Today in disaster resilience (13 December 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Australia fires: blazes ‘too big to put out’ as 140 bushfires rage in NSW and Queensland

Namibia – 1 Dead After Flash Floods in Northern and Central Areas

New Zealand – Flooding Prompts State of Emergency in Canterbury Region

Uganda – at Least 16 Killed in Floods and Landslides in Western Region

Flooding causes extreme destruction in South Sudan: IOM

White Island volcano erupts in Bay of Plenty: 5 dead, 8 missing, 31 in hospital

Malaysia – Hundreds Evacuated After Floods in Johor

Philippines – Thousands Displaced by Floods in North

Sri Lanka – 6 Dead, Thousands Displaced as Heavy Rain Continues

Rwanda – Dozens Homeless After Heavy Rain Triggers Landslides in Musanze

Somalia – Homes Destroyed as Tropical Cyclone Pawan

Colombia – Thousands Hit by Floods in Nariño Department

South Africa – Hundreds Rescued From Floods in Gauteng

Lebanon and Israel – Flash Floods Cause Travel Chaos

More than 720 homes lost in NSW fires as Sydney told to brace for huge losses

Malaysia – 300 Evacuate After Floods in Sabah

Madagascar – Floods and Wind Damage After Tropical Cyclone Belna Makes Landfall

Ecuador – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Morona-Santiago Province

Maldives – Heavy Rain Causes Floods in Malé

Volcanic activity worldwide 12 Dec 2019: Etna volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Nagano is first prefecture in Japan to declare a climate emergency

Victoria Falls dries to a trickle after worst drought in a century

Leading scientists condemn political inaction on climate change as Australia ‘literally burns’

New research examines climate change’s role in 2018 extreme weather events

Earth’s frozen ‘water towers’ threatened by warming, population growth, report says

Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective

Greenland ice losses rising faster than expected

Historic American towns have endured wars, storms. What about sea rise?

Sea Level Science Grapples with Uncertainty and Usability

‘Sydney is angry’: Protesters march to demand urgent action on climate change

Now Australian cities are choking on smoke, will we finally talk about climate change?

“Climatic-affective atmospheres”: A conceptual tool for affective scholarship in a changing climate

Climate Analytics suggests Australia has reneged on a pledge to make deeper emissions cuts

On current trends, Greenland ice melting will cause 100 million people to be flooded each year by the end of the century, so 400 million in total due to sea level rise

“There’s been this increasing dawning of awareness among many Americans that climate change is actually starting to harm people here and now”

People are waking up to the climate crisis, but two sobering reports this week are a reminder of the enormity of the problem

Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective Report


Disaster risk reduction

How to live with mega-fires? Portugal’s feral forests may hold the secret

Study suggests Cascadia can trigger quakes on the northern San Andreas, California

Indian Ocean Dipole: What is it and why is it linked to floods and bushfires?

Flash flooding is a serious threat in the UK – here’s how scientists are tackling its prediction

Meteorological conditions leading to the 2015 Salgar flash flood: lessons for vulnerable regions in tropical complex terrain

A benefit–cost analysis of floodplain land acquisition for US flood damage reduction

New study compares floodplain protection today to predicted future flood losses

To prevent increasingly massive wildfires we need to rethink our approach to forest management

A Tiny Leak Led to a Massive, Unexpected Collapse at Kilauea Volcano

Conserving the Floodplains Could Save Billions of Dollars, Researchers say

Damaging Rains From Hurricanes Can Be More Intense After Winds Subside

Hazard map articles should describe the development of a volcanic hazard map or set of volcanic hazard maps

Scientists Scramble to Collect Data After Ridgecrest Earthquakes


Emergency management

Government’s role in supporting community–led approaches to recovery

Briefing Mozambique’s post-cyclone problems multiply

‘Smells like it’s time to go to work’: American firefighters arrive in Sydney

White Island erupts: Why were tourists allowed on unsettled island?

Why White Island erupted and why there was no warning

As Australia bush fires rage, country offers lessons for the wildfire-prone western U.S.

New Zealand helicopter pilot describes horror of volcano rescue

Hunger deepening in South Sudan as floods follow drought and unresolved conflict

Despite Warning Of 2nd Eruption, Police Will Try To Recover Bodies On White Island


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Policy Perspectives on Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing

A new database for detecting floods in real-time on a global scale using Twitter


Sociology and disasters

Capturing Bonding, Bridging, and Linking Social Capital through Publicly Available Data

How a small British town used social connections to make residents happier and healthier

The historical context of injustice, discrimination and inequality experienced through social structures that cause harm to certain people  informs today’s risk

Today in disaster resilience (6 December 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Sri Lanka – 3 Dead, Hundreds Displaced After Floods and Landslides

Uganda – Thousands Affected by Landslides in Western Region

Mexico – Heavy Rain and Deadly Floods in Chihuahua and Sinaloa

Malaysia – Floods Displaced Over 2,000 in Terengganu

Rains lash many parts of Tamil Nadu, more forecast; five dead in city

Heavy rain batters southern France, causing new wave of deadly floods

Philippines evacuates hundreds of thousands ahead of typhoon, to shut main airport

French floods: five dead after three rescue workers killed in helicopter crash

Two children dead, one missing in Arizona floods as winter storm blankets U.S.

