Today in disaster resilience (5 November 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Indonesia – Thousands Hit by Floods in West Kalimantan, Deadly Landslides in Central Kalimantan

Iraq – Severe Floods Hit Erbil, Kurdistan

Guatemala – Floods and Landslides in 2021 Rainy Season Leave 12,000 Displaced and 32 Dead

Peru – Deadly Flash Floods Sweep Through Jaén, Cajamarca

Ash from erupting volcano forces Spanish islanders indoors

Storms, strong winds prompt Venice to activate flood defence

Volcanic activity worldwide 4 Nov 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Reventador, Turrialba

Colombia – 11 Killed After Rain Triggers Landslide in Nariño, Many Still Missing

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

How Australia earned its climate change reputation

Reaching net zero is every minister’s problem. Here’s how they can make better decisions

Climate change: Extreme weather events are ‘the new norm’

COP26: Boris Johnson says ‘no excuses’ for not tackling climate change

Climate experts warn world leaders 1.5C is ‘real science’, not just talking point

Cop26: polling data is overwhelming – people want leaders to act

What happened at Cop26 today – day one at a glance

State of the Global Climate 2021

The death toll of Europe’s heat wave

Solar and wind keep getting cheaper, and crush coal, gas and nuclear on costs

Australia could become a net negative emissions economy. The technology already exists

Climate-vulnerable countries float ’emergency’ timetable to cut emissions

What are the economic effects of extreme weather caused by climate change?

World leaders announce plan to make green tech cheaper than alternatives

Australia has taken a new climate adaptation blueprint to Glasgow. It’s a good start but we need money and detail

‘Nothing left to burn’: wildfires and floods could turn the tide on Turkey’s climate policy

The science everyone needs to know about climate change, in 6 charts

Cop26 emission pledges may limit global heating to below 2C

Has COP26 put the world on track for holding global warming to 1.5°C?

Survey identifies prescribed fire training needs in the Southeast

On ancient Earth, it never rained but it poured

Europe’s record summer ‘impossible’ without global heating

Dozens of nations pledge to phase out coal at COP26, but Australia not on the list

Poor countries need 5 to 10 times more funding to adapt to climate risks they did not create

2021: A year of wild weather

Globe bounces back to nearly 2019 carbon pollution levels

Step up climate change adaptation efforts or face huge disruption: UN report

Ithaca, New York becomes first U.S. city to begin 100% decarbonization of buildings, an urban climate change milestone

‘Great distress’: Bangladesh bears brutal cost of climate crisis

Disaster risk reduction

Latest edition of ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

Revealed: a third of England’s vital flood defences are in private hands

Hazard definition and classification review

There have been so many Atlantic storms this year, forecasters have run out of names

RegioFEM — Applying a floodplain evaluation method to support a future-oriented flood risk management (Part II)

New York Needs to Become a City That Floods Now and Then

Connecting Space to Village to Reduce Flood Impacts

This report summarizes the risks posed on Australia’s climate, ecosystems, food and water systems, and citizens by climate impacts

Emergency management

Helicopter fire trail inspections take off

Under-resourced SES leaves large stretches of NSW far west with no local rescue services, ex-volunteers say

Two months later, Hurricane Ida still rages for some across south Louisiana

Disaster education, communications and engagement

World of Thermo: Thermometer Rising

Learning from the Climate Change Debate to Avoid Polarisation on Negative Emissions

Review of ‘Disaster Education, Communication and Engagement’ book

Burning review – the searing black summer documentary that Australia deserves

Psychology and disasters

Practical lessons for creating affordance-based interventions for sustainable behavior change

Simulation of tsunami evacuation behavior considering inland direction

Rethinking the share of responsibilities in disaster preparedness to encourage individual preparedness for flash floods in urban areas

7 Resources to Help You Cope With Climate Anxiety

Sociology and disasters

A growing group of laborers is trailing hurricanes and wildfires the way farmworkers follow crops, contracting for big disaster-recovery firms

Networks of recovery: Remittances, social capital and post-disaster recovery in Tacloban City, Philippines

Peru faces a surge of climate migrants

Mahila Housing SEWA Trust is empowering women in seven Indian cities to tackle heat stress in their homes and settlements How women leaders emerged from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami


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