Today in disaster resilience (1 April 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Northern NSW towns under evacuation orders as heavy rainfall hits flood-ravaged regions

Heavy rains trigger deadly landslide, leave more than 250 000 without drinking water in Cuenca, Ecuador

Wilsons River at Lismore to peak at 12m, search for missing Nowra woman continues

Australia – Evacuations After More Floods in New South Wales

Strong M7.0 earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Shifts in El Niño May Be Driving Climates Extremes in Both Hemispheres

The Guardian view on record-breaking Arctic temperatures: do look up

The concrete breakwaters designed to protect people from the consequences of global warming also contribute to it

The floods and the advent of the climate emergency

Queensland’s proposed coal mines would double emissions, report suggests

How Freaked Out Should We Be About That Antarctica Ice-Shelf Collapse?

Severity and sweep of Prairie droughts could spiral as climate changes

Storm surges, rising sea levels and beach erosion could threaten $25 billion worth of Australian residential properties over the next 30 years

Coastal home buyers are ignoring rising flood risks, despite clear warnings and rising insurance premiums

Atmospheric blocking and weather extremes over the Euro-Atlantic sector – a review

U.S. Businesses May Be Required to Report Emissions, Climate Risk

Indigenous peoples across the globe are uniquely equipped to deal with the climate crisis – so why are we being left out of these conversations?

On verge of record drought, East Africa grapples with new climate normal

Wind and solar generated 10% of global electricity for the first time in 2021, a new analysis shows

Trends in Europe storm surge extremes match the rate of sea-level rise

New, faster method to measure global warming shows no acceleration or slowdown

Rising Sea Levels, Storm Surges and Heavy Rainfall: Outlining the Impacts of Climate Change on Flood Risk in Denmark

Tasmania’s forests are burning more as climate change dries them out. Our old tools can’t fight these new fires

Meltwater drainage, break-away icebergs linked at shrinking Helheim Glacier

Disaster risk reduction

Novel framework for assessing long-term flood risk management pathways focusing on river channel improvement and amenity policies

Improving flash flood risk assessment using a simple approach for extreme rainfall scaling and storms transposition

Storm surge contributions to flood hazards on Canada’s Atlantic Coast

Joint flood control scheduling strategy of large cascade reservoirs: A case study of the cascade reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in China

UN weather agency to spearhead 5 year early warning plan, boosting climate action

LiDAR scan the entire surface of the Earth

Threat and Risk Assessment

Influence of Urban Areas on Surface Water Loss in the Contiguous United States

A tool to assess livelihood preparedness for disasters: a study of Kaikōura earthquake in New Zealand

Communities to trial innovative ways of adapting to coastal erosion

Sponginess and why it matters

Flood hydrology roadmap sets out 25-year vision to help predict and manage flood risk

Chaos theory provides hints for controlling the weather

Using flood probabilities to improve the effectiveness of the monitoring, reinforcement and maintenance of dikes

Government of Canada Helps Protect Canadians With Earthquake Early Warning System

Science to guide our relationship with nature

Quantifying CMIP6 model uncertainties in extreme precipitation projections

Wildfire contribution to streamflow variability across Australian temperate zone

Behavioral Economic Consequences of Disasters: A Basis for Inclusion in Benefit–Cost Analysis

Rainforest persistence and recruitment after Australia’s 2019–2020 fires in subtropical, temperate, dry and littoral rainforests

Deadly ‘Smoke Waves’ From Wildfires Set to Soar

As drought pushes east, more intense wildfires are sparking in new areas

Historic restructuring of flood insurance begins tomorrow

B.C. landslide caused 100-metre-high tsunami, set off earthquake scale: study

Why can floods in Northern Rivers towns like Lismore and Byron Bay come in clusters?

Losses from flood have been on an upward trend globally

Counterfactual Analysis is increasingly used in Disaster Risk Management to explore the effectiveness and the value of measures aimed at preventing disasters or mitigating their impacts

Emergency management

All eyes are on China as it attempts to quash its largest COVID-19 outbreaks since the early days of the pandemic

Global vaccination must be swifter

NSW government approves just 377 grants for flood-hit business, despite receiving 8,000 applications

The learning vacuum of bushfire public inquiries — a review

NDK detects early-stage forest fires in Korea

GESA – Global Emergency Services Action

Dire impact from floods in South Sudan as new wet season looms

Female wildland firefighters are forging a sisterhood in a field dominated by men

Assessing distributive inequities in FEMA’s Disaster recovery assistance fund allocation

Early warning systems hold the key to disaster management in West Africa

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The Climate Action Board Game

Actionable and understandable? Evidence-based recommendations for the design of (multi-) hazard warning messages

Data-driven citizen science changes the way communities deal with flooding

Psychology and disasters

Household Hurricane Evacuation Plan Adaptation in Response to Estimated Travel Delay Provided Prior to Departure

‘Essential for the soul’?: leisure as a flashpoint during COVID-19 lockdowns in Ontario, Canada

Risk Attitudes to Catastrophic Events: VSL and WTP for Insurance Against Earthquakes

Typhoon Risk Perception: A Case Study of Typhoon Lekima in China

Geopolitical factors and mental health

‘There’s a cracking’: Residents are broken in Lismore after the NSW town is flooded again

Sociology and disasters

Social influence matters: We follow pandemic guidelines most when our close circle does

Today in disaster resilience (25 March 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Indonesia – Floods Affect 50,000 in Java, Borneo and Sumatra

A massive tornado struck parts of New Orleans that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina nearly two decades ago

Mozambique – Death Toll From Cyclone Gombe Rises to More Than 50

Brazil – Deadly Floods and Landslides Strike Again in Petrópolis

Volcanic activity worldwide 23 Mar 2022: Fuego volcano, Semeru, Sangay, São Jorge, Lonquimay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists

Climate Change Is Disrupting the Global Supply Chain Too

Climate change: Wildfire smoke linked to Arctic melting

Cut Climate Tech Invention-to-Innovation Time

Faced with rising seas, this Florida city is building a resilience fund

Climate Resilience for Whom? The Importance of Locally-Led Development in the Northern Triangle