Malaysia – 2 Dead, 15,000 Displaced as Floods Worsen in Kelantan and Terengganu

Powerful typhoon leaves at least 4 dead in Philippines

Six killed, over 5 000 affected by incessant rains in Sri Lanka

At least 25 dead as days of heavy rain hit Tamil Nadu, India

Uganda – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Eastern Region

Spain – Flash Floods in Murcia After 120mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Angola – Homes Destroyed and Families Displaced After Heavy Rain in South

Volcanic activity worldwide 5 Dec 2019: Fuego volcano, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay, Sakurajima


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The most important issue facing Australia? New survey sees huge spike in concern over climate change

Scientist’s theory of climate’s Titanic moment the ‘tip of a mathematical iceberg’

Methane in the atmosphere is surging, and that’s got scientists worried

Countries from Siberia to Australia are burning: the age of fire is the bleakest warning yet

With Waters Rising And Its Population Falling, What Is Venice’s Future?

Warming toll: 1 degree hotter, trillions of tons of ice gone

Bureau of Meteorology declares spring 2019 the driest on record

COP25: youth ‘leadership’ contrasts with government inaction, says UN chief

Latest climate models confirm need for urgent mitigation

Climate change: Critical year for climate change starts in Madrid

Drone images show Greenland ice sheet becoming more unstable as it fractures

Climate change is forcing one person from their home every two seconds, Oxfam says

Climate change: Study underpins key idea in Antarctic ice loss

One of the most overlooked consequences of climate change? Our mental health

Earth has a couple more chances to avoid catastrophic climate change. This week is one of them

Decade of ‘exceptional’ heat likely to be hottest on record, experts say

A new report sheds more light on how climate change is impacting Alaska Native villages

China’s climate paradox: A leader in coal and clean energy

How Airports Are Protecting Themselves Against Rising Seas

‘Exceptional heat’: Urgent climate action needed to avoid extremes

Climate models have accurately predicted global heating, study finds

Florida Keys Deliver a Hard Message: As Seas Rise, Some Places Can’t Be Saved

The polar regions in a 2°C warmer world

Global emissions to hit 36.8 billion tonnes, beating last year’s record high

Global Carbon Budget 2019

The Climate Crisis Isn’t Just Taking Pacific Islanders’ Homes, It’s Taking Our Identities

Putting Climate Services in Contexts: Advancing Multi-disciplinary Understandings

Floods predicted to uproot 50m people a year as climate heats up

Australian businesses, unions and farmers say Paris agreement requires zero emissions plan

Historic US towns endured wars, storms. What about sea rise?

The loss of the ice shelf supporting one of Antarctica’s most vulnerable glaciers could hasten its collapse, a new study finds


Disaster risk reduction

Inches from disaster: crisis faces Britain’s crumbling coastline

Tsunami unleashed by Anak Krakatoa eruption was at least 100m high

What is the evidence behind hazard-reduction burning?

A new method using fiber-optic cables pinpointed the previously hidden system—and it may reveal more seismic surprises around the globe

After Floods, Some Cities Take On More Restrictive Zoning and Building Regulations

November 2019 Yorkshire floods a 1-in-60 year event

Disaster hacks: South American cities harness tech and nature to tackle flooding

Why the floods in East Africa are so bad

Floating Cities: The Next Big Real Estate Boom

An analysis of UNFCCC-financed coastal adaptation projects: Assessing patterns of project design and contributions to adaptive capacity

Experts say earthquake damage was worse outside Anchorage’s building safety area due to lax oversight

Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions with Artificial Intelligence

Guide to Community Risk Reduction Planning

Quickly and easily share model outputs using Flood Viewer

Can graph theory help prepare for lifeline failure during a disaster?

Selma Estates residents say flooding is costing them their livelihood; Loudoun County to consider buy-out program

Mitigation Matters: Policy Solutions to Reduce Local Flood Risk

The Global Climate Risk Index 2020 analyses to what extent countries and regions have been affected by impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.)

Atmospheric river storms create $1 billion-a-year flood damage


Emergency management

Kenya – Over 100 Dead, 18,000 Displaced After Recent Floods and Landslides

The large-scale training exercise simulated a 7.7 magnitude earthquake centered along the southwest segment of the New Madrid Seismic Zone

Diversity in emergency management scholarship

East Africa regional floods snapshot

‘Deeply sorry’ PG&E takes blame for California’s deadliest wildfire, seeks ‘technologies’ to limit future risks

Fleet additions enhance aerial capacity

Cohesion when the heat is on

Australian Fire Danger Rating System: preparing for change

Four years on from Storm Desmond


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Due to drought and recent bushfires the environment has for the first time surpassed healthcare, cost of living and the economy to be the number one concern for Australians

SciArt & Hydrology: how about having an art exhibition as part of your hydrology PhD thesis?

At Slow The Flow Calderdale, we want to encourage and empower people and organisations to take action on their own property and land, whether that is private or public-facing

Making geoscience fieldwork inclusive and accessible for students with disabilities


Psychology and Disasters

New research reveals why people do—and don’t—give after disasters

Distress tolerance plays role in alcohol use and abuse among firefighters


Sociology and disasters

Flooding and the New Normal: What is the Role of Gender in Experiences of Post‐Disaster Ontological Security?

