Today in disaster resilience (22 January 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Massive pyroclastic flow at Semeru volcano, Indonesia

Severe floods hit Bolivia and Paraguay

New paroxysmal eruptive episode at Etna’s Southeast Crater, Italy

Indonesia earthquake rescuers hampered by damaged infrastructure after dozens killed

Syria – Floods in Displacement Camps in Idlib and Aleppo

Indonesia – Deadly Floods and Landslides in South Kalimantan and North Sulawesi

Powerful M7.1 earthquake hits off the coast of Mindanao, Philippines

Around 2,000 homes and businesses in Manchester told to evacuate due to flooding fears

Madagascar – Tropical Storm Eloise Leaves Homes Destroyed, Hundreds Displaced

Brazil – Flash Floods and Landslides in São Paulo and Minas Gerais

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate change blamed for a third of U.S. flood losses in past 3 decades

Powerful winds spark new blazes in California’s year-round fire ‘season’

Health warnings as ‘intense’ heatwave to hit NSW until Australia Day

Biden hits reset on US climate action – and turns up the heat on Morrison

Biden returns US to Paris climate accord hours after becoming president

Legal bid to stop UK building Europe’s biggest gas power plant fails

Five reasons to be optimistic about clean energy in 2021

Keeping it local: Engaging communities in climate resilience projects in Yangon

Disaster risk reduction

The link between tropical cyclones and heatwaves

Accurate forecasts of rainfall can help save lives and livelihoods from drought in Sub-Saharan Africa

These are the world’s greatest threats in 2021

NZ landslides more dangerous than quakes

Invited perspectives: Building sustainable and resilient communities – recommended actions for natural hazard scientists

A risk analysis of COVID‐19 infections in Kolkata Metropolitan City: A GIS based study

The global risks report 2021, 16th edition

The National Risk Index: Discover the landscape of natural hazard risk in the United States

Emergency management

A Really Bad Idea! “Caught on video: Japan emergency callers will be able to send footage to police”

Mask-wearing and control of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the USA: a cross-sectional study

Biden outlines vaccine plan, requires masks on flights

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Disaster season is here — do you have a Resilience Action Plan? Here’s how the small town of Tarnagulla built theirs

Individual action, community good: coming together to save ourselves and the planet

For eyewitness accounts of earthquake shaking, representation matters

Using community resilience vision statements to engage communities in Bangladesh

Sociology and disasters

The dual effect of social ties on COVID‑19 spread in Japan

Strengthening urban resilience in Amman, Jordan, to mitigate flash floods and protect vulnerable communities

Today in disaster resilience (15 January 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Landslides kill 11, injure 18 in Indonesia’s West Java

Coronavirus crisis worsens with global surges and fresh outbreaks

Deadly avalanche strikes ski resort in the world’s northernmost city of Norilsk, Russia

Record rains hit southern Thailand, leaving 3 dead and more than 58 000 households affected by floods

Albania – Families Evacuated After Floods in North

Jamaica – Flash Floods in Montego Bay

Philippines – Thousands Hit by More Floods in Central Regions

Worst flooding in 50 years leaves 6 dead, 50 000 displaced in Malaysia

Spain – Deadly Flash Floods in South After Heavy Rain From Storm Filomena

Indonesia – Thousands of Homes Flooded in Bandung Regency, West Java Province

Malaysia – Almost 2,000 Displaced by Floods in Sabah

Southeastern Europe – Floods Prompt Evacuations in Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo

Turkey drought: Istanbul could run out of water in 45 days

Category 5 atmospheric river brings flooding rain and strong winds to Oregon and Washington, U.S.

Namibia – Heavy Rain Continues, Flash Floods in Windhoek

Indonesia – Thousands of Homes Damaged After Floods in West Sumatra

Volcanic activity worldwide 14 Jan 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Merapi, Reventador, Sangay

USA – 1 Missing After Rains Trigger Floods and Landslides in Oregon

Tanzania – Severe Flooding in Mtwara Region After Torrential Rainfall

Indonesia – Thousands of Families Affected by Floods in South Kalimantan Province

Turkey – Flash Floods in Izmir

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Cities could get more than 4°C hotter by 2100. To keep cool in Australia, we urgently need a national planning policy

Global heating could stabilize if net zero emissions achieved, scientists say

2020 ties with 2016 as world’s hottest year on record, EU climate change service

Climate change activists want COP26 to build on the momentum of 2020

CO2 levels seen more than 50% above pre-industrial levels in 2021

Climate change: Africa’s green energy transition ‘unlikely’ this decade

UN chief calls for ‘urgent transition’ from fossil fuels to renewable energy

Retrofitting unused spaces can help South African cities adapt to climate change

Norway’s comprehensive climate action plan

Australia’s Black Summer a climate wake-up call

Awareness of urban climate adaptation strategies – An international overview

As the Arctic melts, a regime shift is taking place

Decoupling of the Arctic Oscillation and North Atlantic Oscillation in a warmer climate

New Zealand records seventh-hottest year, with extreme weather more likely

The cities most impacted by sea level rise

Ghosts of Glaciers Past Hint at Future Climate Challenges

The state of the climate in 2021

Climate change is responsible for billions of dollars in flood costs, study says

Hurricanes, wildfires, and heat dominated U.S. weather in 2020

Rising sea levels visibly transforming parts of coastal region around Kakadu National Park

Climate crisis: record ocean heat in 2020 supercharged extreme weather

Earth to reach temperature tipping point in next 20 to 30 years, new study finds

Locally led adaption to climate change: the start of a 10-year learning journey

‘Heat refuges’ may be one solution to Western Sydney’s climate emergency

If we want to understand global heating, we have to examine ocean temperature trends

The world is facing ‘catastrophic’ global warming, with 2020 among the hottest years on record, UN warns

2020 was hottest year on record by narrow margin, Nasa says

Report says not enough funding is being made available to deal with effects of extreme weather

UN Adaptation Gap Report 2020

As World’s Deltas Sink, Rising Seas Are Far from Only Culprit

Can SE Asian workers take the heat? Researchers tackle rising temperatures

Disaster risk reduction

In 2020, there were 22 weather/climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each to affect the United States

Natural hazard figures for 2020

Monitoring rainfall for early warning: Peru’s ingenious solutions

Practical action and early warning systems

Long-term improvement in precautions for flood risk mitigation: A case study in the low-lying area of central Vietnam

Exposure to natural hazard events unassociated with policy change for improved disaster risk reduction

ASEAN achieves a milestone towards regional disaster risk reduction

Australian bushfires 2019–20: Exploring the short-term health impacts

The changing risk and burden of wildfire in the United States

Contribution of historical precipitation change to US flood damages

Has Haiti built back better? 11 years after the devastating earthquake

Advanced tools reveal critical infrastructure connections and help mitigate disasters

How do we limit the impact of disasters in a country with a very high risk index?

