Today in disaster resilience (28 May 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Volcano erupts in Congo near Goma city, lava reaches airport as residents flee

Villages evacuated after major forest fire in conservation area near Athens

Uganda – Rain Triggers Deadly Floods and Landslides in Kasese

Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Sabah and Sarawak

At least two people killed as cyclone bears down on India’s east coast

Brazil – Severe Flooding in Amazonas State Affects 450,000 People

Guatemala – Strong Winds, Floods and Landslide Affect Over 10,000

China braces for summer floods as 71 rivers exceed warning levels

Kenya – 40,000 Displaced by Recent Floods, Says Red Cross

Indonesia – Floods Affect 60,000 in Bandung, West Java

Volcanic activity worldwide 27 May 2021: Etna volcano, Kilauea, Nyiragongo, Nevados de Chillán, Great Sitkin

India – Cyclone ‘Yaas’ Causes Flooding in Odisha and West Bengal, 1.5 Million Evacuate

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Scott Morrison’s claim Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are falling does ‘not stack up’

New Arctic Council Reports Underline the Growing Concerns About the Health and Climate Impacts of Polar Air Pollution

Study: Climate change to blame for $8 billion of Hurricane Sandy damages

G7 Countries agree to end coal financing before end of 2021

Can wildfires be prevented in a world dealing with climate change?

The largest iceberg in the world just broke off from Antarctica

Yellowstone is Warming at Its Fastest Rate in 1,250 Years

How cables in glaciers could help forecast future sea level rise

Unless Floridians address the warming climate, we risk more storm damage, higher insurance rates and lower property values

Hundreds of coastal airports at risk from flooding, sea-level rise, study finds

Climate Change and Changes in Compound Coastal-Riverine Flooding Hazard Along the U.S. Coasts

Arctic climate change update 2021: key trends and impacts. Summary for policy-makers

Climate concerns resume rise as coal mine ban draws support, Lowy says

Satellites may have underestimated warming in the lower atmosphere

After a deadly landslide in climate-hit Uganda, survivors sue for action

Storms and rising seas: the post-climate change world is upon us

Climate Poll 2021 by the Lowy Institute reports the results of a nationally representative survey on Australians’ attitudes to climate change

Going electric and banning new petrol-powered cars could be Australia’s next big light bulb moment

New research shows how much warming is costing society by exacerbating disasters

Net-Zero Emissions: Winning Strategy or Destined for Failure?

Australian teenagers’ climate change class action case opens ‘big crack in the wall’, expert says

Climate change is erasing ‘flammability barrier’ that protects high-elevation forests

Climate: World at risk of hitting temperature limit soon

New climate predictions increase likelihood of temporarily reaching 1.5 °C in next 5 years

New NASA earth system observatory to help address, mitigate climate change

Building community resilience against climate change

Disaster risk reduction

Lancashire communities to receive new flood warning service

Stop going around in circles: towards a reconceptualisation of disaster risk management phases

Fire money: how Indigenous land management is transforming Arnhem Land

Twice burned: California ramps up wildfire prevention spending 16-fold

Built on pudding: Can modern quake engineering prevail?

Predicting fire risk and improving forest fire management with UAV LiDAR

Grim western fire season starts much drier than record 2020

New study shines light on hazards of Earth’s largest volcano

‘Slow slip’ earthquakes’ hidden mechanics revealed

Tanzania’s ‘forgotten’ cyclones and concerns for the future

Modeling dire wildfire circumstances can help save lives

The Fractal Scaling Relationship for River Inlets to Lakes

Drought conditions could worsen California wildfires that have already burned 5 times more land this year than same time last year

Burn Severity Portal

Wildfires and Climate Lies: On the Myth of the “Tidy Forest”

Miami’s chief heat officer calls for action on ‘silent killer’ in climate crisis

Enhancing resilience of critical road structures: bridges, culvers and floodways under natural hazards – final project report

Emergency management

Houston, Harris Co. get zero of $1 billion federal Hurricane Harvey relief funding,3750#.YKqLwusGPD8.twitter

I lived through Hurricane Katrina and helped design the rebuild – floods will always come, but we can build better to prepare

Drones and Sensors Could Spot Fires Before They Go Wild

As hurricane season looms, Biden doubles funding to prepare for extreme weather

DR Congo’s Goma volcano: Drone images show devastation

COVID is surging in the world’s most vaccinated country. Why?

Toronto’s Actions After Hurricane Hazel Still Reap Rewards

‘Hurricane fatigue’: Gulf Coast emergency managers still rebuilding as they prep for more storms

New funding from the Government of France will boost FAO’s flood response in Somalia

Disaster education, communications and engagement

‘Nature-enhanced learning’ and geography education

Don’t Wait for the Ground to Shake: Prepare for Earthquakes Before They Happen

How to create a Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Psychology and disasters

Doing it for us: Community identification predicts willingness to receive a COVID-19 vaccination via perceived sense of duty to the community

The impact of trust and risk perception on the acceptance of measures to reduce COVID-19 cases

Perceptions of Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa

Sociology and disasters

The dual effect of social ties on COVID-19 spread in Japan

New article on the role of social ties in evacuation

How do social connections accelerate post-flood recovery? Insights from a survey of rural households in central Vietnam

Displacement and gender on St Vincent following the La Soufriere volcanic eruption

The role of homelessness community based organizations during COVID-19

The missing half of the Sendai framework: Gender and women in the implementation of global disaster risk reduction policy


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