A social identity model of riot diffusion: From injustice to empowerment in the 2011 London riots

Today in disaster resilience (29 November 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

At least four dead after massive floods hit southeastern France

Dozens killed by floods and landslides in DRC and Kenya

State of natural disaster declared as extreme flooding displaces 50,000 in Congo

Congo-Brazzaville – 50,000 Affected by Floods in North and Central Provinces

Djibouti – Deadly Floods After 140mm of Rain in 2 Days

Two dead, highway collapses as floods pound France, Italy

Albania earthquake strikes highest-hazard zone in the Balkans, devastating nearby towns

Severe, fast-moving thunderstorm hits Sydney, leaving widespread damage and 76 000 homes without power, Australia

‘Brutal’ freezing November temperatures spread across northeast Russia

Three die as storm front batters Greece

Brazil – Torrential Rain Triggers Flooding and Landslides in Salvador, Bahia

Volcanic activity worldwide 28 Nov 2019: Santiaguito volcano, Pacaya, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Dukono


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Samoa climate change resilience challenges Western perceptions

Wild, feral and fossil-fuelled, fire lights up the globe. Is it time to declare that humans have created a Pyrocene?

Making every building count in meeting Australia’s emission targets

It’s not just Venice. Climate change imperils ancient treasures everywhere

Three Times Tectonics Changed the Climate

World heritage Queensland rainforest burned for 10 days – and almost no one noticed

Experts call for more tools to help communities mitigate and adapt to climate change to curb the impacts and costs of natural disasters

‘No sign of slowdown’: Atmospheric greenhouse gas levels hit new high

Scientists Reach 100% Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming

U.S. Public Views on Climate and Energy

Drier, hotter and deadlier: Stanford’s Michael Wara talks about California wildfires

‘Maybe It Will Destroy Everything’: Pakistan’s Melting Glaciers Cause Alarm

‘Dangerously close’: Tipping points may trigger climate cascade

As Sydney’s bushfire-induced haze shows, far from being insulated, urban areas are hugely vulnerable to the climate crisis

Climate migration myths

UNEP: 1.5C climate target ‘slipping out of reach’

Demands grow for ‘global justice’ on climate damage at U.N. talks

Summer outlook from Bureau of Meteorology suggests hot, dry times to continue

Heat Flow in Southern Australia and Connections With East Antarctica

Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against

changing climate, which is driving a drying trend across southern Australia and general warming across the country

The Keys face huge and looming bill to survive sea rise. They’re asking Florida for help

Home by the sea: new science shows more sea-level rise impacts on small islands

Stabilising the global population is not a solution to the climate emergency – but we should do it anyway


Disaster risk reduction

Busy Hurricane Season Does Less Damage, but Leaves Ominous Signs

Canadian Disaster Database

How wildfires have and will continue to shape our future

Conservative commentators have pointed to a long history of bushfires to suggest there is nothing unusual about this season. Experts disagree

Protesters blame new Great Lakes plan for Ottawa River, Lake Ontario floods

UniSA project brings Mount Schank to the masses via drone footage and virtual reality video

Can science tell when a large earthquake will be followed by an even larger one?

A grim summer is likely for the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin and the people, flora and fauna that rely on it

Dangerous L.A. apartment buildings most at risk in an earthquake are quickly being fixed

Italy should call in the Dutch to help finish the Venice flood barriers

A small coastal Mississippi town is seeing dramatic property value losses from flooding. But the houses in highest demand are still right on the water

Great Britain’s first national flood map launched which incorporates current and future predictive flood scenarios for the 2020s, 2050s and 2080s

Don’t know why your town floods? There’s a clue in the place name

Mitigation Saves demonstrates that building a foot of freeboard saves an average of $6 per additional $1 of construction cost

Wildfires in Australia could also be shaping the weather

Risk informed development that is climate sensitive and socially inclusive is sustainable

Trade‐offs between fire hazard reduction and conservation in a Natura 2000 shrub–grassland mosaic

Ontario adviser reports on flood mitigation; province doesn’t commit to funds

Caribbean Island On Track To Become World’s First ‘hurricane-proof’ Country


Emergency management

How does the World Bank initiate a rapid response to climate-related disasters?

Measuring the state of disaster philanthropy

Over 500,000 people affected by floods in Somalia

Flooding victims in South Yorkshire betrayed by self-important politicians

FEMA’s Hurricane Aid to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Has Stalled

Some Cities Still Hoping for Irma Money FEMA Says Is ‘Questionable’

DR Congo – Over 200,000 Need Aid After Floods in North, Says UN

What the Qld floods class action means


Disaster education, communications and engagement

A tiny and remote North Taranaki school has won an award for its work monitoring their local awa, the Waitotara River, and developing a flood warning system

Inundation Street shows you what it is like to flood and what you can do to help you if you do

Understanding Disaster Risk

Global Natural Disasters Map 2020

What if a computer disaster simulation game could show politicians and local people what potential floods in their town would look like?


Psychology and Disasters

The Psychology of Fear Management and Terrorism


Sociology and disasters

Lagos… where residents live in dread of flooding

Rich Californians shelling out $30,000 to ease blackout pain

Today in disaster resilience (22 November 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Exceptional high tide inundates Venice for third time in a week, as Italy suffers widespread flooding

Huge hailstones batter Queensland, causing significant damage to cars and homes, Australia

Flooding chaos in northern England to continue until Tuesday

Philippines – Houses Destroyed, Thousands Evacuate After Rain From Storm ‘Kalmaegi’ (Ramon)

