Today in disaster resilience (31 December 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Brazil – Dam collapses prompting urgent evacuation

Spain declares end to La Palma volcano eruption

9 feet of snow wallops California mountains as brutal cold invades U.S.

Extreme rainfall hits Brazilian state of Bahia, causing catastrophic damage

Very strong M7.3 earthquake hits Barat Daya Islands at intermediate depth, Indonesia

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

New Data on Earth’s Youngest Glacier Reveals a Healthy Fellow, while Earth’s Ice Elsewhere is Losing its Battle Against Global Warming

2021’s climate disasters revealed an east-west weather divide, with one side of the country too wet, the other dangerously dry

Floods getting bigger and more frequent, says river expert

Affluent seaside landowners plead for help in SC’s battle against rising ocean

A new report by Christian Aid, Counting the cost 2021: a year of climate breakdown identifies 15 of the most destructive climate disasters of the year

Social Cost of Carbon

Why WA’s south-west is drying out at one of the worst rates in the world

The US could reliably run on clean energy by 2050

Deadly heat and extreme rainfall: This is what the world will be like if the temperature rises by 3 degrees, according to researchers

2021 Arctic Report Card: image highlights

It Keeps on Raining Too Much Too Fast

Rainfall in the Arctic will soon be more common than snowfall

Three loud climate warning signals

In Australia’s climate wars, delay and deception are the new denial

Poleward expansion of tropical cyclone latitudes in warming climates

Alaska ‘Icemageddon’ warning follows heat record

World’s largest offshore wind farm generates first power

Disaster risk reduction

The pandemic is a warning: we must take care of the earth, our only home

The Cost of Natural Disasters on Communities, the Environment

Canada wasn’t prepared for natural disasters in 2021 — and next year threatens a repeat,Canada%20wasn’t%20prepared%20for%20natural%20disasters%20in%202021%20%E2%80%94%20and,increasingly%20volatile%20and%20dangerous%20climate.

We can build homes to survive tornadoes like Kentucky suffered. We just haven’t

No brainer’ to raise Warragamba Dam wall

Prediction of severe adverse events, modes of action and drug treatments for COVID-19’s complications

The increased number and severity of wildfires increase in recent years had led to a sharp rise in insurers’ decisions not to renew homeowners’ policies in California or to write new business there

New Bradfield scheme on agenda as north Queensland prepares for floods

Catalogue of Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Resilience

2021: The Year in Volcanic Activity

A Numerical Investigation of the Characteristics of Seismic Signals Induced by Rockfalls

Flood disaster takes bite out of B.C. economy, sends infrastructure wake-up call

Transposing flood risk from extreme rainfall events: A case study of Hurricane Harvey

Equilibrium/Sustainability — Dam failures cap a year of disasters

Emergency management

More than 50 long-term effects of COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Omicron escapes the majority of existing SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies

Christmas miracle: German flood victims receive tiny houses

Simultaneous compound disasters from COVID-19 and catastrophic flooding

FEMA offers cash to cover COVID-19 funeral costs

Fauci suggests people steer clear from large New Year’s Eve parties: “I would stay away from that”

The virus antidote: political leadership, progressive government, public services

CDC: Omicron made up 59% of virus cases last week

Omicron Variant Might Help Defend Against Delta, Lab Study Suggests

French daily Covid cases above 200,000 as Italy introduces stricter green pass

Brazil government to send relief funds to flood-ravaged northeast

Malaysia floods: Country seeks UN climate adaptation funds for the first time

With omicron, it may be harder to tell if you have COVID, the common cold or flu

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Engaging communities with Canada’s earthquake early warning system

School Pupils in Osaka are Champions for Avoidable Deaths from Tsunamis

Stories of cultural burning in southern Australia

Psychology and disasters

The pandemic has caused nearly two years of collective trauma. Many people are near a breaking point

Worry and behaviour at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak: results from three UK surveys

A lesson in tornadoes’ wake: Warnings work, but human response is key

Flood Disaster Risk, Sense of Place, and Preparedness of Entrepreneurs in Communities along a River

Sociology and disasters

Has the pandemic fundamentally changed our ethics?


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