The world needs a new water agenda

Within the next five years, everyone on Earth should be protected by early warning systems against increasingly extreme weather and climate change

Heatwaves in the Asia-Pacific

The Effects of Climate Change

Climate Change Will Make Supply Chain Woes Worse

Tornadoes, climate change and why Dixie is the new Tornado Alley

Disaster risk reduction

US tsunami warning system needs an urgent overhaul, experts say

Megafire-induced interval squeeze threatens vegetation at landscape scales

Controls on watershed flashiness across the continental US

FEMA is giving homeowners money to prepare for floods — or move away

A new technology will allow researchers to quickly compare data from different satellites to better assess changes on Earth

Flood hydrology roadmap sets out 25-year vision to help predict and manage flood risk

Was It a Flash Flood or Not? Categorizing Disaster Types in Historical Records

Development of a Flash Flood Confidence Index from Disaster Reports and Geophysical Susceptibility

Spatial targeting of nature-based solutions for flood risk management within river catchments

Emergency management

So you’ve recovered from Covid. What next?

Flood-affected Lismore residents with nowhere to go return to homes deemed uninhabitable

NSW government promises to respond better and mitigate against future deadly floods as clean up gathers pace

Tonga Tsunami, January 15, 2022

Guardian Essential poll: voters mark Morrison government down on flood response

FEMA trailers for 2020 hurricanes soon to require rent

Governments love to talk about ‘shared responsibility’ in a disaster – but does anyone know what it means?

Flood-stricken, isolated central Queensland farmers want more access to recovery funding

Did the COVID lockdowns work? Here’s what we know two years on

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Adaptation pathways: A review of approaches and a learning framework

Resilience First launches ground-breaking Business Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

How to make your home safer in tornadoes, hurricanes

Enthusiasm for Twitter changed science communication during the pandemic—but will it last?

How Participatory is Participatory Flood Risk Mapping? Voices from the Flood Prone Dharavi Slum in Mumbai

Psychology and disasters

Koala champion escapes floods

Sociology and disasters

Disasters, Ruins, and Crises: Masculinity and Ramifications of Storms in Vietnam

A billion of the world’s most climate-vulnerable people live in informal settlements – here’s what they face

Risk, Resilience and Gender in the Current Petrópolis Tragedy

Today in disaster resilience (18 March 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Mozambique – 12 Killed as Cyclone Gombe Brings Strong Winds and Torrential Rain

Malaysia – Deadly Landslide in Kuala Lumpur

Historic drought looms for 20 million living in Horn of Africa

Roads blocked and homes evacuated as heavy rain hits southern France

Malawi – 4 Dead After Cyclone Gombe Causes Floods in South

Landslide in Peruvian Andes buries dozens of homes

Australia – More Deadly Floods Hit New South Wales

Ecuador – 1 Missing After Flash Floods and Landslides in Loja

Magnitude-6.7 earthquake off Sumatra a reminder of region’s earthquake and tsunami hazards

Powerful quake off north Japan kills 4, more than 90 injured

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Mar 2022: Fuego volcano, Semeru, Ibu, Reventador, Kilauea, Sangay

USA – Floods Cause Traffic Chaos in Alabama

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Sun Cable’s giant Northern Territory solar project gets $210m funding boost

UK not prepared for climate impacts, warns IPCC expert

What does the latest climate science mean for anticipatory action?

Estimating Heat Wave Frequency and Strength: A Chicago Case Study

February 2022: Earth’s 7th-warmest February on record

Increasing spatiotemporal proximity of heat and precipitation extremes in a warming world quantified by a large model ensemble

IPCC report: how politics – not climate change – is responsible for disasters and conflict

Children’s climate change case overturned on appeal as Federal Court dismisses government’s ‘duty of care’

Why Is the World Ignoring the Latest U.N. Climate Report?

Fast-melting alpine permafrost may contribute to rising global temperatures

Precipitation trends determine how often droughts and heat waves will occur together

As sea levels rise, coastal megacities will need more than flood barriers

Using Thoreau’s Notebooks to Understand Climate Change

Black Summer bushfire smoke altered ozone-depleting chemicals in atmosphere, study finds

Germany aims to get 100% of energy from renewable sources by 2035

To really address climate change, Australia could make 27 times as much electricity and make it renewable

When will eastern Australia’s wet weather end and will we get a La Niña ‘three-peat’?

U.S. Fires Four Times Larger, Three Times More Frequent Since 2000

Disaster risk reduction

Fire-Environment Analysis: An Example of Army Garrison Camp Williams, Utah

‘It makes sense to improve’: flood-hit mayors fear road rebuild won’t reduce risk

Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework

Grantham residents moved to higher ground after record floods, so why haven’t others?

A retrospective on hydrological catchment modelling based on half a century with the HBV model

To build for the future, we need updated rainfall records

The human factor in seasonal streamflows across natural and managed watersheds of North America

Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis

Assessing the Potential for Compound Storm Surge and Extreme River Discharge Events at the Catchment Scale with Statistical Models: Sensitivity Analysis and Recommendations for Best Practice

After the floods, the distressing but necessary case for managed retreat

Yukon government mapping all flood prone areas, minister says

Strengthening emergency communications for complex, cascading and compounding events – lessons learned from the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption and tsunami in Tonga

Trees: why they’re our greatest allies against floods – but also tragic victims

World’s largest dam removal reverses coastal erosion

A Comparative Assessment of Mobile Device-Based Multi-Hazard Warnings: Saving Lives through Public Alerts in Europe

More than one million properties are at risk of flooding across 30 priority local government areas around Australia

Burned areas and number of wildfires around the world

Community Resilience Estimates

SeisBench—A Toolbox for Machine Learning in Seismology

New high-resolution map shows wildfires caused one third of global forest loss between 2001 and 2019

Emergency management

China battles worst Covid outbreak for two years as cases double in 24 hours

If you think you know how many Britons died during the pandemic, think again

Responding faster to droughts with satellites and adaptive social protection in Niger

COVID pandemic 2nd anniversary: 3 things we got wrong, and 3 things to watch out for

SES boss defends decision to reject army assistance days before northern NSW floods

Scott Morrison says he met with BOM last year to discuss ‘cyclones and floods’ after government blasted for refusing to heed warnings

Post-event flood mapping for road networks using taxi GPS data

Brisbane floods damage University of Queensland glasshouses, result in ‘huge loss of knowledge’

Kids show mysteriously low levels of COVID antibodies

‘Pretty brutal’: Hiring woes plague Biden effort to contain wildfires

After the tornado, can a rural Kentucky town create a comeback?

