast tracts of Pakistan into an inland lake, health officials are concerned that a second wave of disaster is brewing

California’s wildfire activity is running below average this year. But experts warn it’s not over

Flood-hit Pakistan should suspend debt repayments, says UN policy paper

World Bank pledges $2 billion for flood-ravaged Pakistan

Researchers Design 3D Printing Drones to Help Rebuild Disaster Zones

Years after Hurricanes Florence and Matthew, resiliency the focus of NC recovery efforts

Australia 2021-22 Major Incidents Report

Cuba’s electrical grid collapses after Hurricane “Ian”

Fiona was one of Canada’s worst natural disasters, but evacuations prevented greater losses in Atlantic Canada

Flooding causing fish kills

Arizona helicopter crew rescues family of 6 stranded on roof of vehicle during flood

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Disaster Impacts Surveillance from Social Media with Topic Modeling and Feature Extraction: Case of Hurricane Harvey

Preparing for emergencies

Lessons learned from co-designing a high school beach safety education program with lifeguards and students

Make a plan

Discover the story of the vast, vibrant Australian continent in the new Great Southern Land gallery at the National Museum of Australia

#TurnAroundDontDrown video

NSW State Emergency Service overhauls flood warning system,or%20move%20to%20higher%20ground.

Life-Saving Landslide Risk Communication in Puerto Rico

Psychology and disasters

Children prenatally exposed to Superstorm Sandy had substantially increased risks for depression, anxiety, and attention deficit/disruptive behavior disorders compared to children who were not

Risk perception and contrived ignorance in China

Sociology and disasters

Inequality in the availability of residential air conditioning across 115 US metropolitan areas

Mobile homes and disaster: Understanding risks and opportunities

As U.S. bakes, mapping shows Black, Latino areas feel more heat

Protection, Gender and Inclusion? A feminist approach to disaster law and policy

Bolivia: What political and economic interest is behind the forest fires?

World Risk Poll: Most Disaster-Exposed Among Least Resilient

Hurricane Ian: Older adults have many reasons for not evacuating – here’s why it’s important to check on aging neighbors

Trust but verify: Validating new measures for mapping social infrastructure in cities

Puerto Ricans: We Won’t Become Resilient Until We Have an Equitable and Just Recovery

This research project investigates and develops interventions to bolster social connectedness in Boston-area communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change

Today in disaster resilience (23 September 2022)

Please find below links to recent climate change news…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Hurricane Fiona deluges Puerto Rico; Typhoon Nandamol hits Japan

Strong earthquake jolts Taiwan’s southeastern coast

Storm battering western Alaska causes widespread flooding

Nepal – Over 20 Killed in Achham District Landslides

Italy – 7 Dead, 3 Missing After Severe Flooding in Marche Region

Four homes inundated in Gunnedah as Namoi River recedes from higher than expected peak

Tremor shakes Mexico City on quake anniversary

Eruption at Piton de la Fournaise volcano, Reunion

Japan storm: Nine million people told to evacuate as super typhoon Nanmadol hits

Hurricane Fiona Consumes Puerto Rico with Catastrophic Flooding

Costa Rica – Floods and Landslides Leave at Least 9 Dead, Dozens Displaced

Spain – Floods in Catalonia and Valencia, Policeman Dies in Flood Rescue in Benissa

USA – Hundreds Evacuate as “Unprecedented Storm” Causes Coastal Flooding in Alaska

Typhoon batters western Japan with record rain, killing two as thousands evacuate

Caribbean – Rain From Hurricane Fiona Triggers Deadly Floods and Mudslides

Central America – Floods and Landslides in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Sep 2022: Popocatépetl volcano, Ibu, Dukono, Reventador

Nigeria – 300 Dead, 100,000 Displaced as Government Warns of Worsening Floods

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

A rapid shift to electric vehicles can save 24,000 lives and leave us $148bn better off over the next 2 decades

Surprise hydrological shifts imperil water resources

‘Africa is on the frontlines but not the front pages’: Vanessa Nakate on her climate fight