The European Commission publishes the new report on disaster risks in the EU

Emergency management

One in five in England have had Covid, modelling suggests

The Japanese authorities understood covid-19 better than most

Southern Queensland still in drought while northern region battles floods

After a record 22 billion-dollar disasters in 2020, it’s time to overhaul US disaster policy – here’s how

Asking people to prepare for fire is pointless if they can’t afford to do it. It’s time we subsidised fire prevention

Disaster during a pandemic: Lessons from 2020 flooding in South Japan

Droughts, floods, super typhoons. But 2020’s extreme weather was eclipsed by COVID

Literature review on law and disaster recovery and reconstruction

COVID-19 impact in India

Disaster education, communications and engagement

How the children of Cobargo are moving on from a year marked by bushfires and a pandemic

How does drowning happen and how can you prevent it?

Creating virtual geologic mapping exercises in a changing world

What you do makes a difference: Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2021 launches to help protect homes and neighborhoods

Citizen science is booming during the pandemic

Muntinlupa inaugurates its Mobile Learning Hub, the first innovative roving ‘learning bus’ in Metro Manila to teach disaster resilience

How To Build A 2 Week Emergency Food Supply

From Grug to The Fire Wombat: six books to help kids deal with bushfire anxiety

Here’s how Seattleites should prepare for an earthquake

Psychology and disasters

How students are making sense of the Black Summer bushfires

How do people perceive flood risk? Findings from a public survey in Tuscany, Italy

Sociology and disasters

How racial and gender equality are critical for building climate resilience

Learning from population displacement in the Pacific: Case study of the 2017-2018 eruption of the Ambae volcano, Vanuatu

Social Ties, Mobility, and COVID-19 spread in Japan

Today in disaster resilience (8 January 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Tropical Cyclone Imogen, the first of the season, forms over Gulf, crosses coast north of Karumba

At least 2 dead & over 10,000 people evacuated from floods across Johor, Pahang & Terengganu

Deadly flash floods affect more than 15 000 families in Central Philippines

Massive landslide at Mount Silberhorn, New Zealand

Papua New Guinea – Deadly Landslide in Central Province

Emergency warning issued as fast-moving bushfire advances north of Perth

Caribbean volcano rumbles back to life, MSM fake news about evacuation orders spread panic

Bolivia – Hail and Flash Floods in Sucre Leave 4 Dead, 6 Missing

North Queensland hit with intense rainfall causing flooding as BOM issues severe storm warning

Indonesia – Deadly Floods in North Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara

Sri Lanka – Thousands Affected by Floods in Batticaloa

Chennai records heaviest 24-hour January rain since 1915, India

Bushfire emergency continues north of Perth as firefighters brace for worsening conditions

North Queensland rain will continue into next week, BOM warns

More than 500 evacuated after new eruption at Merapi volcano, Indonesia

Volcanic activity worldwide 5 Jan 2021: Fuego volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl, Reventador

Namibia – Flooding in South as Rivers Overflow

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Five reasons to be optimistic about climate action

Greta Thunberg turns 18, hopes 2021 will be the ‘year of awakening’

Last year was dismal in many respects but it was a landmark for renewables in Australia

Australia records fourth-warmest year in 2020, despite La Niña

Many Indian districts ‘hotspots’ of climate change

Many Scientists Now Say Global Warming Could Stop Relatively Quickly After Emissions Go to Zero

‘The sea is rising, the climate is changing’: the lessons learned from Mozambique’s deadly cyclone

Rising seas threaten China’s long, low, and crowded coast

‘Snub’: Australia leaves 2030 climate goals unchanged in UN submission

Dozens of nations miss deadline to boost climate ambition

New data-driven global climate model provides projections for urban environments

Summer temperatures could rise faster in the UK than average global rates

Uzbekistan advances its climate change adaptation planning

Impacts of climate change on Georgia’s coastal zone: Vulnerability assessment and adaptation options

Climate adaptation solution for informal settlers in Asian coastal cities

What can COVID-19 teach us about preparing for climate risks in Europe?

Who should pick up the tab for the costs of climate change in north Queensland?

Assessing Shifts in Regional Hydroclimatic Conditions of U.S. River Basins in Response to Climate Change over the 21st Century

How Australia can phase out coal power while maintaining energy security

Connections of climate change and variability to large and extreme forest fires in southeast Australia

Building resilience in India

As climate risks rise, U.S. urged to update flood maps and building rules

Australia’s Annual Climate Statement 2020

Disaster risk reduction

Catastrophic bushfires have led to a heightened interest in Indigenous burning practices. How do Aboriginal experts use fire to care for their land?

A new measure that can predict whether a city is prone to rain- or tide-based flooding

Public ‘Lost Confidence’ in Authorities as Floods Displace a Million People in South Sudan – Report–report/

Priorities and Effectiveness in Wildfire Management: Evidence from Fire Spread in the Western United States

Northern Australian communities need more affordable insurance

Integrating wildfire risk management and spatial planning – A historical review of two Australian planning systems

Embracing a new approach to flood risk management across socio-economic environments

This is Cat Tales, the e-newsletter of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, for November/December 2020

SERVIR Flood Mapping Service Brings Speed to Cambodia Disaster Management

USF volcanology team develops new approach to understanding massive volcanic eruptions

How wildfires in the Americas and tropical Africa in 2020 compared to previous years

What if Typhoon Jebi had been stronger and taken a different path?

