Today in disaster resilience (8 July 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Heavy rain hits Sydney as largest floods since March 2021 surround city

At least six dead after chunk of glacier breaks loose on Italian mountain

India – 14 Dead, Dozens Missing After Landslide in Manipur

Afghanistan – 19 Killed in Flash Floods in Eastern Provinces

Typhoon “Chaba” spawns tornadoes, splits a ship in half, leaving 26 people missing, China

Wildfire rages north of Athens, one town evacuated

Another deluge continues Sydney’s record wet year

Brazil – Thousands Displaced by Floods in North East

Strong eruptive activity at Fuego volcano, large pyroclastic flows produced, Guatemala

Manipur landslide death toll rises to 47, 14 remain missing, India

Pakistan – Fatalities Reported After Floods in Balochistan

Malaysia – Deadly Flash Floods in Kedah

Ecuador – Homes Damaged, 3 Dead After Floods in Several Provinces

India – Floods and Landslides Cause Fatalities in Himachal Pradesh

NSW Mid North Coast rainfall records broken as flood damage assessed

Volcanic activity worldwide 7 Jul 2022: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Reventador, Askja, Sangay

Oman – Deadly Flash Floods After Days of Heavy Rain

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

‘It’s hot’: UK interest in solar power heats up as energy bills soar

Bonn climate talks end with ‘almost empty pages’

Why South Asia Is Among the Hardest Hit Regions by Climate Change

Climate change: wildfire risk has grown nearly everywhere – but we can still influence where and how fires strike

Los Angeles to launch ‘extreme heat campaign’ Friday, says city’s first heat officer

Spain and Portugal suffering driest climate for 1,200 years, research shows

Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia’s most populous state

Regional towns could be wiped out by move to net-zero. Here’s their best chance for survival

Italy blames climate change for glacier collapse, 7 dead

Can Phoenix, the hottest city in America, survive climate change?

Global and Regional Trends and Drivers of Fire Under Climate Change

How U.S. Cities Are Preparing For More Life-Threatening Heatwaves

First-ever Global Chief Heat Officer announced at the World Urban Forum

No more excuses: restoring nature is not a silver bullet for global warming, we must cut emissions outright

Methane much more sensitive to global heating than previously thought – study

Seville to name and classify heatwaves in effort to protect public

Spain, Portugal dryness ‘unprecedented’ in 1,200 years

Snow at one of world’s highest observatories melting earlier than ever before

Blue carbon as a natural climate solution

Everyday Adaptation: Theorizing climate change adaptation in daily life

Bangladesh’s catastrophic flooding: the climate crisis frontline

Climate change is making flooding worse: 3 reasons the world is seeing more record-breaking deluges

Unchecked emissions could double heat-related child mortality

‘Social glue’ of a city is a key to heat resilience

More Frequent European Heat Waves Linked to Changes in Jet Stream

How hot is too hot for the human body? Our lab found heat + humidity gets dangerous faster than many people realize

Small-area assessment of temperature-related mortality risks in England and Wales: a case time series analysis

Existing climate mitigation scenarios perpetuate colonial inequalities

Assessing the effectiveness of orchestrated climate action from five years of summits

Education’s Crucial Role in Community Climate Change Adaptation

Disaster risk reduction

What’s causing Sydney’s monster flood crisis – and 3 ways to stop it from happening again

Flood risk already affects 1.81 billion people. Climate change and unplanned urbanization could worsen exposure

Using Multidisciplinary Analysis to Develop Adaptation Options against Extreme Coastal Floods

A simplified, cost-effective method for developing flood maps that reflects the uncertainty in flood predictions

Research reveals fire is pushing 88% of Australia’s threatened land mammals closer to extinction

Globally widespread and increasing violations of environmental flow envelopes

Lessons from the 2018–2019 European droughts: a collective need for unifying drought risk management

The Magazine of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network

To stop risky developments in floodplains, we have to tackle the profit motive – and our false sense of security

Australia’s fire season is drastically expanding

WHO/Europe reports on the contribution of urban planning and management to resilience and health protection

Human Fire Use and Management: A Global Database of Anthropogenic Fire Impacts for Modelling

The challenges of dynamic vulnerability and how to assess it

Climate expert says NSW government should buy Sydney homes left ‘uninhabitable’ by floods

Using real-time, hyper-local monitoring to assess potential flooding at specific bridges or roads

‘Patently ridiculous’: state government failures have exacerbated Sydney’s flood disaster

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

The data synergy effects of time-series deep learning models in hydrology

The post-fire stability index; a new approach to monitoring post-fire recovery by satellite imagery

Northern Australia’s fire management and mapping: How the integration of ‘old and new’ has led to success

Potential for seasonal flood forecasting in West Africa using climate indexes

The flooding in Yellowstone reveals forecast flaws as climate warms

Residential building flood damage: Insights on processes and implications for risk assessments

Rossby wave in jet stream triggers flooding rain, scientist says

Flood forecasting methods for a semi-arid and semi-humid area in Northern China

The progression of flood risk in southern Alberta since the 2013 flood

Emergency management

COVID vaccine requirement to be scrapped for international arrivals

UK health chiefs brace for ‘bumpy ride’ amid fears over Covid wave

‘Building back better’ in the Caribbean

Australia is heading for its third Omicron wave. Here’s what to expect from BA.4 and BA.5

Flu may be back, but COVID is far from over. How do they compare?

Towards the “Perfect” Weather Warning

Animal rescuers race to reach pets, livestock stranded in Sydney floods

Louisiana Sued Hurricane Katrina Survivors for Misusing Recovery Grants

Did COVID vaccine mandates work? What the data say

COVID was the leading cause of death in Americans ages 45-54 in 2021

Covid-19 reinfections may increase the likelihood of new health problems

How has COVID affected Australians’ health? New report shows where we’ve failed and done well

BA.5, now dominant U.S. variant, may pose the biggest threat to immune protection yet

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Recognising Indigenous knowledges is not just culturally sound, it’s good science

Meet the high school activists fighting climate change in Zimbabwe

Game-based training in critical infrastructure protection and resilience

Immersive virtual reality for science learning: Design, implementation, and evaluation

What are the impacts of extreme weather and climate events?

