Today in disaster resilience (31 March 2023)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently:

Recent emergencies/disasters

Mississippi tornado kills 26 and brings devastation to US state

Spain’s first major wildfire of the year rages in Valencia region

Deadly landslide hits Alausí, Ecuador, destroying homes and part of Pan-American Highway

Jubaland state of Somalia hit by the worst floods in a decade

South Africa – Deadly Floods Hit Eastern Cape

Bolivia – Thousands Affected by Floods in Santa Cruz and Pando Departments

Brazil – 170 Families Homeless After More Floods in Manaus

Ecuador – Hundreds of Homes Damaged After Floods in 5 Provinces

Environmental tragedy as fires burn through one-fifth of Northern Territory national park

Severe flash floods hit Oman

Ecuador – Over 60 Missing After Landslide in Chimborazo Province

Brazil – Over 10,000 Displaced by Floods in Acre State

Kenya – Fatalities and Evacuations After Floods in Several Regions

Colombia – Floods Destroy Homes in Cauca, 1,500 Families Affected

Volcanic activity worldwide 29 Mar 2023: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Krakatau

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Forget geoengineering. We need to stop burning fossil fuels. Right now

While you fight climate wars, we lose the climate battle

Fortescue hails “green iron” breakthrough as own coal-free tech moves to pilot phase

Confirmed: Global floods, droughts worsening with warming

10 countries at risk of climate disaster

Why Western Sydney is feeling the heat from climate change more than the rest of the city

Impact of Accelerated Climate Change on Maximum Temperature Differences between Western and Coastal Sydney

Rooftop solar’s dominant summer: Homes and businesses outpower brown coal

The South Australia grid, the world’s leader with a 70 per cent share of wind and solar power over the past 12 months, is about to take another big step towards running on a truly fossil fuel free grid

How Is India Adapting to Heatwaves?: An Assessment of Heat Action Plans With Insights for Transformative Climate Action

Abyssal ocean overturning slowdown and warming driven by Antarctic meltwater

Fear and Wonder podcast: how scientists know the sea is rising

Landmark study projects ‘dramatic’ changes to Southern Ocean by 2050

‘A win of epic proportions’: World’s highest court can set out countries’ climate obligations after Vanuatu secures historic UN vote

Disaster risk reduction

NSW Labor ‘do not support’ raising the Warragamba Dam wall

First global water conference in 50 years yields hundreds of pledges, zero checks

What to expect when you’re expecting an El Niño (the answer might surprise you)

Evolution of a river management industry in Australia reveals meandering pathway to 2030 UN goals

A Time‐Domain Approach for Accurate Spectral Source Estimation with Application to Ridgecrest, California, Earthquakes

Alerting vulnerable communities to extreme weather

Toward a searchable, network-linked database of river inundation extents

Why Tornadoes Are Still Hard To Forecast – Even Though Storm Predictions Are Improving

Emergency management

India, UK scientists collaborate on SMART early warning flood alert system

2023 US Tornadoes

Disaster education, communications and engagement

La niña y el Tsunami – The girl and the Tsunami

Wash, blow dry and 1.5 degrees please: hairdressers trained to talk about climate action

Protect the heart of your home

Connecting the dots: the importance of recognising multi-hazard events in disaster reporting

Global disaster recovery expert launches free digital Roadmap for businesses

Psychology and disasters

What is geopsychiatry?

Climate doomism is bad storytelling – hope is much more effective at triggering action

The risk of relocation: risk perceptions and communication surrounding the tradeoffs between floods and economic opportunities in Iquitos, Peru

Sociology and disasters

The importance of women’s roles in adaptive capacity and resilience to flooding in rural Bangladesh

Assessing COVID-19 pandemic policies and behaviours and their economic and educational trade-offs across US states from Jan 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022: an observational analysis

The impact of demographic developments on flood risk management systems in rural regions in the Alpine Arc

Personality Traits and Types of Housing Recovery after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Disasters as opportunities for enhancing sustainability values: Disaster experience and environmental awareness in rural China

Revealing hazard-exposure heterophily as a latent characteristic of community resilience in social-spatial networks

Disaster survivors need help remaining connected with friends and families – and access to mental health care

Seismic resilience in Metro Manila: Accessing healthcare after a catastrophic earthquake on the West Valley Fault line


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