Today in disaster resilience (18 December 2020)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

The number of people with the coronavirus in the United States who have died passed 300,000

Turkey – 2 Missing After Flash Floods in Izmir Province

Colombia – Deadly Landslide in San Luis, Antioquia

NSW severe wet weather continues for fifth day as people in Tweed, Northern Rivers told to evacuate

Indonesia – Thousands Hit by Floods on Java and Sumatra Islands

Cyclone Yasa: Fiji prepares for category 5 storm as Tonga braces for Zazu

Snow piling up at an unprecedented rate in Japan

Intense Strombolian activity continues at Etna’s Southeast Crater, lava emission resumes

Tropical Cyclone Yasa hits Fiji, Government declares state of disaster

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Dec 2020: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatépetl

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Increasing importance of temperature as a contributor to the spatial extent of streamflow drought

Climate change: Have countries kept their promises?

World is in danger of missing Paris climate target, summit is warned

The Marshall Islands could be wiped out by climate change – and their colonial history limits their ability to save themselves

Bangladesh’s hidden climate costs

Climate-related hazard indices for Europe

Bushfire science information report 1: Does climate affect bushfire risks in the native forests of eastern Australia?

Morrison government should be ‘doing more’ with states driving 33% cut in emissions by 2030

Jamaica kicks off new climate plan, undeterred by pandemic and floods

Rethinking Climate Change Adaptation

Preparing India for extreme climate events: Mapping hotspots and response mechanisms

The vanishing Arctic

Earth may be even closer to 1.5°C of global warming than we thought

Loss and damage from climate change has pushed Sierra Leoneans far beyond their ability to adapt

How is Modern Climate Change Affecting Landscape Processes?

Tip of the iceberg: Navigating the known and unknown costs of climate change for Canada

Groundwater Beneath Your Feet Is Rising With the Sea. It Could Bring Long-Buried Toxins With It

Disaster risk reduction

Ten steps to increasing bushfire resilience

Economic footprint of California wildfires in 2018

Patterns and trends in simultaneous wildfire activity in the United States from 1984 to 2015

NSW regulator investigates 1000 dams for alleged breaches

Coming back stronger: A city-driven infrastructure agenda for a cleaner, more resilient, more equitable America

Byron Bay beach damage ‘worst in a generation’ as storms batter 1,000km of coastline

This river in New Zealand is legally a person. Here’s how it happened

How Science Beat the Virus

Hydrological Benefits of Restoring Wildfire Regimes in the Sierra Nevada Persist in a Warming Climate

Earthquakes with a chance of… volcanoes?

Sink or swim? A historic year of floods in South Asia

An asset-based participatory community analysis of natural hazards in Naphuno, Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Limpopo province, South Africa

Comparing the scale of modelled and recorded current flood risk: Results from England

Western U.S. wildfires cost insurers up to $13 billion in 2020

The stochastic impact of extreme weather events

Seismic hazard assessment of Campotosto, Italy

‘Nanolites’ Can Trigger Dangerous Volcanic Explosions

A.I. model shows promise to generate faster, more accurate weather forecasts

When preparing for earthquakes, don’t forget the small ones

Nature-based solutions for landslide risk management: Policy brief summary

Disaster risk reduction in bushfire prone areas: Challenges for an integrated land use planning policy regime

Innovation, development and COVID-19: Challenges, opportunities and ways forward

Geosciences and the Sustainable Development Goals

Emergency management

The coronavirus is ravaging the world. But life looks almost normal in much of Africa

California Wildfires Killed 106 People Two Years Ago. Researchers Say the Smoke Killed 3,652

New Zealand travel bubble with Australia coming in early 2021, NZ PM confirms

‘New variant’ of coronavirus identified in England

FEMA Wants to Cut Disaster Aid at the Worst Possible Time

Record climate disasters in Asia-Pacific push millions to ‘breaking point’

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The winners of the 2020 Resilient Australia Awards were announced at the National Ceremony in Canberra

The Color of Rivers

What is complex systems science?

The development of Disaster Preparedness and Safety School model: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

The influence of local flood histories on community engagement in flood risk management and its sustainability over time

Tropical Cyclone Knowledge Centre

Psychology and disasters

Intellectually arrogant people typically have more anti-vaccination attitudes, study finds

‘I felt immense grief’: one year on from the bushfires, scientists need mental health support

Don’t just think about earthquakes, prepare for them

Mental health and well-being of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: contrasting guidelines with experiences in practice

Long-Term Drought Harms Mental Health in Rural Communities

Public behaviour in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: understanding the role of group processes

Sociology and disasters

Inclusive practices in disaster risk management. Experiences of social actors and government entities in Latin America

Understanding vulnerability and resilience in Somalia

Global Launch of the 2020 Human Development Report

How does social capital shape the response to environmental disturbances at the local level? Evidence from case studies in Mexico

The Covid pandemic is both a troubling glimpse into what our new normal could be and a gateway to change

Somalia’s perfect storm

When wildfires hit, richer and whiter neighborhoods are more likely to get government support


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