Mumbai turns to Twitter for help mapping India’s monsoon floods

The potential of disaster digital archives in disaster education: The case of the Japan disasters digital archive (JDA) and its geo-location functions

Psychology and disasters

‘We might not move back’: flood-affected residents ponder future after third flooding event in a year

‘Every time, we wonder if the bridge will go under’: for Hawkesbury residents flooding is now a part of life

Oregonians are united in concerns about wildfires, poll finds

Sociology and disasters

Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat

What lessons can we learn from Covid-19 responses in African cities?


Today in disaster resilience (24 June 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Extremely close-range footage of the Foshan tornado, China

Millions of homes underwater as massive floods hit parts of India and Bangladesh

Bordeaux region bans outdoor events as heat wave hits France

Spain battles wildfires fuelled by one of earliest heatwaves on record

Southern China hit by severe rains, floods as ‘dragon boat water’ peaks

Colombia – 8 Killed in Cauca Landslide

Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China after severe flooding

Bangladesh – Severe Floods in North Affect 4.2 Million and Displace 90,000

India – Floods Affect Nearly 5 Million in Assam, Over 200,000 Displaced

Dire Italian drought worsening, breaking records – water authority

Cyprus – Flare-ups in two areas dash hopes of extinguishing north’s fire

Afghan earthquake: At least 1,000 people killed and 1,500 injured

Ivory Coast – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Abidjan After 160mm of Rain in 12 Hours

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Demand for rooftop solar batteries surges as eastern Australian energy prices soar

Climate change is turning more of Central Asia into desert

Burning planet: why are the world’s heatwaves getting more intense?

Heavy industries in Australia’s regions could cut emissions by 80% and create a jobs bonanza, report says

Young Mothers, Pregnant Women Bear Brunt of Climate Change in Earth’s Hottest City

Global warming is threatening the health of people in Britain, study shows

Climate-fuelled wave patterns pose an erosion risk for developing countries

A new farming proposal to reduce carbon emissions involves a lot of trust – and a lot of uncertainty

Satellite images of Las Vegas show just how extreme urban heat islands can get

From Vanuatu law school to the Hague: the fight to recognise climate harm in international law

Australia has a once in a lifetime opportunity to break the stranglehold fossil fuels have on our politics

NSW’s biggest coal mine to close in 2030. Now what about the workers?

Western Europeans pant in early summer heatwave compounding climate change fears

Changes in the jet stream are steering autumn rain away from southeast Australia

La Niña officially over, but Bureau of Meteorology says it might be back in spring

‘Historic’ weather: why a cocktail of natural disasters is battering the US

How millions of lives can be saved if the US acts now on climate

4 ways to understand why Australia is so cold right now despite global warming

Ambitious partnership needed for reliable climate prediction

Antarctic sea ice extent lowest ever recorded

Rare ‘triple’ La Niña climate event looks likely — what does the future hold?

Current global efforts are insufficient to limit warming to 1.5°C

Disaster risk reduction

The warning you might get before the next big quake

Wildfire probability models calibrated using past human and lightning ignition patterns can inform mitigation of post-fire hydrologic hazards

Yellowstone River flooding is a 1 in 500-year event, US Geological Survey says

The cheaper we build our buildings, the more they cost after an earthquake, wildfire or tornado

Urban storm flood simulation using improved SWMM based on K-means clustering of parameter samples

Multicriterial analysis used for the optimisation of dike system management

Climate Change Is a Component of Disasters — but That’s Not the Whole Story

Improving early warning systems in the remote Himalayas

A Proposed Methodological Approach for Considering Community Resilience in Technology Development and Disaster Management Pilot Testing

Earlier flood forecasting could help avoid disaster in Japan

Different drought types and the spatial variability in their hazard, impact, and propagation characteristics

FEMA Gets Specific in Urging Congress to Act on NFIP Reform and Reauthorization

Quantifying the environmental limits to fire spread in grassy ecosystems

Study Finds That a Shocking Number of Wildfires Are Caused By…Electrocuted Birds

Set It Back: Moving Levees to Benefit Rivers, Wildlife and Communities

Marseille, Alexandria and Istanbul prepare for Mediterranean tsunami

Emergency management

Severe Storms Expose Ill-Equipped Weather Stations in Southeast Africa

A numerical approach to understand the responses of passenger vehicles moving through floodwaters

Now, like cyclones, heatwaves to get names too

Unicef says 1.6m children stranded by floods in Bangladesh need urgent help

Covid surges across Europe as experts warn not let guard down

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Training for Newly Elected Local Level Authorities on Localization of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Launched

Clues to long COVID

A new, open-source software that decrypts social media messages to help manage risks and disasters

Psychology and disasters

COVID-19 and Psychology: People and Society in Times of Pandemic

UCI-led study links repeated hurricane exposure to adverse psychological symptoms

The happiest people benefit from close social connections and resilience against life’s complications

Sociology and disasters

The impact of disasters on hyper-marginalised people and communities

In One Oregon City, the Disability Community Is Ensuring They Aren’t Left Out of Disaster Planning

How COVID has deepened inequality — in six stark graphics

A U.S. News Healthiest Communities analysis shows how racial and ethnic minority groups are at highest risk from various natural hazards

Today in disaster resilience (17 June 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Historic rain event floods, wrecks Yellowstone