New Antarctica data reveals ‘tipping point’ for ice melt

South Australia set to become first big grid to run on 100% renewables

Global warming doubled the risk for Copenhagen’s historic 2011 cloudburst

Wind and solar records tumble again, as coal and fossil fuels hit another low

$35 Billion Worth of Real Estate Could Be Underwater by 2050

The 1.5C global heating target is more than just a number

Finally we have a Global Registry of Fossil Fuels

Climate change likely increased extreme monsoon rainfall, flooding highly vulnerable communities in Pakistan

From crumbling rock art to exposed ancestral remains, climate change is ravaging our precious Indigenous heritage

Carbon credit ‘trickery’ would put climate target at risk, experts warn

UN chief: ‘Tax fossil fuel profits for climate damage’

A third of Aussies fear losing their homes to climate change

Lower Urban Humidity Moderates Outdoor Heat Stress

Global ‘Stilling’: Is Climate Change Slowing Down the Wind?

Climate change is making rain difficult to predict – we trained an AI to help tropical countries adapt

Consumers reap rewards of 100 pct renewables as wind and solar farms hand back windfall profits

Certified ‘genius’ Saul Griffith has a plan to decarbonise Australia — and it will only take 101 million machines

There’s a huge surge in solar production under way – and Australia could show the world how to use it

Thwaites Glacier: the melting, Antarctic monster of sea level rise

Disaster risk reduction

Northern Beaches Council to consider extending Collaroy’s controversial seawall

Farmers in Bangladesh pump so much water it may help reduce floods

Subduction zone secrets: Is this how NZ forecasts ‘megaquakes’?

Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets

Integration of physical infrastructure and socio-economic systems for comprehensive uncertainty propagation in community resilience models

Calls mount for city flood retention areas

Risk-informed planning essential to prevent floods in Kochi

Alert threshold assessment based on equivalent displacements for the identification of potentially critical landslide events

Cracking the Secrets to Earthquake Safety, One Shake Simulation at a Time

How Do We Stop These Devastating Floods? Start With These Six Steps

Hybrid forecasting: using statistics and machine learning to integrate predictions from dynamical models

The contribution of Indigenous stewardship to an historical mixed-severity fire regime in British Columbia, Canada

Crises such as the covid pandemic, climate change and the war in Ukraine are fueling demand for geospatial information

Morphodynamics of Bedrock-Alluvial Rivers Subsequent to Landslide Dam Outburst Floods

Let’s Join Forces: Institutional Resilience and Multistakeholder Partnerships in Crises

Time is of the Essence When Monitoring Dryland Floods

RiskScape: a flexible multi-hazard risk modelling engine

New innovative system for early flood warning in Tamworth

Pakistan’s floods are a disaster – but they didn’t have to be

How can we prepare for a disaster prone future?

Nature-Based Resilience: Experiences of Five Cities from South Asia

Latest Disasters journal

Mandatory home buyouts are dismantling a flood-prone Houston community

A severe heatwave in parts of China exacerbated a drought and fuelled wildfires

Emergency management

Nationwide public earthquake drill held today; seismic activity in Chiapas, Oaxaca

Queensland Ocean Crusader volunteers fight a losing battle in ‘phenomenal’ flood debris clean up

Live feed of active wildfires in the USA,38.75,4

How to help people in Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Fiona

Five years ago Hurricane Maria knocked out Puerto Rico’s power grid. They were only “just starting to rebuild” when Fiona hit

Even mild COVID raises the chance of heart attack and stroke

Nigeria battling floods ‘beyond control’ as warning given of dams overflowing

‘It is beyond bleak’: Pakistan floods affecting 16m children, says Unicef

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Meandering river flipbook

The climate crisis is real – but overusing terms like ‘crisis’ and ‘emergency’ comes with risk

Nevada flood after fire guide

The Science of Earthquakes

A snapshot sample on how COVID-19 impacted and holds up a mirror to European water education

Recommendations for increasing the reach and effectiveness of heat risk education and warning messaging

Plagues and their Aftermath

Psychology and disasters

What do we owe future generations? And what can we do to make their world a better place?