Brazil – 1 Dead, Dozens Homeless After Floods in Espírito Santo

Colombia – More Flooding Hits Antioquia Department

Panama – Floods Damage Over 100 Homes in Central Provinces

Nigeria – Worst Flooding in 7 Years in Borno and Adamawa, Says UN

Austria – Heavy Rain Triggers Deadly Landslides and Floods in South

DR Congo – Thousands Hit by Floods in Haut-Uélé and Tshopo

UK – 100 Rescued After Floods Hit Central and Eastern Areas of England

Sydney blanketed in dense bushfire smoke amid ‘severe’ fire danger

Over 10 000 homes destroyed, 57 000 affected as catastrophic floods hit Central African Republic

Powerful tornado hits Grosseto, causing significant damage, Italy

Chad – Over 200,000 Hit by Floods Says UN

Colombia – Thousands Affected After Rivers Overflow in Santander Department

Italy – More Severe Weather as Rivers Overflow in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany

Catastrophic bushfire conditions in Australia, over a dozen temperature records smashed

Volcanic activity worldwide 21 Nov 2019: Stromboli volcano, Fuego, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Dr Tom Beer’s pioneering 1980s research into bushfires and climate change has, to his dismay, proved all too accurate

Bangladesh declares climate change a “planetary emergency”

Flood, fire and plague: climate change blamed for current disasters

Future rainfall in UK uplands heavier than present climate predictions, study suggests

Sea-level rise and fear for Lagos

Climate Whiplash: Wild Swings in Extreme Weather Are on the Rise

Venice Flooding Reveals A Real Hoax About Climate Change – Framing It As “Either/Or”

In Bosnia and Herzegovina streamlined and coordinated climate action is reducing some of the devastating effects of climate change

We’ll be measuring sea level rise in feet, not inches

Storm surges to get bigger in south, smaller in north

Climate change may be divisive, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Here’s how to approach the topic effectively

Painfully slow hurricanes, deadly heat, and cities without water: What the climate crisis will look like in the next 10 years, according to experts

Sea-Level Rise: West Africa Is Sinking

Understanding coastal sea level change: products available

Istanbul heatwave shows need for urgent climate action – Greenpeace

The staggering loss of the Arctic Ocean’s oldest sea ice shown in time-lapse

Retreat of the Columbia Glacier

Why coastal floods are becoming more frequent as seas rise

The serious sea level threat to Macau

October 2019: Earth’s Second Warmest October on Record

Climate impacts ‘to cost world $7.9 trillion’ by 2050

The world’s climate goals are not sufficient. They are also unlikely to be met

UK is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to extreme heatwaves caused by climate change

Massive Mildura dust storm leaves Victorian town ‘unliveable’ amid 40C heat

Permafrost Becoming a Carbon Source Instead of a Sink

Warning signs of climate change

The 2019 report of The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change

Melting glaciers and flooding wetlands

‘Maybe It Will Destroy Everything’: Pakistan’s Melting Glaciers Cause Alarm

We say we want climate action, but we still won’t vote for it


Disaster risk reduction

New book – ‘Disaster Upon Disaster: Exploring the Gap Between Knowledge, Policy and Practice’

New photogrammetry technique from the Army Corps of Engineers can make accurate 3D maps from ordinary aerial footage in just minutes

Cascading disasters are causing extreme weather to pack an even bigger punch

Lokeberg: an interesting quick clay slide triggered by piling in Western Sweden

Indigenous leaders say Australia’s bushfire crisis shows approach to land management failing

NZ’s wildfire future: which regions are most at risk?

Mumbai: BMC officers to visit Japan for lessons in flood control

USA: Community wildfire prevention & mitigation report

Range-dependent thresholds for global flood early warning

Iowa Mitigation Program Leads to $1.4 Billion in Flood Prevention Projects

In Flood-Prone South Carolina, Nature-Based Solutions Could Reduce Risk

Reduced fuel loads do little for bushfire mitigation under extreme fire weather and in times of drought

Flood-hit farmers in spat with George Monbiot about dredging

Public authorities sit on a vast wealth of social, economic and demographic data that should be fully integrated with flood risk management decision-making, and regularly updated

Subsidised cyclone insurance for northern Australia back on agenda

In the path of disaster: The big causes of bushfires that most of us are missing

Typhoons and floods wreak havoc on Japan’s big three insurers

Analysis Of The South Yorkshire Floods

International satellites supporting disaster management

Putting homes in high-risk areas is asking too much of firefighters

A massive experiment in Taiwan aims to reveal landslides’ surprising effect on the climate

Reducing wildfire risk is a collective effort

U.S. announces $30 million to bolster coasts from flooding, rising seas

Bushfire crisis costing Queensland and northern NSW millions

Massive tsunami as high as 15 m (49 feet) hit Oman 1 000 years ago, research finds

Managing Flood Water for Aquifer Recharge: Economic Considerations for Policy

Over the past few decades, development practice in England has led to more than 300,000 homes being built in high flood risk areas


Emergency management

Australia’s bushfire politics: the parties prevaricate while the country burns

How do you fight extreme wildfires?

When fire came to Sydney’s north shore

Sirens, texts, even church bells. California wildfire alerts and evacuations still ad hoc

Cyclone early warning system for Pacific goes live

Why flooding is still so difficult to predict and prepare for

‘Move out tonight’: First Code Red since 2010 issued for parts of Victoria

A scramble for safety in flooded South Sudan town

Public urged to be eyes and ears of police for potential firebugs

Nigeria: Tens of thousands of people stranded by floods in north-east

‘Hazardous’ air quality from bushfire smoke triggers spike in hospital admissions

How Australia’s bushfires spread: mapping the NSW and Queensland fires

Wasatch Fault Scenario

Change Coming to Flash Flood Warnings


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Volcano video game

These sixth-graders learned what it’s like to handle emergency operations during a storm

Communication During Disaster Recovery

Understanding fire weather

Flooding Disasters in an Era of Extreme Weather

Non-mobile phone users: What hinders their access?

