Today in disaster resilience (5 May 2023)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Rainy season ravages Ecuador, leaves 79 people dead, 39 missing and 14 184 homes damaged

Uganda – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Kasese, Mbale and Rukungiri

Pakistan – Deadly Floods in Balochistan Province

Kenya – Floods Displace Thousands of Households in Mandera and Kisumu

Destructive floods and landslides hit Rwanda, leaving over 100 fatalities

Widespread floods hit Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Canada – Two Missing After Floods in Quebec

Updated: Uganda – Deadly Floods and Landslides in Kasese, Mbale and Rukungiri

Residents of Baie-Saint-Paul, Que., face flooded basements, washed out roads and a huge cleanup

Rwanda – Death Toll Rises as Flooding Continues

Volcanic activity worldwide 4 May 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Katla, Reventador

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australia’s adoption of electric vehicles has been maddeningly slow, but we’re well placed to catch up fast

‘Endless record heat’ in Asia as highest April temperatures recorded

Researchers from ISGlobal and LSHTM Call for Incorporating Heat Stress Indices into Communication of Dangerous Heat Waves

Indigenous knowledge can help address climate change

How Sicily Is Tackling Wildfires Amid a Global Climate Crisis

In the Pacific Northwest, 2021 Was the Hottest Year in a Millennium

Sizzling Cities: Planning for urban heat resilience in South Asia

Wildfires, Global Climate Change, and Human Health

Hawaiʻi Sea Level Rise Viewer

Remarkable new tech has revealed the ancient landscape of Arnhem Land that greeted Australia’s First Peoples

Climate change and crumbling infrastructure create a ‘perfect storm’ for Americans living in flood zones

Disaster risk reduction

Earthquake research shaking up tailings dam safety

Projected losses from a major California earthquake soar. What’s behind seismic inflation?

What are overlooked disasters and why we shouldn’t miss them

Historic flooding in Fort Lauderdale was a sign of things to come – a look at who is most at risk and how to prepare

Spreading like wildfire: the rising threat of extraordinary landscape fires

Five recommendations for integrating equity into benefit-cost analysis for flood risk management

Using Cave Formations to Investigate Ancient Wildfires

Designing inclusive, accessible early warning systems: Good practices and entry points

Deadly volcanic flow insights could aid forecasting

Emergency management

The role of access to finance in disaster recovery: Evidence from coastal communities in India

Cyclone Gabrielle: Civil Defence’s emergency response in Hawke’s Bay to be reviewed

‘We only got 30 minutes’: Entire Indigenous community flees northern Alberta wildfire

Nearly $4 Billion in Flood Insurance Payments Reach Policyholders After Hurricane Ian

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The Role of Virtual Communication in Building an Intertwined Relation Between Business Resilience and Community Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Climate Data Primer

Hurricane preparedness

Psychology and disasters

Residents of Quebec town still struggle with aftermath of 2019 dike break, flooding

Chapter 10: Supporting children and families affected by disasters

Building resilience to the mental health impacts of climate change in rural Australia

Community experiences of the 2022 Australian floods

Cumulative and compounding effects of pre-pandemic vulnerabilities and pandemic-related hardship on psychological distress among pregnant individuals

Who helps the helpers? Earthquakes put spotlight on aid workers’ needs

Sociology and disasters

Three A’s of social capital in crises: Challenges with the availability, accessibility and activatability of social support

New Report Shows Extreme Heat Impacts Lower Income, More Racially Diverse Residents Most

Valuing adaptive programming: a study of resilience processes and outcomes

The blame game: disaster, queerness and prejudice

Spinning in circles? A systematic review on the role of theory in social vulnerability, resilience and adaptation research

Migration is a development challenge

How India’s caste system keeps Dalits from accessing disaster relief


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