Sociology and disasters

The city as laboratory: what post-quake Christchurch is teaching us about urban recovery and transformation

Flood exposure and poverty in 188 countries

Veiled Inequities for Māori in Covid 19 Death Statistics

Experts discuss how extreme heat disproportionately impacts Latino community

Understanding Flood Vulnerability in Local Communities of Kogi State, Nigeria, Using an Index-Based Approach

Puerto Rico’s vulnerability to hurricanes is magnified by weak government and bureaucratic roadblocks

Today in disaster resilience (16 September 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Uganda – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Western Region

Bulgaria – Hundreds Evacuated After Damaging Floods in Plovdiv Province

Senegal – Floods in Dakar Leave 3 Dead

Two people dead and 132 buildings destroyed as fire sweeps through Californian town of Weed

South Korea – 2 Dead, 10 Missing After Typhoon Hinnamnor Triggers Floods

Mexico – 4 Dead in Nuevo León After Heavy Rain Triggers Floods

South Africa – Mining Dam in Jagersfontein Collapses Leaving 3 Dead, 4 Missing

Nepal – 5 Dead, 10 Missing After Floods in Darchula

Portugal – Floods and Landslides Cause Severe Damage in Manteigas

Typhoon Muifa pounds eastern China with strong gales, rain

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Good news – there’s a clean energy gold rush under way

‘Climate disaster of biblical proportions’: Pakistan minister warns flood damage will exceed $10 billion

Can we survive extreme heat?

Changing climate the reason floods in Pakistan are so devastatin

The sedimentological death mask of a dying glacier

Rapid retreat of Thwaites Glacier in the pre-satellite era

La Niña under way in the tropical Pacific

Climate Council outlines 10 steps to beat government’s 43pc emissions reduction target

Heat waves are getting worse. When will L.A. get around to offering bus riders more shade?

The Gomeroi people have fought Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project for a decade. They hope a novel climate change argument could help them win

This summer has been a glimpse into Europe’s hot, dry future

World heading into ‘uncharted territory of destruction’, says climate report

United in Science report: “Without much more ambitious action, the physical and socioeconomic impacts of climate change will be increasingly devastating”

Unprecedented in the 44 years of continuous satellite monitoring, a late season heat wave and melt event occurred in Greenland from September 2 to 5

Victorian water report highlights need for new sources as climate change hits supplies

Switching to renewable energy could save trillions – study

There’s a new map of climate disasters in America

California becomes first US state to begin ranking extreme heat wave events

Anchoring Climate Change Risk Assessment in Core Business Decisions in Insurance | Research report

Ice mass loss sensitivity to the Antarctic ice sheet basal thermal state

Hottest summer on record for Europe and China during Northern Hemisphere’s 2nd-hottest summer

Australia is funding just one-tenth of its fair share of global climate action, study finds

Modeling the Dynamic Response of River Deltas to Sea-Level Rise Acceleration

‘Too hard to get to work’: climate change is making workers’ lives more difficult

Video games get a new boss monster: Climate change

Mountain glacier at Queulat National Park in Chile’s Patagonia region collapses amid ‘abnormal’ high temperatures

Satellites now get full-year view of Arctic sea-ice

Pakistan floods ‘made up to 50% worse by global heating’

Uni- and multivariate bias adjustment methods in Nordic catchments: Complexity and performance in a changing climate

Disaster risk reduction

The Floods Devastating Pakistan Are More Than a Natural Disaster

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s Floodplain Manager newsletter

An Integrated Approach Toward Smart and Resilient Cities

Caught Between Extremes: Understanding Human-Water Interactions During Drought-To-Flood Events in the Horn of Africa

‘Russian roulette’: Dam levels rising as officials debate safe storage

Layering interventions is necessary to address loss and damage effectively

Which Rainfall Errors Can Hydrologic Models Handle? Implications for Using Satellite-Derived Products in Sparsely Gauged Catchments

