Today in disaster resilience (9 April 2021)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Toxic wastewater reservoir on verge of collapse in Florida could cause “catastrophic event”

More than 75 dead in Indonesia, East Timor floods, dozens missing

Race to find dozens missing in deadly Indonesia, East Timor floods

Haiti – 3 Dead, 3 Missing After Floods in North

Colombia – 3 Killed in Caquetá Landslide, Hundreds Affected by Floods Across the Country

Volcanic activity worldwide 7 Apr 2021: Pacaya volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The Politics of Energy and Climate Change in Japan under the Abe Government

A Texas city had a bold new climate plan – until a gas company got involved

Narooma on NSW south coast revealed as a hot spot for global ocean warming

‘Every choice matters’: can we cling to hope of avoiding 1.5C heating?

Rapid global heating is hurting farm productivity, study finds

Climate Change Cannot Be Mitigated Without Effective Carbon Pricing

World Bank Group President’s Statement on Climate Change Action Plan

China sandstorms highlight threat of climate crisis

Future increases in Arctic lightning and fire risk for permafrost carbon

Sea-level rise: writers imagined drowned worlds for centuries – what they tell us about the future

U.S. regulators lag on addressing climate’s financial risk – report

Carbon dioxide spikes to critical record, halfway to doubling preindustrial levels

Global warming causes uneven changes in heat stress indicators

Study shows correlation between solar variability and El Nino-La Nina events

More snow melting from mountains earlier in year due to climate change: study

Climate impact map

Cities and states must lead as window of opportunity shrinks for climate action

Why China is still clinging to coal

Managing retreat: why New Zealand is drafting a new law to enable communities to move away from climate risks

Disaster risk reduction

Floodplains aren’t separate to a river — they’re an extension of it. It’s time to change how we connect with them

Fire and flood: ‘Whole areas of Australia will be uninsurable’

Advances in tropical cyclone observation may aid in disaster reduction and prevention

Natural catastrophes in 2020

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s Floodplain Manager newsletter

Assemblage theory and disaster risk management

Pressure Builds on Congress to Help People Afford Pricey Flood Insurance

Hazard cascades

China earthquake survey doubles Beijing’s high-risk fault lines

Debate over land use after multiple natural disasters

Emergency management

What Does It Take to Build Back Better? Ask FEMA

Australian government to support Timor-Leste flood recovery after at least 27 people die

A huge hug of support for the Kempsey community

Leaders, activists object to Harris County’s plan for flood control money

Three Dozen California Bills Focus on Wildfire, Others Are Concerning for Insurance Industry

$11M in disaster recovery funds will be used to build affordable apartment community in Houston Heights

Western states brace for ‘very active wildfire season’ following warm, dry winter

Landslides: new early warning systems reduce false alarms

Texas 2021 deep freeze left nearly 200 people dead, new analysis shows

Migrants are heading north because Central America never recovered from last year’s hurricanes

Indonesia and East Timor – Flood Death Toll Climbs, Thousands Displaced

Latest edition of ‘Fire Australia’

The new Australian fire danger rating system

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Framing of youth as a high-risk population in Canadian disaster news media

Experts and gamers join forces to fight COVID-19 and stop future disease outbreaks via Plague Inc: The Cure

Ready Together

Resilient Australia Awards

Psychology and disasters

New Strategies for Calming Your Pandemic Anxiety

Still Afraid Of COVID-19 After Getting The Vaccine? You’re Not Alone

‘Suddenly we heard people scream – Flood!’: Survivors recount disaster on Indonesian island

Sociology and disasters

Working Papers on Historical Approaches to Covid-19

Climate change, COVID-19, and the co-production of injustices: a feminist reading of overlapping crises

How mutual aid networks came together in a year of crisis

Understanding Urban Flood Resilience in the Anthropocene: A Social–Ecological–Technological Systems (SETS) Learning Framework

Study finds Black women are dying from COVID-19 at three times the rate of both White and Asian men

Insurance for vulnerable families cuts rural poverty and the cost of aid by half


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