Excessive heat rolls east, bakes much of central, eastern US

Thousands ordered to evacuate as Pipeline Fire grows near Flagstaff, Arizona

Turkey – 1 Dead, Several Injured After Floods in 5 Provinces

Over a third of US population urged to stay indoors amid record-breaking heat

More than 100 towns in Italy’s Po valley asked to ration water

California, 1 of 5 states with most human-caused wildfires

Ankara’s deadliest flood in recent memory, Turkey

South Africa – Flood Chaos in Cape Town After Days of Heavy Rain

India – Deadly Landslide and Flash Floods in Guwahati, Assam

Heat, humidity kill at least 2,000 Kansas cattle, state says

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Jun 2022: Krakatau volcano, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

What Extreme Heat Does to the Human Body

Spain and southern France hit by second extreme heat event of year

Event attribution is one of the fastest developing areas of climate science since it began 20 years ago

Summer has transformed into ‘danger season,’ scientists warn

New Zealand to price sheep and cow burps to cut greenhouse gases

A multi-method framework for global real-time climate attribution

Why Climate Change Impacts Women Differently Than Men

Australia’s “largest grid forming battery” to go ahead after landing finance deal

Synergy coal power stations including Muja to close as WA Government prioritises renewable energy

Atmospheric river that ravaged Yellowstone National Park is part of climate change pattern

Climate change: More fossil fuel investment, just ‘delusional’, warns Guterres

What happens in India doesn’t stay in India. Why this deadly heat wave has a wide reach

Recent Trends in Heat-Related Mortality in the United States: An Update through 2018

Climate change: Rising sea levels threaten 200,000 England properties

New data reveals extraordinary global heating in the Arctic

May 2022 was Earth’s 6th-warmest May

Satellites zoom in on cities’ hottest neighborhoods to help combat the urban heat island effect

Greenland’s many small glaciers are melting more rapidly as the Arctic warms, contributing to sea level rise

Court allows expert evidence in legal first climate case against NSW Water Sharing Plan

Heatwaves are getting deadlier – here’s how to combat them

When climate justice goes wrong: Maladaptation and deep co-production in transformative environmental science and policy

Climate change: Bonn talks end in acrimony over compensation

Ambitious partnership needed for reliable climate prediction

Record-shattering events spur advances in tying climate change to extreme weather

Disaster risk reduction

A Community-Led Landslide Prediction System in India

How should an Australian ‘centre for disease control’ prepare us for the next pandemic?

Disaster Resilient and Responsive Public Financial Management: An Assessment Tool

Scientists get closer to predicting economic losses from wildfires

Scientists provide explanation for exceptional Tonga tsunami

Biden admin: Stop flood insurance for new, risky homes

Exploring disaster impacts on adaptation actions in 549 cities worldwide

The Rising Risk of Flooding in Poland

New maps of global geological provinces and tectonic plates

A treacherous California fire season made more dangerous by drought, water restrictions

It’s time to come clean on Lismore’s future. People and businesses have to relocate away from the floodplains

It’s a race against time to flood-proof informal settlements

Assessing social vulnerability and identifying spatial hotspots of flood risk to inform socially just flood management policy

Tsunami excitation in the outer wedge of global subduction zones

How important is seismic risk relative to all other aspects of the built environment?

A research agenda towards disaster risk management pathways in multi-(hazard-)risk assessment

Artificial intelligence and avalanche warning

Emergency management

Naming heatwaves may help warn of the risks associated with them

A near-real-time global landslide incident reporting tool demonstrator using social media and artificial intelligence

Has COVID affected your sleep? Here’s how viruses can change our sleeping patterns

Flooding pummels Yellowstone region, leaves many stranded

Research shows natural infection with Omicron doesn’t produce a strong immune response, so people can quickly become reinfected

Study of triple vaccinated people also says Omicron infection does little to reduce chance of catching variant again

We’re Not Out of the Pandemic Woods Yet

Brisbane City Council budget reveals rates rise to recover from flood, COVID-19 pandemic

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Prepare for wildfire and harden your home now

Can the USGS install a streamgage at my location?

Disaster risk and resilience in the news, and news from the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community and beyond

How to Prepare for a Hyperactive Hurricane Season

A new online tool that allows any resident of the United States with Internet access to see their home’s relative risk of catastrophic wildfire over the next 30 years

Psychology and disasters

Impact of risk experience and personal exposure on coastal flooding and coastal erosion risk perception and coping strategies

Grenfell fire: Almost 1,500 children treated for trauma over disaster – with bonfires and candles ‘triggering’ survivors

Sociology and disasters

California vineyard laborers wanted wildfire safety. Then came a shadowy counter-movement

Social capital’s impact on COVID-19 outcomes at local levels’s_impact_on_COVID-19_outcomes_at_local_levels

This study aims to quantitatively evaluate the effects of flood control measures and educational support in terms of flood vulnerability of the poor at the household level

As taps run dry, Mexican drought fuels anger over water inequality

Decolonising disasters

Native Americans struggle to recover from Hurricane Ida

Today in disaster resilience (10 June 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Heavy rain kills 56 in northeast Brazil

France – One Dead as Fierce Storms Wreak Havoc Across 65 Departments

Cuba – Deadly Flash Floods After 300mm of Rain

“Dangerous and life-threatening” flooding in Miami as tropical system drenches south Florida

Wild wet weather smashes Adelaide as emergency services work to clean up damage while bracing for more rain

Powerful phreatic eruption at Bulusan volcano, Philippines

157 Forest Fires Broke Out in Greece in Three Days

Flood alerts issued as more torrential rain forecast to hit China

More Than 22 Million in Southwest Brace for Dangerous Heat

Suriname – Ongoing Floods Threaten Health and Food Security

Argentina and Chile – Heavy Rain Causes Deadly Mudslide and Floods in South

Volcanic activity worldwide 9 Jun 2022: Etna volcano, Fuego, Krakatau, Semeru, Dukono, Reventador

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Cambridge engineers invent world’s first zero emissions cement

WEF climate change: ‘It’s now or never’

German judges visit Peru glacial lake in unprecedented climate crisis lawsuit

Vanuatu declares climate emergency

Tectonic plates were, until recently, the Earth’s major climate driver

$1m community battery unveiled in Melbourne in move towards more renewable energy

Tower of power: new office building to be fully clad in solar panels in Australian first

We cannot adapt our way out of climate crisis, warns leading scientist

Earth Hits Record Carbon Dioxide Levels

After winning the climate election, Labor must be the climate government the whole world needs

“Oceans Give, Oceans Take”: Their role in climate change

‘Apocalyptic skies’: the dust storms devastating Gulf states and Syria

Turning High-Rise Buildings Into Batteries

Despite Glasgow Climate Pact 2030 climate target updates have stalled

“Limited time:” World will lock in 1.5°C warming by 2025 without big emissions cuts

IPCC emission scenarios: How did critiques affect their quality and relevance 1990–2022?