MAT.TRIGRS (V1.0): A new open-source tool for predicting spatiotemporal distribution of rainfall-induced landslides

Estimated 30,000 megalitres of water lost after cotton property Cubbie Station’s dam collapses

Homebuyers With Access to Flood-Risk Data Bid on Lower-Risk Homes

New AI system predicts how to prevent wildfires

A case for retreat in the age of fire as dozens of wildfires threaten homes in the West

CRED Crunch newsletter details the disaster-related events of the first half of 2022

How countries can better cope with flood risk

The impacts of many disasters could be reduced if the connections between risks were taken into account

University of the Sunshine Coast academics discuss the prospect of another summer of extreme rainfall for eastern Australia on the back of catastrophic flooding earlier this year

Monitoring the Health of Our Planet using Earth Observations

Fagradalsfjall eruption unusual in many ways compared to other eruptions

Emergency management

Authorities in flood-hit Pakistan breach lake in an effort to save densely populated areas

Australia’s COVID-19 cases and death numbers will no longer be published daily

Pakistan ‘still in danger’ and flooding may take up to 6 months to recede, authorities say

Brisbane offers sandbags to residents as fears of another flood intensify due to La Niña forecast

The Role of 360-Degree Videos in Wildfire Preparedness

Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) inform decisions on medical care during a large-scale crisis

The Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Disasters and Emergencies

Communities urged to prepare for third La Nina

Do you know how to evacuate a building efficiently?

Fears of more flooding as Pakistan death toll crosses 1,400

Health services ‘begging for help’ six months after deadly floods

Imagining COVID is ‘like the flu’ is cutting thousands of lives short. It’s time to wake up

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Capacity Building Through Stakeholder Training in Media and Communication for Effective Disaster Management

Disaster Communication and Trust

Disaster Management and Communication Technology: The Prospect of Social Media

New Landslide Reporting Tool Uses Social Media and AI

This study aims to enhance understanding of how individuals experiencing homelessness or who are precariously housed are considered in emergency and risk communication planning

National Preparedness Month

Bill Nye talks about his new disaster series, “The End is Nye”

Why heat wave warnings are falling short in the U.S.

Eight Principles for Effective and Inviting Climate Communication

Psychology and disasters

Disaster vulnerability and community resilience factors affecting post-disaster wellness: A longitudinal analysis of the survey on the Change of Life of Disaster Victim

Hurricane Harvey’s hardest hit survivors five times as likely to experience anxiety from COVID-19 pandemic

Disaster Preparedness: Earthquakes and Tsunamis the Top Concern for Japanese Homeowners

Research finds educators need mental health support following hurricanes

Sociology and disasters

Exploring the Social Effects of Disasters: Causes, Consequences, and Mitigation

The challenges of dynamic vulnerability and how to assess it

In the Shadow of Tungurahua: Disaster Politics in Highland Ecuador

Today in disaster resilience (2 September 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Pakistan floods death toll passes 1,000, say officials

Oregon’s Rum Creek wildfire nearly doubles in size to more than 8,000 acres

Democratic Republic of the Congo – Floods Affect Thousands in Northern Provinces

Philippines – 4,300 Displaced by Tropical Storm Ma-on (Florita)

Flooding in Jackson, Mississippi, remains, but city officials are ‘cautiously optimistic’

Sierra Leone – Torrential Rains Trigger Deadly Floods in Freetown

Latest volcano activity news

Historic hailstorm hits Catalonia, Spain

India – Floods in Uttar Pradesh Affect 245,000

Haiti – Houses Destroyed, 3 Lives Lost After Days of Heavy Rain

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Environmental and financial dividends on offer for farmers in carbon reforestation project

