Today in disaster resilience (23 April 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Table Mountain fire: Historic buildings destroyed in Cape Town

Flash floods in Singapore amid ‘prolonged heavy rain’

Mauritius – Flash Floods in South East After 400mm of Rain in 24 Hours

Vietnam – Deadly Flash Floods in North

Severe flooding damages more than 3 000 homes in Peru

Widespread flooding hits Mauritius after two months’ worth of rain in a day

Angola – Luanda Flash Floods Leave 14 Dead, Hundreds of Homes Damaged

Philippines – Thousands Evacuate Tropical Cyclone Surigae

Typhoon “Surigae” (Bising) leaves 3 dead, 230 000 displaced in the Philippines

Cambodia – 1 Dead, Dozens of Homes Damaged After Storms and Heavy Rain

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Apr 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Ibu, Dukono

El Salvador – Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Santa Ana, San Salvador and La Libertad

Peru – Floods in Junín and Cusco

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

How can NSW allow new coalmines while committing to net zero emissions?

China, US agree on need for stronger climate commitments

For these Torres Strait Islanders, climate change is already here

How Not to Feel Paralyzed by Climate Disaster

What architects need to know about hazard and climate risk

‘The New Climate War’: Michael E. Mann On How To Fight The Climate Inactivists

New Red Cross research into climate-resilient development in Dominica

Climate heating may speed up to unexpected levels

Wind, solar to account for 11% of power use in China by end 2021: proposal

Climate change indicators and impacts worsened in 2020

State of the Global Climate 2020

Australia’s third-largest carbon emitter says it must transition to renewables and curtail coal plants

What Earth was like last time CO2 levels were this high

Global CO2 emissions set for largest surge in more than a decade, says IEA

Biden plans to cut emissions in half by 2030

‘Dire warning’ for the planet: Coal is powering the economic recovery

“Urgency and Agency”: Michael Mann on Conquering Climate Despair

The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof

Warming Oceans Are Making the Climate Crisis Significantly Worse

Climate Summit ‘Last Chance’ for Brazil to Show Leadership on Global Warming

A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation

‘Insufficient’: Biden administration criticises Australia on climate

Earth’s cryosphere is vital for everyone. Here’s how NASA keeps track of its changes

Earth Day Summit: Biden’s chance to claim climate leadership

Red alert for the planet: UN chief’s call to phase out coal by 2030

Stanford researchers reveal the long-term impacts of extreme melt on Greenland Ice Sheet

Disaster risk reduction

Floods Are Increasing in Supposedly Low-Risk Areas

Pakistan: Community-based disaster risk management

Burdekin and Haughton Flood Resilience Strategy Project

Earthquake forecast just in: the Alpine Fault is due a major quake – and soon

Floodplain harvesting to continue to devastate the Macquarie Valley

NSW floods break 120-year-old rain records during March rain event, BOM says

Special Climate Statement 74 – extreme rainfall and flooding in eastern and central Australia in March 2021

From fires to floods: CSU explores impacts on local waterways

COVID-19 cost more in 2020 than the world’s combined natural disasters in any of the past 20 years

Satellite-based real-time monitoring of Himalayan glacial catchments can strengthen early flood warning & minimize disaster risk

Pakistan slum dwellers map flood risks to stop evictions

After 160 years, Aboriginal cultural burning returns to Coranderrk Station

Study reveals mechanism of naturally occurring ‘earthquake gate’

Colorado’s flood risks are on the rise, and consumers will pay for it

Landslides mar the “Pearl of Africa”

How weather forecasts are changing lives in Kenya and Tanzania

The increasing number of climate-related disasters continues to be a growing challenge

How Can a Basilica Stay Dry Amid Venice’s Rising Waters?

The St Vincent eruption is a reminder of how volcano research and monitoring can save lives

Why housing is built in flood-prone coastal areas

Aerial photos uncover an invisible fault in Chinese city

A Stanford-designed tool could guide floodwater management and combat ongoing drought

2020: The Non-COVID year in disasters

Emergency management

When the next virus strikes, we’ll look back on this moment as an opportunity that we either seized or squandered

How Taiwan beat COVID-19 – new study reveals clues to its success

St Vincent: ‘I’ve never seen such devastation’ – Island counts cost of volcanic eruption

Learning to live with COVID – the tough choices ahead

Covid: Police watchdog says officers confused by unclear pandemic laws

India’s Second Covid Wave Is Completely Out of Control

Post-disaster recovery transition lessons from the 2010 floods in Pakistan

Building collaborative emergency management capacity in northern Australia

Disaster education, communications and engagement

May is Wildfire Awareness Month, It’s Never too Early to Prepare

Time flies in Google Earth’s biggest update in years

Photo-sharing is back: how social media has framed the pandemic

New Minecraft world from NRMA Insurance teaches Aussie kids the importance of bushfire preparedness

Flood Education Program for School Students

Improving Public Messaging for Evacuation and Shelter‐in‐Place

Geomojis Translate Geoscience Across Any Language

Psychology and disasters

To abandon vaccination targets is to abandon the mantle of leadership

“Moments of calmness.” In Puerto Rico, building the emotional skills to cope with disaster

Cognitive bias

A phenomenon called psychological reactance might help explain the mindset of anti-maskers

Received Social Support and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in New Zealand and Philippine Emergency Responders

Sociology and disasters

She survived Hurricane Sandy. Then climate gentrification hit

Floods in the neighborhood: Mapping poverty and flood risk in Indonesian cities

Climate crisis – 710 million children live in countries at high risk

Harnessing of Social Capital as a Determinant for Climate Change Adaptation in Mazungunye Communal Lands in Bikita, Zimbabwe

How climate change is hitting the world’s most vulnerable the hardest

The unequal social consequences of wildfire smoke in California


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