Funding needed for climate disasters has risen ‘more than 800%’ in 20 years

Water, Wildfire, and Climate Change

Australia’s total coal mine methane emissions double official estimates, Ember report finds

EU wants to ban combustion-engine cars by 2035

Uber’s new incentive for thousands of electric vehicle drivers amid plan to eliminate petrol cars

From town to country, we must act as one on climate change

Forecasting Change: Summers are getting hotter in Central Florida

Climate scientists say expected ocean changes require planning for many generations ahead

Disaster risk reduction

Arc volcanoes are wetter than previously thought, with scientific and economic implications

Disaster upon disaster: Wildfires are contaminating the West’s depleting water with ashy sludge

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

Time Series Features for Supporting Hydrometeorological Explorations and Predictions in Ungauged Locations Using Large Datasets

The future of nuclear power — monitoring, modelling, and managing risk

Insurance Council says cost of northern NSW and south-east Queensland floods now at $4.3 billion

Mobility and resilience: A global assessment of flood impacts on urban road networks

Monitoring Earthquakes at the Speed of Light

Disaster losses & statistics

Mongolia flood defence project shows the way for urban adaptation

Seismic detection of euroquakes originating from Europa’s silicate interior

A RAFT to Coastal Resilience: ODU Researchers Collaborate to Help Rural Communities Combat Flooding Impacts

A huge Atlantic ocean current is slowing down. If it collapses, La Niña could become the norm for Australia

Fire on Earth is not increasing

A mega-tsunami in the Pacific north-west? It could be worse than predicted, study says

‘Power of the river’: New Mississippi River channel prompts Corps to take action

Lab earthquakes show how grains at fault boundaries lead to major quakes

Indigenous knowledge reveals history of fire-prone California forest

Slow water: can we tame urban floods by going with the flow?

Great timing, supercomputer upgrade led to successful forecast of volcanic eruption

A root cause of flooding in Accra: developers clogging up the city’s wetlands

“Landslide Graveyard” Holds Clues to Long-Term Tsunami Trends

What Drives Hazard Mitigation Policy Adoption?

New maps of global geological provinces and tectonic plates

26 Orogenies: A tale told by the continents–HPPmcG-o

Researchers discover Australian city at risk of ‘devastating’ earthquake

‘Triple La Niña’: Australia may face another summer of flooding rains, US expert warns

Emergency management

Months on from devastating Lismore floods, 1,300 people are still unable to return home

Flood-Resilient Mass Transit Planning in Ouagadougou

Biden to visit New Mexico in wake of historic wildfire season

Becoming better at planning for disasters

Death toll from heat wave climbs as B.C. coroner report calls for change

Tonga recovers its voice in the wake of deadly volcanic eruption

Learning From Hurricane Laura’s Near Miss

Pasha Bulker storm remembered 15 years on

Long COVID Risk Falls Only Slightly after Vaccination

Disaster education, communications and engagement

10 Interesting Facts about Wildfires

Adaptation Fund Raises Awareness of Climate Adaptation to Students of Prominent International School Based in Italy

NOAA asks to hear public’s tornado experience for research, improve alerts

New York Renters will Soon Know Their Flood Risk

Disaster Emotional Prep Kit

Psychology and disasters

Adapting to Chronic Flooding: Survivors’ Stories and Actions they Take!

Sociology and disasters

How FEMA helps white and rich Americans escape floods

Fears pandemic education fallout not over

Building disaster resilience among the vulnerable

Hard hit by COVID-19, Black Americans are recovering slowly

Today in disaster resilience (27 May 2022)

Please find a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Over 1.5 million children at risk as devastating floods hit Bangladesh

At least 9 killed as fast-moving severe thunderstorms hit the most populated part of Canada, leaving 1 000 km of damage

Severe hailstorm hits Bihar, claiming lives of at least 33 people

Residents of Durban and its surrounding areas are now assessing the damage to their houses and cars after a weekend of intense rainfall and floods

Indonesia – Floods and Landslides Leave 4 Dead, Thousands Affected

South Africa – Evacuations After More Flooding in KwaZulu-Natal

Bangladesh – Millions Hit by Floods in North East

Brazil – Rising Rivers Affect 300,000 in Amazonas State

Colombia – Floods and Landslides Affect 5,000 in Meta Department, Airport Flooded in Villavicencio

Black Fire Update

Vietnam – Deadly Flash Floods and Landslides in Northern Provinces

Very strong M7.2 earthquake hits southern Peru

Large tornadoes hit west Texas, U.S.

NSW Far west town of Menindee about to flood, but some wish it had happened much sooner

Volcanic activity worldwide 25 May 2022: Fuego volcano, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay, Bezymianny

Brazil – Homes Destroyed, Hundreds Displaced by Floods in Pernambuco, Alagoas and Paraíba

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate change and mismanagement sowed the seeds of a cholera outbreak

Climate Change made devastating early heat in India and Pakistan 30 times more likely

With climate change fueling wildfires, changes are needed to prevent worse scenarios

Welcome to the Heat Action Platform

Australia election: Anthony Albanese signals climate policy change

Sharp cut in methane now could help avoid worst of climate crisis

Homeowners face managed retreat as climate risks worsen

Australians voted for stronger action on climate change. Will they get it?