Europe dries up from climate change-driven drought,16696

How U.S. Cities Are Preparing for More Life-Threatening Heatwaves

U.S. to More Than Triple Climate Spending, Analysis Shows

Heatwave special

Estimates of the social cost of carbon: A review based on meta-analysis

Extreme China heatwave could lead to global chaos and food shortages

Seattle just had one of its hottest nights on record

A historical perspective on glacial retreat

Poorest countries at greatest risk of losses and damage from climate change

Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Face Rapid Climate Change

‘Dangerous’ and ‘extremely dangerous’ heat stress to become more common by 2100

‘Zombie ice’ from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches

Arctic has not been as warm as today in over 7,500 years, study says

Nothing In History Compares To China’s Brutal Heat Wave, Weather Historian Says

If you thought this summer’s heat waves were bad, a new study has some disturbing news about dangerous heat in the future

Three things Sydney must do to help meet climate targets

Pakistan floods are ‘a monsoon on steroids’, warns UN chief

Australia remains at La Niña alert amid near-record Indian Ocean Dipole event

The effects of climate change on hailstorms

Climate change is increasing the risk of a California megaflood

These Communities Are Trapped in Harm’s Way as Climate Disasters Mount

Heat waves + air pollution can be a deadly combination: The health risk together is worse than either alone

Climate Change and Wellbeing Around the World

To create serious movement on climate change, we must dispel the myth of indifference

Longer summers could mean increased drought risk, says Met Office

How melting glaciers fueled Pakistan’s fatal floods

Welcome to the Heat Action Platform!

A climate scientist on the planet’s simultaneous disasters, from Pakistan’s horror floods to Europe’s record drought

Rivers worldwide are running dry – here’s why and what we can do about it

Global warming makes more heatwaves inevitable for East Asia

NSW Blue Carbon Strategy 2022-2027

An international, peer-reviewed publication released each summer, the State of the Climate is the authoritative annual summary of the global climate

Victoria to exit coal sooner than power operators forecast, report finds

Greenhouse gas emissions, sea levels hit record highs in 2021

Disaster risk reduction

Why suppressing wildfires may be making the Western fire crisis worse

Floods, other water-related disasters could cost global economy $5.6 trillion by 2050 -report

‘We are committed to building more dams’: NSW government releases new water strategy

Greater Sydney Water Strategy

The problem of doing more: success and paradoxes in scaling up informal initiatives for disaster risk reduction and climate action

Federally Overlooked Flood Risk Inequities in Houston, Texas: Novel Insights Based on Dasymetric Mapping and State-of-the-Art Flood Modeling

Heatwaves and drought – why they are setting us up for severe flash flooding incidents?

River Floods Can Trigger Powerful Underwater Landslides

Advancing traditional strategies for testing hydrological model fitness in a changing climate

Floods, drought, storms could cost Canada’s economy more than $80 billion by 2050: report

A review of early severe weather applications of high-resolution regional reanalysis in Australia

Wildfire and floods don’t need to turn into disasters: UN risk report

Faults underneath Seattle could trigger 33-foot tsunami wave

New Landslide Reporting Tool Uses Social Media and AI

A new paper reviews past earthquakes to better understand potential future risks

The Surprising Powerful Global Tsunamis Driven by Underwater Volcanic Eruptions

Nepal’s early-warning system reduces flood fatalities

Pakistan’s history of disasters and the lessons we fail to learn

Emergency management

Pakistan Foreign Minister says help needed after overwhelming floods kill more than 1,000 people

Enormity of Pakistan floods viewed from space

Omicron booster shots are coming—with lots of questions

New research by a Northeastern engineering professor used recent storms and the COVID-19 pandemic to predict human movement during disasters

Australian National Emergency Management Authority established

Long COVID: How researchers are zeroing in on the self-targeted immune attacks that may lurk behind it

A Third Of Pakistan Is Underwater After Devastating Floods

The new Australian Fire Danger Rating System has been developed using the latest science to be more accurate and relevant