Has the COVID-19 pandemic made the world more prepared for the future?

Burned Area Emergency Response Teams: Interactions and Opportunities During Southwestern Monsoon Seasons

Review on visualization technology in simulation training system for major natural disasters

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Ulladulla’s Gateway sculpture rises up as symbol of resilience after Black Summer bushfires

Virginia Flood Awareness Week

Study proposes to involve high school students in mapping natural disaster hazards and impact prevention

Moral Emotions Shape the Virality of COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media

Artists address flood awareness

Flood recovery resources

ADA brings flood risk management into focus in schools

Examining Public Response and Climate Conditions During Overlapping Tornado and Flash Flood Warnings

Household-Targeted Hurricane Warnings for Effective Evacuation

Risk Communication Planning: Learning From Lived Experiences of Homelessness

The Role of 360-Degree Videos in Wildfire Preparedness

Evacuation: A Resource Round-Up

Psychology and disasters

Anxious nation: Eco-grief takes hold as ‘code red for humanity’ hits home

The March 2020 Tennessee Tornados: Risk Perceptions, Preparedness, and Communication

Learning From Hurricane Laura’s Near Miss: Evacuation Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

Sociology and disasters

Cabbage Tree Island’s Indigenous community displaced by NSW floods ‘left out’ of government’s response

Disasters as Enablers of Negotiation for Sustainability Transition: A Case from Odaka, Fukushima

Why climate change is inherently racist

So far, vaccine inequity is widening the gap between rich and poor

Location Intelligence Reveals the Extent, Timing, and Spatial Variation of Hurricane Preparedness

Homeless and looking for help – why people with disability and their carers fare worse after floods

Today in disaster resilience (11 March 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

NSW residents warned to prepare again as more dangerous weather forecast

Destructive tornadoes hit Iowa, leaving at least 7 people dead, U.S.

Flooding in Mindanao displaces hundreds as tropical wave lingers over the Philippines

Colombia – Thousands Isolated After Rivers Overflow in Antioquia

Haiti and Dominican Republic – 2 Dead, Hundreds Displaced After Rain Triggers Flash Floods

Thousands of acres near Panama City are torched as Florida Panhandle wildfires continue

Sydney floods: two found dead, roads inundated, homes and suburbs across the city swamped

Wildfires erupt after hottest week in history across parts of the West ignited them

Indonesia – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Java and Sulawesi Islands

Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Mar 2022: Fuego volcano, Semeru, Ibu, Reventador, Sangay, Pavlof

Ecuador – Hundreds of Homes Damaged, Communities Isolated After Floods in Cotopaxi

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Worse weather and more floods: The IPCC report contains warnings Australia should heed

How climate data scarcity costs lives

Tasmania’s dry summer in review, as BOM eyes autumn with waning La Niña

Lismore embodies the problem now facing Australia from climate change

Ten climate-resilient homes

How climate change is already hitting Europe and how we need to adapt

The importance of hydrology in routing terrestrial carbon to the atmosphere via global streams and rivers

Causes and Consequences of Epic Western US Drought

“Delay Means Death,” UN Chief Warns About Climate Change

A new study challenges a commonly accepted explanation that a “sudden stratospheric warming” caused the unusually cold weather over the U.S. early last year

The UK’s Heat and Buildings Strategy

New Climate Council report A Supercharged Climate: Rain bombs, flash flooding and destruction’

Projected Impact of Mid-21st Century Climate Change on Wildfire Hazard in a Major Urban Watershed outside Portland, Oregon USA

So, we are “learning to live with COVID” — can we learn to live with climate change?

The floods have killed at least 21 Australians. Adapting to a harsher climate is now a life-or-death matter

Our climate crisis

Human actions accelerate climate-driven floods and droughts

Disaster risk reduction

Can Cloud Seeding Help Quench the Thirst of the U.S. West?

Victims of NSW and Queensland floods have lodged 60,000 claims, but too many are underinsured. Here’s a better way

Scientists seek to solve mystery of why some people do not catch Covid

South-east Queensland flood damage bill revised to cost up to $2.5b

Expert calls for better flood preparation across south-east Queensland after severe weather event

What is flood planning?

The normative dimensions of flood risk management: Two types of flood harm

Join Pew and Partners March 8 for ‘Flood Resilience and Adaptation Planning in the U.S.: Challenges and Opportunities’

Should every house be rebuilt after flooding?

One in 4 homes and businesses in UK at risk of flooding

Toward integrated fire management to promote ecosystem resilience

Hurricanes and Other Tropical Cyclones Linked to Rise in U.S. Deaths from Several Major Causes

Under-resourced and undermined: as floods hit south-west Sydney, our research shows councils aren’t prepared

Briefing Note on Systemic Risk

All disaster risk is systemic, all disaster impact is systemic…but what does it mean?

To Track Magma’s Path to Eruption, Scientists Say There’s Something in the Water

A framework for research on recurrent acute disasters

One in 1,000 years? Old flood probabilities no longer hold water

Weather forecasts won’t save us – we must pre-empt monster floods years before they hit

Emergency management

How a spreadsheet became a lifesaver in Lismore’s flood crisis

NMSU researchers dive deeper into humanitarian response of COVID-19 crisis

‘His body was just there’: Mullumbimby volunteers confronted by horrors and chaos of flood aftermath

Mapping of current Australian floods

Chefs lead volunteers to feed NSW flood victims in absence of government food relief

‘The sad reality is many don’t survive’: how floods affect wildlife, and how you can help them

US National COVID Preparedness Plan

Lori Moore-Merrell, the new US Fire Administrator, discusses her agency’s priorities and challenges

Two years on, COVID-19 pandemic ‘far from over’

Understanding the uneven spread of COVID-19 in the context of the global interconnected economy

Northern NSW vets work to save hundreds of starving, suffering animals amid flood crisis

The national emergency declaration came days after the east coast was already underwater. Why?