‘It seems this heat will take our lives’: Pakistan city fearful after hitting 51C

Climate Action Plans Tailored to Indian Cities

Global warming may have worsened series of flood disasters, says Bureau of Meteorology

How plate tectonics, mountains and deep-sea sediments have maintained Earth’s ‘Goldilocks’ climate

A List of the Climate Progress We’ve Made in 2022

5 Things COP27 Must Achieve for Vulnerable Countries

Disaster risk reduction

Land Use Planning in Levee Protected Areas

Sediment Residence Times in Large Rivers Quantified Using a Cosmogenic Nuclides Based Transport Model and Implications for Buffering of Continental Erosion Signals

Disaster Prevention and Management: Volume 31 Issue 1

Explosive Tonga volcano ‘surprisingly intact’

Immense crater hole created in Tonga volcano

Building the evidence for more effective disaster risk reduction

Fighting fire with fire: Controlled burns remain essential as US wildfires intensify

New Earth Science data

More floods forecast for Australia’s east as La Niña weather pattern lingers

Emergency management

Hurricane outlook for Hawaiʻi is quieter than normal, but wildfire peak will come sooner

VICSES embraces the future of road crash rescue

Viruses that were on hiatus during Covid are back — and behaving in unexpected ways

Special Climate Statement 76 – Extreme rainfall and flooding in south-eastern Queensland and eastern New South Wales

Warning signs ahead of monkeypox outbreak went unheeded, experts say

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Why teaching the IB helps address global issues

The Hazardscape Game

How to Survive Extreme Heat

Psychology and disasters

What is geopsychiatry?

Mental Illness Too Often Wrongly Associated With Gun Violence

Climate Change and Mental Health

Sociology and disasters

Disability and disaster risk

Living Together: Connecting housing, social well-being and resilience

Gender in DRR – Mainstreamed Into Invisibility

Today in disaster resilience (20 May 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Large explosions at Stromboli volcano, Italy

India – 5 Fatalities After Heavy Rain, Floods and Landslides in Assam and Meghalaya

Canada – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Alberta and Northwest Territories

Kazakhstan – Houses Destroyed After Landslide in Almaty Region

India – Over 400,000 Affected as Floods Worsen in Assam

Thailand – Floods Affect Hundreds of Households in Northern Provinces

Massive New Mexico Wildfires Endangers Multiple Ski Resorts

Why millions of people across Africa are facing extreme hunger

Volcanic activity worldwide 19 May 2022: Etna volcano, Fuego, Karymsky, Krakatau, Semeru, Ibu

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Fires, floods and food security: how climate change became a local issue this election

NSW and Queensland flooded the same week a major climate report was released. We need to talk about it

South Africa’s April floods made twice as likely by climate crisis, scientists say

Sea level along the world’s coastlines can be measured by a network of virtual altimetry stations

Shut down fossil fuel production sites early to avoid climate chaos, says study

Renewable electricity powered California just shy of 100% for the first time in history

Waters with high heat content expected in Gulf of Mexico this hurricane season

Climate change is already causing damage. How can Canada deal with it now?

Heat and health: Dar es Salaam’s informal settlements need help

In Nepal, 2 Major Climate Disasters in a Single Year Highlight the Need to Build Resilience

The longest river in Italy is drying up. What does this mean for those who rely on it for food?

Heat is a neglected and poorly understood public health threat

Climate change has made old measures predicting weather events in Australia ‘essentially worthless’

Delta scientists report four ways to save deltas from sea level rise

How climate law can help to prevent the next pandemic

Quantifying climate risk goes mainstream

Seven ways climate change is already hitting Texans

Lismore faced monster floods all but alone. We must get better at climate adaptation, and fast

Disaster risk reduction

What future activity could look like at Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand

Model unlocks real-time estimation of large earthquakes and provides earlier warning of tsunamis

How to reduce risks of flooding in and around urban areas

‘Like 20 tip trucks pouring sand on every metre-wide strip’: how extreme storms can replenish beaches, not just erode them

The wildfires burning in the Southwest are bad but ‘not unprecedented’

Why Washington’s Rainier is One of the Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the United States

New early warning system aids rapid response to life-threatening landslides in Philippines

A comprehensive review on structural tsunami countermeasures

Highlights From “Fueling the Flames”

High rates of landscape degradation not product of landscape fires

Building Community Climate Resilience with Compound-Flood Modeling Tools

Sediment Residence Times in Large Rivers Quantified Using a Cosmogenic Nuclides Based Transport Model and Implications for Buffering of Continental Erosion Signals

The NHDPlus HR is a geospatial dataset depicting the flow of water across the Nation’s landscapes and through the stream network

Flood forces Brisbane council to pause projects for ‘biggest-ever rebuild’

Emergency management

Only 7% of 5-11s in England have had Covid jab as parents hesitate

The pandemic’s reported death toll will soon reach 1 million people in the United States

Why the fight against COVID appears to have stalled in the U.S.

Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot

Fight against forest fires: Algeria will charter six water bombers this summer

New plan for fighting fires presented

Watch? Warning? How we communicate severe weather in Canada

Choose your collaborators wisely: Addressing interdependent tasks through collaboration in responding to wildfire disasters

Extreme weather pushes number of people forced to leave home to record high

Disaster education, communications and engagement

When roads become rivers: forming a Plan B can stop people driving into floodwaters

What is Vulnerability?

New map poster offers a bird’s-eye view of Mount St. Helens

Prompt and accurate information is vital in a pandemic – the climate and biodiversity crises demand the same urgency

Colours and maps for communicating natural hazards to users with and without colour vision deficiency

Reporting extreme weather and climate change: a guide for journalists

What is storm surge? It’s often a hurricane’s deadliest and most destructive threat

Psychology and disasters

How can Covid-19 affect the human brain?