Let’s get mappin’: building GIS capacities for anticipatory action

Disaster education, communications and engagement

How to become a citizen scientist—and when to leave it to the professionals

An Inside Sun: Lickanantay Volcanology in the Salar de Atacama

Get prepared for an earthquake

Social Media Supplements Science During Natural Disasters

The Georgia Flood Literacy Project

Citizen science in environmental and ecological sciences

Discover Volcanoes book for children

Preparedness month: 30 days in 30 ways #30days30waysUK

Psychology and disasters

‘I feel my heart breaking today’ – a climate scientist’s path through grief towards hope

Learn about who is most at risk for emotional distress from hurricanes and tropical storms and where to find disaster-related resources

Sociology and disasters

Part of the reason why low-income neighborhoods flooded has to do with the historical development of Houston

Community resilience through the lens of social support: Recovering from the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland

Black Businesses Matter: A Longitudinal Study of Black-Owned Restaurants in the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Geospatial Big Data

Jackson’s water crisis was triggered by floods and compounded by racism

Three things we learned about poverty and flood risk from urban household data

Today in disaster resilience (26 August 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Yemen – Over 90 Killed in Floods, More Rain Forecast

India – Over 20 Killed in Floods and Landslides in Himachal Pradesh

Pakistan – Monsoon Rains and Flooding Leave Almost 700 Dead, Thousands Displaced

Portugal wildfires: State of alert begins amid third heatwave

Dallas area hit by 1-in-1,000-year flood; cars float in water-filled roads

USA – Deadly Flash Floods in Texas After 385mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Volcanic activity worldwide

Indonesia – Deadly Floods and Landslides in West Papua; Floods Affect Thousands in Sumatra

Sudan – Flood Death Toll Rises, Nile Climbs Above Alert Level in Khartoum

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Solar briefly overtakes coal in Australia as number one source of power nationally

‘Not prepared for current climate changes.’ Officials sound alarm on NYC’s struggling infrastructure

Climate threat to food supply chains creates ‘domino effect’–domino-effect-.html

Annual summaries dataset of Heatwaves in Europe, as defined by the Excess Heat Factor

China’s unrivalled 70-day heat wave

The world’s roads aren’t ready for a hotter planet

New Zealand’s flood-prone areas not ready to cope with climate crisis, Ardern says

Migrants share lessons with U.S. to improve climate resilience

Rise in heart disease may be explained by extreme weather conditions: Study

Combatting the Climate and Nature Emergency

Americans experience a false social reality by underestimating popular climate policy support by nearly half

Five 1,000-year rain events have struck the U.S. in five weeks. Why?

The Magnitude and Risk of Extreme Regional Heatwave Events in China Increase Rapidly under Global Warming

Renewables provided more than 25% of electrical generation in the United States during the first half of 2022

Rare and Severe Weather Events Are Now More Common Thanks to Climate Change

Why we should abandon the concept of the ‘climate refugee’

What is a Chief Heat Officer?

Disaster risk reduction

Lower Warragamba before floods, locals say

Performance-Based Hurricane Engineering under Changing Climate Conditions: General Framework and Performance of Single-Family Houses in the US

Droughts Hurt World’s Largest Economies

After FEMA overhaul, hundreds of thousands of Americans are forgoing federal flood insurance

The Art of Landslides: How Stochastic Mass Wasting Shapes Topography and Influences Landscape Dynamics

Warragamba Dam conversations should have happened four years ago

Tonga volcano eruption released more energy than the most powerful nuclear bomb

Advanced Real-Time Prediction of Storms With 30-Second Refresh

Towards Daily High-resolution Inundation Observations using Deep Learning and EO

5 lessons from Houston and Harris County 5 years after Harvey

One disaster after another: why we must act on the reasons some communities are facing higher risks

Understanding the interconnectedness of drought is vital for ecosystem resilience

As ‘flash floods are getting flashier,’ communities worry about aging infrastructure

Australian wildfires cause the largest stratospheric warming since Pinatubo and extends the lifetime of the Antarctic ozone hole

NIWA meteorologists say last week’s atmospheric river (AR), which was responsible for widespread devastation in both the North and South Islands, was a record-breaker

Cities need to become more ‘spongy’. Auckland is leading the way

Emergency management

NSW SES Commissioner defends volunteers and calls for more funding in wake of flood report

The one bright spot out of the Lismore floods points way to a better disaster response

‘Tinnie army’ leads to NSW flood inquiry call to train community members as first responders. How will that work?