How scientists are identifying ways to prevent the next pandemic

Strengthening disaster risk reduction and management at the local level: A report on capacity and needs assessment of six rural and urban municipalities of Nepal

Why hurricane risk modelling has to change

Global map shows nineteen percent of the global population may face a high probability of subsidence

Yet more wildfires

Flood damage and mortgage credit risk: A case study of Hurricane Harvey

Macroeconomic modeling of managing hurricane damage in the Caribbean: The case of Jamaica

Emergency management

Recommitting to help countries recover fairly from COVID-19, and with climate-resilient economies

Understanding what data tell us about COVID-19’s socio-economic impact

Study Confirms New U.K. Coronavirus Variant Is Substantially More Transmissible

Africa Left With Few Options for Vaccines, South Africa Says

As victims of typhoon-prone Philippines’ worst floods in 50 years clean up and rebuild, its disaster-risk management is back under the spotlight

Africa’s confirmed COVID-19 cases pass 2.85 mln: Africa CDC

One American dies from Covid-19 every 33 seconds as the vaccine rollout hits snags

South Sudan floods displace a million as hunger and diseases loom

Expressways to host more disaster shelter areas

Getting ahead of crises: A thesaurus for anticipatory humanitarian action

Coronavirus variant: Europe needs to coordinate lockdowns now to control it

Practical lessons for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic: Principles for recovery

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Volcano Series 1

The COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook

Helping Our Senior Community Prepare

Psychology and disasters

Mental health is one of the biggest pandemic issues we’ll face in 2021

Pandemic Kindness Movement

Sociology and disasters

1.47 billion people face flood risk worldwide: for over a third, it could be devastating

Flood exposure and social vulnerability in the United States

To build back from COVID-19, don’t overlook informal workers

Today in disaster resilience (1 January 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Flood and wind warnings across UK as Storm Bella sweeps in

Deadly flooding hits Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits off the coast of Los Lagos, Chile

Tropical Storm “Chalane” to make landfall over Madagascar, head toward Mozambique

Portugal – Evacuations After Floods and Landslides in Madeira

Croatia earthquake leaves children among dead, forcing hospital evacuation and nuclear plant shutdown

Strong eruption at Suwanosejima volcano, Alert Level raised, Japan

At least 12 climbers dead as heavy snow hits Tehran, Iran

Ecuador – Flood Damage Leaves Thousands Without Drinking Water in Azuay Province

DR Congo – Deadly Floods Strike Again in Uvira

Madagascar – Tropical Storm Chalane Triggers Minor Flooding

Neighbourhood evacuated as landslide buries houses, destroys buildings in Norway

Sleeping volcanoes rumble to life in the eastern Caribbean

Volcanic activity worldwide 31 Dec 2020: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Popocatépetl, Reventador, Sangay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

From bushfires to flash flooding, what will the Australian summer of the future look like?

Climate of change puts business and Coalition at odds

India achieves record low price for large scale solar plant

New Zealand readers say ‘everything’ must be prioritised in battle against climate change

Oregon wildfires are adding more fuel to young activists’ legal climate battle

Project Drawdown

New climate models suggest faster melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet

WMO: Siberian heatwave put 2020 among three hottest years on record

2020 closes a decade of exceptional heat

Climate change: Extreme weather causes huge losses in 2020

Australia’s bushfires among the world’s worst weather disasters ‘boosted’ by climate change, report finds

Counting the cost 2020: A year of climate breakdown

Sea-level rise from climate change could exceed the high-end projections, scientists warn

Australia trails Pacific nations in fight against climate change

‘We cannot make it without science’: Greta Thunberg says climate experts are being ignored

Experts should lead climate change response: NSW Environment Minister

Floods, storms and searing heat: 2020 in extreme weather

Tampa addresses chronic flooding as climate challenges loom

2020 Broke All These Environmental Records Despite The Pandemic

Cambridge becomes the 1st US city to require stickers warning the threat of climate change at gas pumps

Disaster risk reduction

This year wasn’t unprecedented. If anything, it set the precedent

Evolution of a pyrocumulonimbus event associated with an extreme wildfire in Tasmania, Australia

The top 10 weather and climate events of a record-setting year

The anatomy of a firestorm: Researchers use radar to peer into a bushfire phenomenon

Rising to meet the tide

Could Covid lockdown have helped save the planet?

Billion-Dollar Disasters: The Costs, in Lives and Dollars, Have Never Been So High

Overshadowed by COVID: the deadly extreme weather of 2020

California must burn more of its forests to save them. Is the public ready?

ACCC inquiry finds northern Australia properties difficult to insure due to flood and cyclone risks

Emergency management

Withstanding winter vulnerabilities: A way of life in a northern seaside community

Covid pandemic turned 2020 into deadliest year in U.S. history, CDC finds

Here’s a Plan to Stop the Coronavirus From Mutating

Covid world map: which countries have the most coronavirus cases and deaths?

With the new Covid variant everywhere, it’s not enough to just wait for the vaccine

Theodore, the first Queensland town to be totally evacuated, reflects on flood disaster 10 years on

Where Year Two of the Pandemic Will Take Us

Vaccination no guarantee of virus eradication: WHO officials

Early Action Protocol activated as Tropical Cyclone Chalane approaches Mozambique

Silence of the bush: Mallacoota residents look back over a year of loss and regrowth after fire devastation

How do the COVID-19 variants found in the UK and South Africa affect the illness?

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Taiwan dispatches its first volcano drill alert

Role of pre-disaster discussions on preparedness on consensus-making of integrated flood management (IFM) after a flood disaster, based on a case in the Abukuma River Basin, Fukushima, Japan

Psychology and disasters

Reasons to be hopeful in 2021

Covid poses ‘greatest threat to mental health since second world war’

Eight Persistent COVID-19 Myths and Why People Believe Them

The lost summer

Sociology and disasters

COVID-19 and inequality: A review of the evidence on likely impact and policy options

Regional differences in resilience of social and physical systems: Case study of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Disasters and Demographic Change of ‘Single-Industry’ Towns—Decline and Resilience in Morwell, Australia

Regional differences in resilience of social and physical systems: Case study of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

People in harm’s way: Flood exposure and poverty in 189 countries

Today in disaster resilience (25 December 2020)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

UK weather: Landslides and flooding after half a month’s rain falls in one day

European neighbours shut doors to Britain amid alarm over new coronavirus strain

Philippines – 8 Killed in Floods and Landslides, Thousands Evacuate

Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang

Brazil – 12 Dead, 9 Missing After Floods in Santa Catarina

Thailand – 1 Dead After Further Floods and Landslides in South

Hawaii residents told to stay home as Kilauea volcano erupts

Antarctica reports first coronavirus cases

U.S. loses one life every 33 seconds to COVID-19 in deadliest week so far

Large landslides cause major damage in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

New eruption at Kilauea’s summit caldera, Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Hawai’I

UK records 744 more Covid deaths, the highest since 29 April

Endless wildfire season in California

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Dec 2020: Etna volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl, Shiveluch

Algeria – Vehicles Swept Away by Flash Floods in Jijel Province

Brazil – Deadly Flash Floods in Rio De Janeiro State

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Will the Mediterranean become too hot for tourists?

