Today in disaster resilience (27 August 2021)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Hurricane Henri already flooding NYC streets, subways

Caldor fire continues to rage after winds fan northern California blaze

Mexico – Deadly Flash Floods in Chihuahua After 60mm of Rain in 3 Hours

USA – More Deaths Reported Following North Carolina Floods

DR Congo – Deadly Flash Floods in North and South Kivua

Tennessee Flooding Death Toll Climbs to 22; Dozens Still Missing

Henri leaves $12B in damage in Northeast. Some have lost everything

More than 8 000 homes destroyed as severe floods and landslides hit Venezuela

43 fatalities, at least 3 800 homes destroyed as heavy rains and floods hit Sudan

Benin – Warnings as Rivers Rise, Floods in South Leave 1 Dead

Russia – Five Missing After Floods and Mudflows in Dagestan

Volcanic activity worldwide 26 Aug 2021: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Semeru, Shiveluch, Dukono

Siberia’s wildfires are bigger than all the world’s other blazes combined

Niger – Flooding Reported in All Regions, Over 60 Dead and 100,000 Affected

France and Spain – Destructive Flash Floods After Torrential Rain

Cambodia – One Killed in Sihanoukville Flash Floods

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Study finds ‘very concerning’ 74% increase in deaths associated with extreme heat brought on by the climate crisis

IPCC report may have underplayed risk of freak El Nino and La Nina events

A billion children at ‘extreme risk’ from climate impacts – Unicef

New Research Explores the Costs of Climate Tipping Points, and How They Could Compound One Another

Solar exceeds coal for first time, as renewables set new records on Australia’s main grid

Thresholds of temperature change for mass extinctions

When hotter and drier means more – but eventually less – wildfire

‘Blistering temperatures’: Dark roofing banned on Sydney’s urban fringe

Australia on verge of electric cars boom amid sharp jump in sales figures

Changes In Sea Levels And Hurricane Activity Played A Part In Upending The Maya Civilization

The sunny side of Earth’s hottest month

NSW’s roadmap to renewables

Voters in Sydney’s Liberal ‘heartland’ more worried about climate than Covid, polling suggests

How climate change amplifies extreme weather like Tennessee’s deadly floods and NYC’s record rainfall

With temperatures rising, how can Singapore shape its future developments to keep cool?

How the climate crisis is changing hurricanes

Climate crisis made deadly German floods ‘up to nine times more likely’

Climate Change, Land Use Change, and Mountain Disasters

An estimated 1.7 million deaths worldwide in 2019 were linked to too much cold or heat, a new study finds

Lancet Heat and Health series

Three pandemic measures that will also curb climate change: Flannery

Heavy rainfall which led to severe flooding in Western Europe made more likely by climate change

People keep moving to the worst places for climate risk

Leaked UN draft report: Greenhouse emissions must peak in four years

In a Summer of Deadly Deluges, New Research Shows How Global Warming Fuels Flooding

Household financial vulnerabilities and physical climate risks

NSW bushfire survivors win legal battle ordering EPA to take action on climate crisis

As Disasters Mount, Central Banks Gird Against Threat of Climate Change

Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction

Few realistic scenarios left to limit global warming to 1.5°C

Southern Blob of unusual Pacific heat blamed for creating megadrought

Disaster risk reduction

The lesson from German floods: prepare for the unimaginable

Request for Information on the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System

Home seismometers provide crucial data on Haiti’s quake

Ten Years on from the Quake That Shook the Nation’s Capital

Can burying power lines prevent California’s next big wildfire?

Slowing down on Country: Naturalising Melbourne’s waterways

We are underway – one month into Natural Hazards Research Australia

Understanding the relationship between rainfall and flood probabilities through combined intensity-duration-frequency analysis

Analysis of Drought Factors Affecting the Economy

Rwanda to use artificial intelligence in disaster management

Submarine mountains can subdue earthquakes

Lidar Remote Sensing of Forest Structure, Biomass and Dynamics

An Exercise in Resilience: Testing the Bronzeville Community Microgrid

New UNDRR Strategic Framework is launched

Wildfires are the most human of natural disasters

An extremeness threshold determines the regional response of floods to changes in rainfall extremes

Emergency management

Why it takes months to subdue some wildfires

Queensland Parks and Wildlife officials sought to downplay Fraser Island bushfire, internal documents reveal

Should we give up on COVID-zero? Until most of us are vaccinated, we can’t live with the virus

Research in the USA: Higher vaccination coverage is associated not only with significantly lower COVID-19 incidence, but also significantly less severe cases of the disease

Israel hopes boosters can avert new lockdown as Covid vaccine efficacy fades

‘It’s just unbelievable’: Tennessee surveys wreckage after floods kill 22

Highly Vaccinated Israel Is Seeing A Dramatic Surge In New COVID Cases. Here’s Why

Italy – once overwhelmed by COVID-19 – turns to a health pass and stricter measures to contain virus

South African firefighter battles Cape Town blazes and inequality

Study finds COVID peak still six weeks away and NSW could reach 6,000 cases a day

Aboriginal woman ‘turned away’ from hospital as data reveals Wilcannia worst hit by Covid

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Greece plans to name heatwaves in the same way as storms

Pi and the Meandering Paths of Rivers

Replicating the Unpredictable: Board Games as Prototypes for Wildfire Evacuations

Children’s Climate Cards

Psychology and disasters

Surprise, Less Happiness During Pandemic

Grieving over climate change? Colorado experts offer hope amidst the haze

COVID-19 rule breakers characterized by extraversion, amorality and uninformed information-gathering strategies

Sociology and disasters

We can look beyond our bureaucrats to our local business and community leaders to guide us through hard times

Supporting Social Connectedness of Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Small and Rural Public Libraries

John Plodinec in Community Resilience: Beyond Sustainability and Resilience


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