So what has America learned since Hurricane Katrina? Not enough

Dangerous combination of extreme heat and smoke affected 16.5 million Californians

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Updated fire danger rating system will be rolled out next month. Here’s what you need to know

Effect of disaster training on knowledge regarding flood risk management amongst families with older people

Fears over climate change trigger a boom in A-level geography

Could your phone save your life? Public emergency alerts amongst new measures to bolster UK resilience

Enhancing Emergency Communication With Social Media: Identifying Hyperlocal Social Media Users and Information Sources

Strengthening European disaster resilience by consolidating knowledge and generating learning on the uses of social media and crowdsourcing (SMCS) in disaster management processes

Citizen science in environmental and ecological sciences

Encouraging community members to photograph wildfire ash as part of the citizen science initiative #Ashfall

Sociology and disasters

With a surge of natural disasters in Timor-Leste, women’s leadership helps save lives

Differences in County-Level Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Rates due to Damage Caused by Hurricane Matthew and the Moderating Effects of Social Capital: A Natural Experiment

Vulnerable communities face a higher risk of socio-economic injustice due to flood hazards

Resilient future belongs to the youth

What has America learned Since Hurricane Katrina? Evaluating evacuation plans for carless and vulnerable populations in 50 large cities across the United States

Impact of Farmers’ Participation in Community-Based Organizations on Adoption of Flood Adaptation Strategies: A Case Study in a Char-Land Area of Sirajganj District Bangladesh

Social inequalities in climate change-attributed impacts of Hurricane Harvey

Today in disaster resilience (19 August 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Flood warnings as heavy rains fall across Tasmania, threatening to break records for August

Major wildfire in Spain forces the evacuation of 1,500

Flash flood in Las Vegas claims 2 lives, wettest monsoon season in a decade

Rainy season death toll in Sudan surpasses 50

Gambia experiences worst floods in nearly half a century

Chad – Weeks of Rain and Floods Leave 22 Dead, Hundreds of Homes Destroyed

Thousands of homes destroyed, 50 people killed after torrential rains hit Nigeria

7 lives lost after severe flash floods hit Pengzhou, China

South East Asia – Storm Mulan Triggers Floods Leaving 5 Dead and 4 Missing

Afghanistan – Flash Floods Leave Over 30 Dead in Parwan

Mexico – More Flash Floods in Sonora Leave 3 Dead

USA – State of Emergency Declared After Floods in West Virginia

Storms and flash floods hit southern England

New Zealand flooding: State of emergency declared

Spain wildfires: up to 20 injured after passengers break out of train engulfed by flames

Pakistan floods kill 580 and bring misery to millions

Algeria forest fires: At least 38 dead, emergency officials say

Volcanic activity worldwide 18 Aug 2022: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Reventador, Sangay

Cameroon – Flooding and Landslides Cause Death and Damage in Western Areas

India – 60,000 Evacuate Floods in Odisha

China – Deadly Flash Floods in Northwest Qinghai Province

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Vanuatu, one of the most climate-vulnerable countries, launches ambitious climate plan

Antarctica ice melt is accelerating, and research says an overlooked coastal current is to blame

How extreme weather could force travellers to revamp their vacation plans — now and in the future

Study Examines Impact of Rising Global Temperatures on Economic Growth

Mortality Caused by Heatwaves in China Has Increased since 1979

The U.S. could see a new ‘extreme heat belt’ by 2053

What Are Multiform Floods? One More Thing to Worry about with Climate Change

For 110 years, climate change has been in the news. Are we finally ready to listen?