Sociology and disasters

Action brief: Gender and disaster risk reduction and response in the context of COVID-19: The Asia-Pacific Region

COVID-19 likely to worsen inequalities for at least five years without renewed global cooperation, warns International Science Council

Today in disaster resilience (13 May 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Heavy rain and thunderstorms pose flood risk for southern Queensland’s already saturated catchments

Dangerous winds, wildfire conditions returning to New Mexico

Pakistan – Massive Floods Destroy Bridge in Gilgit-Baltistan

USA – Emergency Declared After Deadly Flash Floods in West Virginia

USA – Ice Jam Causes Flood Emergency in Manley Hot Springs

A man in his early 20s is “lucky to be alive” after police and firies rescued him from a flooded causeway in Mount Isa overnight

Thailand – Severe Flash Floods Hit Southern Provinces

New Mexico wildfire continues rampage as new blaze erupts in California

Volcanic activity worldwide 12 May 2022: Stromboli volcano, Fuego, Karymsky, Krakatau, Merapi

Millions of lives at risk as famine stalks Horn of Africa

Evacuations ordered in Colorado Springs as homes destroyed in California

Nearly 1,000 people forced from homes in northern Alberta because of flooding

Australia – More Floods in Queensland After Widespread Heavy Rainfall

Woman killed in flood waters amid record-breaking rain in Queensland

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Ozone is accelerating climate change at a faster rate

Extreme weather: What is it and how is it connected to climate change?

The rush to renewable energy means a new mining boom. But first, Australia needs to make some tough choices

How climate change weakened India’s defence against heatwaves

Record heat in India and Pakistan is a wake-up call

Climate limit of 1.5C close to being broken, scientists warn

Vanuatu’s push for legal protection from climate change wins crucial support

Getting It Right Matters: Temperature Goal Interpretations in Geoscience Research

Climate Action Plans Tailored to Indian Cities

Renewable power is set to break another global record in 2022 despite headwinds from higher costs and supply chain bottlenecks

The strengths and weaknesses of future visioning approaches for climate change adaptation: A review

Communities in India flooded by ‘Amphan-scale cyclones’ could triple by 2100

The extraordinary heat wave in India and Pakistan, explained

Human Behavior Is the Other Puzzle for Climate-Change Modeling

What does neighbourhood climate action look like? A scoping literature review

Disaster risk reduction

How our bushfire-proof house design could help people flee rather than risk fighting the flames

Experts call for a shift in wildfire strategy

“The role of Earth Science in 21st century Australia”

Reducing Australian Bushfire Risk with Traditional Practices

In a wildfire burning embers transported downwind are what cause most structures to burn

A progressive flow-routing model for rapid assessment of debris-flow inundation

Research shows future super cyclones would expose vastly greater numbers of people in most vulnerable parts of the world to extreme flooding

The National Risk Atlas (NRA) is an information system that allows the identification of  hazards caused by natural and man-made phenomena

For one Māori community, a board game sparked serious discussions about flood risk

Second National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction

Life on the edge: Land loss on England’s east coast – a photo essay

Assessing the Impacts of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana

A new earthquake warning system will prepare Canada for dangerous shaking

Continent-Scale Detection of Triggered Low Frequency Earthquakes

B.C.’s risk of spring flooding ‘considerably’ higher, report says

Hit hard by storms and forest loss, Zimbabwe builds stronger homes

Precursors to eruption

Atmospheric waves and global seismoacoustic observations of the January 2022 Hunga eruption, Tonga

Three-day Scottish flood forecast system goes on trial

Murphy announces latest measures to protect NJ communities from floods

Why the 2022 Southwest Fire Season Is So Early and Intense

EU tools to respond to natural disasters

Gravity signals could detect earthquakes at the speed of light

Emergency management

Businesses in flood affected Lismore still without power

We’re not prepared when extreme wildfires, flooding hit B.C

White House warns of “pretty sizeable” COVID surge this winter

Coronavirus: economic toll of China’s latest outbreak ‘10 times more severe’ than Wuhan in 2020

U.S. firefighters in final push for healthcare as wildfires surge

Covid-19: US tracker overestimated deaths among children

California’s 2020 Wildfire Season

Flood-damaged businesses in Lismore say disaster financial assistance taking too long

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Be prepared for floods

Crowd-sourcing observations of volcanic eruptions during the 2021 Fagradalsfjall and Cumbre Vieja events

Psychology and disasters

Cognitive impairment from long COVID equivalent to aging 20 years, study finds

Why It’s So Hard to Make Risk Decisions in the Pandemic

Post-Disaster Mental Health and Wellbeing in Japan

Sociology and disasters

Hurricane Ida’s Impact On Socially Vulnerable Communities

3 Ways the Pandemic Has Made the World Better

Climate disasters drive Bangladesh children from classrooms to work

Homes in high-risk flood zones are the only affordable option for Durban’s poorest residents

Today in disaster resilience (6 May 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Current drought is worst in 1,200 years in California and the American West, new study shows

Guadeloupe – Deadly Floods Strike After 300mm of Rain

Venezuela – Fatalities and Evacuations After Floods Hit Several States

Swollen rivers, flooded roads prompt evacuations in some areas of Manitoba

Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report

USA and Canada – Evacuations After Widespread Flooding in Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota

Spain – Floods in Valencia After 260mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Tanzania – Floods in South Leave 5 Dead, Thousands Displaced

Volcanic activity worldwide 5 May 2022: Karymsky volcano, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Merapi, Semeru

Afghanistan – Flash Floods Cause Fatalities and Severe Damage

Uganda – Homes Destroyed, Thousands Displaced After Floods in Eastern and Western Regions

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption

Rising risk: How the NZ coast will be transformed

Green infrastructure helps cities with climate change. So why isn’t there more of it?