‘A year’s worth of landfill’: what will happen to all the waste from flood-damaged homes in Queensland and NSW?

Floods left thousands without power. Microgrids could help communities weather the next disaster

Louisiana hurricane aid missing from federal spending deal

Water releases from Wivenhoe have been halted. So what’s the status of south-east Queensland’s major water supply?

Disaster education, communications and engagement

These Photos Show the Already Devastating Impact of Australia’s Dystopic ‘Rain Bomb’

People could’ve prepared for the floods better if the impacts of weather forecasts were clearly communicated

Disasters: Deconstructed Podcast: Engaging with Communities

Engaging communities to prepare for natural hazards: a conceptual model

Sea Level Rise Viewer

Why Vulnerability Still Matters: The Politics of Disaster Risk Creation

Whether people prepare for natural disasters depends on how the message is sent

Psychology and disasters

Shining a Light on Suicide Risk for Wildland Firefighters

First come floods, then domestic violence. We need to prepare for the next inevitable crisis

Sociology and disasters

Women and Girls in Disasters

Black Neighborhoods Will Bear Future Flood Burden

Mapping vulnerability: why the IPCC’s geography of climate risk is contentious

Preparing for when lightning strikes the same place twice, then strikes again

Today in disaster resilience (4 March 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Man dies in floodwaters on NSW Central Coast as drivers caught out in rising waters

Flood emergency in Lismore, Murwillumbah, Kyogle set to be largest on record

South-east Queensland weather claims seventh life as evacuations, rising floodwaters continue

At least 24 dead or missing after heavy rains hit Tarija, Bolivia

Strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake, numerous aftershocks hit West Sumatra, Indonesia

Tropical Cyclone “Anika” forecast to make landfall over the northern Kimberley coast, Western Australia

Death toll from Indonesia earthquake rises to 11 with 400 injured

Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Kelantan and Terengganu

East coast low menaces Sydney and vast stretch of NSW coast with ‘life-threatening’ flash flooding forecast

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate emergency a ‘national security’ concern, says Red Cross

2021 Climate Change Catastrophe Report

Wildfires likely to increase by a third by 2050, warns UN

Mass starvation, extinctions, disasters: the new IPCC report’s grim predictions, and why adaptation efforts are falling behind

Latest IPCC report: Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

As extreme weather ravages the Pacific, there is much to do and no time to waste

One of the most well-studied impacts of climate change is the effect of temperature and, in particular, extremely hot days on mortality

New IPCC report shows Australia is at real risk from climate change, with impacts worsening, future risks high, and wide-ranging adaptation needed

Like rivers in the sky: the weather system bringing floods to Queensland will become more likely under climate change

‘Delay means death’: We’re running out of ways to adapt to the climate crisis, new report shows. Here are the key takeaways

Climate Report Rebukes Overshoot Plans with “Irreversible Consequences”

Doctors say climate change is already having devastating effects on our health

Chief Heat Officers

Understanding the formation and evolution of blue-ice moraines

‘One of the most extreme disasters in colonial Australian history’: climate scientists on the floods and our future risk

From food to floods, Africa ‘not ready’ for climate stress, its scientists say

Flood shift in Australia predicted

Make no mistake: these floods are climate change playing out in real time

Deadly floods highlight need for climate action

Improving hydrological climate impact assessments using multirealizations from a global climate model

As climate dangers rise, scientists predict disasters before they happen

Disaster risk reduction

A Devastating Blaze Hit Climate and Fire Scientists Where They Live

Nature-based solutions: The answer to flooding in Chennai?

CoreLogic Climate Change Catastrophe Report Estimates 1 in 10 U.S. Residential Properties Impacted by Natural Disasters in 2021

Predictive multi-watershed flood monitoring using deep learning on integrated physical and social sensors data

Lismore locals baffled as flood-prone city is left off priority funding list

Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

Ocean and extreme events: Better forecasting for a better prepared society

Nashville residents stunned to find out they’re now living in flood plains

What caused the ‘rain bomb’? How the unprecedented Queensland and NSW 2022 floods unfolded

The Underestimated Risk of Flooding in Switzerland

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

Distribution and characteristics of wastewater treatment plants within the global river network

See Australia as never before with new annual LandCover maps from 1988–2020 at 25 m resolution

Resilience of art cities to flood risk: A quantitative model based on depth-idleness correlation

Why water inundates a home during one flood but spares it the next

Stalled weather: how stuck air pressure systems drive floods and heatwaves

Flood risk management and governance: A bibliometric review of the literature

Study Maps Stress Changes Around Fault Activated by Hydraulic Fracturing

Emergency management

Lismore flood emergency sees people stranded on roofs, evacuation warning issued for entire NSW Northern Rivers

COVID-19: This is the impact of working from home, say leading economists

Drinking water can be a dangerous cocktail for people in flood areas

Fijian abattoir workers, Melbourne’s Sikh community assist in NSW flood zone

Flood map and rain charts show extent of Queensland and NSW disaster

The Philippines is “Ready to Rebuild” in the aftermath of Typhoon Rai

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Hot on the Presses: Capturing an Audience During High Heat Emergencies

How unusual is all this rain we’re having? The answer? Very

California Tsunami Preparedness Guide

The role of public participation in disaster risk reduction initiatives: The case of Katlehong township

Political psychology in the digital (mis)information age: A model of news belief and sharing

Psychology and disasters

As pandemic stressors continue, kids’ mental health needs to be addressed in schools

Psychology stands ready to help society respond to climate change, APA president says

Psychologists Urge Peers to Take Climate Action

Sociology and disasters

The White House excluded race from its environmental justice tool. We put it back in

We could be creating flood risk ghettos’: How flooding hits the UK’s poorest hardest

Today in disaster resilience (25 February 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

