Today in disaster resilience (5 February 2021)

Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Intensity of Cyclone Ana surprises many in Fiji

Thousands left homeless by storms, floods in Syria’s Idlib

Papua New Guinea – Deadly Landslide in Morobe Province

Fiji – Tropical Cyclone Ana Leaves 1 Dead, 5 Missing

Burundi – Floods in Bujumbura Province Force Thousands From Their Homes

Chile – Floods and Landslides After Record Rainfall

At least 85 homes lost in Perth bushfires

Greece – Firefighter Dies in Flash Floods in Evros

France – Evacuations as Rivers Rise in North and South West

Paraguay – Severe Floods Hit Central and Southern Areas

Indonesia – 25,000 Affected by Floods in East and Central Java

Volcanic activity worldwide 4 Feb 2021: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador, Raung

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The Guardian view on climate progress: the need for speed

As Biden hits the accelerator on climate action, Australia remains stuck in policy paralysis

Climate change may change rainfall patterns in south India, intensify floods: Study’s grid is reshaping itself around the surge in clean energy

If the Science is Clear, Why Do We Need More Climate Research?

America needs a climate adaptation strategy

NUS researchers develop new urban planning GIS tool to improve urban climate resilience

Climate Risk in Africa

Heat killed a record number of people in Arizona last year, ‘a staggering increase’

World Losing Ice 57 Percent Faster Than In the 1990s, Study Finds

Australia needs to stop thinking that setting a target of zero emissions by 2050 is good enough

Living with water project explores coastal adaptation plans to address rising sea levels

Sea level rise could be worse than feared, warn researchers

As climate warms, summer monsoons to produce less streamflow

Florida Unveils New Statewide Sea Rise Mapping Tool

U.S. Cities Are Underestimating Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Adults should listen to children to understand the severity of the climate crisis

Why Learning Is Essential for Climate Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluation

Updated yardstick begs question: What’s ‘normal’ in a changing climate?

EU climate change plans will ripple through foreign policy, researchers say

Simultaneous drought and heat wave events are becoming more common

Risk of extreme droughts likely to increase in Scotland

Community based flood early warning systems: Improving climate change adaptation in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region

For a City Staring Down the Barrel of a Climate-Driven Flood, A New Study Could be the Smoking Gun

Increasing risk of floods as glaciers recede in Central Andes, South America

Disaster risk reduction

Scientists identify flank instability at a volcano with history of collapse

Everbridge unveils next-generation front-end alerting interface for industry-leading global public warning platform

Indigenous rangers in WA north priced out of bushfire prevention by insurance price jump

Homeowners who put in flood defences may pay less for insurance

The age of the “megafire”

UAE-India pact to help with forecast and early warnings on cyclones, tsunamis, sand storms

Indonesia and ASEAN usher in a new era of disaster readiness, response, and risk reduction

Hurricanes and typhoons moving 30km closer to coasts every decade

Urbanization impacts on flood risks based on urban growth data and coupled flood models

Exposure to natural hazard events unassociated with policy change for improved disaster risk reduction

Assessment of trends in hydrological extremes using regional magnification factors

Flooding risk rises as UK’s wetlands lost

Resilience of SMEs

Link between three typhoons that affected the Korean Peninsula in the summer of 2020 and wildfires in the western United States

Here’s why effective disaster management needs responsible AI

Latest edition of Molino Stewart’s Floodplain Manager newsletter

Storms, tornadoes and explosions: Bushfires are getting stranger. How?

2020 FM Global Resilience Index

Canadian hail storm catastrophe marked as one of most severe in North America

Resilient Shores: Vietnam’s Coastal Development Between Opportunity and Disaster Risk

Allianz Risk Barometer 2021: Covid-19 trio tops global business risks

Towards a multidimensional vulnerability index: Discussion paper

I lived through Hurricane Katrina and helped design the rebuild – floods will always come, but we can build better to prepare

Disaster risk reduction in India: Status report 2020

Status of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific 2020

Overshadowed by COVID: the deadly extreme weather of 2020

Scientists Are Looking Beyond Antibiotics to Stop the Drug-Resistant Bacteria Crisis

Anticipating the flood: Taking early actions at the Lower Limpopo in Mozambique

Emergency management

Navigating the complexities around a COVID vaccine in Africa

Cyclone Eloise shatters Mozambique’s progress to recover from 2019 storms

Factors influencing acceptance or rejection regarding being the host community for post-disaster resettlements in developing countries

Canada to quarantine travelers, suspend flights south

What do new variants of the coronavirus mean for us?

The Complex Decisions Around Rebuilding After A Wildfire

How to enhance community recovery after disasters

Blue Mountains did not receive a cent from $177m NSW bushfire disaster fund

Eloise Floods Mozambique

The seven countries with better coronavirus responses than Australia

Disaster education, communications and engagement

After years of tough lessons, spanish-speaking communities rise to get wildfire information fast and in their language

Flood risk communication – final project report

Representation of disasters in school textbooks for children with intellectual disabilities in Iran: A qualitative content analysis

#SimulateThis Using role playing to help students gain experience for real-life crisis scenarios they may encounter in the future

Demystifying learning

‘Bring Your Own Brigade’: Film Review | Sundance 2021

Help Callum 360 video tells the true story of a young boy whose house was flooded, using his own words and seeing through his own eyes

New book: Children and Young People’s Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction

Early warnings of COVID-19 outbreaks across Europe from social media

Engaging with care: Incorporating ethics and compassion into disaster research

Psychology and disasters

Cooperative and competitive behaviour among passengers during the costa concordia disaster

About the Disaster Mental Health Hub

Migration not seen as solution by those in flood zone

Survey finds low public trust in local officials, higher trust in first responders

Sociology and disasters

The COVID-19 pandemic is shining an unforgiving light on the world’s most vulnerable and marginal people

White people receiving coronavirus vaccine at higher rates than Black, Latino Americans

You can’t talk about disaster risk reduction without talking about inequality

Checklist for gender equality and social inclusion in disaster/emergency preparedness in the COVID-19 context

Social capital in community response after Cyclone Winston: Case study of three different communities in Fiji

Underinsurance is entrenching poverty as the vulnerable are hit hardest by disasters


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