Today in disaster resilience (14 April 2023)

Please find below links to recent disaster resilience news…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Two destructive tornadoes hit New Zealand

Burundi – Damage and Fatalities After Floods in 4 Provinces

Massive eruption at Sheveluch volcano produces strongest ashfall in 60 years, Russia

Cyclone Ilsa: Powerful storm hits Western Australia

Volcanic activity worldwide 11 Apr 2023: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Semeru

USA – Flash Floods in South Florida After 650mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Iran – 3 Killed, Hundreds Displaced After Floods in North West

Philippines – 5 Dead, 1 Missing After Floods and Storms in South

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Wind and solar power generators wait in yearslong lines to put clean electricity on the grid, then face huge interconnection fees they can’t afford

Heat-driven shifts in wind patterns could increase hurricane risks along US coastlines, researchers say

‘Headed off the charts’: world’s ocean surface temperature hits record high

Washington state’s 2021 heat wave contributed to 159 excess injury deaths over three weeks

“We must work for water, for water to work for us” – UN Climate Change Executive Secretary addresses water-climate challenge

Climate models warn of possible ‘super El Niño’ before end of year

The suite of substances that can tackle carbon dioxide

NOAA says methane is now over 2.5 times pre-industrial levels

Does climate breakdown mean we’re doomed? No: if we’re brave, big change can happen fast

Global warming is disrupting an Antarctic current system that life on Earth relies on

Getting real: what would serious climate action look like?

Simulated volcanic eruptions may be blowing up our ability to predict near-term climate

New study reveals ‘invisible’ glacier loss in the greater Himalaya

How cities use energy to regulate temperature – just like mammals

Disaster risk reduction

Machine Learning Model Doubles Accuracy of Global Landslide ‘Nowcasts’

Characterising the coincidence of soil moisture – precipitation extremes as a possible precursor to European floods

Novel Google Maps and Google Earth application for chemical industry disaster risk assessment during complex emergencies in Eastern Ukraine

Why are earthquakes unpredictable?

Addressing challenges in uncertainty quantification: the case of geohazard assessments

After years of large cyclones, some Vanuatu residents believe they are more prepared than ever for future disasters

Is an active hurricane season ahead for 2023? AccuWeather issues early forecast

Babbling brook to thunderous torrent: Using sound to monitor river stage

One Surface Model to Rule Them All?

Early Warning Systems and Their Role in Disaster Risk Reduction

Kontur is a geospatial data and real-time risk management solutions provider for business, government and humanitarian organizations

Can artificial intelligence predict weather months in advance?

Memphis area seeing an increase in days with the possibility of tornadoes, study finds

Project SIREN – Crowd-Sourcing to Save 70 Years of Italian Hydrological Measurements

Cities will need more resilient electricity networks to cope with extreme weather

Addressing challenges in uncertainty quantification: the case of geohazard assessments

Severe Storm, Supercell, and Tornado Trends

Emergency management

Federal government to pay 100% of Arkansas’ tornado costs for 30 days, Sanders says

Severe Tropical Cyclone Ilsa makes landfall on WA’s Kimberley-Pilbara coast as category five system

Anatomy of monster storm: how Cyclone Ilsa is shaping up to devastate the WA coast

Disaster education, communications and engagement

10 questions to ask when reporting on natural disasters

Digitalization in Disaster Risk Reduction: The Use of Smartphones to Enhance the Safety of Informal Settlements in Iringa, Tanzania

Be Ready for Earthquakes: California’s April Earthquake Preparedness Month

Global training in disaster risk reduction

We need your help! Gender and Sexual Minorities in Disasters Reference Guide

Preparing for hurricane season: Lessons learned from risk communication to behavioral change

Psychology and disasters

Lucy Easthope: “We are all disaster survivors now”

What I Saved from the Disaster

Climate Anxiety and High School: How Young People Are Coping

Sociology and disasters

Uneven paths: Soft Policy’s benefits to recovery in Louisiana Parishes after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Governance of Disaster Management

When the Water Rises: Lives and Livelihoods of Flood-Prone Communities of Sierra Leone

Flooded City: Affects of (Slow) Catastrophe in Post-Harvey Houston

Repetitive floods intensify outmigration and climate gentrification in coastal cities

Stratifying Disaster: State Aid, Institutional Processes, and Inequality in American Communities


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