South Manchester severe flood warning prompts home evacuations

Brazil – Evacuations After Floods Hit Espírito Santo

Madagascar – Storm Dumako Leaves 6 Dead, Homes Damaged

Storm Eunice unleashes record-setting winds, widespread damage in England

Portugal’s drought worsens, rainfall down to 7% of average

Category 3 Tropical Cyclone Emnati headed for vulnerable Madagascar

Colombia – 1 Missing After Flash Floods in Nariño

Brazil – Flooding Rivers Displace Thousands in Rondônia

South Africa – 1 Dead, 3 Missing After Floods in Gauteng

Woman dies in floodwater after Queensland records ‘scary’ amount of rain, BOM warns of more to come

UK – Hundreds of Homes Damaged After Storm Franklin Causes Rivers to Rise

Bolivia – 20 Feared Missing After Floods in Tarija

Argentina wildfires spread to engulf key cattle farming region

Volcanic activity worldwide 23 Feb 2022: Fuego volcano, Semeru, Ibu, Sangay, Telica, Nevado del Ruiz

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The night brakes on fires are failing

Magpies face bleak future as heat rises with climate change

Western Sydney will swelter through 46 days per year over 35°C by 2090, unless emissions drop significantly

Heatwaves and public housing in Melbourne

How Australia’s geology gave us an abundance of coal – and a wealth of greentech minerals to switch to

Building a Resilient Tomorrow: How to Prepare for the Coming Climate Disruption

How does Antarctic sea ice differ from Arctic sea ice?

Brazilian Town is Losing at Least 5 Meters of Coast Per Year

In worst case climate, rain and storm surge combine often for extreme flooding

Rising Seas Could Raise Insurance Rates of Those Living Near Water

How will climate change impact different regions in America?

Storm Eunice: UK set for more ‘red’ Met Office weather warnings as a result of climate change

Minnesota winters will warm 11 degrees by 2100, study says

Timing of emergence of modern rates of sea-level rise by 1863

Cold blob in Atlantic may be slowing ice loss from Iceland’s glaciers

How public opinion can help shape climate policies

Coal, oil and gas projects emitting greenhouse gases above estimates given at environmental approval, new study finds

Antarctic sea ice falls to lowest level since measurements began in 1979

Climate change is intensifying Earth’s water cycle at twice the predicted rate, research shows

Wildfires likely to increase by a third by 2050, warns UN

Future of the human climate niche

Climate change is warping our fresh water cycle – and much faster than we thought

NASA develops technology to dissect the lower atmosphere

Swiss rivers on track to overheat by the end of the century

NASA is helping fly drones in the Arctic. Here’s what that means for sea ice and sea level change

The first step to preparing for surging climate migration? Defining it

Melting glaciers, fast-disappearing gauge of climate change

Cities are abandoning homes that will be destroyed by climate change

Disaster risk reduction

London flooding poses ‘significant risk’ unless immediate action taken

Understanding what happens when bushfires merge

Inclusive disaster risk management: What have we learned?

Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change and Flooding on Austria

The problem of doing more: success and paradoxes in scaling up informal initiatives for disaster risk reduction and climate action

The very large urban landslide at Morro da Oficina in Petrópolis

NSW government’s issuing of flood plain harvesting licences ‘an act of bastardry’, crossbenchers say

Virginia Beach leaders to discuss flood protection plans

Stockton earthquake: How many quakes happen in the UK?

Managing residual flood risk behind levees: Comparing USA, France, and Quebec (Canada)

Our infrastructure is succumbing to natural disasters — we need to be ready for worsening floods

Parramatta Powerhouse: NSW arts minister dismisses claims $915m museum is being built on a flood zone

Identification of flood-prone areas with GeoFlood: Lessons learned from the Tiber River case study

Experimental Evidence for Coverage Preferences in Flood Insurance

Comparing machine learning models for earthquake detection

Flood-hit village Boris Johnson promised to ‘get done’ 2 years ago is underwater again

Towards stronger and more accountable EU-wide disaster risk management

Emergency management

England is expected to end all virus restrictions in the coming days

Who is dying of COVID amid omicron surge and widespread vaccine availability?

Brazil – Search Continues for Dozens Missing in Petrópolis Floods and Landslides

Enhancing pedestrian evacuation routes during flood events

What Does Building Back Better Look Like?

Horn of Africa Drought: Humanitarian Key Messages

British Columbia set to move to year-round BC Wildfire Service

Why does the Omicron sub-variant spread faster than the original?

Iceland to lift all COVID-19 restrictions on Friday

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The call for nominations for the 2022 United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction is open, under the theme “Building resilience through a multi-hazard approach.”

Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework – Open Stakeholder Survey

Maritime Tsunami Preparedness

Tsunami hīkoi – your evacuation walk – to high ground or inland, by foot or bike

Role-Play Workshops Accelerate County’s Adaptation Action

Four Ways Education Can Fight Climate Change

Science needs to address its imagination problem – lives depend on it

Psychology and disasters

Climate change contributes to poorer mental health: study

Research found that rural residents generally perform better than urban residents in terms of community resilience

Sociology and disasters

Inclusive Approaches to Disaster Risk Management — A Qualitative Review

Today in disaster resilience (18 February 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

WA weather warnings: Severe storms light up skies with over 2 million lightning strikes

Brazil – Floods Affect Thousands in Minas Gerais and Rio De Janeiro States

Oman – Dozens Rescued After Flash Floods in Muscat

Madagascar – Death Toll From Tropical Cyclone Batsirai Rises to 121

Honduras – Hundreds of Families Evacuate Floods in Atlántida

Indonesia – Over 16,000 Affected by Floods in West Kalimantan

Guatemala earthquake kills two, triggers landslides

Flooding in Brazil leaves 102 dead after landslide hits city of Petrópolis in Rio de Janeiro state

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

“Australia is falling behind:” Clean energy investment shackled by outdated rules

Himalayas Are Experiencing an “Exceptional” Loss of Glacial Mass

Ice velocity and thickness of the world’s glaciers

Europeans more likely to vote green after extreme weather events

How the UK can cut carbon emissions and reduce household energy bills

Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles could be the hottest on record

Bushfires, dry lightning, rapid spark and spread all indicate climate change, southern fire chief says

Stunning solar milestone as Australia passes 25GW mark

Cold connections: Climate change challenges ice roads into remote communities

Southwest experiencing driest conditions in at least 1,200 years due to climate change, new study finds