Only 23% of UK people checked flood risk before moving into their current home

Flood losses are substantially reduced when awareness-raising attitudes are promoted through inclusive, participatory approaches in the community


Psychology and Disasters

The dread and worry keeping young Australians up at night

Trauma of Yorkshire floods will have ‘profound effect’ on victim’s mental health, says charity CEO

Domestic violence will spike in the bushfire aftermath, and governments can no longer ignore it

This is what it’s really like to be the spouse of a first responder

Multiple flood events erode neighborhood spirit, study finds

Mental health at risk as California wildfire threat grows


Sociology and disasters

Indigenous peoples and people of color are disproportionately affected by our global climate crisis

Somalia: Floods in Somalia increase vulnerability of population

Study the effects of earthquakes, floods and other natural hazards with sensitivity to ethical dilemmas and power imbalances

Weather and war: How climate shocks are compounding Somalia’s problems

Today in disaster resilience (15 November 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

NSW bushfires: More than 850,000 hectares destroyed so far in season ‘as bad as it gets’

England flooding: River warnings and rail delays continue

Three people die and 150 homes destroyed in Australian bushfires

Philippines – Rain From Typhoon ‘Nakri’ Causes Deadly Floods and Landslides

DR Congo – Thousands Displaced by Flooding Ubangi River

Woman dies as floods devastate Midlands and north of England

India and Bangladesh – Cyclone ‘Bulbul’ Leaves 24 Dead

Venice has been hit by severe flooding which has left more than 85 percent of the Italian city underwater, including many of its famous squares

Italy – Storms Turn Deadly, Worst Flooding in 50 Years in Venice

Algeria – Deadly Flash Floods in North

South Africa – 4 Dead After Storms and Floods in KwaZulu-Natal

Indonesia: tsunami warning lifted after large earthquake

Volcanic activity worldwide 14 Nov 2019: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Shiveluch, Dukono

Two Dead as Venice Faces Worst Floods in 50 Years

Tunisia – Flash Floods in Jendouba Governorate

Vietnam – Hundreds of Homes Damaged by Tropical Cyclone Nakri


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

An arresting exhibition from activist charity Project Pressure uses conceptual photography to capture the decline of the ice caps

Global leaders are facing one of the scariest years of climate change yet

This is not normal: what’s different about the NSW mega fires

As Seas Rise, Miami’s Black Communities Fear Displacement From The High Ground

Climate experts call ‘BS’ as government offers only “thoughts and prayers” for fire crisis

Floods across Africa: “Without Climate Action we’ll be queuing for Noah’s Ark”, says Greenpeace Africa

The day it forgot to rain on Australia

What is the connection between climate change and bushfires?

Climate change could end mortgages as we know them

How daily temperature and precipitation distributions evolve with global surface temperature

Unfamiliar Ground: Bracing for Climate Impacts in the American Midwest

Ice loss causing Arctic to reflect less heat

The world’s last climate crisis demonstrates that surviving is possible if bold economic and social change is embraced

Extinction Rebellion activists have floated a “sinking house” down the River Thames in London to highlight the impact of flooding and rising sea levels

Ocasio-Cortez points to California fires: ‘This is what climate change looks like’

The global and regional impacts of climate change under representative concentration pathway forcings and shared socioeconomic pathway socioeconomic scenarios

Climate change expected to shift location of East Asian Monsoons

The oldest and thickest Arctic sea ice is disappearing twice as fast as ice in the rest of the Arctic Ocean, according to new research

Climate change made extreme heat before 2018 Queensland bushfires ‘four times more likely’

Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change

Fire chiefs demand urgent action on climate change as states burn


Disaster risk reduction

Sydney region now drier than before the 2001 ‘Black Christmas’ fires

Drought and climate change were the kindling, and now the east coast is ablaze

Professor Guillermo Rein, a fire scientist, tells Horizon why smouldering peatland fires are so dangerous and why we know so little about them

Hurricanes have become bigger and more destructive for the U.S., study finds

Normalized US hurricane damage estimates using area of total destruction, 1900−2018

Scientists predict El Nino in 2020 based on earlier warning method

Natural hazards don’t always spell disaster: UN risk reduction chief

Aging US dams pose risk to thousands

Flooding action plan launched to protect Scotland from extreme weather

Is there really a green conspiracy to stop bushfire hazard reduction?

Flood defences simply aren’t good enough – here’s what needs to be done

England floods: What is making them worse?

What part has hazard reduction policy played in the bushfires?