Activists hail ‘historic win’ as NSW environment court rejects Bylong Valley coalmine

Wetlands, not walls, may be key to managing flooding as sea levels rise

Floods, droughts and heat waves herald a changing climate

Angry Weather

B.C. lacks plans for rising seas, flooding: coastal adaptation researcher

Rethinking migration and (mal)adaptation to climate change

Grid operators turn to wind, solar and batteries as system issues grow

Taiwan may face fewer typhoons – but harsher drought – as planet warms

Climate risks to health set to worsen inequity, harm children

2020 in review: Extreme weather seen around the world as climate warms

Warming Arctic with less ice heats up Cold War tensions

New research exposes the harsh realities of hurricanes in a warmer world

Scientists use new methods to better forecast atmospheric rivers

Climate change and the European water dimension: Enhancing resilience

2020 closes a decade of exceptional heat

Disaster risk reduction

Rural Resilience: Disaster Preparedness for Communities Off the Beaten Path

Building Codes Save: A Nationwide Study of Loss Prevention

Probable maximum precipitation (PMP) as it relates to climate variability and change

Words Whispered in Water; Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina

Open data shows lightning, not arson, was the likely cause of most Victorian bushfires last summer

Barriers to enhancing disaster risk reduction and community resilience: evidence from the L’Aquila disaster

The influence of prescribed burning and wildfire on lidar-estimated forest structure of the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve

Global Volcanism Program

Interactive map: which areas of Australia were hit by multiple disasters in 2020?

Pathological (Im)mobilities: managing risk in a time of pandemics

Changes caused by worsening wildfires in California forests will last centuries

Colombo declaration of multi-hazard early warning and disaster risk reduction: 2020

New Volcano, Old Caldera

Launch of the first parametric tropical cyclone risk insurance product in Africa

Predictive deep learning for flood evacuation planning and routing

Colombo declaration of multi-hazard early warning and disaster risk reduction: 2020

Status of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific 2020

Human cost of disasters (2000-2019)

 Emergency management

ShakeAlert—Earthquake Early Warning System for the West Coast of the U.S. (2020)

RecovUS: An Agent-Based Model of Post-Disaster Household Recovery

Disaster Law

Deadly Tropical Cyclone Yasa leaves ‘devastation’ across Fiji’s north

EU records fewer fires in 2020 despite monstrous blazes

Top-down reconstruction and the failure to “build back better” resilient communities after disaster: lessons from the 2009 L’Aquila Italy earthquake

Pacific nations brace for first major cyclones of the season

Six humanitarian lessons from the COVID-19 crisis

‘People-to-people’ support – An exemplary contribution towards Nepal’s recovery efforts

US deaths in 2020 top 3 million, by far most ever counted

How Vietnam fought a pandemic and won

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The Mortality Risk Calculator calculates risk of mortality from COVID-19 in currently uninfected individuals

The structuralization of risk communication work and objectives in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Communication missteps during COVID‐19 hurt those already most at risk

Psychology and disasters

Trajectories of International Student Psychological Functioning and Pandemic Preparedness During COVID-19

Sociology and disasters

Unity is Strength: Community Resilience in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Gender, Working Parents, and the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Women’s resilience to disasters

Covid-19 and the Social Sciences

Building a Disaster-Resilient Community in Taiwan: A Social Capital Analysis of the Meizhou Experience

Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project empowering women and girls

Fighting a Pandemic Requires Trust

Livelihood Resilience Measurement Framework for Dam-Induced Displacement and Resettlement

Today in disaster resilience (18 December 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

The number of people with the coronavirus in the United States who have died passed 300,000

Turkey – 2 Missing After Flash Floods in Izmir Province

Colombia – Deadly Landslide in San Luis, Antioquia

NSW severe wet weather continues for fifth day as people in Tweed, Northern Rivers told to evacuate

Indonesia – Thousands Hit by Floods on Java and Sumatra Islands

Cyclone Yasa: Fiji prepares for category 5 storm as Tonga braces for Zazu

Snow piling up at an unprecedented rate in Japan

Intense Strombolian activity continues at Etna’s Southeast Crater, lava emission resumes

Tropical Cyclone Yasa hits Fiji, Government declares state of disaster

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Dec 2020: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Increasing importance of temperature as a contributor to the spatial extent of streamflow drought

Climate change: Have countries kept their promises?

World is in danger of missing Paris climate target, summit is warned

The Marshall Islands could be wiped out by climate change – and their colonial history limits their ability to save themselves

Bangladesh’s hidden climate costs

Climate-related hazard indices for Europe

Bushfire science information report 1: Does climate affect bushfire risks in the native forests of eastern Australia?

Morrison government should be ‘doing more’ with states driving 33% cut in emissions by 2030

Jamaica kicks off new climate plan, undeterred by pandemic and floods

Rethinking Climate Change Adaptation

Preparing India for extreme climate events: Mapping hotspots and response mechanisms

The vanishing Arctic

Earth may be even closer to 1.5°C of global warming than we thought

Loss and damage from climate change has pushed Sierra Leoneans far beyond their ability to adapt

How is Modern Climate Change Affecting Landscape Processes?

Tip of the iceberg: Navigating the known and unknown costs of climate change for Canada

Groundwater Beneath Your Feet Is Rising With the Sea. It Could Bring Long-Buried Toxins With It

Disaster risk reduction

Ten steps to increasing bushfire resilience

Economic footprint of California wildfires in 2018

Patterns and trends in simultaneous wildfire activity in the United States from 1984 to 2015

NSW regulator investigates 1000 dams for alleged breaches

Coming back stronger: A city-driven infrastructure agenda for a cleaner, more resilient, more equitable America

Byron Bay beach damage ‘worst in a generation’ as storms batter 1,000km of coastline

This river in New Zealand is legally a person. Here’s how it happened

How Science Beat the Virus

Hydrological Benefits of Restoring Wildfire Regimes in the Sierra Nevada Persist in a Warming Climate

Earthquakes with a chance of… volcanoes?

Sink or swim? A historic year of floods in South Asia

An asset-based participatory community analysis of natural hazards in Naphuno, Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Limpopo province, South Africa

Comparing the scale of modelled and recorded current flood risk: Results from England

Western U.S. wildfires cost insurers up to $13 billion in 2020

The stochastic impact of extreme weather events

Seismic hazard assessment of Campotosto, Italy

‘Nanolites’ Can Trigger Dangerous Volcanic Explosions

A.I. model shows promise to generate faster, more accurate weather forecasts

When preparing for earthquakes, don’t forget the small ones

Nature-based solutions for landslide risk management: Policy brief summary

Disaster risk reduction in bushfire prone areas: Challenges for an integrated land use planning policy regime

Innovation, development and COVID-19: Challenges, opportunities and ways forward

Geosciences and the Sustainable Development Goals

Emergency management

The coronavirus is ravaging the world. But life looks almost normal in much of Africa

California Wildfires Killed 106 People Two Years Ago. Researchers Say the Smoke Killed 3,652

New Zealand travel bubble with Australia coming in early 2021, NZ PM confirms

‘New variant’ of coronavirus identified in England

FEMA Wants to Cut Disaster Aid at the Worst Possible Time

Record climate disasters in Asia-Pacific push millions to ‘breaking point’

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The winners of the 2020 Resilient Australia Awards were announced at the National Ceremony in Canberra

The Color of Rivers

What is complex systems science?