Experts say UN’s next climate change warning will be ‘a nightmare painted in the dry language of science’

Narrabri mine expansion would make it dirtiest thermal coalmine in Australia, environmentalists say

Global sea-level budget and ocean-mass budget, with a focus on advanced data products and uncertainty characterisation

Global sea level rise: All roads lead to one conclusion

Explicit calculations of Wet Bulb Globe Temperature compared with approximations and why it matters for labor productivity

Experts outline governing principles to fund climate loss and damage

Sea level to rise one foot along U.S. coastlines by 2050, government report finds

U.S. faces “significant consequences” from more severe coastal flooding

Flower growth in Antarctica is accelerating due to warming climate

Rapid intensification of the emerging southwestern North American megadrought in 2020–2021

2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report

China’s rising influence on climate governance: Forging a path for the global South

The Effects of Climate Change

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent/Concentration

Fact check: Have we really avoided the ‘worst case’ climate change scenarios?

Oil majors ‘not walking the talk’ on climate action, study confirms

How hot will the planet get? Public opinion is key factor, finds study

What drives sea level rise? US report warns of 1-foot rise within three decades and more frequent flooding

Western Sydney will swelter through 46 days per year over 35°C by 2090, unless emissions drop significantly

HeatWatch: Extreme heat in Western Sydney

Disaster risk reduction

Why do landslides happen?

GLOBathy, the global lakes bathymetry dataset

Better prediction of megathrust earthquakes: Illuminating slow slip plate tectonics in south-western Japan

As Australia faces new fire reality, forest restoration tactics reevaluated

Tonga Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami: World Bank Disaster Assessment Report Estimates Damages at US$90M

Improving the performance of city-scale hydrodynamic flood modelling through a GIS-based DEM correction method

Mobile home residents face higher flood risk

Tongan volcano eruption leaves scientists with unanswered questions

Disasters Spur Planned UK Coastal Flood Barrier

Human ignitions on private lands drive USFS cross-boundary wildfire transmission and community impacts in the western US

Controversial floodplain harvesting regulations could soon be in place in NSW

Is flooding in England getting worse?

Interior Announces Plan to Implement Historic Wildland Fire Management Funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Emergency management

New Covid Variant: What We Know About the BA.2 Omicron Strain

When communities lose affordable housing, it’s harder for businesses—and the entire economy—to recover from those disasters

Can Haiti rebuild a food system broken by disaster, historical injustice, and neglect?

As bushfires tore through Bridgetown the power and phone lines were cut

We can’t surrender to COVID. Why ‘back to normal’ is a dangerous fantasy

US has suffered more than 1m excess deaths during pandemic, CDC finds

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Free online tool identifies climate risks in your neighborhood

What happens to your home’s value when your neighbourhood floods?

What makes a climate story effective?

Public asked to help build national flood photo database

Psychology and disasters

One of the greatest assets following a disaster is the people who experience them. But this asset is hugely underutilised

Disaster preparedness and resilience at household level in Yangon, Myanmar

Can Empathy Grow in the Metaverse and Virtual Reality?

Overcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Black Communities

Sociology and disasters

As climate change continues to spur more natural disasters, a new study found that Black Americans are likely to bear the brunt of the risks associated with floods over the next several decades

Heat waves hit the poor hardest – a new study calculates the rising impact on those least able to adapt to the warming climate

(In)visibilities About the Vulnerabilities of People with Visual Impairments to Disasters and Climate Change: A Case Study in Cuiabá, Brazil

Social Capital and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Preliminary Qualitative Analysis

Queer Communities Often Left Out of Disaster Planning, Research Shows

Today in disaster resilience (11 February 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Cyclone Batsirai: Whole villages swept away in Madagascar

‘Horrendous’ bushfires hit WA’s Wheatbelt in devastating weekend

South Africa – 3 Missing, Dozens Evacuated After Floods in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal

United Nations says 13 million face hunger as Horn of Africa drought worsens

Colombia – Heavy Rains Trigger Deadly Mudslide in Risaralda

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar

Tropical Cyclone Dovi causes major flooding in Vanuatu

Volcanic activity worldwide 9 Feb 2022: Semeru volcano, Reventador, Nyamuragira, Sangay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

US household air conditioning use could exceed electric capacity in next decade due to climate change

Are winters losing their chill in the Kansas City region as the climate changes?

Robust but weak winter atmospheric circulation response to future Arctic sea ice loss

Ice velocity and thickness of the world’s glaciers

Glaciers of the world mapping

Lessons from New York: What makes a community turn against climate adaptation?

Non-state climate change action: Hope for just response to climate change?

Arctic Sea Ice extent is the highest since 2009, now above 14 million square kilometers. On the other side of the pond, Antarctic Sea Ice at an all-time low

The Roles of Celebrities in Public Disputes: Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef

How Climate Change Could Impact Your Skin

The world is on fire and our leaders are failing, poll finds

Making Indian cities climate and water resilient

CO₂ emissions dataset: Our sources and methods

Assessing extremes in hydroclimatology: A review on probabilistic methods

Increasing Heat-Stress Inequality in a Warming Climate

Disaster risk reduction

Failure to prevent pandemics at source is ‘greatest folly’, say scientists

Daylighting Rivers and Streams

Future hurricanes likely to pose much greater flood risk to U.S. East and Gulf coasts

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Flood Risk (Part One)

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Flood Risk (Part Two)

How countries can better cope with flood risk

Deforestation Is Flooding West African Coasts

Volcanoes, plague, famine, endless winter: Historians and scientists recall 536, the ‘worst year to be alive’

Researchers identify ‘double-hazard’ zones for wildfire in the West

NRDC Pushes FEMA for Climate-Smart Flood Maps and Standards

Flood Risk-Related Research Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean

Google Maps to fix directions after years of trapped travellers around Burketown

What determines variation in remotely sensed fire severity? Consideration of remote sensing limitations and confounding factors

The role of the scientist in a post-truth world

JBA launches flood model for more effective risk pricing

Atlas provides districts maps on hazard events and vulnerability for all the calendar months and at annual scale in India

Storm Ana’s devastation in southern Africa highlights need for early warnings

US flood risk is about to explode — but not for the reasons you think

Impacts of space weather

Earthquake early warning system could save lives in southern Europe

Why the Tongan eruption will go down in the history of volcanology

Rethinking resilience and development: A coevolutionary perspective

The Canadian Partnership for Wildland Fire Science

The benefits of strengthening buildings against earthquakes

Emergency management

How accurate are weather forecaster’s predictions, really, and how do they come up with them?