Why some beaches, including in Queensland, are getting bigger despite rising sea levels

One in 25 Australian properties will be effectively uninsurable by 2030, due to rising risks of extreme weather and climate change

‘We are living in hell’: Pakistan and India suffer extreme spring heatwaves

With seas rising and storms surging, who will pay for New Zealand’s most vulnerable coastal properties?

State of the climate: Start of 2022 is the fifth warmest on record

Climate change will more than double the risk of intense tropical cyclones by 2050

Climate change is why New Mexico’s wildfire season started early this year

Climate Risk Map of Australia

Climate policy across Australia is fragmented, but researchers are aiming to use big data to make better sense of it

What coal communities need on the path to net zero

Draft NZ National Adaptation Plan for climate resilience

Polluters are using forests as ‘carbon offsets.’ Climate change has other plans

Scorched dystopia or liveable planet? Here’s where the climate policies of our political hopefuls will take us

India and Pakistan’s brutal heat wave poised to resurge

Climate-proofing the world

Scientists identify the most extreme heatwaves ever recorded globally

India heatwave: why the region should prepare for even more extreme heat in the near future

Disaster risk reduction

High impact compound events in Australia

Alpine Fault: What scientists are learning about NZ’s big quake-maker

Modeling Coastal Environmental Change and the Tsunami Hazard

Extreme tornado footage captured by drone over Andover, Kansas

Space-based system using GPS satellites could warn of incoming tsunamis

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Fight Western Wildfires?

AccuWeather’s 2022 US Wildfire Forecast: Drought to spur another intense season

Study Develops Framework for Forecasting Contribution of Snowpack to Flood Risk During Winter Storms

Models Show How Topography Influences Ground Shaking in Seattle Area

New portal improves forecasts of devastating storms in West Africa

Flood risk reduction confers multiple benefits

Construction to begin on flood mitigation project west of Calgary

Emergency management

NSW flood victims kicked out of caravan parks to make way for tourists

Australian researchers uncover clue to rare and severe response to Covid in children

‘Disaster’s in the recovery’: bushfire survivors still waiting for homes

NSW Far North Coast & Northern Rivers flood impact research, March 2022

Learning from the Taal experience

New Drones Could Spot Wildfires Earlier, Even Help Snuff Them Out

The Southwest is on fire – with iconic deserts and towns at risk, Biden issues a disaster declaration

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Accounting for Local Flood Knowledge in Citizen Science: Discussing Resilience and Adaptation to the Effects of Climate Change through a Flood-Monitoring Project

Determine Your Risk (Hurricane Preparedness)

Quake Chasers: 15 Women Rocking Earthquake Science

How to survive a heatwave

CoastSnap citizen science around the world

Psychology and disasters

Teachers say pandemic hurt child development, ask for study into chaotic schools

Disaster descriptions do not capture many mental health and well-being impacts

Trauma, disbelief and plenty of ideas shared at NSW flood inquiry hearing in Lismore

Women, low earners ‘prone to disaster-linked depression’

Today in disaster resilience (29 April 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently:

Recent emergencies/disasters

One dead and thousands forced to flee as wildfires sweep across US

Sandbagging efforts ongoing as Winnipeg homeowners battle flood waters

Huge wildfire sweeps across Canford Heath nature reserve in Dorset

Colombia – Emergency Declared After Deadly Landslides and Floods in Cundinamarca

Western Queensland soaked in record-breaking April rain as Longreach surrounded by floodwaters

Brazil – Flooding Jari River Affects Thousands in Amapá

DR Congo and Rwanda – 20 Killed in Floods and Landslides

Extreme heatwave in India and Pakistan causes power and water shortages

Volcanic activity worldwide 28 Apr 2022: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Krakatau, Semeru, Ibu

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Which countries could become the world’s hydrogen superpowers?

Now we know the flaws of carbon offsets, it’s time to get real about climate change

Young people are on front line of climate change, but they’re not accepting it as an inevitability

Urban heat toolkit released for council planners

Americans are fleeing climate change — here’s where they can go

Increasing Human-Driven Global Disasters Risk A ‘Spiral Of Self-Destruction’

Wildfire smoke accelerates glacier melt, affects mountain runoff: USask research,-affects-mountain-runoff-usask-research.php

Time’s up: why Australia has to quit stalling and wean itself off fossil fuels

Sweltering Heat Blankets India

Too many new coal-fired plants planned for 1.5C climate goal, report concludes

Twitter bans ads that contradict science on climate change

This is why India’s heatwaves are getting hotter

European State of the Climate 2021 report

What Elon Musk Buying Twitter Could Mean for Climate Disinformation

The top four transport issues to address at COP27

The most devastating hurricanes could double by 2050 in nearly all regions of world, scientists say

Climate adaptation is going to be a disaster

India experiences its hottest March in 122 years

New Climate Modeling Predicts Increasing Occurrences of Flash Flooding Across Most of the U.S.

Increased infectious disease risk likely from climate change

NOAA and communities to map heat inequities in 14 U.S. cities and counties

Disaster risk reduction

Assessing placement bias of the global river gauge network

The 1992 Cape Mendocino Earthquake and Tsunami

These are the 10 fastest sinking cities in the world

Picoastal: A low-cost coastal video monitoring system

SADC countries urged to ‘strengthen early warning capacities’ to deal with natural disasters

Copernicus data supports flood monitoring on Europe’s coasts

Human activity and behaviour are contributing to an increasing number of disasters across the world, putting millions of lives and every social and economic gain in danger, warns a new UN report

In 2021, the Emergency Event Database (EM-DAT) recorded 432 disastrous events related to natural hazards worldwide

The Weather behind the Eastern Australian floods – the storm cluster from 23rd February to 2nd April, 2022

Floods create health risks: what to look out for and how to avoid them

The first interactive classification of extreme events in Italy

Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2022 (GAR2022)