The development of Disaster Preparedness and Safety School model: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

The influence of local flood histories on community engagement in flood risk management and its sustainability over time

Tropical Cyclone Knowledge Centre

Psychology and disasters

Intellectually arrogant people typically have more anti-vaccination attitudes, study finds

‘I felt immense grief’: one year on from the bushfires, scientists need mental health support

Don’t just think about earthquakes, prepare for them

Mental health and well-being of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: contrasting guidelines with experiences in practice

Long-Term Drought Harms Mental Health in Rural Communities

Public behaviour in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: understanding the role of group processes

Sociology and disasters

Inclusive practices in disaster risk management. Experiences of social actors and government entities in Latin America

Understanding vulnerability and resilience in Somalia

Global Launch of the 2020 Human Development Report

How does social capital shape the response to environmental disturbances at the local level? Evidence from case studies in Mexico

The Covid pandemic is both a troubling glimpse into what our new normal could be and a gateway to change

Somalia’s perfect storm

When wildfires hit, richer and whiter neighborhoods are more likely to get government support

Today in disaster resilience (11 December 2020)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Residents of K’gari-Fraser Island told to leave immediately as bushfire threatens Happy Valley

Indonesia – Deadly Floods in North Sumatra and Aceh Provinces

USA – Record Rainfall Triggers Floods and Landslides in South East Alaska

Haines, Alaska: a major landslide leaves people missing

Rainfall in Ketchikan leads to flooding, but no dam break

Italy – Floods Prompt Evacuations in Veneto and Emilia-Romagna Regions

Iran – Deadly Floods in Southern Provinces

Venice floods as forecasts fail to predict extent of high tide

Thailand – Floods Remain in 5 Southern Provinces as Death Toll Rises

DR Congo – Kongo Central Province Floods Leave 18 Dead

Mozambique – Flash Floods in Beira, Sofala Province, After Heavy Rain

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

A warning on climate and the risk of societal collapse

ACT beats 2020 emissions reduction target, achieving 45 pct cut since 1990

Spring Heats Up Down Under

Climate change and health: preparing for the next disaster

Maladaptation: When Adaptation to Climate Change Goes Very Wrong

Climate change: UK aim of 68% emissions cut a ‘colossal challenge’

The adaptation principles: A guide for designing strategies for climate change adaptation and resilience

This Year’s Wild Hurricane Season Is an Ominous Sign of What’s Ahead

European Union drafts ambition for 30 million electric cars by 2030

Arctic Ocean: climate change is flooding the remote north with light – and new species

Climate change: Snowy UK winters could become thing of the past

Arctic Report Card: 15 years of observations document impact of changing polar climate

How Climate Change Is Ushering in a New Pandemic Era

Arctic warming cascades through ocean and over land, U.S. report says

Greenhouse gas emissions transforming the Arctic into ‘an entirely different climate’

Climate risk country profile: Afghanistan

Researchers say some corals may recover from bleaching if humans leave them alone

Australia’s record spring heat one-in-500,000 without climate change: analysis

Climate-driven changes are interconnected, stresses 2020 annual Arctic Report Card

How Australian universities and professions are preparing to meet the climate challenge

Climate change, coming soon to a court near you: Report series purpose and introduction to climate science

The stormy, fiery year when climate disasters wouldn’t stop

Climate change threatens ‘most Alps glaciers’

Greta Thunberg: ‘We are speeding in the wrong direction’ on climate crisis

Disaster risk reduction

‘Strongest signals for 10 years’ point to a wet, flood-hit summer

Geologists to Shed Light on the Mantle with 3D Model

Once in a lifetime floods to become regular occurrences by end of century

‘You can’t just keep building sea walls’: Dutch solution urged to counter Christchurch flooding risk

Flood Risk Management in Australia report

COVID-19: Nobody is safe until everyone is safe

Flood Risk Management in Canada | Research report

Queensland Premier defends Fraser Island bushfire management as blaze continues to threaten Happy Valley

Floodplain harvesting likely illegal under NSW water management act, crown solicitor warns

A climate service for flood risk mapping in urban areas

Mt Everest grows by nearly a metre to new height

California’s 2018 wildfires caused $150 billion in damages

How hi-tech insurance is helping farmers survive floods

The construction of a levee setback will reduce flooding impacts on the community and restore a more natural floodplain

Combining satellite images and mapping tools with local knowledge and community participation have made settlements safer

Wildfire risk rising as scientists determine which conditions beget blazes

New High Tide Flooding Projection Tool Aids U.S. Coastal Decision Making

Can Volcano Forecasting Make Visiting Whakaari Safe Again?

How can flood data be more useful?

Homes and Other Buildings Abound in Natural Hazard Hot Spots

Emergency management

Fears of forced removals as Bangladesh moves hundreds of Rohingya refugees to remote island

Use of earth observation satellites to improve effectiveness of humanitarian operations

Australian Warning System

The case for gender balance in the fire and emergency sector

As vaccines roll out, states face difficult questions over access

Covid-19 vaccine: First person receives Pfizer jab in UK

Australian study shows wastewater testing can detect coronavirus weeks before people show symptoms

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Britain’s Wild Weather

Disaster risk reduction activities as learning

Should I stay or should I go now? Why risk communication is the critical component in disaster risk reduction

Psychology and disasters

Facilitating Collective Psychosocial Resilience in the Public in Emergencies: Twelve Recommendations Based on the Social Identity Approach

Helping Children Cope with Emergencies

Drive-by burials and FaceTime farewells: Grief in the Covid era will weigh on the American psyche for years to come

How to Build Trust in Covid-19 Vaccines

Sociology and disasters

The politics of disaster risk governance and neo-extractivism in Latin America

Whence the next pandemic? The intersecting global geography of the animal-human interface, poor health systems and air transit centrality reveals conduits for high-impact spillover

The nation learning to embrace flooding

Bowling Alone or Masking Together? The Role of Social Capital in Excess Death Rates from COVID19

