Today in disaster resilience 2 December 2022

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Landslide kills 14 attending funeral in Cameroon, regional governor says

Italy – 2 Dead, Several Feared Missing in Landslides and Floods on the Island of Ischia

Increased eruptive activity at Cotopaxi – one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes, Ecuador

Eruption begins at Mauna Loa volcano after 38 years of quiescence – Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Hawai’I

Cameroon – Deadly Landslide in Yaoundé

Current volcanic eruptions

In Pictures: Mauna Loa erupts

Volcanic activity worldwide 30 Nov 2022: Etna volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Dukono

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Greta Thunberg and more than 600 youths are taking Sweden to court. Here’s why

Climate concern the main reason voters swung to independents at federal election, study finds

Rising Sea Levels Besieging Africa’s Booming Coastal Cities

Unmasking the Effects of Aerosols on Greenhouse Warming Over Europe

Climate Change Impacts in Latin America

Climate change, driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas, was a major factor in the Great Deluge

Floods differ in a warmer future

Reconciling disagreement on global river flood changes in a warming climate

As strong winds and torrential rains inundate Australia’s south-eastern coast, new research suggests that high intensity bushfires might not be too far behind, with their dual effects extending damage zones and encroaching on previously low-risk residential areas

Many forests will become highly flammable for at least 30 extra days per year unless we cut emissions, research finds

Future multivariate weather generation by combining Bartlett-Lewis and vine copula models

NASA Study: Rising Sea Level Could Exceed Estimates for U.S. Coasts

How an Early Oil Industry Study Became Key in Climate Lawsuits

Triple-Dip La Niña persists, prolonging drought and flooding

Will Summer 2022-23 Result in a Season of Tropical Cyclones and Floods for Australia?

Disaster risk reduction

Effective disaster risk reduction requires the consideration of not just what has occurred but of what could occur

Benefits of subsidence control for coastal flooding in China

ACSC releases guide to safe smart cities

Dream Homes and Disasters: Is the Government Ready to Confront Climate Risk?

Conservation efforts may have worsened catastrophic bushfires in south-east Australia, study finds

Seasonal Bushfire Outlook Summer 2022: Australia’s national picture of fire potential

Seismogenic Fault Reactivation in Western Central Africa: Insights From Regional Stress Analysis

Spotlight on illegal buildings as Ischia death toll now at 8

Amid rising climate change disaster risks, EU-UN initiative helps the African, the Caribbean and Pacific countries better prevent and recover from disasters

Lack of investment could leave 600,000 English properties at risk of flooding

We’re decoding ancient hurricanes’ traces on the sea floor – and evidence from millennia of Atlantic storms is not good news for the coast

5 facts on reducing disaster risk regarding Haiti earthquakes

Disasters : Deconstructed Season 7 Episode 4 – LIVE!

New Risk Information Exchange already reaching 52 countries

Implementation of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard Getting Underway

Even weak tropical cyclones have grown more intense worldwide – we tracked 30 years of them using currents

Coastal property prices and climate risks are both soaring. We must pull our heads out of the sand

Satellite observations have revealed that weak seismic ground shaking can trigger powerful landslide acceleration – even several years after a significant earthquake

Where Mauna Loa’s lava is coming from – and why Hawaii’s volcanoes are different from most

More nations can be better prepared for drought as IWMI takes its space-based monitoring tool online

Emergency management

Fauci: Americans shouldn’t feel we’re completely ‘done’ with COVID

We’re nowhere near prepared for next climate disasters

Universal flu vaccine could counter future pandemic

Regional town cut off until Christmas as NSW flood crisis enters 75th day

Did flood or storm ruin Eugowra’s homes? Thousands of dollars rest on the answer

Even without a mandate, masks are the norm in Mexico City

Lava from Hawaii volcano lights night sky amid warnings

More deaths among vaccinated Americans not a reason to avoid vaccines, experts say

As flood waters surge into South Australia, ecologists say locals should give fleeing snakes a wide berth

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Exploring TikTok as a promising platform for geoscience communication

The Floods in South-East Australia by Chloe Hooper

Stronger together: inter-community collaboration enhancing resilience in Mexico

Want to help report on coastal flooding and storm damage? Here’s how you can get involved

There were more than 38,000 entries in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award — these ones were shortlisted

Counteracting wildfire misinformation

coastTrain: A Global Reference Library for Coastal Ecosystems

Disaster simulation exercise

Psychology and disasters

Evacuation action during torrential rain considering situation awareness error using protection motivation theory

Time spent on rivers, coasts or lakes in childhood may be linked to subjective well-being as an adult, study finds

Sociology and disasters

After the floods comes famine


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