NSW Fire Mapping using ArcGIS

‘Like a genie’: Researchers scramble to adjust to rising fire extremes

Japan views physical infrastructure as the main way to achieve disaster resilience

Flooding caused by poor management and floodplain building, say experts

California has six of the nation’s 1,680 high-hazard dams deemed in risky condition

Rivers are changing all the time, and it affects their capacity to contain floods

Urban development reduces flash flooding chances in arid Western US

Modeling of inter-organizational coordination dynamics in resilience planning of infrastructure systems: A multilayer network simulation framework

Insurance losses from northern England floods could be 80-120 million pounds – PwC

Driven by a trio of costly California wildfires, the nation’s largest-loss fires of 2018 accounted for $12.91 billion in losses, the most since 2001

This map presents a selection of regions likely to encounter significant water anomalies during the one year period beginning in August 2019 and running through July 2020


Emergency management

Koala population ‘like in a cremation’ after NSW bushfires

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Boris Johnson is ‘wrong’ on Yorkshire floods not being a national emergency

Managing a Crisis or Disaster using Cloud based tools

Inside the fight to save Windsor from the Kincade fire

When wildfires break out, this elite team of ‘smokejumpers’ parachute in

‘Better to be cautious’: At least 500 schools to close in Sydney and NSW due to fire danger

Hayward Fault Scenario

Combining satellites, radar provides path for better forecasts

30,000 stranded in northeastern DR Congo after floods

‘Heartbreaking’ devastation of Yorkshire floods as fierce communities rally

BlackHawk joins the fire and emergency aviation fleet in Queensland

As catastrophic fires burn across NSW this week, ANU Researcher Dr Marta Yebra is advising fire authorities about where to deploy firefighting resources

Worse than Black Saturday: Victoria braced for ‘very extreme’ heatwaves

England flooding: Labour and Lib Dems criticise response

Data science could help Californians battle future wildfires

England flooding: Doncaster floods seen from the air

Japan marks one month since deadly typhoon

Pandemic simulation exercise spotlights massive preparedness gap

A month after Typhoon Hagibis, volunteers, local officials and SDF tackling mountains of waste

Managing Community Risk Reduction in the Fire Service

Sudan’s major floods present first challenge for its new leader

South Sudan: IOM Scales Up Efforts To Meet Needs Of 900,000 Flood Displaced Persons

Somalia struggles after worst flooding in recent history


Disaster education, communications and engagement

How to protect yourself and your property on a ‘catastrophic’ bushfire danger day

Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities

Earthquake Conspiracy Theorists Are Wreaking Havoc During Emergencies

Researchers explore how citizens can become agents of environmental change

How citizen science is helping solve conservation problems


Psychology and Disasters

Distress Due to Displacement and Repatriation of an Entire Island Population in the South Pacific


Sociology and disasters

Rich Residents Build Defenses against Rising Seas; Poor Ones Leave

Chicago’s cold blast spells concern for the city’s homeless

A new study, headed by experts at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), is looking at how flooding affects social inequality in flood-prone parts of the state

Today in disaster resilience (8 November 2019)


Please find below a list of links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Italy and France – Rain From ‘Storm Amélie’ Triggers Floods and Landslides

Iran – Deadly Floods in Northern Provinces

USA – Storms and Floods Hit North East

Heavy rains have killed at least 10 people and displaced more than 270,000 in Somalia

Ecuador – Floods and Landslides in Pastaza Province

Edo, Lagos, Delta, others to experience more flooding

Torrential rains cause floods in parts of Montenegro

Colombia – Floods and Landslides Hit Tolima and Antioquia

Guatemala – 4 Dead, 100s Evacuated After Heavy Rain Triggers Landslides

Uganda – 6 Killed in Floods and Landslides After More Heavy Rain

Montenegro – Heavy Rain, Landslides and Floods Leave Communities Cut Off

Sheffield flooding: Torrential rain leaves city flooded

Volcanic activity worldwide 7 Nov 2019: Popocatépetl volcano, Krakatau, Shiveluch, Dukono


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

How bad is this drought and is it caused by climate change?

Existing Paris climate pledges commit sea level rise to ‘one metre by 2300’

40 distressing photos show glaciers disappearing around the world

Floridians no longer have luxury to pretend climate change isn’t real

Australia could fall apart under climate change. But there’s a way to avoid it

Climate change emergency – 11,000 scientists say crisis accelerating, demand action

South Australia’s stunning renewable energy transition, and what comes next

Most countries aren’t hitting 2030 climate goals, and everyone will pay the price

Australia records three years of hotter than average monthly temperatures

There is one way forward on climate change

Warmer, shorter winters have turned permafrost regions from carbon sink to source

Sea level will rise for centuries. We can control how much and how fast

Seas to rise dramatically even if greenhouse gases are curbed

Rapidly melting Antarctica likely to be key driver in dramatic sea-level rises, researchers say

Australia’s main grid reaches 50 per cent renewables for first time

Sea levels rose 10 metres above present levels during Earth’s last warm period 125,000 years ago

Our shameful legacy: just 15 years’ worth of emissions will raise sea level in 2300

Drought to become more frequent and severe due to climate change – government report

New Zealand passes law aiming for net zero carbon emissions by 2050

A new study examined how people’s opinions on climate change affect real-estate prices

The World’s Thickest Mountain Glacier Is Finally Melting, and Climate Change Is 100% to Blame

What small businesses can do about climate change

Rising sea levels could inundate North Korea’s Sinuiju by 2050, new study shows


Disaster risk reduction

Future Remote Sensing Mission Holds Promise for Flood Monitoring

Fire blankets can protect buildings from wildfires

Confusion over Floodplain Leaves Homeowners with the Bill

Seven years after Superstorm Sandy deluged New York City, more than eight out of 10 properties in coastal areas the federal government deems extremely vulnerable to the next disaster are without flood insurance

The importance of analysing flood events to ‘build back better’

Citizen-generated data for flood resilience in Brazil

As wildfires have raged across California, scientists are testing out a new tool that could help us better predict their spread

A new report finds that mangroves provide valuable flood risk benefits and play a critical role in protecting coastal communities in Florida