The future of the pandemic is looking clearer as we learn more about infection

Using drone technology in Africa’s devasting cyclones

Practice Makes Preparedness: NASA Participates in North Carolina Hurricane Exercise

Drawing disaster-preparedness lessons from Tonga’s volcano

Increasing Public Criticism, Confusion Over COVID-19 Response in U.S.

Wildfire smoke increases inflammation, lung disease risk

Covid rules are to be axed in England, but is pandemic’s end really in sight?

Evacuation Planning Handbook review update

The INFORM Severity Index is a regularly updated, and easily interpreted model for measuring the severity of humanitarian crisis globally

Disaster education, communications and engagement

2022 Great Washington ShakeOut

Professionalization of community engagement in flood risk management: Insights from four European countries

Exploring Soils: A Living Treasure

15 things not to do when using a rapid antigen test, from storing in the freezer to sampling snot

The Invention of Disaster: Power and Knowledge in Discourses on Hazard and Vulnerability

2022 Australia Digital report

Naming Competition: National Large Air Tanker

Psychology and disasters

The Well-Being of Secondary School Principals One Year into the COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual reality experiment shows most people living in high-risk fire zones are “woefully unprepared”

‘Harrowing’: trauma caused by Morwell coalmine fire set high school students back 18 months

Sociology and disasters

The U.S. Equity-First Vaccination Initiative

Unequal Impact: Putting Justice at the Heart of the Climate Fight

Fleeing the unsustainable city: soft policy and the dual effect of social capital in hurricane evacuation

Social protection to ensure those most affected by climate change can strengthen their resilience capacity and avoid the worst impacts of disasters

Poorer populations may be hit with a one-two punch of more heat waves from climate change due to their location and an inability to keep up with it as a result of lack of heat adaptations like air conditioning

Today in disaster resilience (4 February 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Ecuador – Thousands Affected After Floods in 4 Provinces

Brazil – Floods and Landslides in Sao Paolo Leave at Least 19 Dead

Haiti and Dominican Republic – Thousands Displaced After Flash Floods Damage Homes

Ecuador – Catastrophic Flash Floods in Quito Leave 11 Dead, 9 Missing

250 households cry for aid as floods lash St Mary

Massive mudflow hits Quito after extremely heavy rain, Ecuador

DR Congo – Thousands Displaced by Floods in Maniema

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits northern Peru at intermediate depth

Volcanic activity worldwide 1 Feb 2022: Etna volcano, Santiaguito, Fuego, Erta Ale, Sangay

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

EV boom: ‘Australia should be an electric vehicle leader’

Through earthquakes and sea-level rise, climate change is increasing risk of tsunamis

Three reasons why climate change models are our best hope for understanding the future

Earth inhales and exhales carbon in mesmerizing animation

The share of renewables in January, 2022, in Australia’s main grid is 34.4 per cent

Survey Results are in: Are Prairie Communities Prepared for Climate Change?

Rising Seas Boost Tsunami Impacts on Distant Shorelines

Annual flooding damage costs in the U.S. could increase 26% by 2050

Robotic Exploration of Uncharted, Underwater Glacial Walls Set for 2023

Missing the Housing for the Trees: Equity in Urban Climate Planning

Extreme heat in oceans ‘passed point of no return’ in 2014

Lessons from COVID-19 for managing transboundary climate risks and building resilience

The Causes of Climate Change

Heating and cooling: a route to net zero emissions

Greenland ice cap loses enough water in 20 years to cover US: study

Coral reef safe zones set to plummet, while potential bleaching events loom in Qld, WA

Delayed Antarctic sea-ice decline in high-resolution climate change simulations

Spring in the U.K. Arrives a Month Earlier than in the 1980s

Giant iceberg blocks scientists’ study of ‘Doomsday Glacier’

Climate extreme indices and heat stress indicators derived from CMIP6 global climate projections!/dataset/sis-extreme-indices-cmip6

Non-linear response of temperature-related mortality risk to global warming in England and Wales

Mt. Everest’s highest glacier is a sentinel for accelerating ice loss

Study provides first statistical characterisation of methane ultra-emitters from oil and gas

Disaster risk reduction

How much more contagious could the coronavirus get?

Data shows building codes can reduce vulnerability of homes in wildfires

Four things tsunami-vulnerable countries must do to prepare for the next disaster

Volcano-observing Drone Flights Open Door to Routine Hazard Monitoring

Extreme floods in Europe: going beyond observations using reforecast ensemble pooling

2021 Geohazards in New Zealand

Inequitable patterns of US flood risk in the Anthropocene

Towards drought impact-based forecasting in a multi-hazard context

Digital twin-driven intelligence disaster prevention and mitigation for infrastructure: advances, challenges, and opportunities

Tsunami models underestimated shockwave from Tonga eruption

Mountains Sway to the Seismic Song of Earth

Natural Flood Management work underway in Northumberland village

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

Warragamba Dam wall raise could risk Blue Mountains world heritage status

A new database includes past wildfire satellite images from the U.S. Geological Survey

Paleotsunami history along the northern Japan trench based on sequential dating of the continuous geological record potentially inundated only by large tsunamis

Emergency management

SARS-CoV-2 can remain active for longer than recommended quarantine period, study shows

Getting COVID-19 is much riskier for your heart than vaccination

After a wildfire, how does a town rebuild?

