Today in disaster resilience (23 September 2022)

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Recent emergencies/disasters

Hurricane Fiona deluges Puerto Rico; Typhoon Nandamol hits Japan

Strong earthquake jolts Taiwan’s southeastern coast

Storm battering western Alaska causes widespread flooding

Nepal – Over 20 Killed in Achham District Landslides

Italy – 7 Dead, 3 Missing After Severe Flooding in Marche Region

Four homes inundated in Gunnedah as Namoi River recedes from higher than expected peak

Tremor shakes Mexico City on quake anniversary

Eruption at Piton de la Fournaise volcano, Reunion

Japan storm: Nine million people told to evacuate as super typhoon Nanmadol hits

Hurricane Fiona Consumes Puerto Rico with Catastrophic Flooding

Costa Rica – Floods and Landslides Leave at Least 9 Dead, Dozens Displaced

Spain – Floods in Catalonia and Valencia, Policeman Dies in Flood Rescue in Benissa

USA – Hundreds Evacuate as “Unprecedented Storm” Causes Coastal Flooding in Alaska

Typhoon batters western Japan with record rain, killing two as thousands evacuate

Caribbean – Rain From Hurricane Fiona Triggers Deadly Floods and Mudslides

Central America – Floods and Landslides in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Sep 2022: Popocatépetl volcano, Ibu, Dukono, Reventador

Nigeria – 300 Dead, 100,000 Displaced as Government Warns of Worsening Floods

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

A rapid shift to electric vehicles can save 24,000 lives and leave us $148bn better off over the next 2 decades

Surprise hydrological shifts imperil water resources

‘Africa is on the frontlines but not the front pages’: Vanessa Nakate on her climate fight

New Antarctica data reveals ‘tipping point’ for ice melt

South Australia set to become first big grid to run on 100% renewables

Global warming doubled the risk for Copenhagen’s historic 2011 cloudburst

Wind and solar records tumble again, as coal and fossil fuels hit another low

$35 Billion Worth of Real Estate Could Be Underwater by 2050

The 1.5C global heating target is more than just a number

Finally we have a Global Registry of Fossil Fuels

Climate change likely increased extreme monsoon rainfall, flooding highly vulnerable communities in Pakistan

From crumbling rock art to exposed ancestral remains, climate change is ravaging our precious Indigenous heritage

Carbon credit ‘trickery’ would put climate target at risk, experts warn

UN chief: ‘Tax fossil fuel profits for climate damage’

A third of Aussies fear losing their homes to climate change

Lower Urban Humidity Moderates Outdoor Heat Stress

Global ‘Stilling’: Is Climate Change Slowing Down the Wind?

Climate change is making rain difficult to predict – we trained an AI to help tropical countries adapt

Consumers reap rewards of 100 pct renewables as wind and solar farms hand back windfall profits

Certified ‘genius’ Saul Griffith has a plan to decarbonise Australia — and it will only take 101 million machines

There’s a huge surge in solar production under way – and Australia could show the world how to use it

Thwaites Glacier: the melting, Antarctic monster of sea level rise

Disaster risk reduction

Northern Beaches Council to consider extending Collaroy’s controversial seawall

Farmers in Bangladesh pump so much water it may help reduce floods

Subduction zone secrets: Is this how NZ forecasts ‘megaquakes’?

Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets

Integration of physical infrastructure and socio-economic systems for comprehensive uncertainty propagation in community resilience models

Calls mount for city flood retention areas

Risk-informed planning essential to prevent floods in Kochi

Alert threshold assessment based on equivalent displacements for the identification of potentially critical landslide events

Cracking the Secrets to Earthquake Safety, One Shake Simulation at a Time

How Do We Stop These Devastating Floods? Start With These Six Steps

Hybrid forecasting: using statistics and machine learning to integrate predictions from dynamical models

The contribution of Indigenous stewardship to an historical mixed-severity fire regime in British Columbia, Canada

Crises such as the covid pandemic, climate change and the war in Ukraine are fueling demand for geospatial information

Morphodynamics of Bedrock-Alluvial Rivers Subsequent to Landslide Dam Outburst Floods

Let’s Join Forces: Institutional Resilience and Multistakeholder Partnerships in Crises

Time is of the Essence When Monitoring Dryland Floods

RiskScape: a flexible multi-hazard risk modelling engine

New innovative system for early flood warning in Tamworth

Pakistan’s floods are a disaster – but they didn’t have to be

How can we prepare for a disaster prone future?

Nature-Based Resilience: Experiences of Five Cities from South Asia

Latest Disasters journal

Mandatory home buyouts are dismantling a flood-prone Houston community

A severe heatwave in parts of China exacerbated a drought and fuelled wildfires

Emergency management

Nationwide public earthquake drill held today; seismic activity in Chiapas, Oaxaca

Queensland Ocean Crusader volunteers fight a losing battle in ‘phenomenal’ flood debris clean up

Live feed of active wildfires in the USA,38.75,4

How to help people in Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Fiona

Five years ago Hurricane Maria knocked out Puerto Rico’s power grid. They were only “just starting to rebuild” when Fiona hit

Even mild COVID raises the chance of heart attack and stroke

Nigeria battling floods ‘beyond control’ as warning given of dams overflowing

‘It is beyond bleak’: Pakistan floods affecting 16m children, says Unicef

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Meandering river flipbook

The climate crisis is real – but overusing terms like ‘crisis’ and ‘emergency’ comes with risk

Nevada flood after fire guide

The Science of Earthquakes

A snapshot sample on how COVID-19 impacted and holds up a mirror to European water education

Recommendations for increasing the reach and effectiveness of heat risk education and warning messaging

Plagues and their Aftermath

Psychology and disasters

What do we owe future generations? And what can we do to make their world a better place?

Sociology and disasters

The city as laboratory: what post-quake Christchurch is teaching us about urban recovery and transformation

Flood exposure and poverty in 188 countries

Veiled Inequities for Māori in Covid 19 Death Statistics

Experts discuss how extreme heat disproportionately impacts Latino community

Understanding Flood Vulnerability in Local Communities of Kogi State, Nigeria, Using an Index-Based Approach

Puerto Rico’s vulnerability to hurricanes is magnified by weak government and bureaucratic roadblocks


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