Quantifying the dynamics of migration after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Informal Disaster Governance

When cyclones and conflicts collide

Unequal COVID-19 vaccine deals could hurt global fight

Today in disaster resilience (4 December 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Fraser Island access restricted as bushfire burns through 72,000 hectares, holidaymakers told to stay away

15 homes likely uninhabitable after heavy rain, flooding north of Wellington

Italy – Deadly Flash Floods in Sardinia

South East Asia – 25,000 Hit by Floods in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

India – Cyclone Nivar Causes Floods in Tamil Nadu

India – Deadly Floods in Andhra Pradesh After Rain From Cyclone Nivar

Indonesia – Floods Damage Thousands of Homes in North Sumatra Province

Brazil – Damaging Floods in São Paulo State After 130mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Bolivia – Homes Damaged in Tarija After Heavy Rain

Iran – Floods Affect 8 Provinces After Heavy Rain

Vietnam – Floods Leave 5 Dead, 1 Missing, 5,000 Displaced After 980mm of Rain in 3 Days

Ash blankets Indonesia villages after volcano eruption

Bond fire rapidly jumps through Orange County canyons, forcing more evacuations

Volcanic activity worldwide 3 Dec 2020: Pacaya volcano, Fuego, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl, Sangay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Tasmania declares itself 100 per cent powered by renewable electricity

Electricity supplies under pressure due to heatwave, energy market operator warns

Cool change moves in after Sydney and northern NSW endure record-smashing heatwave

Polar scientists wary of impending satellite gap

Extreme heat is a threat to lives in Africa, but it’s not being monitored

Inquiry into tackling climate change in Victorian communities

Three-quarters of Australians back target of net zero by 2030, Guardian Essential poll shows

European states ordered to respond to youth activists’ climate lawsuit

Weekend heatwave sent records tumbling in SA and NSW — and it isn’t over yet

Climate Solutions Series: Decarbonizing the Built Environment

How climate change could spark the next home mortgage disaster

What’s the impact of melting ice on rising sea levels?

The UN canceled its 2020 climate summit. Youth held one anyway

Australia endures hottest spring ever, with average temperatures more than 2C above average

Pacific leaders condemn Australia’s climate target as ‘one of the weakest’ in open letter

Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals ‘within reach’

Australia’s states have been forced to go it alone on renewable energy, but it’s a risky strategy

Sea level rise and coastal flooding threaten affordable housing

Climate emergency: New Zealand must match words and actions

What can Covid-19 teach us about preparing for climate risks in Europe?

Progress toward managing rising seas

Future Brahmaputra river flooding as climate warms may be underestimated, study says

UN climate summit president thanks Australian states – but not Morrison government – for backing net zero

Rising seas predicted to flood thousands of affordable housing units by 2050

Climate change: 2020 set to be one of the three warmest years on record

Humanity is waging war on nature, says UN secretary general

NZ joins a groundswell in sounding the climate emergency alarm. Can it make any real difference?

Movements shaping climate futures: A systematic mapping of protests against fossil fuel and low-carbon energy projects

The matrix of two worlds working for better community resilience

WMO Provisional report on the state of the global climate 2020

Climate change is resulting in profound, immediate and worsening health impacts, over 120 researchers say

The 2020 report of The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: responding to converging crises

Indonesia’s tropical glacier is rare, revered, and could be gone by next year

Art Basel Miami 2020: climate change concerns dominate unusual year

Confronting the ‘isolated, lonely, painful deaths’ from heat waves

Increased Plate Tectonic Activity May Have Warmed the Miocene Climate

“Thirstier” atmosphere will increase wildfire risk out west

Pushing back against the tide: Vanuatu’s climate fight

Disaster risk reduction

COVID-19 and the cost of vaccine nationalism

Integrated development of early warning systems: Tsunami early warning systems in Indonesia

Integrated development of early warning systems: Local Flood Early Warning System

Boldly re-imagining life in a post-pandemic world

When insurance and goodwill are not enough: Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings, risk calculations and disaster resilience in Australia

Sink, Britain, Sink: The Tories had six years to fix the UK’s flood defences and failed

Developing a method for conducting wildland/urban interface fire case study research: A foundational document

Australian seasonal bushfire outlook: December 2020 – February 2021

Preparing for the unexpected — Knowing when, where, and the impact of tropical cyclones

A look back at the horrific 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Earthquake scenario for large German city

Seismic guidelines underestimate impact of ‘The Big One’ on Metro Vancouver buildings

Why COVID-19 has left the UK especially vulnerable to flooding this winter

GIS development for urban flood resilience

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

Seismic activity of New Zealand’s alpine fault more complex than suspected

Continents prone to destruction in their infancy, study finds

ASEAN adopts New Disaster Management Framework for 2021-2025

Are there risks we aren’t considering for wildfires?

Where Will the Next Big Flood Hit?

The floor is lava: After 1.5 billion years in flux, here’s how a new, stronger crust set the stage for life on Earth

Emergency management

Remote sensing and wildfires

European Union helps Albania rebuild after devastating earthquake

Fewer people say they would take a COVID-19 vaccine now than 3 months ago

Synergistic integration of detailed meteorological and community information for evacuation from weather-related disasters: proposal of a “disaster response switch

A Framework for Assessing Mortality and Morbidity After Large-Scale Disasters

‘Catastrophic’ bushfire burns half of Queensland’s Fraser Island and threatens ecological disaster

Hurricanes Iota and Eta deal Honduras a catastrophic double-blow

Why Europe’s second, less severe lockdowns are working

Covid-19: Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine judged safe for use in UK from next week

Emergency warnings for bushfires, floods and cyclones about to get clearer

Intent to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Rises to 60% as Confidence in Research and Development Process Increases

Coronavirus: why is eastern Europe’s second wave so much worse than its first?