The Role of GIS in Kentucky’s Tornado Response

Timor-Leste floods teach costly lessons

Satellite images show the aftermath of Tonga volcano’s eruption

UN: Worst Not Over in Flood-stricken Malawi

It’s summer, so bushfires and COVID collide. 3 ways one affects the other

Haiti struggles to provide water, food after heavy floods

Mozambique’s Storm Ana aftermath: 778 schools destroyed

Breakthrough COVID powers up immune response to variants — including Omicron

After losing everything, Marshall Fire survivors struggle to inventory their belongings

Natural disasters require FEMA to think outside the box with emergency alert system

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The Words into Action (WiA) guidelines are designed to provide practical guidance on disaster risk reduction topics

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Psychology and disasters

Trees don’t rush to heal from trauma and neither should we

Heightened generalized conditioned fear and avoidance in women and underlying psychological processes

Sociology and disasters

Overcooling of offices reveals gender inequity in thermal comfort

New flood maps show US damage rising 26% in next 30 years due to climate change alone, and the inequity is stark

Survey of gender bias in the IPCC

Small towns, big disasters

Today in disaster resilience (28 January 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Iran – 1,200 Homes Damaged After More Floods in Kerman Province

Zambia – Floods Affect Thousands in Southern Province

Floodwaters submerge parts of outback South Australia as rain washes away highway and cars

Heavy rain and snow hit Pakistan, leaving at least 12 people dead

Wildfire near Big Sur prompts evacuations, closes major highway, California

Peru – 1 Missing After Floods and Mudslides in Machu Picchu

Storm Ana kills at least three in Mozambique and Malawi

At least 2 killed, 50 injured after M5.3 earthquake and series of aftershocks hit Haiti

Severe floods and landslides leave at least 34 people dead, 64 000 affected in Madagascar

Uganda – at Least 9 Killed in Western Region Flash Floods

Pakistan – 8 Killed After Heavy Rain Causes Damage and Landslides in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

How to understand your climate uncertainty

Four surprising ways climate change is affecting people’s health in England and Wales

Carbon offsetting is not warding off environmental collapse – it’s accelerating it

Climate Change Is Pushing Greenland Over the Edge

Is the World Ready for Good News on Climate?

Plausible 2005-2050 emissions scenarios project between 2 and 3 degrees C of warming by 2100

Scientist Mike Mann’s must-read book, ‘The New Climate War’

The climate crisis demands courage not optimism

What’s climate change really doing to the ocean? Ask the robots

Climate change is physics

Lack of vegetation exacerbates exposure to dangerous heat in dense settlements in a tropical African city

Coal, gas power shrinking in Australia as renewable energy shines

Almost half of Americans are very concerned about climate change, yet only 14% think others around them are very concerned

Analysis of community deaths during the catastrophic 2021 heat dome

Landsat Shows Western Canada’s Glaciated Environments Rapidly Changing

Slippery Slopes: How Climate Change is threatening the 2022 Winter Olympics

Urban greening ‘not a panacea’ for dealing with extreme weather, study finds,-study-finds

Disaster risk reduction

Most Americans live in natural hazard hot spots

Tonga volcano triggered record-breaking lightning and a never-before-seen tsunami

In the race to solve Boston Harbor’s coastal flooding problem, who calls the shots?

The 2021 Natural Catastrophe Bingo Game. What is in the 2022 roller?

Underwater volcanoes: How ocean color changes can signal an imminent eruption

Tonga eruption equivalent to hundreds of Hiroshimas: NASA

Radiometric dating sheds light on tectonic debate

2021 floods: UN researchers aim to better prepare for climate risks

Next-gen modelling to improve EQC’s natural disaster planning and response

Risky moves: More Americans are relocating to climate-vulnerable areas

Understanding the resilience of Mexico City to future water crises

The Netherlands can prepare even better for extreme weather: seven recommendations in response to the floods of July 2021

Scientists take step toward warning those in tall buildings during earthquakes

Nepal’s Municipal Disaster Risk Governance Assessment Tool: a case study on strengthening disaster risk management

Has volcanic activity been increasing?

Contested flood risk reduction: An analysis of environmental and social claims in the city of Genoa

Table Mountain wildfire, floods and ‘severe weather’ cost SA billions in 2021

Emergency management

World Bank Support for Country Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

Covid: New Zealand PM Ardern cancels wedding amid Omicron wave

Chinese officials arrested for concealing true scale of flood death toll

Researchers Create Legged Robot That Can Hike Difficult Terrain

This is what long-term immunity to Covid-19 might look like

Key warnings guidelines backed by latest CRC research

Regional excess mortality during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in five European countries

Whether it’s a hurricane, an active shooter, or a pandemic, we must reconsider campus emergency planning

Despite Omicron arriving, keeping schools open as safely as possible should be the goal

FEMA administrator unpacks multilayered approach to COVID-19

For vulnerable people who catch COVID, quick action and these treatments can help

Ocean water and volcanic ash have contaminated the drinking water of tens of thousands of people in the Pacific island nation

Texas puts final estimate of winter storm death toll at 246

From recovery to resilience building: learning from tropical cyclone Seroja in Timor-Leste

Workers in Peru race to reopen Machu Picchu after floods

Disaster education, communications and engagement

ShakeAlert earthquake warnings can give people time to protect themselves – but so far, few have actually done so

Social media videos show how people react during an earthquake

Water education for climate resilience in Asia and the Pacific: a regional curriculum

Defining Disaster: Disciplines and Domains

Psychology and disasters

Live Better By Being More Present in the Moment

How COVID-19 changed the way we shop – and what to expect in 2022 and beyond

U.S. teens were in mental health crisis before COVID-19

The Science Behind PTSD Symptoms: How Trauma Changes the Brain

Memory Loss Could Be a Long-term COVID-19 Symptom, Research Says

How can we assess Omicron’s psychological toll?

Sociology and disasters

A social perspective on perceived distances reveals deep community structure

How COVID-19 Omicron wave turned Parramatta into a ‘ghost town’

Removing Barriers: Including People with Disabilities in Disaster Risk Management Planning

Tonga tsunami: More preparation needed for disabled people in a natural disaster

Revealing social power and inequalities will help us deal with future droughts and water shortages

Drought and society: Scientific progress, blind spots, and future prospects

COVID-19 to go? The role of disasters and evacuation in the COVID-19 pandemic

Why renters are uniquely vulnerable to climate disasters

‘Risk No Matter Where I Go’: For Many Disabled People, a Future of Ever-Present COVID Is Daunting