5 Lessons We Learned From the California Wildfires

Tracking progress on the economic costs of disasters under the indicators of the sustainable development goals

Pollution creates ‘black tsunami’ risk

Opportunity to see detailed flood defence plans in Kirkstall

A new database that captures the outcomes from inquiries and reviews into emergency management and natural hazards has been created by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

Cotaboto, Philippines: large landslides from the series of earthquakes in October 2019

Even in Risky Areas, Some Homeowners Skip Flood Insurance Coverage

The Impact Of Flooding Depends More On Societal Change Than Climate Change

Australian drought preparedness and resilience report and plan

A review of resilience variables in the context of disasters

From Californian wildfires there’s an opportunity to lead the nation in building resilience

20 Seconds Makes All The Difference: How Sound Waves Help Us Understand Earthquakes

Facing the fires: when they consume more than peat

The NOAA billion-dollar disaster dataset is not a reliable indicator of trends in disasters or their costs

Back-to-back flood years have Fredericton looking to shore up riverbank

2013-2028 Report on Global Flood Insurance Market by Player, Region, Type, Application and Sales Channel


Emergency management

How you react in emergencies may define your business

All-Hazards Articles Alert for first responder journal articles

Heavy Flooding Devastates Lives and Economies in Horn of Africa

Vale CEO Dismissed Warning on Mines Before Deadly Disaster in Brazil

Prepare to Win: Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness

When bushfire is not just about bushfire

Heavy rains and flooding wreak havoc across East Africa as another storm makes its way to the region

The invisible issues in flood response

Quebec promises new assistance, but many 2019 flood victims say they haven’t been compensated

Esperance council debates motion as brigades fear only tragedy will spark change

As fire seasons overlap in Australia and California, sharing firefighting resources will only get harder

Safety questions still swirl in Paradise year after wildfire

Bushfires in New South Wales from space

NASA Resources Aid a California Community Devastated by Wildfire

Deadly floods uproot tens of thousands in Central African Republic’s capital

When disaster strikes, Indigenous communities receive unequal recovery aid

UN calls for action as Somalia floods affect 200,000 children


Disaster education, communications and engagement

About World Tsunami Awareness Day

Wiltshire Air Ambulance Providers Teach CPR to Schoolchildren

Local knowledge in flood risk management: are we only paying it lip service?

Italy to become first country to make studying climate change compulsory in schools

How is wildfire covered in the news?

Emotional and affective geographies of sustainable community leadership: A visceral approach

Tokyo Bosai – A Manual for Disaster Preparedness

‘Ensuring that key social media users have developed disaster communication strategies inclusive of Twitter seems important in aiding response to and recovery from natural disasters


Psychology and Disasters

The Influence of a Near-Miss Wildfire on Resident Risk Perceptions and Mitigation Behaviors

Impact of repeat flooding on mental health and health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional analysis of the English National Study of Flooding and Health

Flooding can have a profound effect on people’s mental health, and aspects of their health-related quality of life

What It Means to Evacuate

Making young minds resilient to disasters


Sociology and disasters

Beyond the local – Exploring the socio-spatial patterns of translocal network capital and its role in household resilience in Northeast Thailand

Fires Take Disproportionate Toll on Low-Income and Immigrant Communities

Disasters, Development, and Social Capital: Understanding Economic Recovery After Earthquakes in Nepal

Evaluation of the Impacts of Identity and Collective Memory on Social Resilience at Neighborhood Level using Grounded Theory

Today in disaster resilience (1 November 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

90,000 Sonoma County residents evacuated ahead of Kincade fire

2 Million Californians Without Power And 180,000 Ordered To Evacuate Amid Wildfires

UK weather: ‘Horrendous’ conditions as heavy downpours cause flooding and travel disruption

Deadly rains to hit Rwenzori, Kigezi areas

Nigeria – Floods Hit Lagos, Situation Worsens in Niger and Adamawa States

Japan – 10 Dead After More Floods and Landslides Hit Eastern Areas

Ethiopia – 120,000 Displaced After Floods in 4 Regions

France – Major Flooding in South After 120mm of Rain in 3 Hours

Bushfires continue to rage in NSW and Queensland

Indonesia and Malaysia – Thousands of Homes Damaged in Floods

Tanzania – More Deadly Floods Hit Tanga Region

Peru – Deadly Landslide in Junín Region

Kincade Fire: 80,000 homes under threat as crews race against next windstorm

Kyarr intensifies, becomes the first Super Cyclone in Arabian Sea in 12 years

Two dead in Baja California wildfires

7 dead, 11 injured as floods sweep through Saudi Arabia

Flash floods hit more than 60 spots in Penang

A landslide killed at least 34 people in Cameroon

At least 44 killed, major traffic disruption as severe floods hit Tanzania

5 killed, 2 missing, 394 injured after M6.6 earthquake in Mindanao, Philippines

Over 15 people feared dead after boat capsizes as flooding in Somalia forces 182,000 people from their homes

Cyclone Kyarr: Emirati towns set for relief as storm heads for southern Oman

UAE and Oman – Evacuations After Cyclone Kyarr Brings Coastal Floods

Ghana – Floods Hit Accra and Ashanti Region

Kenya – 100,000 Affected by Floods Says UN

Volcanic activity worldwide 31 Oct 2019: Fuego volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl, Dukono

UK – Days of Rain Cause Rivers to Overflow in England and Wales

200,000 forced to evacuate, fatalities feared as massive floods hit Beledweyne, Somalia

Incessant heavy downpour wreaks havoc in El Salvador

Floods reported in numerous areas across Iran


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

To fight climate change, science must be mobilised like it was in World War II

Oceans are rising around the world, causing dangerous flooding. Why is this happening, and what can we do to stem the tide?