Characterizing uncertainty in city-wide disaster recovery through geospatial multi-lifeline restoration modeling of earthquake impact in the district of North Vancouver

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Integrated development of early warning systems: Public warnings on mobile phone

Using Social Media to Build Community Disaster Resilience – Virtual Presentation

New bushfire campaign and app aim to combat complacency among West Australians

‘After Maria’ cartoon

Disempowering emotions: The role of educational experiences in social responses to climate change

The aim of the LINKS project is to strengthen links between technologies and society for improved European disaster resilience, by producing sustainable advanced learning on the use of social media and crowdsourcing (SMCS) in disasters

Fostering Social Resilience via Online Neighborhood Social Networks During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: Status Quo, Design Dilemmas and Research Opportunities

Inititiative for Critical Disaster Studies

Social media must prepare for flood of Covid-19 vaccine misinformation

Children and young people’s participation in disaster risk reduction

Visualisation of early warning information

Psychology and disasters

A framework for mental health and psychosocial support in radiological and nuclear emergencies

How flood risks shape policies: flood exposure and risk perception in Swiss municipalities

COVID-19 and Older Adults

COVID‐19 in context: Why do people die in emergencies? It’s probably not because of collective psychology

The Long-Lasting Mental Health Effects of Wildfires

Sociology and disasters

Endurance or decline of emergent groups following a flood disaster: Implications for community resilience

How natural hazards impact the social environment for vulnerable groups: an empirical investigation in Japan

Social Capital, Innovation, and Local Resilience: Tokyo Neighbourhood in Times of Crisis

Flood Risk for Low-Income Housing in U.S. Could Triple by 2050

Valuing disaster risk reduction neighborhood interventions in informal settlements of Latin American and the Caribbean

‘Nobody checked on us’: what people with disability told us about their experiences of disasters and emergencies

During disaster displacement, people with disabilities are too often forgotten

Today in disaster resilience (27 November 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Colombia – Heavy Rain Triggers Floods and Landslides in Northern Departments

DR Congo – More Deadly Floods in North Kivu

U.S. coronavirus hospitalizations keep breaking records

Italy – 200 Rescued From Floods in Calabria After 450mm of Rain in 48 Hours

South Africa – Flash Floods in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng

Indonesia – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Java and Sumatra Islands

Colombia – 7 Killed in Antioquia Landslide

Somalia – Floods After Tropical Storm Gati Dumps Year’s Worth of Rain

Massive wildfire scorches half of Fraser Island – Queensland, Australia

At least 17 fatalities after floods and landslides hit Antioquia, Colombia

Massive floods hit Israel after one of the rainiest days in the country’s history

A U.S. Record: Two Million New Virus Cases in Two Weeks

India: Cyclone Nivar makes landfall bringing rains, flood

Volcanic activity worldwide 25 Nov 2020: Fuego volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Reventador, Sangay, Sinabung

Uganda – 3 Dead, 5 Missing After Floods in Kasese

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Survey shows Australian support for Paris Agreement and net zero target

Charleston weighs wall as seas rise and storms strengthen

The Australian Government is surrounded by leaders taking climate action. Will it step up?

Greenland Is Melting, And a New Model Suggests We’ve Greatly Underestimated Its Impact

Climate change and “atmospheric thirst” to increase fire danger and drought in Nevada and California

Climate change in Uzbekistan: Illustrated summary

A Slippery Slope: Could Climate Change Lead to More Landslides?

Greenhouse gas levels at new high despite hopeful “blip” from anti-COVID lockdowns

Emissions reduction moving too slowly and in wrong direction, finds ClimateWorks report

State of climate action: Assessing progress toward 2030 and 2050

Winters are Warming and Climate Change is the Driver

John Kerry named as Joe Biden’s special climate envoy

Australia: Climate change producing dangerous heat stress in workplaces

“We will pay a heavy price for this”, Turnbull savages Morrison and Taylor over climate

A Floating Buoy Fleet Could Help Scientists Track Rising Seas

UK is underprepared for increase in heatwaves

New modelling by the NSW governmen­t warns that the likelihood of longer-duration droughts is significantly higher than previously thought

Canada must adopt an emergency mindset to climate change

Ice sheets on the move: How north and south poles connect

Senior parliamentarians of the 48-member Climate Vulnerable Forum met today to assess the state of international commitments ahead of a key UN climate accord deadline

A 50-Year-Old Global Warming Forecast That Still Holds Up

‘From sunny north to windy east’: What are Victoria’s renewable energy zones?

New Zealand’s government will declare a climate emergency, pledging ‘immediate action’

Flooding can help resurrect wetlands and slow climate change – here’s how

Disaster risk reduction

Scary trend: Major hurricanes in October and November — why is it happening?

A systems exploration of the COVID-19 crisis

New Climate Study: Wildfires Will Burn 9.3 Million Acres Per Year Nationally; Yet Millions Continue to Move to High-Risk Areas

Philippines: Urban planning, architecture and engineering recommendations to address flooding problems

Flooding in East Africa: The impacts on and implications for cities in East Africa, with a case study of Dar es Salaam

Global modeling of seasonal mortality rates from river floods

Insurers float fast flood protection, as Britain fails to confront risk

La Niña continues, cooling in the tropical Pacific Ocean returns

Global hotspots for the occurrence of compound events

Severe Wildfires Raise the Chance for Future Monstrous Blazes

Global web-based systems support flood early warning

Mitigating flood risk using low‐cost sensors and citizen science: A proof‐of‐concept study from western Nepal

Strengthening urban resilience in Morocco: Building capacity and identifying risk to better protect cities and manage disasters

Uncertainty reduction through data management in the development, validation, calibration, and operation of a hurricane vulnerability model

Practical approaches for reducing flood risks in Canada

What’s It Like to Simulate the Next Cascades Volcanic Eruption?

Boosting Weather Prediction with Machine Learning

BoM outlook warns eastern Australia could face flooding in wetter-than-average summer

Fire and ice: New database maps and classifies the dangers of glacierized volcanoes

Strengthening homes in Groningen against earthquakes

Caribbean: CDEMA launches new risk information system platform

To find a Black Swan event, think about the unthinkable

Flood resilience measurement for communities: Using online data collection

Firebreak: wildfire resilience strategies for real estate

South Sudan’s devastating floods: why there is a need for urgent resilience measures

Emergency management

As they repair Iota’s damage, Colombian survivors vow to rebuild

Lessons from around the world on fighting COVID’s second wave

Equalizing access: Ensuring people with disabilities don’t lose out in emergency shelters

What’s Missing From Community Disaster Response? The Whole Community

In the hands of a few: Disaster recovery committee networks

Ongoing impacts of flooding in South Sudan

Black Summer bushfire health impact revealed in new report

We need a nationwide Covid alert-level system to save lives and restore jobs

Rebuilding After A Wildfire? Most States Don’t Require Fire-Resistant Materials

Evidence of the effectiveness of travel-related measures during the early phase of the COVID- 19 pandemic: a rapid systematic review

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Citizens AND HYdrology (CANDHY): conceptualizing a transdisciplinary framework for citizen science addressing hydrological challenges

November 30 – December 4, Adaptation Week

Five rules for evidence communication

Kathy Baughman McLeod: naming heat waves like hurricanes

Girls’ Next Gen: An innovative learning to instil girls’ leadership in disaster and climate resilience

