Today in disaster resilience (5 June 2020)

Please find below a list of links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Six killed so far in Assam floods, water begins to recede

Tropical Storm “Amanda” hits Guatemala and El Salvador, leaving at least 11 people dead

Record rains cause widespread disruption, trigger hundreds of landslides in Yunnan, China

Oman – Deadly Flash Floods in Dhofar Province

Mumbai bracing for the ‘first cyclone in years’

Honduras – 3 Dead After Floods and Landslides in Wake of Storm Amanda

Tropical Storm “Cristobal” forms in the Gulf of Mexico — heavy rainfall over Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador

Earthquake at Ijen volcano triggers a 3-meter tsunami, killing 1, Indonesia

Explosion at Cleveland volcano, Aviation Color Code raised to Orange, Alaska

India – 21 Killed in Assam Landslides

Yemen – Deadly Floods in Central and Eastern Governorates

Mexico – Tropical Storm Cristobal Triggers Floods in South


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Finally there is real movement on Australia’s climate policy but time isn’t on our side

Why Australia’s vast coastline could become the next big renewable energy resource

Climate change: May was sunniest calendar month on record in UK

Latest sea level rise data

South Asia faces increased double-threat of extreme heat, extreme pollution, study shows

Climate change, displacement, and managed retreat in coastal India

Climate change increases migration at the expense of the poor

How can the Majuro Atoll adapt to the growing risks of natural hazards and sea level rise? A new study

India’s emerging blueprint for international climate leadership

Enormous Antarctic glacier on brink of collapse could raise sea levels by half a metre alone, scientists warn

Nisarga Could Be the Strongest Storm to Hit Mumbai in 70 Years

High Temperatures Set Off Major Greenland Ice Melt—Again

Yes, we’re getting more extreme rainfall, and it’s due to climate change, study confirms

We dug up Australian weather records back to 1838 and found snow is falling less often

Sunny coverage of UK heatwaves forgets risks, say climate experts


Disaster risk reduction

In pictures: Peru’s most catastrophic natural disaster

‘Zombie fires’ reigniting in Arctic could be sign of bigger blazes to come, scientists say

Pūhāhonu: Earth’s Biggest Volcano Discovered In The Pacific Ocean

Delivering the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience

Fort McMurray Flooding Causes over $228 Million in Insured Damage

New undersea faults discovered near earthquake epicenters in southern Puerto Rico

Mozambique – Upscaling nature-based flood protection in Mozambique’s cities: Cost-benefit analyses for potential nature-based solutions in Nacala and Quelimane

High risk of widespread wildfires across Europe this year, EU says

The Household Resilience Program provides funding to help eligible home owners in coastal parts of Queensland improve the resilience of their homes against cyclones

6 in 10 Homes in High-Risk Flood Zones Lack Flood Insurance

Latest issue of Molino Stewart’s ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

New book evolves prescribed burning discussion

Australian Fire Danger Rating System program update

Current issue of ‘Fire Australia’ magazine

‘I think people are prepared to listen’: Calls for more cultural burning in Southern Queensland after 2019 fire season


Emergency management

The world’s new Covid-19 epicenter could be the worst yet

The importance of trust and regulation in flood disaster response

The world is in lockdown, but tropical cyclones are not

Cyclone Amphan: In Bangladesh, preparedness paid off

Avoiding a perfect storm: COVID-19 and floods in Nepal

Australian bushfires: FOIs shed new light on why Morrison government was ill-prepared

One-Quarter of Americans Say They’d Refuse a Coronavirus Vaccine

Australian fires through the eyes of United States firefighters

Friendship forged in fire

Bushfire royal commission: Future bushfires could make use of drones to keep firefighters safe

Preparing For A Triple Whammy: Hurricanes, Pandemic And A Loss Of Public Confidence


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Pre-monsoon preparedness – Coordinated actions during flood

Craig Fugate: Emergency communications will be the next challenge of COVID-19

Quick Facts on Ice Sheets

The Recovery Kitchen Cookbook

Research shows 60% of people in bushfire affected areas relied on information from national broadcaster to stay safe


Sociology and disasters

Ex-Post Coping Responses and Post-Disaster Resilience: a Case from the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Quality of life and subjective social status after five years of Mount Sinabung eruptions: Disaster management and current sources of inequality in displaced, remaining and relocated communities

As underserved populations face hotter neighborhoods and limited access to air conditioning, the pandemic threatens the malls and libraries where they typically find relief

Violence or the virus? Mindanao’s displaced forced to choose

Minneapolis Police Use Force Against Black People at 7 Times the Rate of Whites




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