Today in disaster resilience (11 June 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Utah wildfire burns closer to homes after hundreds evacuated

Sri Lanka – Floods and Landslides Death Toll Rises to 17

Europe – 1 Dead, Several Injured After Thunderstorms and Flash Floods

Somalia – 400,000 Affected by Floods Says UN

Colombia – Deadly Landslide in Antioquia, Hundreds of Homes Flooded in Arauca

Guyana – 25,000 Households Affected by Floods

Antarctic blast brings strong winds, snow, and flood-inducing rains to eastern Australia

Germany – Damaging Floods in Baden-Württemberg, 1 Fatality Reported

Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Jun 2021: Semeru volcano, Ibu, Reventador, Sangay, Lewotolo

India – Monsoon Rains Cause Havoc in Mumbai, 11 Dead After Building Collapses

Brazil – Flash Floods in Santa Catarina After 280mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Turkey – Severe Flash Floods in Ankara

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The media is still mostly failing to convey the urgency of the climate crisis

adelphi launches new flagship assessment of climate-driven conflict risks

Carbon dioxide lasts for centuries – so should carbon offsets

Flood-prone communities in Accra, Ghana, require urgent, locally-led adaptation assistance

Inaugural workshop on intermittent estuaries in a changing climate

Scientists develop new method to estimate exposure to indoor heat

UN warns of ‘point of no return’ on climate change as Australians mark World Environment Day

Heat stress in U.S. may double by century’s end

G7 leaders urged to show solidarity on climate change and COVID-19 at summit

G7 countries will lose $5tn a year by 2050 if temperatures rise by 2.6C

Faster decline and higher variability in the sea ice thickness of the marginal Arctic seas when accounting for dynamic snow cover

Surface air temperature for May 2021

Carbon dioxide in the air at highest level since measurements began

Study of past South Asian monsoons suggests stronger monsoon rainfall in the future

People on the move: strengthening adaptation responses to support human movement in a changing climate

Tasmania’s reached net-zero emissions and 100% renewables – but climate action doesn’t stop there

A Stark View of Rising Seas in Georgia

Solar and wind cheapest energy source in Australia

The ScienceBrief Review: Climate change increases extreme rainfall and the chance of floods

World climate and security report 2021: warning of catastrophic climate risks and urging significant greenhouse gas reductions

Record heat bakes Middle East as temperatures top 125 degrees

Insurers’ Principles for Climate Change Adaptation

Inside One Researcher’s Quest To Understand How Volcanoes Impact Climate Change

Climate change is making ocean waves more powerful, threatening to erode many coastlines

UN-backed report finds no G7-based stock exchange indices align with Paris climate goals

Disaster risk reduction

‘Legacy of trauma’: Warragamba survey downplays cultural risks, opponents say

Protecting people and communities from the risk of floods in Metro Manila

Wildfire risk maps aren’t capturing the threat of extreme events and seasons

High-Resolution Multi-Hazard Approach to Quantify Hurricane-Induced Risk for Coastal and Inland Communities

Dredging and levees among Warragamba options ignored by NSW government

Sunk Costs: The Socioeconomic Impacts of Flooding

Economics for disaster prevention and preparedness in Europe

Economics for disaster prevention and preparedness: understanding the needs of civil protection agencies and opportunities for scaling up disaster risk management investments: summary report

Improving Community Resilience and Emergency Plans by Mapping Risk and Preparedness at the Neighborhood Scale

Puerto Rico is prone to more flooding than the island is prepared to handle

Weather adds stress to America’s crumbling infrastructure

UC experts convene to discuss innovative solutions to California’s wildfires

Building materials, architectural detailing, landscaping choices and even road design will enhance fire safety in the West and other parts of the country

The mechanistic flow of complex drivers of wildfire for fire prone ecosystems

Engineering professor solves deep earthquake mystery

Understanding the Needs of Civil Protection Agencies and Opportunities for Scaling up Disaster Risk Management Investments

DisasterAWARE is the most powerful and reliable early warning and multi-hazard monitoring platform

Emergency management

Wildland firefighter smoke exposure and risk of lung and cardiovascular disease

Calling in the army for the vaccine rollout and every other emergency shows how ill-prepared we are

A multidimensional framework for disaster recovery: Longitudinal qualitative evidence from Puerto Rican households

India to give adults free COVID shots after surge in infections

The eruption of Mount Nyiragongo: its health effects will be felt for a long time

ResponDrone Adds 3D Mapping Abilities to Provide First Responders with Near Real-Time Data

20% of schools in Japan lack disaster evacuation plans, ministry survey finds

Bringing tech innovation to wildfires: 4 recommendations for smarter firefighting as megafires menace the US

How Low and Middle-Income Countries Are Innovating to Combat Covid

Disaster education, communication and engagement

Chasing lightning: a photographer’s pursuit of the elements – in pictures

How does a fast food restaurant build flood resilience?

Serious Games about Flooding

Is Your Home Ignition Resistant? theme of new Lake Tahoe Wildfire awareness campaign

Integrating Geoscience and Community Hazard Knowledge

Structural fire emergency school education resources

Disaster resilience school education resources

The series offers best practices for extreme events research and includes check sheets for free to the research community

Psychology and disasters

Climate crisis inflicting huge ‘hidden costs’ on mental health

Carrot or stick? How countries are tackling COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Sociology and disasters

The dual effect of social ties on COVID-19 spread in Japan

As Warming Fuels Disasters, Relief Often Favors White People

Social dynamics of community resilience building in the face of climate change: the case of three Scottish communities


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