A New Index to Quantify River Fragmentation

Why Vulnerability Still Matters: The Politics of Disaster Risk Creation

Complex Networks Help Explain Extreme Rainfall Events

New earthquake assessments available to strengthen preparedness in Europe

Urban health challenges: Lessons from COVID-19 responses

New Zealand shares multi-hazard modelling tool with Pacific countries

Australia braces for more wet weather with above-average rainfall predicted through winter and into spring

Part of the solution: Harris Policy Labs students identify Chicago neighborhoods most at risk in rising tide of urban flooding

Better land use and insurance to mitigate natural disasters

Emergency management

COVID-19 third leading cause of death again in 2021- U.S. study

Retired Fire Chief killed in Nebraska wildfire

Ida permanently retired from list of Atlantic hurricane names

U.S., European Commission estimate most of their populations have contracted COVID-19

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Learning with student climate strikers’ humour: towards critical affective climate justice literacies

Ready California

Take Action for Climate Justice – A guide for teachers and educators working with young people aged 9-16

Leading Through Extremes

World Environment Day prep

Immersive VR: empowering kids to survive in fire, flood, and war

Shaping Children’s Knowledge and Response to Bushfire Through Use of an Immersive Virtual Learning Environment

63 percent of the world’s total population is now online and 59% use social media

Household-Targeted Hurricane Warnings for Effective Evacuation

Towards a liberatory pedagogy of disaster risk reduction among built environment educators

Teaching climate issues through gameplay gains a following in Brazil

Psychology and disasters

Majority of family members of Covid patients treated in the ICU report PTSD symptoms

Examining Public Response and Climate Conditions During Overlapping Tornado and Flash Flood Warnings

The March 2020 Tennessee Tornados: Risk Perceptions, Preparedness, and Communication

Sociology and disasters

Transforming Governance for a Resilient Future

Understanding the Impacts of Managed Retreat and Resettlement on Informal Communities

Today in disaster resilience (22 April 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Dozens still missing as South Africa floods death toll rises to 443

Horn of Africa drought: Late rains in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are inflaming hunger, warns WFP

Volcanic activity worldwide 21 Apr 2022: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Semeru

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australian scientists in a bid to measure the impact of climate change on a glacier in East Antarctica

Study shows a disastrous climate combination on the rise: wildfire followed by flood

Gas prices are soaring. What does it mean for climate?

South Australia grid reaches record high of 136.6 pct renewables

Climate-induced fire regime amplification in Alberta, Canada

‘Climate laggards’: Australian isolationism puts us on par with Saudi Arabia

South Africa’s floods a ‘teachable moment’ for climate adaptation

As climate change floods U.S. coast, islands fight for public money

Why delayed action on climate change will be profoundly damaging for poverty reduction efforts around the world

Global seasonal forecasts of marine heatwaves

Australia’s coal export boom forecast to end abruptly amid big drop in demand from China

Heatwaves and snow: What’s really happening to the Antarctic climate?

Melting land-based ice raises sea levels globally but can produce lowered levels locally

Climate Change Worsened Record–Breaking 2020 Hurricane Season

Madagascar: The humanitarian impact of climate change

More Frequent El Niño Events Predicted by 2040

Planning for urban heat resilience

Disaster risk reduction

Evolving Risk of Wildfires in Europe

Watery research boundaries: A bibliometric and network science approach to explore gaps and overlaps in water research

Higher incidence of high-severity fire in and near industrially managed forests

New Research Overlays Sociodemographic, Green Infrastructure And Stormwater Flood Risk Data To Assess Equitable Distribution Of Green Infrastructure

What’s behind South Africa’s flood disaster

Neural network model helps predict site-specific impacts of earthquakes

Niger: Improving Municipal Resilience to Flooding and Access to Basic Services

FEMA’s State and Local Flood Mitigation Planning Policy Guides Updated

U.S. Geological Survey and Department of Energy Los Alamos National Laboratory partner to advance fire research capabilities

Property Buyouts Can Be an Effective Solution for Flood-Prone Communities

New research detects pre-eruption warning signals at Whakaari White Island and other active volcanoes

Global sensitivity analysis in hydrodynamic modeling and flood inundation mapping

A quiet section of the San Andreas once had big quakes

More flood money for NSW

Real-time coastal flood hazard assessment using DEM-based hydrogeomorphic classifiers

Coastal boulders constrain prehistoric tsunamis

Planet image of the Kantagnos village landslide in the Philippines

Early warnings for floods in South Africa: engineering for future climate change

Natural disasters cost the nation: we’ve calculated the income tax revenue lost in their wake

KZN floods — three practical steps to make South African cities more flood resilient

How drones are improving landslide risk management in Brazil

Emergency management

Disaster Data: How Donors Can Play a Role

Unvaccinated U.S. children hospitalized at twice the rate during Omicron surge, study says

Covid hasn’t given up all its secrets. Here are 6 mysteries experts hope to unravel

‘Living with COVID-19’ must be more than an empty phrase: Individuals need tools to manage BA.2 and future waves

Isolation rules for close contacts are changing. What happens next?

Firefighters hopeful as U.S. government moves to speed up health claims

NSW Premier concedes it’s ‘not good enough’ with nine out of 10 flood victims still waiting to receive grants

Disabled people are being left out of COVID recovery. Here are five ways to change that

Disaster education, communications and engagement

A new Minecraft world is inspiring children to tackle flooding and climate change

Typology development of earthquake displays in free-choice learning environments, to inform earthquake early warning education in the United States

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Estuary education

The climate game: Can you reach net zero by 2050?

6 ways to build resilience and hope into young people’s learning about climate change

Community Science Builds a Seismic Network in Haiti

Psychology and disasters

Another day, another flood: preparing for more climate disasters means taking more personal responsibility for risk

Deadly wet season sees drivers trapped in floodwaters, so is safety messaging working?

Sociology and disasters

Local knowledge adds value to mapping flood risk in South Africa’s informal settlements

Building Rural and Native Communities’ Resilience to Disasters Social capital’s impact on COVID‑19 outcomes at local levels