How the ABC produced the Mt Resilience Augmented Reality experience to explore a way of living with big weather and climate change

Ox-Cam Pathfinder Project: Property Level Flood Resilience – Part Five

Disaster-resilience education helps students take the lead in a changing Australia

Around the world young people are actively contributing to change

Psychology and disasters

The role of household adaptation measures in reducing vulnerability to flooding: a coupled agent-based and flood modelling approach

Geopolitical factors and mental health

Earthquake early warning in Aotearoa New Zealand: a survey of public perspectives to guide warning system development

Sociology and disasters

Study suggests the COVID-19 pandemic has altered Americans attitudes toward inequality and the poor

Guwahati, India: How informal settlers are building resilience in the face of compounding shocks

Bonding, bridging, and linking social capital and social media use: How hyperlocal social media platforms serve as a conduit to access and activate bridging and linking ties in a time of crisis

UNHCR warns second wave of COVID pandemic driving further violence against refugee women and girls

As two storms devastate Latin America, mapping the region’s most vulnerable

Today in disaster resilience (20 November 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Recent emergencies/disasters

More than 184,000 COVID-19 cases reported in U.S. in one day, shattering previous record

Hurricane Iota rapidly intensifies ahead of expected landfall near Nicaragua-Honduras border

Vamco batters Vietnam after killing 67 in the Philippines

Indonesia – Thousands Affected by Floods in Sumatra Island and West Nusa Tenggara Province

USA – Deadly Flash Floods in North Carolina

Colombia – Rains Trigger Deadly Landslide in Antioquia

Somalia – 180,000 Displaced by Floods Says UN

Philippines – Typhoon Vamco Death Toll Rises, Over 1.7 Million Affected

Guatemala – Deadly Landslide in Chiquimula

Iota considered the strongest hurricane in history to hit Nicaragua, government says

Deaths, destruction reported in aftermath of Hurricane Iota

Several wildfires pushed by very strong winds break out in Northern California and Western Nevada

Venezuela – Thousands Hit by Floods in North West

Indonesia – Deadly Landslide in Central Java

Volcanic activity worldwide 17 Nov 2020: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Robustness of CMIP6 Historical Global Mean Temperature Simulations: Trends, Long‐Term Persistence, Autocorrelation, and Distributional Shape

Scientists link record-breaking hurricane season to climate crisis

NSW renewable energy plan seals death warrant for six gigawatts of coal

In a Warming World, Hurricanes Weaken More Slowly After They Hit Land

Bangladesh’s 50 years journey to climate resilience

Unravelling glacial hydroclimate in the Indo‐Pacific Warm Pool: perspectives from water isotopes

How Scotland can remain a climate leader ahead of COP26

Heat is killing more people than ever. Scientists are looking for ways to lower the risk

Sea Level Rise may erode development in Africa

The world’s leading universities join the climate fight

NSW to transform Hunter coal region into state’s next renewable energy zone

Greenland’s glaciers could lose more ice than previously thought, raising concerns for sea level rise

October 2020 was fourth-warmest October on record, NOAA and NASA report

About 150 nations due to deliver stronger climate plans in 2020, tracker shows

New Zealand marine heatwave looms following warmest winter on record

More meteorological events that drive compound coastal flooding are projected under climate change

As Australia’s climate plans lag on the G20 stage, experts say we can no longer ‘hide in the shadows’

As 2020 Amazon fire season winds down, Brazil carbon emissions rise

Geoscientists discover Ancestral Puebloans survived from ice melt in New Mexico lava tubes

Flooding will become common in sea level rise hot spots

Climate risk country profile: Sri Lanka

Disaster risk reduction

Pakistan: Building resilience against floods in its largest city

1.47 billion people face flood risk worldwide: for over a third, it could be devastating

Landslide along Alaskan fjord could trigger tsunami

Private land blocking the connections between rivers and floodplains in the Murray-Darling Basin

California will burn

Duterte backs river basin project in Bicol

World Disasters Report 2020

The National Risk Index is a new, online mapping application from FEMA that identifies communities most at risk to 18 natural hazards

Leaving the shore: what drives decision-making after coastal disasters

SCHEMATA: Using machine learning on datasets obtained by Earth and space exploration, we will classify and compare the river networks of Earth, Mars and Titan.

Piecing together the Alaska coastline’s fractured volcanic activity

Evidence from one of Earth’s biggest underwater landslides ever sheds light on East African rifting

Volcanic eruptions have more effect in summer

Another Record-Breaking Fire Season Shows the Need for a Comprehensive Strategy

South West Indian Ocean countries strengthen early warning systems

Emergency management

Annual report on firefighter fatalities in the United States

Federal Government responds to bushfire royal commission, will create national state of emergency

Incremental community-based exit strategies for initiating and removing COVID-19 lockdowns

VP Robredo seeks probe into deadly historic flooding in Cagayan

Forensic analysis reveals the causes of building damage in İzmir in the Oct. 30 Aegean Sea earthquake

Coronavirus: four traps governments fall into when making decisions about lockdown

National emergency laws but no sovereign aerial firefighting fleet

Son of Grenfell Tower fire victim: ‘My mother could have survived’

More people are getting COVID-19 twice, suggesting immunity wanes quickly in some

Final report: Six country evaluation of OXFAM America’s strengthening community preparedness, rapid response and recovery in Asia/Pacific islands and Central America

Flood Emergency Planning for Disaster Resilience Handbook

Disaster education, communications and engagement

New Firewise community takes shape in Wallowa County

Social for science: Using smartphone photos for research

Journalism can help communities with these five pillars of ethical disaster reporting

Psychology and disasters

Dynamic-data-driven agent-based modeling for the prediction of evacuation behavior during hurricanes

Virtual Reality and the COVID Mental Health Crisis

Coronavirus is no longer seen as high risk by many – and that’s undermining control measures

Finding a New Normal: Life After a Natural Disaster – Video Series and Resources for Teens

Sociology and disasters

Human Vulnerability to Landslides

The Influence of Reconstruction Modality, Social Capital, and Community Satisfaction on Willingness to Participate in Resilience-Building Activities

Japanese Social Capital and Social Vulnerability Indices: Measuring Drivers of Community Resilience 2000-2017

The super-wealthy won big as COVID-19 spread – here’s how they can help alleviate the economic peril faced by most

Ethics and equity in the time of Coronavirus

Who should get the coronavirus vaccine first? France and the UK have different answers

How natural hazards impact the social environment for vulnerable groups: an empirical investigation in Japan

Only a generic, not-for-profit COVID-19 vaccine can protect the world’s poorest