Using propane in air conditioners could prevent 0.1°C of warming

700,000 years of tropical Andean glaciation

New research reveals that wildfires can influence El Niño

Climate change makes catastrophic flood twice as likely, study shows

After deluge, climate change fears make S.Korea prioritise Seoul flood defences

La Niña sea temperatures driving floods in Australia and drought in the United States and Africa

Cities are often 10-15 °C hotter than their rural surroundings

New research from First Street Foundation analyzes the prevalence of increasing extreme temperatures and dangerous heat wave events throughout the contiguous United States

EU-New Zealand agreement raises the bar on climate action in trade deals

Climate change: ‘Staggering’ rate of global tree losses from fires

Will you live on America’s ‘extreme heat belt’ in 30 years? Chicagoans should pay attention

China witnessing strongest heat wave in six decades; long-lasting high temperatures to become new normal in the future

Themed issue explores complex systems problems facing the planet

Roadmap for Climate Reform

Global rainfall erosivity projections for 2050 and 2070

Scientists synthesize four decades of climate change research

Tundra burns helped make the 2022 Alaska fire season one of the biggest since 1950

Disaster risk reduction

Mechanisms of rock slope failures triggered by the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake and implications for landslide susceptibility

Engineers explore innovative ways to improve resilience of coastal structures

Using nature and data to weather coastal storms

Can rethinking insurance help flood-affected communities to recover faster?

Building a more resilient post-earthquake future in Haiti

Deep-learning seismology

Superstorms and Megafloods – How Concerned Should California Be?

Slow earthquakes rumble through the Pacific Northwest

Tornadoes in Europe: An Underestimated Threat

Minister announces new measures to bolster UK’s resilience

As rising seas swamp South Carolina’s shores, some coastal communities are left unprotected

NSW 2022 Flood Inquiry report recommends flood zone buy backs, changes to disaster response

46,000 people in Sydney could fail to evacuate in future flood, report says

The NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) will host an invite-only co-design workshop in response to the recent devastating floods in NSW on 23 August 2022

Risk of volcano catastrophe ‘a roll of the dice’, say experts

Insurance costs could increase massively as climate risk rises

Huge volcanic eruptions: time to prepare

New Data Confirms: Forest Fires Are Getting Worse

Global Forest Watch map

Tapping into digital for more effective disaster risk management in Malawi

Emergency management

Community events cancelled, emergency services stretched as volunteer numbers fall

Rethinking Relocation Assistance for More Equitable Outcomes

How does monkeypox spread? What scientists know

The Pandemic’s Soft Closing

Emergency housing rollout across flood-hit NSW north coast a ‘dog’s breakfast’, critics say

Sensor research helps fight wildfires

Five key issues raised in 2022 NSW flood inquiry

Wildlife recovery spending after Australia’s last megafires was one-thirteenth the $2.7 billion needed

The role of satellite information in forecasting, modeling, and mapping the 2019 Mozambique flood

Arizona firefighters rescue 25 people, including infant, during flooding in Bear Canyon

Lockdown effects feared to be killing more people than Covid

More than half of people infected with omicron may not know it

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Emergency alert system to launch in October across Great Britain

This tool lets you see how many hot days your home could swelter through in the future

Today’s heat waves feel a lot hotter than heat index implies

Gamifying Community Education for Enhanced Disaster Resilience: An Effectiveness Testing Study from Australia

Psychology and disasters

Confronting Climate Anxiety

Neurological and psychiatric risk trajectories after SARS-CoV-2 infection: an analysis of 2-year retrospective cohort studies including 1 284 437 patients

Sociology and disasters

Key Influencing Factors and Optimization Strategy of Epidemic Resilience in Urban Communities—A Case Study of Nanjing, China

Did Sweden’s controversial COVID strategy pay off? In many ways it did – but it let the elderly down

Uneven paths: Soft Policy’s benefits to recovery in Louisiana Parishes after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

2022-2026 FEMA National Tribal Strategy

Conditions in prisons during heat waves pose deadly threats to incarcerated people and prison staff

The impacts of human-induced climate change are exacerbating social and economic inequalities of indigenous peoples – A case study from Bangladesh