Emissions flat-line as ‘carrot’s not working and there’s no stick’

Venezuelan scientists look for hope in last remaining glacier

Seeing Red Across the North Pacific Ocean

Nearly four in ten Americans say they have personally experienced the effects of global warming

Warming Will Cost Rich and Poor Countries Alike

Flooding and extreme heat are coming to nearly every city (especially their vulnerable populations). But a new report finds that few cities are ready for what’s coming

Waterworld? Floating Cities Turn Hollywood Sci-fi Into Reality As Sea Levels Rise

Belize: Social Resilience in an Age of Climate Change, Disasters

Greenland ice cap melt measured by satellites — and it’s enough to cover Tasmania in almost 5m of water

Queensland must rapidly ditch coal-fired power to meet Australia’s emission targets, report finds

Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows

Rising sea levels pose threat to homes of 300m people – study

New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding

Climate change and Californian wildfires

Sediment accumulation, elevation change, and the vulnerability of tidal marshes in the Delaware Estuary and Barnegat Bay to accelerated sea level rise

Antarctic sea ice is key to triggering ice ages, study finds

How Do We Measure Climate Risk?

The last advancing Juneau Icefield glacier begins its retreat

Two-million-year-old snapshots of atmospheric gases from Antarctic ice

World’s oldest ice core could solve mystery of ‘flipped’ ice age cycles

Reducing Risk And Vulnerability To Climate Change In Colombia

Sea level rise map and coastal flooding tool

The science of drought is complex but the message on climate change is clear

Six biggest coalminers in Australia produce more emissions than entire economy

Sydney and Melbourne will likely be exposed to more intense hail storms, tropical cyclones will track further south and bushfire risks will increase in most of Australia as the climate warms

Climate crisis affects how majority will vote in UK election – poll

“This will only get worse in the future”: Experts see direct line between California wildfires and climate change

Climate crisis – here’s what the experts recommend we do


Disaster risk reduction

The Power of Trees: Fighting Floodwaters

Community business resilience: adaptation practice of micro- and small enterprises around the Pearl River Estuary

Surrey County Council’s cabinet is set to agree £270m of funding for long term flood risk management work

In Texas, Home Sellers Must Now Disclose More About The Risk Of Flooding

These N.J. properties flood over and over again, costing taxpayers like you millions

Should Californians Be Rebuilding Homes in a Fire Zone?

Japanese government to discuss new flood prevention steps in wake of disasters

Deadly typhoon forces Japan to face its vulnerability to increasingly powerful storms

The city of Newcastle announced it has a “network of sensors spread across the city” to help it manage risks including flooding

The False Comfort of Higher Seawalls

Latest edition of Earthquake Spectra

Geoscientists invented a machine learning tool to sift through satellite data

Go with the flow? Reservations about river morphology models

Evidence from measuring community flood resilience in Asia

Contrasting seasonality of storm rainfall and flood runoff in the UK and some implications for rainfall-runoff methods of flood estimation

Environment Agency say £7m river defences worked as ‘other sources’ cause flood

Future shifts in extreme flow regimes in Alpine regions

Resilient Construction: Building Structures That Withstand Nature’s Fury

Mumbai, Kolkata may get flooded by 2050, says new research

Houston’s pocket prairies: Natural solutions to unnatural flooding

Worrying new flooding map shows the areas of North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and Wirral at risk

Multi-scale synthesis of historical fire regimes along the south-central US prairie–forest border

Florida doesn’t require home sellers to reveal flooding history

Uncertainty quantification of flood damage estimation for urban drainage risk management

A dynamic river network method for the prediction of floods using a parsimonious rainfall-runoff model


Emergency management

Using drone to find missing 6-year old

Pursuing innovation and partnerships for emergency response to disasters in Peru

In flooded Lagos community, canoe replaces Uber and children are on forced holiday

Almost one million people affected by floods in South Sudan

Better alerts can save lives in an emergency. Google Crisis Response is using AI to help

490,000 children affected by devastating floods in South Sudan

10 European startups tackling natural disasters and other emergencies

B.C. to overhaul emergency management regime as fire and flood risk grows

In California, Air Tanker Pilots Help Keep Wildfires At Bay

Koalas in their hundreds feared dead in bushfires south of Port Macquarie

Improving the Disaster Recovery of Low-Income Families

One week on, death toll rises to 4 from Spain flash flooding

Latest (October) edition of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management
Drones tested in Japan nuclear disaster drill for first time near Ikata plant in Ehime

Grenfell firefighters who deserve our respect and understanding

Inside The New Tech Helping LA Firefighters Decide Who And When To Evacuate


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Rapid collaborative knowledge building via Twitter after significant geohazard events


Psychology and Disasters

First responders struggle with PTSD caused by the emergencies, deaths, tragedies they face every day


Sociology and disasters

Importance of libraries as social infrastructure

A SNA-based Methodology for Measuring the Community Resilience from the Perspective of Social Capitals: Take Nanjing, China as an Example

Post-disaster recovery and sociocultural change: Rethinking social capital development for the new social fabric

Mobile phone data reveals the importance of pre-disaster inter-city social ties for recovery after Hurricane Maria